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May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Earth

Page 1

Rhiannon's Room

You are still in Rhiannon's room, A message flashes on the computer screen that Mail has been received. 

So zoom in on the computer monitor again and turn the monitor on again with the on/off button

You do not have to enter the password now, because you had not turned off the computer. Click on the envelope again.

In "New" a new email has arrived from Jon Southworth with the subject "Standing Stone Inscription". Open this email and read it completely.

Jon wants Rhiannon to print that Ogam Script on the Standing Stone. This can be done with paper and chalk or pencil. The printout can then be scanned through a scanner and then emailed to Jon. Close all screens and then click on the pussy on the main screen to put the computer into sleep mode and then zoom out. Above the monitor is a bulletin board, click on the photo of the Standing Stone.

Zoom out of the computer and open the right drawer of the desk.

Grab the roll of white Tracing Paper and the box with wax Crayons from the drawer.

There is also a paper in the drawer, click on the paper to read it.

Put the paper back in the drawer and close the drawer, zoom out of the table. Turn clockwise to the room door. 

There is a Mekavox Pop.com pamphlet on the room door. 

Click on the pamphlet to view it, then click it again to read the message Rhiannon's father wrote on the back of the pamphlet. 

Click the pamphlet to your inventory

Leave the room and go downstairs again to the ground floor and re-enter Malcolm's Study.


Zoom in on the MP3 player on the right of the computer monitor.

Take the MP3 player out of the charger and click on the on/off button. The MP3 player is now fully charged.  

Click on the left double arrow button or the right double arrow button until you see song 3 in the screen. 

Song 3 is the song Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. Note that the length of this song is 4:06. So 4 minutes and 6 seconds.

Click the on/off button to put the MP3 player back in the charger. Zoom out and zoom in again on the 2 drawers of the desk. Open the top drawer of the desk again. Click again on the top white letter. So this is the "Arberth Tree Surgeons" report which states what kind of trees can be found in Area 1, 2 and 3. Now store this report in your inventory

Close the drawer and zoom out of the desk. 

Turn left and zoom in on the bulletin board that hangs on the wall above the printer. 

Take the sketched map of Ty Pryderi (Tree Plan), from the bulletin board and now store it in your inventory

Zoom out and turn left, zoom in again on the books in the bookcase. Take the orange "The Legend of the Pryderi" book again from the top left shelf. Open this book and now study the 1st story in this book. So that's the "Branch One: The Maginogi of Pwyll" story. There are important clues in this story. Close the book by clicking on it with your magnifying glass, and then zoom out of the bookcase again

Exit the study and go through the sitting room and dining room to the kitchen. In the kitchen you immediately turn right. You are then in front of the light brown back door that contains the cat flap. The door has a latch and the latch may now be closing the door. If so, click on the latch to slide it to the right.

Then go through the door and you are outside at the rear of the house.

Outside: Find Standing Stone 1

Outside turn immediately right and you see a woman( ghost?) walking behind the window.

Turn left again.  A small bridge goes over the ditch and then the path continues into the forest.

Go forward 1x, turn right. You see a scaffold against the side of the farm house.

Go forward 1x and turn around, you are under the scaffolding.

Look for the up-arrow and click on it, you see the gear-cursor.

Click on the down-arrow, go 1x forward and turn to the right.

Follow the path 4x.

Go up the stairs and you are at Standing Stone 1. This is the Standing Stone on the picture that Rhiannon took

Go forward to the stone. This is Standing Stone 1. There are small dashes on the stone. Those dashes are the Ogam Script characters. Jon Southworth has asked Rhiannon if she would like to make a printout of this Ogam Script and then email that printout to him. Well...what Rhiannon couldn do, you can too. Take the roll of Tracing Paper from your inventory and click it on the stone. Then take the Crayons from your inventory and click on the white paper and ...

you make an impression of the stripes on the stone. It is 4 columns with dashes.

Click the paper to your inventory, this is the “Stone Rubbing” paper.

Back to Rhiannon's Room

Turn around and go 2x forward, turn right and go 4x forward.

You are back at the back door of the kitchen, go inside.

Turn left, through the door and through the next door to the living room.

Go to the hall and turn left, go upstairs and enter Rhiannon’s room on the left.

Rhiannon's Room:

Translate the Ogam Script

Zoom in on the monitor, there's  a new mail.

Turn on the monitor and click on the little envelope, you got 2 new mails from Jon Southworth.

The "Translating Ogam Script" email and the "Ogam Translator Program"

The "Translating Ogam Script" email has 2 Attachments: doc1.txt and doc2.txt. You need to read both attachments

In these 2 documents Jon explains how to translate the Ogam Script to our letters.

However, the Ogam script only has 20 of our 26 letters.

On the 1st page of doc1.txt you see an example of an Ogam script. You see that the dashes are letters. In this example, Jon explains which dashes are the letters A, H, O, R, I, and N. The example Ogam thus spells the name Rhiannon. Jon also tells us that not all letters of our alphabet are represented in the Ogam script. The 2nd page will give you all 20 letters of the Ogam script

doc2.txt contains an extensive glossary of meanings of the words in the Ogam script.  

So first you have to translate an Ogam script to our letters and then you can look up the meaning of the words in this glossary.  

This is all useful to know if you want to manually translate the Ogam script, but luckily Jon sent the  "Ogam Translator Program", in his 2nd email, a handy program that can translate the Ogam Script for you. So open the "Ogam Translator Program" email and click on the blue "Ogam Translator Program" button in this email to start the program.

The "Ogam Translator Program":

NB: Louis: This Ogam Translation puzzle is difficult to explain. We did our best to try to explain this puzzle as best as we could with our limited knowledge of the English language. We totally understand if you do not understand our explanation of this puzzle. The best thing that you can do is to SAVE YOUR GAME after each successful translated word, to prevent to start all over again from the beginning if you go wrong  at any point in this puzzle.

The crayon print of the stripes (the Ogam Script) of the Standing Stone 1 will automatically appear on the screen.

 In the left screen are all 20 "letters" of the Ogam alphabet. In his explanation, Jon said that each Ogam consists of 3 Scrips

You will work with the left screen, where the 20 characters in the Ogam script are located. What should you do? 

  • On your printout of the Ogam you see 4 trees of stripes. 

  • Name those 4 "trees", from left to right, A, B, C, D

  • Tree A, B, C consists of 4 segments and each segment consist of 3 letters. 

  • Tree D has 5 segments

  • Such a segment is a Triplet and a dashed letter is called a Script.

  •  Each Triplet therefore consists of 3 Scripts. 

  • A Script is therefore a letter and a Triplet is 3 letters that form a word.

However, it is important to realize that the last Script of each Triplet is the 1st Script of the next Triplet. So the Scripts overlap. But this only counts in a "Tree". It is difficult to explain, but in the image below Louis has tried to explain everything more clearly with letters and numbers. Use this drawing to click on the appropriate dashes in the left screen.

As you can see in the picture there are 17 Triplets with 28 Scrips. A Script is therefore a LETTER. And a Triplet consists of 3 Script, so of 3 letters that together form a word. If you go wrong, so if you click on a wrong Script in the left screen, you will hear Llwyd laughing and you have to start all over again. However, you can always save your game after every 3 correctly completed Scripts. I'd do that too if I were you because if you go wrong with the next triplret then you must start all over again from the beginning. SO SAVE YOUR GAME AFTER EACH SUCCESSFULLY MADE WORD

So you have to recognize the various dashes in your printout and then click on the dashed characters in the left screen.  The characters you click on are always entered in the Triplet screen.  If you have 3 correct characters in the Triplet screen, the word will be entered in the "Triplet Interpreter" screen.  The "Add to Message Pane" button will then appear. Click this button to put the word in the "Message Interpreter Pane" scree

  • You start with "Tree A". 

  • Triplet 1 then consists of the Scrips that form the letters I, D and O. 

  • Triplet 2 are the Scrips that form the letters O, D and I.  

  • Triplet 3 consists of the Scrips I, L, U. 

  • Triplet 4 are the Scrips U, B, U.

We will give you the solutions for the first 4 words of TREE A, after this you should be able to figure out the rest yourself

The first triplet on tree A is IDO = Earth  

The second triplet is ODI = Water.

The third triplet is ILU = Fire.

The Fourth triplet is UBU = Fire

Now do the same with Tree B, C and D and if you have done it right you get the message shown in the screenshot.

If you have entered all 17 Triplets correctly, the "Click Here To Save Your Result" button will appear

Click on that button and now you have  "Llwyd's Spell Part 1"  document in your inventory.

You automatically get out of the computer and ....On the bulletin board you see the photo of the Standing Stone 1 move back and forth for a moment, as if the omnipresent ghost Llwyd is complimenting you on your clever translation. Zoom out and turn clockwise to the window. Zoom in again on the window and then grab the "Magical Properties of Trees" book from behind the blue vase again. Click on this book with your magnifying glass to store it now in your inventory.

Zoom out the window and leave the study. Go back to the ground floor and enter the sitting room again.

 In the sitting room you go 1 click forward, towards the fireplace.

 Then turn around via the turn arrow and then go to the bookcase via the diagonal left arrow.

Open the glass doors of the cabinet and take the "A Pocket Guide to the Native Trees of the UK" book from the top shelf again.

 Now click this book to your inventory. Close the cupboard doors.

You now have to go outside to see the other buildings of the farm. Also you need to find 10 branches Use the tree book you just picked up to identify the branches based on the pictures of the leaves. You also grabbed the map from the bulletin board in Rhiannon's room. With the help of this map you can always see where you are.

Outside: The Other Buildings around the Pond

Exit the sitting room into the hallway and then exit the house through the blue front door. Go 1click forward until the wooden gate at the pond.

Stone Building

Turn right. You will then see the large shed where you took the firewood earlier. On the left you see a stone building with a stone staircase on the side.

Go 1x forward, diagonal left, turn right and go up the stairs.

The door is closed, turn left and go downstairs.

On the opposite of the pond you see the red shed, the workshop and the stables. Turn right.

21x forward towards the blue gate and turn right. 

You are then standing at the ground floor door of the Stone Building, but it's locked with a padlock

Blue Gate and Jetty

Turn left and go forwards to the Blue Gate and at the Blue Gate turn left

go 1x forward and then turn left again

you are standing in front of a jetty in the pond and on the other side you see the house. Zoom in on the jetty and.......

In the pond you see a black Cooking Pot floating near the water plants. You need something to fish that milk churn out of the pond.

Stables; Workshop and red Shed

Zoom out and turn right, 1x forward and turn left. 1x forward and then turn right. Go through the blue door.

Investigate the stables so that you know where you are in the stables.  

You can leave through the grey backdoor but don’t do that. Leave the building through the frontdoor.

Turn right and go 1x forward, turn right to the yellow door of the garage/workshop, the door is closed with a number lock.

Zoom in on the lock, it shows the number 1967.

Zoom out and turn left, go 1x forward and then turn right. You are in front of the blue door of the red shed, go inside.

On the floor are 2 metal bars of a tractor that you can look at but you can't take them now. Zoom in on the shelf on the wall. There is a box of “Tree Stump Remover”, a box of “Bug Gone Kills” and a box of “Brushwood Killer” on the shelf. There is also an oil lamp on the shelf. However, you cannot take anything with you.

Turn around and exit the shed.

Go 3x forward and you are back at chopping block with the firewood. Turn right and you are facing the path that goes to Area 1 and the Red Barn

Outside: Area 1 and Area 2: Find and collect 10 Branches

May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot