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May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 1: Arrival

Page 2

First Floor Rooms

You are almost at the top of the stairs but still on the stairs.

 Your cursor is now in the light circle of the flashlight because it is dark up here. Continue forward the last bit up. Then turn left.

You look down the hallway. To the right is a table lamp. Zoom in on the table lamp. 

Take the light bulb from your inventory and click on the table lamp to put the light bulb in the table lamp.

Jennifer's Office

You now have light. The door right in front of you is the bathroom door. 

Turn around via the turn arrow and then enter Jennifer's office through the door.

You see 2 chairs and a small table, a window and a poster on the wall.

Immediately turn left. On top of the bookcase is a letter. Read the letter. It's a letter from Jennifer's mother.  In the letter you read that mother's family are from the Arberth area and that there is a family grave in the cemetery. In that grave are the great-grandfather and great-grandmother, Lucinda and George Edwards, buried.

Click the letter away again and then turn left twice. Zoom in on the poster hanging on the wall.

 On the poster you read: "The Symbol's the thing. Then Use the symbol"

You see the symbols for Water, Earth, Fire  and Air. Make a drawing of these 4 symbols.

Zoom out and turn left. There are 2 green chairs and a round table in this room. Zoom in on the table. On top lies a page that is thorn out of a magazine, click on that page and read the article about “Magical Water”. On the table are also 2 magazines of the "ProtoScientist", under the magazine on the lower shelf you find a 3e magazine. On the cover of that third magazine you see that poster of the 4 symbols, again.

Then turn around and leave the room. Back in the hallway, go forward to the door right in front of you.

This is the real bathroom door. Go inside.


To the right of the window is a white ventilation grille. You get the gear cursor on it but you don't know what to do with it. Turn left. Open the door of the small wooden medicine cabinet that hangs on the wall here. On the bottom shelf is a jar of "Strontium Complex". You cannot take the jar with you now. Close the door and turn left.

You stand in front of the sink and the mirror. Zoom in on the sink and the 2 taps. Open the right tap.

This is the hot water tap and the steam mists up the mirror and you hear the Ash Grove music. The word "Harken" appears on the fogged mirror.

Zoom out and exit the bathroom. Back in the hallway, turn left. You are at the door of Jennifer and Malcolm's bedroom. 

Bedroom Jennifer / Malcolm

A sword hangs on the right wall. Take a close-up look at the sword and grab it from the wall to look at it closer. 

Then Hang the sword back, Zoom out and then enter the bedroom through the door.

Continue to the chest of drawers by the window. There is a device in the windowsill, behind the right curtain. 

 Click on that device to take a closer look. It's a Tunovox, a kind of metronome. A pointer moves back and forth on the screen. Click the device away again.

There's nothing else to do here, so turn around and leave the bedroom again.

In the hallway, turn left again and continue to the door of Jennifer's office. Then turn right. 

You are again in front of the stairs and now see the other part of the corridor, where there are 3 more doors.

There is a brown poster on the back wall. Go forward to the poster and then enter the room through the door on the right.

Bare / Empty room

Inside is a bed and a couple boxes. The lamp on the ceiling moves back and forth one time.

Turn right, on the wall you see colorful graffiti and on the table is a box.

Click on the box a few times. So you can slide this box back and forth. Remember this.

Turn right and exit the room again. Now go through the door to the left of the poster. You are then in:

Jennifer's lab

Turn clockwise to the work table and briefly examine the microscope and the glass slide plate.

Also check out the blue bottles on the bottom shelf.

You can't do anything here yet, but at least you now know where Jennifer's workplace is.

Leave Jennifer's Lab room again and turn right and now try to open the door of Rhiannon's room.

You get a vision and words appear on the door.  "Fetch Absent Child" will then be written on the door.

How to enter Rhiannon's room

So you can't enter Rhiannon's room. The door will only open if you click in a certain order on certain letters that are now burned into Rhiannon's door. So the vision you saw was that Llwyd and this ghost also burned the letters into Rhiannon's door. The word you saw in the bathroom mirror refers to the "Ash Grove" music sheet you saw on the piano in the sitting room. Let's take a look at that piece of music again. Turn left and go back to Jennifer's office door. Stand straight in front of the door and then click the diagonally right down arrow to end up on the stairs again. Go back down to the ground floor.

Go back into the sitting room and walk forward 2 times to the fireplace. Then turn right, forward, left and go back into the piano niche.

You are then right in front of the piano again. Pick up the Ash Grove Music Sheet again, which is on the top left of the piano. 

Write down the first 6 letters of the notes, so: C, F, A, C, A, F.

Go back to the 1st floor and stand right in front of the Rhiannon's room door again.

The letters on the door have disappeared, but click on the door handle again and the letters appear again.

Now click on the letters: C, F, A, C, A, F and .....

Movie: You now enter Rhiannon's room and .... .

........you move in a fog and you hear Llwyd and the plea of his victims: "I'm Llwyn, Arthur, it burns so. Can you help us? Pryderi's soul is mine".  

Then everything returns to normal and you are back in reality.

Rhiannon's Room

Immediately turn left. On the chest of drawers is a mirror, a basket and a birthday card.

Zoom in on the birthday card and then click on it to read the text within the card. 

Rhiannon's father writes that Rhiannon not only possesses the key to his "heart" but also the key to his workshop. Click the card back.

Behind the basket is Rhiannon's Diary. Take the diary, open the diary and flip through the pages. 

Rhiannon writes in her diary about her crush on one Dylan. You also read about Emma, a hippie who lived in this house, and you read about Gwen. Furthermore, Rhiannon writes about how she tries to deal with the visions and the nightmares. She contacted a historian who knows a lot about the history of Pryderi and who advised her to write down her experiences.

Zoom out a few times. Under the bed is a yellow drink can that you can take a closer look at by clicking on it.  

Turn right and zoom in on the "Gottiko" skull poster. At the bottom left on the poster is a Skull Button.

You can click the skull button and then flip the button by clicking it again. However, you cannot take the button with you. Store the button on the poster again and zoom out. Above the bricked-up fireplace is an "Earth, Water, Air, Fire" poster that you can also take a closer look at. This poster shows the constellations for Emma, Rhiannon and Gwen.

Zoom out the poster. You will then get the down arrow on the purple fireplace, so click to look down. 

Click on the cushion to slide the cushion down.

Now you see a grate in the fireplace. Click on the grid to slide it open a bit. You will see a pink booklet behind the grid. Grab that booklet. 

It turns out to be Rhiannon's 2nd Diary. Open it and read it. The diary opens with "Dreamy Dylan", Rhiannon's new flame.

In this 2nd diary Rhiannon has therefore, day by day, written down all the strange things that he has experienced in and on the farm. 

From her very last note, you can tell that Rhiannon is close to having a nervous breakdown.

Click the diary back and close the grate and then zoom out to the left of the fireplace. Turn right. You now see the window and Rhiannon's work table with her computer on it. In the windowsill is a pillow and a vase. Behind the vase is a book. Zoom in on the window and then pick up that book that is behind the vase. It is the "Magical Properties of Trees" book. Open the book with your finger and flip through it and then click it back to the windowsill.

 Zoom out the window. Zoom in on the computer.

Now zoom in on the computer monitor and then click on the On/Off button. You then have to enter a password in the screen. Well.....you have read both of Rhiannon's diaries....what new event has entered Rhiannon's life? Her new flame Dylan!!!! So, on your own keyboard, type Dreamy Dylan in the Password screen and then click the OK button. The screen will open with "Rhiannon's Private Stuff Keep Out". At the top left you see an envelope to open the e-mails. At the bottom right is a kitten that you can use to put the monitor into sleep mode.

Click on the Envelope to get to the E-mail screen.  

In Archives you will find emails from and to Emma and Jon Southworth

Click on Emma and then read all the emails and then do the same with the emails from and to Jon Southworth.

Always click on the scroll arrow to read the emails all the way to the end.

Always click on the cross button, at the top right, to close the emails.

Emma is Rhiannon's friend, which she also mentioned in her diary. Jon Southworth is the Pryderi historian who has consulted Rhiannon about her nightmares. In his emails, Jon tries to help Rhiannon. Rhiannon took the photo of the standing stone, in the woods, at his request. Jon's last email contains a copy of an email from Anne Jenkins. Anne Jenkins lived on the farm in the 1960's when the ranch was a hippie community. Anne tells that she then had a friend who was also called Rhiannon and who also lived in the trendy commune with her 2 children. This Rhiannon had suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again.

When you have read all the e-mails, and the last e-mail from Jon Southworth containing the story of Anne Jenkins, you click on the cross button again to return to the main screen and ..... Your screen will become blurry and then a bright light appears and your screen goes black.

You fall unconscious on the floor and when you regain consciousness you have ended up in:

Chapter 2: Earth

May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot