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June 2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 3: Water

Create the Water Orb


You start in Rhiannon's Room on the first floor. Leave the room, go downstairs and enter Malcolm's study again


Enter Malcolm's study again, take the "Legend of Pryderi" book from the bookcase again and flip through this book to story 2 "The Mabinogi of Branwen, Daughter of Llyr". Read this story. Put the book back away and go to the front door. That car you just heard was the mailman.

Groundfloor hall

There's mail on the floor by the front door. Zoom in on the mail package.

Grab the mail items. The top card is from the postman who reports that he has left a package in the Boiler Room. The white note is from contractor Tom Harris and in it he states that he has picked up his ladders and that he has locked the garage. There is a key on the note. Grab the key from the note and then store the note in your inventory.

Look up and leave the house through the front door. Outside go 1x forward and turn right.

Stone Building: 

Ground Floor

Go forward and turn then left forward 1x and right to the front door of the Stone Building.

Use the key, you just got from the mail, on the padlock.

Go inside, don’t fall in the water. Turn around to the front door, on the right of the door hangs a key. Grab the key.

Turn right. In the corner is a pile of car tires and there are shelves against the wall.

Go forward and then turn around, on the bottom left you see a wheelbarrel.

Pick up the crowbar that is in the wheelbarrel.

Turn left, 1 click forward and turn left. At the top of the rack are 2 cans of "NewLux" paint.

Slide the left can of paint to the left and then grab the Metal Rotary Handle.

You can't store the lever in your inventory yet, so click the lever back to the position. So remember that you can find the Lever here. 

Turn around and go forward 1 click again. You can't go any further. Turn left. On the wall is a box with a lever.

Click on the lever but nothing happens, no power.

Above your head you see a stick with a grabbling hook, take the stick and put it in your inventory.

Go forward 1 click again, turn left, forward to the wall where the large gear is against. Turn left and ….

.... behind the rack you now see a long wooden hatch in the floor. 

Take the Crowbar from your inventory and click it on the front planks of the hatch to open it. However, the basement is full of water.

On the rack hangs a ladder, zoom in and take the ladder. Put it in your inventory.

Zoom out. Turn left and go 1 click forward, back towards the door.

To the right of the door, under the place where you got the key, are empty cement bags. Zoom in on those bags

Pick up the paper that is behind the cement bags. It's the "Mabinogion Branch II" paper, but the hippies used it as a work schedule. Click on the paper to turn it over and you will read which symbols are needed for Water, which are: Silver rods, Gold Plate, Bread, Starling, Magic Cape, a Skull. a Cooking Pot (Cauldron of rebirth). Store the paper in your inventory and zoom out of the cement bags.

Collect the Objects for the Water of Life:

Exit the building and turn left.

Stone Building Loft

1x forward and turn left again, go up the stairs and turn left.

Open the door with the key that you found downstairs.

Inside you are standing on a small loft. A pulley with rope hangs from the iron beam. 

Look down via the down arrow and you will see that the rope is hanging exactly above the water hole.

Look up again and turn right. There is a big hole in the plank floor of the loft that’s why you cannot go to the "Flour" bags that are against the wall. 

Above those bags is a hole in the wall and in that hole is something you must have.

Exit the loft and go back to the ground floor of the stone building. Back inside, turn left, 1 click forward and then turn right. 

There are wooden planks against the wall to the right of the window. Grab a Plank and store it in your inventory.

Go back to the loft. Back on the loft, turn right again. Then place the just picked plank over the hole and then move forward over the plank.

Then click with your finger in the hole above the "Flour" bags. You take a piece of a cooking pot from the hole. Store it in your inventory.

Exit the building, go down the stairs and turn right. Then go to the blue gate and turn left, forward and turn left. You are facing the jetty.

Repair the Cooking Pot


Walk up the jetty again. A large piece of a cooking pot floats in the water at the first aquatic plant

.Fish the cooking pot out of the water using the Stick (Long Hook) and then store the pot in your inventory.

Zoom out and turn left, go to the blue gate. Go through the blue gate again and then 1 click forward. 

Water Well

Then turn left and you are again in front of the covered old well. Zoom in on the manhole cover.

 Then use the crowbar on the hinge and then click on the manhole cover to open the well.

Then go into the pit via the down arrow and climb down to the bottom via the ladder rungs

Grab the 3rd piece of the Cooking Pot from the water and store it in your inventory.

Climb back up and out the well. Zoom out of the pit.

You now have the 3 parts of the cooking pot and you now have to put them together. Open your inventory and then right click on the largest part of the cooking pot. Then left click on one of the 2 other pieces and then click with it on the large piece. Then repeat this with the 3rd piece and you have put the cooking pot together and ...the black pot turns into a Golden Pot of Rebirth.

Read the inscription on the Golden Pot: "Give Me Blood of Earth. I Give Thee Life". Store the Golden Pot in your inventory.

Find the Holy Water Well

Farm House: Study

Well....what would that be....Blood of Earth....would that be Water?. Go back to the house, enter through the front door and into the study.

 Zoom in again on the bulletin board above the printer.

Click again on the bottom paper hanging on the bulletin board. This is the "Water Divining (dowsing)" paper. Read it again and you will read again about the Hazel twig that you can use as a dowsing rod to find water. On the back of the paper you can read Malcolm's notes about a new well. The new well is therefore located: close to the house but not too close to the other buildings. The pit should be easy to get to, so it will be close to a path.

dowsing rod

Leave the house again and go to the patio behind the stables. Stand right in front of the back door of the stables again.

Pick up the forked hazel branch again, which is on the left on the lawn.

Now you can store the Hazel Branch in your inventory, so do that. In your inventory, right-click on the Hazel branch to get the branch large again on your screen. Then click on the branch again to turn the branch over with the forked side facing you. Now the branch is a dowsing rod and it now remains in your screen. Using the dowsing rod, you will now search for Malcolm's new well. 

With the dowsing rod in your screen you are still standing in front of the back door of the stables. Turn right to the path.

Go forward 3 clicks to the intersection in the path, behind the kitchen. The tip of the dowsing rod will now begin to move up and down. To the left the path goes to the back door of the kitchen. To the right the path leads to Standing Stone 1. Place your cursor on the large gray stone to the left of your dowsing rod. You get the gear cursor on it. Now take the Cauldron from your inventory and click it on the large gray stone and ....

.....You have found the  Holy Water Well and the Cauldron of Rebirth is filled with Holy Water. 

You need to find the 6 items that you must put into the Cauldron here and those items are:

Silver Rod, Cold Plate, Bread, Starling, A Skull and a Magic Cloak

Find the Starling Bird

Turn left and go 2 or 3 clicks forward on the path, turn left and go 1 click forward and you are under the scaffolding again.

Turn around and then look up, via the up arrow on the window. You see the underside of the tarp again, which hangs on the side of the scaffolding. 

Take the Ladder you took from the Stone Building from your inventory and click it on the piece of tarpaulin.

You put the ladder against the scaffolding. 

Climb, via the up arrow on the ladder, up the ladder until you are all the way on top of the scaffolding.

Then turn left and .... A weathervane in the shape of a Starling is attached to the chimney.

Grab the Starling and store it in your inventory. 

Take a look around for the view and then climb, via 6 times the down arrow, back down the ladder. 

Go to the red barn, which is built against the workshop.

Red Shed

Go back in and now take one of the Tractor bars from the floor.

This rusty old metal bar will be the Silver Rod

Collect the things to bake Bread


Go back to the back door of the kitchen and go inside.

Stand right in front of the left kitchen cupboards again. 

So on the right side of the upper cabinets is a book and in that book is the recipe for baking bread. 

Read that recipe again to find out what ingredients you need to bake bread.

Click on the recipe to store it in your inventory now.

Zoom in on the refrigerator, open the refrigerator and take the pack of "Daisy Cream Welsh Butter" from the door of the refrigerator.

Store the pack of butter in your inventory.

Close the refrigerator and turn left to stand in front of the 2 cabinets.

Open the left door of the top right cabinet and then take the Salt canister, which is on the middle shelf.

Store the salt can in your inventory.

Zoom out and zoom in on the bottom left cabinet. Open the cabinet doors and grab the white bowl from the bottom shelf.

Now store the bowl in your inventory.

Pantry / Supply Room

In the storage room, turn clockwise to the position where the 2 green baskets are located.

Click on the right basket and then grab the Bottle of Beer. Store the Bottle of Beer in your inventory.

Put the basket back in the cupboard and turn right.

Zoom in on the shelves that hang on the wall to the left of the white window. On the top shelf is a Bread baking tin and a Measuring Cup.

Take the Bread tin and take the Measuring Cup and store both in your inventory

Stone Building: Loft

Go back to the loft in the Stone Building. Walk across the plank to the "Flour" bags. Grab the middle bag and then store the bag in your inventory.

Get the Parcel from the Boiler Room

Before you go bake a loaf of bread, go to the Boiler room to collect that parcel

Exit the stone building, forward and then turn left. You see the patio behind the bathroom.

Go forward and then go through the blue/grey door, inside look down.

Pick up the parcel that the postman left here. The package is for Jennifer, click it to your inventory.

Go back to the kitchen, you should know the way by now.


Let's Bake a Loaf of Bread

Go to the sink and zoom in on the taps. Open the right tap. 

Take the Measuring Cup from your inventory and click it on the open tap to fill the cup with water. Close the tap again.

Zoom out. Right click in your inventory on the white bowl. The bowl will appear on your screen.

Fill the bowl successively with: Flour, Salt.

Add also the butter to the bowl, then click in the bowl to mix everything together.

Then click on the bowl again to make a dimple in the mixture.

Take the bottle of beer out your inventory and click the bottle on the dimple.

Add the water to the mix and then click on the mixture to mix it all together.

Take the bread tin and click on the mixture, you then have a tin with dough.

Click the baking tin back to your inventory. Turn right and zoom in on the oven/stove.

Open the top door of the oven and then place the baking tin with the bread dough in the oven.

Close the door of the oven. Then open the oven door again and take the baking tin with the now baked bread from the oven.

Click the bread to your inventory. Turn right to the backdoor of the kitchen and then turn around to the table.

A Magic Cloak

Zoom in on the clothes that the people of Tom Harris have found. Pick up the clothes and store them in your inventory.

After picking up the clothes you see a chair moving.


A Golden Plate

Go to the Study, turn left to the bookcase.

Zoom in on the Gold plate, click on the plate to store it in your inventory.

Rhiannon's Room

A Skull

Go to Rhiannon's room, on the 1st floor.

In Rhiannon's room, zoom in again on the "GOTTICO" Skull poster.

Click again on the Skull button, which is located at the bottom left of the poster.

Click on the skull button about 3 times to store the skull button in your inventory.

Jennifer's Lab

Turn clockwise to the work table. In the middle of the work table is a green desk pad. Take the Parcel from your inventory and place it on the desk pad.

Then click on the package to open it. The box contains a so-called Kirlian Camera and there is also an instruction letter in the box.

 Read the letter about the Kirlian Camera and then take the Camera out of the box to put it on the table

Leave the lab and go back to Jennifer's office, at the stairs. Enter the office and zoom in on the round table and read again the article about "Magical Water".

Now you can click this artical to your inventory. Go back to 

Jennifer's lab:

Scan the 5 items and take foto's of them

You already have the Kirlian Camera on the work table. Now zoom in on the camera. It is in fact a scanner.

 The on/off button is located on the round tank of the camera.

Take the skull out your inventory and place it on the scanner. Click on the little button.

A photo comes out of the scanner, click the photo and the object to your inventory.

Scan the other 5 items and take photo’s of them, click the photo’s and the objects to your inventory.

You now have 6 photo’s in your inventory.

The colors that you see in the photos around the objects are the colors of certain emotions. 

You now have to name these emotions and then link them to the objects. 

Zoom out of the camera and now take the rack with the small blue bottles from the shelf. The bottles contain homeopathic ink.

Store the rack with bottles in your inventory. Pick up the container with glass plates, which is to the right of the microscope, and store it in your inventory.

Go back to the downstairs study room


Zoom in on the printer and click on the green button.

Now 2 sheets of labels are printed. Grab the 2 sheets from the printer.

The labels contain the names of 10 emotions. Right click on the rack with the blue bottles (Homeopathy Bottles). 

The rack will appear large on your screen. Then left click on the sheets with Labels. 

You pick up the top sheet. Click on the bottles in the rack.

You now stick the labels on the bottles.

Put the rack back in your inventory. Right click on the Tray or Slides to put it in your screen. 

Then take the 2nd sheet of labels and click with it on the glass plates to also provide these with the labels.

Store the glass slides again.

Fill the bottles with Holy Water

Go back to the kitchen, through the sitting room and the dining room. Then leave the kitchen again through the back door, not the door by the sink. You are then back in the place behind the kitchen. Go forward 4 clicks and then turn left. You are back at the crossroads and you are again at the Cauldron of Rebirth, which you filled here earlier with water from the stone.

Turn left and you are back at the Cauldron of Rebirth which is filled with Holy Water from the stone.

Take the rack with the bottles from your inventory and click it on the Cauldron with water to fill the bottles with the water from the Cauldron.

Put the rack back in your inventory. Open your inventory and right click again on the tray with the now labeled glass plates. 

Then pick up the rack with the bottles and click it on the glass plates. You then put a drop of water from the bottles on each glass slide.

Put back the glass slides. 

You now have 10 bottles in your inventory.

So now you have to freeze the glass plates. In the pantry, behind the dining room, there is a freezer.


So go, through the kitchen, back to the pantry room

Zoom in again on the freezer in the pantry, open the freezer and place the tray with glass plates in the freezer.

Close the freezer and leave the room for a moment.

Immediately go back into the storage room, open the freezer and take out the now frozen glass plates.

Go back upstairs to.....

Jennifer's Lab

Match the 6 Emotions to an Item and to a photo

Zoom in on the microscope.

In your inventory, right-click again on the tray with the frozen glass plates. 

The tray with the glass plates is then on the right of your screen.

Now, one by one, take the glass slides from the tray and then place the glass slide on the glass plate of the microscope. You then automatically view the frozen water drop through the microscope. Each water drop has a different color and pattern. Note the color of each slide, note the number and the emotion written on the labels.

You now have to compare the colors on the slides with the colors of the photo’s of the objects.

These are the matching pairs.

Put the tray with slides back in your inventory.

Holy Water Cauldron

 Exit the lab and go back through the sitting room, the dinning room  and the kitchen, outside. Go back to the Cauldro of Rebirth, the water is now boiling.

Create the Water Orb

You now have to click the 6 objects with their corresponding bottle into the Cauldron. So not the photos but the objects themselves.

So you always first click an object and then the associated bottle in the Cauldron.

The Skull with the Duty bottle.

If you do this correctly, each object will turn into the real object and the object will be placed above the Cauldron.

The Bread with the Humiliated Bottle.

The Starling with the Truth bottle.

The Clothes with the Deceived vial.

The Tractor Rod with the Insulted Bottle.

The Golden Plate with the Calm bottle.

Then all the objects merge to form the WATER ORB.

Then grab the WATER ORB and ..

.... again you fall unconscious and again you wake up in Rhiannon's room. You have arrived in:

Chapter 4: Fire: Create the Fire Orb

2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot