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May 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Earth

Page 3

Find the Slates I, II and III

Leave the workshop. Think back to what happened when you translated the Ogam in Rhiannon's room. You then saw the photo of the Standing Stone 1 move back and forth. As if Llwyd wanted to tell you to go and see that Standing Stone again. You are outside again and looking at the Stone Building. Turn right and go 3 clicks forward. You are back at the back of the kitchen.

Turn right and go forward in 4 clicks back to Standing Stone 1, above the stone steps. You hear the name Rhiannon whispering.

Above the Standing Stone hangs a thick branch of the tree that stands behind the stone. 

Take the Hoisting Rope/Pulley from your inventory and click it on the thick branch and .... 

You hang the pulley on the branch and the Standing Stone is automatically pulled backwards and up.

You then get the down arrow on the Standing Stone, so click the down arrow and ...... Under the Standing Stone you see an opening with Stone Plate 1 in it. Grab Slate 1. On the stone is the Roman I and lines and 3 stars. You understand that this Slate 1 is a puzzle piece and that it is the left stone. Store Slate 1 in your inventory. Look up again via the up arrow

Turn around and go 3 clicks forward, back along the path. You are then back at the fork and looking out over the path that leads to the patio behind the stables. Go forward 3 clicks. You are then back behind the stables. Go diagonally right, via the diagonally right arrow and then 2 clicks forward, along the side of the stables.

Turn left and go through Gate 1 again into the closed area of Area 2. You have found Branch 1 of the apple tree here. 

Turn right and zoom in again on Standing Stone 2.

Now click with your finger on Standing Stone 2 and you now push the stone over.

Grab Slate 2 from under Standing Stone 2. Slate 2 is apparently the center stone. Store Slate 2 in your inventory

Zoom out, turn right and go back through Gate 1, turn right and go back to the opened gate on the right side of the patio. 

Go through the gate and then immediately turn left and you are back at Standing Stone 3.

Click with your finger on Standing Stone 3 to push it over now. Grab Slate 3 from under Standing Stone 3. 

Slate 3 is therefore the right stone. Store Slate 3 in your inventory.

Open your inventory and make sure you see the 3 Slates. The 3 Slates are in order, from left to right, in your inventory. That is, if you have found the Slates in the correct order. You now have to combine the 3 slates. Right click on Slate 1.Slate 1 will appear large on your screen.Take Slate 2 from your inventory and click on Slate 1.

You now have combined slate 1 and 2. Then take Slate 3 from your inventory and click Slate 3 to Slate 2. 

You have now clicked the 3 Slates together.

At the bottom left of Slate 3, the asterisk will blink. That blinking asterisk is the starting point. The stars on the Slates are connected by lines. These 11 stars represent the stones covered with moss, which you have seen in walls I, II and III. Slate I is in front of Wall I, the side of the stables. Slate II is in front of wall II, the patio wall and then to the right of the planks. Slate III is in front of the patio wall, to the left of the shelves. You need to go clean those moss-covered rocks.

  Clean the 11 moss-covered stones

Put the combined Slates back in your inventory and go back to Malcom's workshop. Turn left, through the gate and turn left again.

 2x forward past the stables, turn right and go to the green garage doors. 

Go inside and zoom in on the chest of drawers, click on the right drawer and now take the putty knife.

Go back to the patio and turn right to wall III.

Zoom in on that wall, take the putty knife and click on a moss-covered stone at bottom left. On the slates you see that it is the starting stone. You reveal words on the stones. You can clean first all the moss-covered stones or you clean them one by one following the lines and the stars. When you cleaned the first stone and then click on that stone the next star will blink.

Do the same on the other 2 moss-covered stones.

It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you click on the stones in the right order.

Zoom out and go to wall II.

There are 5 moss-covered stones on wall II.

This is the second word.

The third word.

Follow the star and clean the stones.

Click on the stones in the right order you will read this text on the slates.

Store the slate with the saying and it will be stored as “Spell part 2”.

Zoom out and a bright light appears, you automatically you follow the bright light to Standing Stone 1

Find the 5 Objects from  Rhiannon 1967 that you must offer to Standing Stone 1

Standing Stone 1

Look down via the down-arrow.

Click on the stone that is in the hole under standi Stone 1, the sone slides away and you see a crown.

Take the crown, on the crown you see Ogam Script.

Store the crown in your inventory and look up again.

From the hole under Standing Stone 1 is a flash and then yellow smoke coms out the hole.

You have to put something back in the hole, but you don't know what. Open, in your inventory, the "Magical Property of Trees" book.

At the top of every page you will see an Ogam script (letter). Find the page that contains the Ogam script of the letter A

So that is the Ogam that is also on the Crown. So this Ogam belongs to the Elm Tree. You read that the sign of the Elm is the Capricorn.

Rhiannon 1967

Let's learn a little more about the Rhiannon who lived here in 1967 and suddenly disappeared when the farm was a hippie commune. 

You are still standing in front of Standing Stone 1. Turn around and..........

.........follow the path through Area 1 to the end, so to where you found Branch 8. You are then again in front of the closed gate of the red barn

Red Barn

Turn right. A large bush of shrubs grows against the rear of the dilapidated barn. You get the gear cursor on it. Take the Grass Trimmer (Brush cutter) from your inventory and click it on the bushes. With the grass trimmer you can cut the entire forest of shrubs out of the way. Then click on the 2 corrugated iron plates to enlarge the opening in the barn wall.

There is a car in the dilapidated barn. It's a blue Citroën 2CV. Enter the barn and then turn left to the ugly duck car.

There is an diary on the passenger seat. There is a bracelet on the floor. There is also a Glove. There is a rocking horse in the back seat.

Behind the car lies a rock on the ground, you can pick it up but you cannot take it with now.

You can't open the door, but luckily the door window is open. So click with your finger on the Diary to pick it up. It's a 1967 diary. 

Browse the diary It's the Rhiannon's 1967 diary.

  • Rhiannon 1967 had 2 children, a daughter Rachel and a son Jonathan. She was born on September 8 and in 1967 she was 24 years old. 

  • So Rhiannon 1967 was born in 1943. Her children have found a Claw under the plank floor of their room. 

  • Rhiannon 1967 met the author of the "Significant Objects and Symbolism in the Four Branches of the Mabinogion" paper. 

  • Which paper you found in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the workshop. These papers are distributed in the commune.

  • Rhiannon 1967 put the Claw, which her children found, on a bracelet. At a Sacred Tree, Rhiannon 1967 nearly lost consciousness. 

  • Rhiannon 1967 has heard her name whispered around the 3 Standing Stones.

Scroll all the way to the last page to close the booklet again. The last thing Rhiannon 1967 wrote in her diary is Saturday, September 14. She then writes that she was drawn to the Standing Stone by a bright white light. After this, Rhiannon 1967 did not write anything in the diary.

Click the diary back into the car when you have read through it completely. On the floor, in front of the passenger seat, is the Bracelet you read about in the diary. Grab the Bracelet. There are stars on the bracelet but no claw. You can't store the bracelet in your inventory, so click on it to throw it back in the car. You can also pick up the glove but what to do with it?

Put the glove back, turn right and pick up the rock and store it in your inventory. 

Turn left and click on the side-window of the car, you get the gear-cursor. 

Take the rock out your inventory and click with the rock on window, you hit the window several times until it breaks.

You break the window. Grab the Rocking Horse from the back seat. There is an Ogam script on the rocking horse. It's the letter Q.

Look again in the Magical Trees book to which tree this Ogam script belongs. It turns out to be the Apple Tree

Store the Rocking Horse in your inventory. Turn left and leave this garage shed again through the hole in the wall. Turn left on the path and .... The Wandering Light appears again. The Wandering Light is Rhiannon 1967 and she is desperately looking for her children Rachel and Jonathan. She asks if you want to help her.

Follow the path back to the farm and then re-enter the house through the front door.


Go to Rhiannon's room on the 1st floor and re-enter. Zoom in on the computer monitor again. 

Turn the monitor back on and click on the email envelope again. 

Another email from Jon Southworth came in. Read this "Newspaper report 1969" email. 

In this email, Jon sends a message about the discovery of an unidentified body in the forest in 1969. Jon thinks this message has to do with Rhiannon's 1967 disappearance. The body is buried in the Parish Chapel cemetery, which is close to where the body was found.

Put the monitor back to sleep and leave Rhiannon's room again. Go to Jennifer and Malcolm's bedroom door. 

Zoom in again on the Sword, which is hanging on the wall to the right of the door.

 Grab the Sword and then click on it again. Now you store the Sword in your inventory.

View the sword in your inventory, so right click on the sword. When the sword is large in your screen, click it to turn the sword around.

 There is an Ogam Script on the sword, the letter N

In the Magic Trees Book, find the tree that belongs to this Ogam Script. That is the Ash tree. Click the sword back to your inventory.Zoom out and go back to the ground floor corridor via the stairs.The newspaper, which you have already read in the beginning of the game, is still on the floor by the front door.Now go pick up that newspaper again.

You have already read the article about the Phantom Horse.Click on the newspaper to bring out the folder of the Arberth Artisans furniture maker again.

On the brochure see a Cradle. At the bottom left of the folder is the street where the furniture store is located .... it is Birch Street ....Birch Street.....Birch is a tree. So look up the Birch in the Magic Tree book and see which Ogam letter belongs to this tree. It's the letter B. You now have 4 of the 5 objects that according to the paper you have to collect from the chest of drawers in the study. You have the Sword, the Colt (that's the rocking horse), the Cradle (the poster), and the Crown. You're still looking for a Claw.

  Exit through the front door and go back to the path that leads through Area 1 to the dilapidated barn, which contains the ugly duck. 

Follow this path again 4 clicks ahead, until 1 click for the Sacred Tree. Then turn left again. 

You are back at the tree where the Branch with red Berries is located

 Leaves will now fall down and you will get the down arrow. Click the down arrow and ... you see Rhiannon 1967, but she is taken by the wind.

Rhiannon 1967, however, leaves something behind that glistens near the wall. Pick up that glittering item.

It's a Silver Claw. On the Claw is the Ogam letter St.

 Look this up again in the Magic Tree book and you know that this letter belongs to the Blackthorn Tree.

Click the Claw to your inventory. Now go back to Standing Stone 1. You can now do this yourself because you know the route.

Offering the 5 Objects to Standing Stone 1

You are back at Standing Stone 1. Yellowish light still comes out of the hole under the Stone. You now have all 5 Symbols for the Earth branch of the Mabinogion. You must now sacrifice the 5 objects, with corresponding branch, to Llwyd. Via the Ogam letters on the 5 objects you have linked each object to 1 of the 10 branches in your inventory. You must place the 5 objects with their branches on the stone below the Standing Stone. This does not have to be in any particular order. The branches have a number in your inventory by which you can recognize them. So you take 1 of the 5 objects from your inventory and then you click with it on the "yellowish" stone. Then place the corresponding branch in the "yellowish" stone.

The Crown belongs to the Elm branch 6.

Each time you see that the object and the branch merge and the object is then placed above the Standing Stone.

Do this also with the 4 other objects and the corresponding twigs.

The Claw + the Blackthorn Branch 5.

The Cradle Pamphlet + Birch Branch 4.

The Sword + Ash Branch 2.

The rocking horse + Apple tree branch 1

When all 5 objects float above the Standing Stone then ......

....  the 5 objects merge into the EARTH ORB.

Grab the EARTH ORB to store it in your inventory and ...

.... Chapter 2 has come to an end.

Chapter 3: Water: page 1

2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot