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May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Earth

Page 2

Outside: Area 1 and Area 2: Find and collect 10 Branches

Area 1: Red Barn

Turn right and go 2x forward.

Follow the path, 2x forward again. In the distance you see a red barn.

Turn left and you see a branch with red berries, you can pick it up but you cannot take the branch with you, but remember this spot

Put the branch with the berries back and turn to the right, follow the path  3x to the red barn.

First turn to the left and there you find Branch 8, click the Branch to your inventory.  


In your inventory, right-click on Branch 8 to take a closer look at the branch. In the "Pocket Guide to the Native Trees of the UK" you can then look up what kind of tree this branch with leaves comes from. Branch 8 therefore comes from the Oak tree. Turn to the right and then turn to the right one more time, you get a gear-cursur on the bushes. You need to have seen these bushes and click on them otherwise you cannot get the trimmer from the garage

Turn right and walk 2 clicks back along the path. Just before the very thick tree, which is on the right of the path, is Branch 2

This thick tree is the Sacred Tree, which you will read more about later. Grab Branch 2 and click the Branch into your inventory.

Also look up Branch 2 in the tree book and you will know that Branch 2 comes from the Ash tree.

Now follow the path all the way back to the farm and then go to the blue/grey gate on the right side of the pond.

Area 2 behind the Blue Gate

Go through the gate and you are in:

Follow the path 1 click forward. To the right is Branch 4 in grass

Grab Branch 4 and put it in your inventory. Branch 4 is a Birch Branch.

Turn left. You are standing in front of a closed well. Zoom in on it. You cannot open the wel

Zoom out, turn right and go forward 1 click again. You are then in front of the Mabinogion river and can not go any further.

On the other side you will see a chapel, so the cemetery will also be there. Turn left and then pick up Branch 10 and click it to your inventory

Branch 10 is a Willow branch. Turn left and go back up the path and back through the gate.

Back at the Stone Building, turn right and then 3 clicks forward. You are then again on the right side of the stables

Area 2: apple orchard

Turn right and go through the gate and you'll be in a small enclosed area of Area 2.

Immediately turn left. Branch 1 is then in front of the tree. Branch 1has an apple.

Take Branch 1 and click it to your inventory. Branch 1 is therefore from an apple tree.

Turn around, you will then see a Standing Stone to the left of the tree. This is Standing Stone 2.

Zoom in on the Standing Stone to take a closer look at the stone.

Zoom out again, turn right and go back through the gate. Turn right and go 2 clicks forward along the side of the stables

Area 2: Behind the Stables

You are then on the patio behind the stables. Turn right and go through the opened gate.

Turn left and you will see a Standing Stone with the top broken off. This is Standing Stone 3

Turn right and go 1 click forward again, then turn left and grab Branch 6 and store it in your inventory.

Branch 6 is an from a Elm tree. Turn right and follow the path further 2 clicks ahead.

You can't continue because the path is blocked by a fallen tree, but you see the water Mill

Turn left and grab Branch 3, witch is a Beech branch, and put the branch in your inventory

Turn left and now go back over the path to the patio behind the stables. Then go forward 1 more click and turn left.

The last 3 Branches

You are standing in front of the back door of the stables. To the left is a forked hazel branch on a stone. 

You can click on the hazel branch but you cannot take this branch with you yet because you don't know yet that you will need it

Turn around, you are now looking at the stone wall. On the right are 2 shelves leaning against the wall. At the top of the wall you see the Roman numeral III. Zoom in on that number. Diagonally right below the III you see 3 stones in the wall that are covered with moss. You can't do anything with it yet

Zoom out, turn right and then go back to the open gate via the diagonally left arrow.

Then turn left and you will now see a Roman II on the wall.

Zoom in on the wall here too and you will see a few stones in the wall that are covered with moss

Zoom out again and turn around. Then go 1 click forward, on the path on the side of the stables

Then turn right. On the side wall of the stables is the Roman Numeral I and here too there are 3 stones in the wall that are covered with moss.

Remember all the places where the stones are covered with moss. Turn right again and go back to the patio behind the stables. Then turn left again and now go 3 clicks forward. You are then on the path on the other side of the patio. On the left the path leads to the back door of the kitchen and on the right the path leads to the Standing Stone 1 from which you previously took the print of the Ogam.

Turn right and Branch 9 will be in the grass in front of you. Branch 9 is a Rowan Branch.

Turn left, 1 click forward, turn left and you look again at the back of the kitchen.

Go forward 2 clicks and then........

........turn around and you find Branch 5. Pick up Branch 5, it is from a Blackthorn tree.

Do not turn back, but follow the path again 2 clicks ahead.

You will then be back at the stone steps above which is the Standing Stone from which you previously took the Ogam print. 

Turn right and you will see Branch 7 and it is from a Hawthorne tree. Store the branch in your inventory.

You should now have 10 branches in your inventory. Turn right, 1 click forward, turn right, 2 clicks forward, turn left and you now see the left side of the red shed and the stables. Go forward 3 clicks and then turn left and ... you are again in front of the green doors of Malcolm's workshop.

Garage / Workshop

Get the grass mower

Zoom in again on the padlock that locks the green doors. You must enter the correct code on the padlock. You have read the hint for this on the birthday card in Rhiannon's room. That birthday card was from Malcolm. The message on the birthday card was that "Rhiannon not only has the "key to Malcolm's heart", but also the key to his workshop". In the MP3 player you have come across the only reference to a Rhiannon, namely the well-known hit by Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon. You saw that this song is 04:06 long. So put in the padlock, by clicking on the 4 red buttons, the code 0406 and .... the door will open. So go inside.

Look around. There is a workbench that you can zoom in on. To the left of the workbench is a rack with a red and a gray barrel. Both barrels have a tap. Against the scaffolding is a Grass Trimmer. Turn left. On the left wall is a shelf with some stuff on it and there is a "for recycling" box on the floor.

Turn around, you then look at the right wall and stand in front of a chest of drawers. Zoom in on the chest of drawers. The cabinet has 4 drawers. The top left drawer is empty. In the top right drawer is a Putty Knife that you can take from the drawer but not take with you. The top of the 2 bottom drawers is empty and the bottom drawer won't open.

Zoom out again, turn right and now zoom in on the workbench

A plank is leaning on the blue vice. Behind the plank is a piece of paper and a wrench. Click on the paper with the wrench on it. This is the "Mekavox LLC Torgovox 12 Wrench Instructions". Read it through. You read that the screws must be tightened in a certain order. In the drawn circle you can see the order in which the 5 screws must be tightened. Make a note of this because you cannot take this paper with you.

There is also a red RD-20 spray can on the workbench. If you have first looked at the chest of drawers and have found that the bottom drawer does not open, you can now put the red RD-20 Spray can in your inventory. If you cannot click the spray can in your inventory, you must first click on the bottom drawer in the chest of drawers. Put the red RD-20 spray can in your inventory and zoom out again.

Turn back to the right and zoom in on the chest of drawers again. 

Then take the RD-20 spray can from your inventory and click it on the bottom drawer and ... the drawer will now open. There are 3 papers in the drawer.

Take the middle paper from the drawer. This is the "Mabinogion Branch 1" paper. Click on it with your finger. Two text sheets will appear entitled "Significant Objects and Symbols in the Four Branches of the Mabinogion by Dr. Rhodri Gwyndaf Ap Trefechan". Read through the text

You read that certain objects symbolize Pryderi's Life and also serve as Protector. These objects are: Sword, Claw, Foal, Cradle  and a Crown. These objects are mentioned in the 1st story of the book in the bookcase in Malcom's study. In Jennifer's office, on the 1st floor of the house, you saw a poster that read "The Symbol's is the Thing. Then use the symbol".

  Click the papers to your inventory. Close the drawer, zoom out and turn left.

  You are looking again at the workbench, zoom in on the 2 barrels.  Now you have to fill the tank of the lawnmower, you need a measuring can.

Zoom out and turn left. You are again in front of the left wall. 

On the shelf is an oil measuring jug. Grab the measure jug. It can hold up to 1000ml of oil. Click the jug into your inventory.

On the right side of the shelf is a small red oil spray can that you can view but cannot take with you. Zoom in on the "For Recycling" box. There are 2 batteries in the box but you cannot take them with you Zoom out again and turn right. Now zoom in on the 2 barrels. You will also see the orange top of the grass trimmer. The red barrel contains petroleum and the gray barrel contains oil. In Malcom's study, on the bulletin board, you read a description of the Mekavox Pro BC1000 grass trimmer with a separate note that read: "20:I, Oil in First!"...it means  1 part Oil and 20 parts Petroleum must be put in the tank.

You need the Grass Trimmer, but to get the Grass Trimmer you must first turn it on. There is a small tank on the grass trimmer. The tank is empty. 

Remove the cap of the tank of the lawnmower. 

Click 1x with the measure jug on the tap of  the grey barrel with oil. Now you can see how much 1 unit of oil is = 100 ml.

Pour the oil in the tank of the grassmower.

From the note you can determine how much petrol you need to get the right ratio 20:1.

1 unit oil 100 ml so you need 2000 ml of petrol. Click with the jug on the barrel with petrol, you now can see how much petrol is in the jug = 400 ml.

You need 5 jugs of 400 ml to get 2000 ml petrol 

Pour the petrol in the tank of the lawnmower.

Click the cap back on the tank and then start the mower by clicking on black cord.

Now you can pick up the mower and store the mower in your inventory.

Turn around, above the green doors is a shelf and on that shelf is a liftingrope with a pulley.

Grap that rope and pulley and store it in your inventory.

Chapter 2: page 3: Slates I, II, III, Rhiannon 1967, end end of chapter

May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot