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June 2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw; screenshots by Louis Koot

Chaper 4: Fire:

Get power to the Stone Building


You wake up in Rhiannon's room again. Leave the room and go downstairs to the Study and take that "Legend of Pryderi" book from the bookcase again.

Now read the 3th story. It contains vital clues for creating the Fire Orb. Leave the house

The Water Mill:

The basement in the Stone Building must be drained, but there must first be electricity in the Stone Building.  Leave the Farmhouse through the front door and go to the large patio behind the stables. Go through the opened gate again. You are then back on the path where Standing Stone 3 is. Go 3 clicks forward over the path and ...... 

Previously you could not continue here because the path was blocked by a fallen tree.

 However, the fallen tree is now, God knows how, cleaned up so you can now move on. So continue 1 click ahead.

 You are then at the watermill. A bird flies away. You can continue forward over the bridge but don't do that. 

Turn right and you will see the river side of the watermill and a jetty. Go forward 2 clicks.

You are then halfway to the jetty. Turn left and try to open the door. However, the door does not open. 

Turn right and continue over the jetty and then turn right again. You now see the large Waterwheel of the mill. 

The water wheel isn't working because there's no water flow. 

Turn left and go back over the jetty and then back up the stairs to the path. 

You are then faced with an orange oil barrel that apparently serves to burn wood. Turn clockwise. The bird flies away again.

 Now continue 2 clicks forward. You have then crossed the bridge and you are standing in front of a small canal. 

Turn right. You are standing in front of the lock that closes the canal. The water from this channel is used to turn the Waterwheel. 

Zoom in on the lock. There is a black button and a brown button on the lock. You need a rotary handle to open the lock.

Where had you seen a Rotary Handle again? Oh yes .... in the Stone Building. 

Back to the Stone Building

So zoom out, turn left and follow the path back to the patio behind the stables.

 Along the way you will see a yellow construction helmet on the right side of the path. You can pick up the helmet but not take it with you. 

Proceed to the front door (bottom door) of the Stone Building. 

Go inside and to the rack in the left corner, which contains the 2 paint cans.

Take the Rotary Handle from between the 2 paint cans and now put the thing in your inventory. This rotary handle is the Sluice Key. 


Go back to the lock behind the watermill. 

Zoom in on the lock again and place the Rotary Handle (Sluice Key) on the brown metal rod and ......

the sluice will open and the water will now flow to the Waterwheel, which will now turn and generate the power for the Stone Building.

Go back to the Waterwheel and see that the wheel is now spinning. 

Go back to the front door of the Stone Building and go back inside.

Stone Building

On the opposite wall is a box with a lever. So when you are back inside, turn right, forwards, turn left and go to that lever box

Click on the lever again and ..... the water is now pumped oud from the basement.

Go to the previously opened cellar hatch, behind the rack and.....

..... now descend to the cellar.

Cellar, Boat and Tunnel

The cellar is a bit tricky to navigate, so first take a look around to get a feel of the place.

On the walls of the cellar you will discover 4 round stone plates with the symbols of the 4 Elements, Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

You will find 2 of these round plates on the left yellow wall and 2 on the right yellow wall.

On the stair wall you see a 5th round plate but it has no symbol. In the canal, which divides the cellar into two halves, lies a rusty iron boat.

Go to the left side of the cellar and then stand in front of the boat. Get in the boat.

Make sure you go to the correct side of the boat, where you can enter the boat.

You then stand on the foredeck of the boat and look into the dark tunnel.

There is a lever on the "mast" of the boat. Click on the lever and ....

The boat takes you through the dark tunnel. The boat stops halfway through the tunnel. 

Turn right and go forward to the green metal door.

Click on the door handle and .... you end up in a room that is furnished as an office.

The Office of Boswell

Take a good look around first. You stand in front of the table that serves as a desk. 

To the left behind the desk is an antique gramophone on a round marble table. A portrait of a man hangs on the wall.

Turn left. You look at a green Safe and the portrait of a woman hangs on the wall

Turn around. You will now see the wall to the right of the desk. There is a table on the wall that serves as a counter. 

Water can be tapped through the boiler. There is a towel on the counter and there are 2 portraits of men on the wall.

Go take a closer look at all those portraits. 

Each portrait has a yellow name tag that says who the person is. Arthur Boswell hangs to the left of the sink. To the right of the sink is the portrait of Michael Boswell. Margaret Boswell hangs to the right of the safe and Charles Robert Boswell hangs behind the desk. In Rhiannon's room you have heard a ghost calling for Arthur before. Charles Robert is therefore the father and Margaret the mother of Arthur and Michael. 

Go to the table with the antique gramophone on it. Zoom in on the gramophone. There is a record on the gramophone. Click on the record to take a closer look. Click the record back on the gramophone. Then click on the crank and listen to the music. When you've had enough, you zoom out. Standing in front of the gramophone table, turn clockwise. You are then more or less behind the desk.  There is a glass and a paper on the table and in the edge you see the knob of a drawer. Click on the paper. There's not much on it. Click the paper away again. Open the drawer of the desk. In the drawer you'll find the diary of Charles Boswell

Grab the Diary and read it through.....here is a short summary

Charles started writing in May 1900. Many pages are illegible but a few are still legible. You read that Charles bought the farm Ty Pryderi for his son Arthur who wanted to be a farmer. You also read that Charles Boswel built the water tunnel. Charles soon found out that there is a Dark (Evil) Entity roaming the farm and that this is Llwyd. Arthur's new wife was called Rhiannon, and Charles feared for her life. Charles took all kinds of steps to protect Rhiannon from the evil Llwyd. Charles tells that Rhiannon's zodiac sign is Aquarius and that her sign is the Sign of Air. Charles made a Magic Pentagram in the Produce Terminus, which is the basement of the Stone Building. On the last page you read that Charles failed to save Rhiannon from Llwyd's clutches. He writes: "Now we are lost. Llwyd has taken her. The Fire was his doing. I have failed them". 

Put the diary back in the drawer. There is also a white paper in the drawer that you can take a closer look at. It is an account of one James V. Great, a professional mole catcher. Close the drawer, turn right and leave this basement office again through the green metal door. You are then back in front of the boat. You can get into the boat on the left side and on the right side. If you want to go back to the basement, you have to step into the boat on the right. But you don't want to go back to the basement yet......, 

so step back into the boat on the left side and click on the lever on the mast again. 

The Watermill

The boat takes you further through the tunnel and delivers you in the basement the watermill...

Turn left and get out of the boat. 

Go to the spiral staircase and up the spiral staircase. 

Generator room

You are then in the generator room of the mill. You will see the generator and a door with a poster on it. 

Turn left. Against the wall is a pair of green rubber boots and 2 rusty shovels.

Click on the boots. You cannot take the boots with you. Turn back to the right and now go forward to the door. Zoom in on the poster that's on the door.  On the poster you can read the "Lockdown Procedure". You read what to do when the police, the Pigs, come. The Boswells were engaged in illegal activities.

Zoom out. Turn to the left and zoom in on the green generator to take a closer look.

Zoom out again and turn back to the door. The door is locked with a woodenbeam. Click on the door beam to remove it. Then click on the doorknob and .... you are outside on the jetty of the watermill. Turn around and go back inside through the door. Go back to the spiral staircase and continue up the spiral staircase and.....

.... you will end up in the 

Plant room

A white light goes through the room and turns on the radio and disappears through the window. 

That light was the ghost of Rhiannon 1967. Go forward, turn left and ..... you see the illegal cannabis farm of the commune from 1967.

 In the ledge, above the bulletin board, is a paper airplane. On the right is a shelving unit on the wall. On top of the shelving unit are 2 glass jars.

Grab the Paper Plane and then click on it again to unfold the paper.

You have found the "Mabinogi Branch 3" paper. Read which symbols are needed for Fire,

So to make the Fire Orb you need: a Shield, Boots, a Saddle,  a Wedding ring,  a Fountain, a Golden Bowl,  a Mouse,a  Glove. Click the paper to your inventory Turn around. You now see the other side of the room and another bulletin board on the wall. There's a pamphlet on this bulletin board. Zoom in on that pamphlet. It's a "Bonfire Night" announcement.

The pamphlet has a list of colors and the names of the chemicals you can use to make these colors. Take the "Bonfire Night" pamphlet and store it in your inventory. So the colors on the "Bonfire Night" pamphlet are part of the objects you'll need to make the Fire Orb. So now you have to look for those objects and things that contain the chemicals of the colors.

Collect the Items and the chemicals that are needed to make the Fire Orb:

Copper Sulfate: Blue

Zoom out and turn around again to the hemp plants corner. So there is a position against the wall on the right.

On top of the rack are 2 glass jars. Zoom in on those 2 glass jars. 

Then pick up the left Glass Jar.

This jar contains "Bordeaux Mixiure" and this mixure contains Copper sulphate (Copper sulfhate) with which the Blue color can be made. 

Store the jar in your inventory.


 Zoom out and turn left. You now see the refrigerator and a window behind the stairs. 

Go forward and then turn right to stand right in front of the window. 

To the right of the window is a small green Shield. It's a prize won in darts. Grab the Shield. 

Under the two darts, click on the white oval to make the text appear in it.  Store the shield in your inventory.


Turn left again and then click the down arrow to end up on the spiral staircase again. 

Then descend 1 click, back to the generator room. 

Turn left again and grab the green rubber Boots again and now store them in your inventory. 

Turn right again and go to the door again and out through the door. You are outside on the jetty again. 

Turn right and now follow the route back to the patio behind the stables and then go to the front of the stables and to Malcolm's workshop.

Workshop / garage:

Lithium Chloride = Red

Go back in through the green doors and turn left.

Zoom in on the "For Recycling" box and now take out 1 of the 2 Lithium batteries.

Store the battery in your inventory. Lithium Chloride is needed to make Red. Zoom out and go back outside. 

Turn right, 1 click forward, turn right and enter the red stone shed again.


Saltpetre = Yellow

Zoom in again on the shelf hanging on the right wall. 

Take the "Tree Stump Remover" pack from the shelf.

Tree Stump Remover contains Saltpeter and this is needed for Yellow. Store the pack of Tree Stump Remover in your inventory. Go to the:

Boiler room:

Barium Carbonate = Green

In the boiler room, turn clockwise to the right wall. Take the Step ladder of contractor Harris, which you took from the dining room, from your inventory and click it on the wall to put the ladder against the wall. Above the ladder you will get the up arrow, so click and you climb on the ladder and then look in the attic.

There is a can of Rat poison in the small loft, Grab the can of Rat poison

The poison contains Barium Carbonate which is necessary for Green.

Store the can in your inventory and climb back down. Exit the Boiler room and go to the front door of the house.

Front door:

Calcium Sulphate = Orange

Stand against the front door and then turn right. 

Grab the bag of Gypsum Cement and put the bag in your inventory.

You need Gypsum Cement to make Orange.

Turn left again and enter through the front door and go to the 1st floor. Go to:

Rhiannon's room:

Aluminium = White

Turn left and grab the yellow soda can from under the bed,

The can is made of aluminum and that is necessary for the color White. Store the can in your inventory.

Bathroom 1st floor:

Strontium = Purple

Exit Rhiannon's room and go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, turn left and open the medicine cabinet, which is hanging on the wall.

Grab the bottle of Strontium Complex from the cabinet.

Strontium is needed for the Purple color. Store the bottle in your inventory. Close the locker and go back to the ground floor and to:

Malcolm's Study:


Turn right. Zoom in on the desktop again and then grab the Computer Mouse. It's a wireless mouse.

Store the computer mouse in your inventory. Zoom out of the desk and leave the room again. Now go outside through the front door and continue until the gate by the pond. Turn right, 1 click forward and turn right again. You stand in front of the small patio behind the small bathroom and the boiler room. Enter the patio and then through the brown door into the small bathroom and then into the kitchen. Go through the kitchen to the dining room and then to the:


Golden Bowl and Fountain

Turn clockwise to the rack on the right wall. Now take the Yellow Bowl from the top shelf and store the bowl in your inventory. 

Turn around. You are then again in front of the purple ram. Pick up the Chocolate Fountain Pan and click the pan to your inventory. 

Caviar: = E285

Turn clockwise to the white window. Grab the can of caviar from the windowsill. 

On the can you read that 1 of the ingredients is E285. Store the can of caviar in your inventory.


E285 = Sodium tetraborate = Borax = yellowish green

Go back to the kitchen. Stand again straight in front of the kitchen cupboard, which are hanging on the left wall. Zoom in again on the top left cabinet and open the left door. The 2 lists with the E numbers hang on the inside of the cupboard door. Zoom in on the top list and find the E285 in the list. It's the bottom number. You read that E285 is Sodium tetraborate: Borax. The "Bonfire Night" pamphlet states that Borax is required for the color Yellowish Green.

Exit the kitchen again to the small bathroom and then go outside through the brown door. You now have almost everything except a glove, a saddle and a wedding ring. However, there is an orange Glove in the Ugly Duck. So follow the path, from the hatchet, through Area 1 to the dilapidated barn and enter the red dilapidated barn again.


 Then turn left again to the ugly Duck car and now grab the orange Glove from the car.

Store the glove in your inventory. Go back to the farm and enter the house through the front door and now go back to the:

Sitting room / secret room

Wedding Ring

The ghost of Rhiannon Boswell appears in the sitting room. She comes out of the left wall and then disappears through a door in the right wall. You're also sucked through that door and then you're in a room you've never been to before. In the middle of the room is a coffin containing the embalmed body of Rhiannon Boswell after she was killed by the fire.

Turn clockwise. There is a funeral card on the low cabinet.

 Zoom in on the mourning card, then pick up the mourning card and read the card. You read that it was for Rhiannon Boswell's 26 birthday  

Click the card away again and zoom out. Now zoom in on the doors of the cabinet and then open the left door.

In the left cupboard is a rolled up paper. Take the rolled up paper from the cupboard and then unroll it by clicking on it.

It is a blueprint of a boat tunnel. You see that the tunnel connects the 3 cellars, the cellar of the Stone Building, the Office cellar and the cellar of the Watermill. There is a number at the Office Basement: 87362. Make a note of this number. Store the drawing in your inventory and close the cupboard door.  Open the middle cupboard door and then take the Tin Box from the cupboard. 

There are newspaper clippings in the tin box and a marriage certificate. View the Marriage Certificate of Arthur Boswell and Rhiannon Davis. Read the newspaper clipping about the tragic death of Rhiannon Boswell, who was killed in a fire. Also read the larger newspaper clipping about the Tragedy on Ty Pryderi. At the very bottom of the box is a photo. Click on the picture. It is a family photo on which you see the Boswell family. Turn the photo over and you will read the names of the person in the photo: Arthur, Rhiannon, Rhiannon's sister Elisabeth with her husband Lewis and George Boswell. Put everything back in the box and put the box back in the cabinet. Close the cupboard door.

 Open the right cupboard door. In the right cabinet, on the top shelf, is a red book.

 Grab the red book. It's a "Flowers" book. Open the booklet. There is a key on the bookmark on the right page. Take the Key

 Click the book away, close the cupboard door and zoom out.

Turn left or right twice. Zoom in on the embalmed corpse in the coffin

On Rhiannon Boswell's left hand is her Wedding Ring. Grab the Wedding Ring. It's a purple ring. Store the ring in your inventory.

Zoom out, turn left and go through the door back to the sitting room. You automatically turn around to that strange door and ..... Rhiannon Boswell appears again and she dissolves and the door to the funeral home disappears. However, if you forgot to grab something in that room,  you can still go back through the door to get what you forgot.

 Now go back to the 1st floor and to the Bare Room, directly opposite Rhiannon's room.

Bare Room:

When you're inside, turn right. 

On the right wall you see colorful graffiti and there is a cardboard box against the wall. Click on the box to slide the box to the right. 

You will see a lighter floorboard in the floor where the box was. Zoom in on that. The floorboard gets a purple edge for a moment. 

Take the crowbar from your inventory again and remove the floorboard with the crowbar. Then take the long Box from the hole. .

Take the small key (Edwardian Key) from your inventory and open the long box with it

Inside the box is a rolled-up letter. Take the Letter out of the box. Read the letter.

The letter is from Rhiannon Boswell and is addressed to her sister Elisabeth. They are the last words Rhiannon Boswell ever wrote because after this letter she was killed in the fire. In the letter she tells her sister what happened to her. Rhiannon describes the events before the fire in the letter. In the letter she also mentions a Saddle, which she has taken from the stables. She later brought that saddle back to the stables because she thought the saddle was the cause of all the misery that happened to her.

Store the letter in your inventory. The long box disappears into thin air. You now know that there must be a saddle in the stables. So now go to the:



It doesn't matter whether you enter the stables through the front door, next to the workshop, or through the back door, on the patio. 

But go in through the front door. When you are inside, turn left and continue to the corner. 

Then turn right and then walk 1 click to the green window. Then turn around via the turn arrow and ..... a Ghost Horse appears for a moment.

Look at the floor in front of your feet. On the right you see that a floor tile is slightly deeper than the rest of the floor. 

Zoom in on that tile. Then click on the 2 tiles to remove the straw. 

Then click on the tiles again and you have opened a secret hiding place.

Grab the Saddle from the hole. It's a Red Saddle. Store the saddle in your inventory.

You now have all the Items and all the chemicals for the Bonfire. Now to start that fire.

Create the FIRE ORB:

Do you remember that there is a red oil barrel at the watermill? Well...that's where we're going to make the Bonfire. 

So leave the stable and go through the open gate on the patio again, behind the stables and go to the Orange Oil Barrel at the Watermill.

At the mill turn left to stand right in front of the barrel and .... as if by magic, fire now ignites in the barrel

You have to put the 8 objects with their corresponding chemicals in the barrel. So you do that again one by one. The objects then change to the correct color and are then placed around the barrel. The objects then merge into the FIRE ORB.

The Saddle with the Battery.
The dart shield with the can of caviar.
The blue Chocolate pan with the Glass Jar Bordeaux Mixture.
The Yellow Bowl with the Tree Stump Remover box.
The Computer Mouse with the yellow Soda Can.
The Green Boots with the Rat Poison.
The Purple Ring with the pot of Tablets.
The Orange Glove with the bag of Gypsum Cement.

Then grab the Fire Orb and.....

You fall unconscious again and wake up again in Rhiannon's room.... you have ended up in

Chapter 5: Air and End Game

2022: Walkthrough by  Louis Koot