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June 2022: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

Text and screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 5: Air and End Game

Air Orb:



You wake up in Rhiannon's room again. Go down and to the front door. The postman came by again and has threw mail through the letterbox again. 

So zoom in on the mail again. Open the white envelope and read the letter. It's a letter from Arberth Electronics. In the letter you will read that an Update is available for the MP3 Player and for the Tunovox. Click the letter to your inventory and then open the brown envelope.Inside the brown envelope is a short note from Jon Southworth to Rhiannon stating that he has found the complete Mabinogion documents. Click the letter to your inventory and you will see the 4 sheets of the Mabinogion. Sheet 3 also contains the Mabinogion IV. 

Read through this and you'll know what you need for the AIR ORB. those are the following objects: a Pig, a Helmet, a Dead Shrout and a Magic Wand

Store the Mabinogion in your inventory.

Collect the Items for the AIR ORB:



Go back into Malcolm's study and zoom in on the desk again. Take the MP3 player out of the charger. 

In the screen of the MP3 player you will now see the message "Add Media". 

Click the on/off button to turn off the MP3 player. As a result, the MP3 player now disappears into your inventory. 

Calender = Death Shroud

Zoom out and turn clockwise to the door. There is a calendar on the door. 

Grab the Calendar from the door and store it in your inventory. Go to:

Rhiannon's Room

Piggy bag = Pig

Zoom in on the table where the computer is standing. To the right of the computer monitor is Rhiannon's Piggy Bank. 

Grab the Piggy Bank and store it in your inventory. 

Then open the right drawer of the table. Take the white sheet of paper from the drawer. 

This is the "CCSE Physics" homework paper. Click the paper to your inventory. 

Close the drawer, zoom out and exit Rhiannon's room. Go to:

Jennifer and Malcolm's Bedroom:


Continue to the cupboard by the window. The Tunovox device is on the windowsill.

Grab the Tunovox and now store it in your inventory.

Exit the bedroom and go back down to the front door and go outside.

Go to the patio behind the stables and then follow the path to the:



Follow the path to the orange oil barrel. Then turn around via the turn arrow.

 On the right along the path is the yellow Helm. Grab the yellow Helmet and store in the inventory

Now all you need to do is conjure a magic wand from somewhere. The Air symbols must be associated with certain sounds.

To do this, you need to record these sounds with the Tunovox.

Record the 4 sounds with the Tunovox

You are still at the watermill. Turn left and descend to the jetty of the watermill. Walk to the end of the jetty and then turn left. 

You are standing in front of the Waterwheel and this thing is making noise that you have to record. 

Take the Tunovox from your inventory and click it on the Waterwheel. 

The Tunovox will then appear on your screen. Click on the "Tone button" and .... 

.......he sound of the water wheel is now recorded and automatically saved in the MP3 player.

Click on the on/off button of the Tunovox to turn it off again and store it in your inventory.

Turn left, 1 click forward, turn right and enter through the door. You are then back in the generator room of the mill. 

Turn right and then diagonally right and zoom in again on the green generator

Click again with the Tunovox on the generator and then click on the "Tone button" of the Tunovox again. 

The sound of the generator is recorded and stored in the MP3 player. Store the Tunovox again. 

Zoom out of the generator, turn right and go back outside through the door. Go back to the house and to the kitchen. 

You have to decide for yourself whether you enter through the front door or one of the two kitchen doors.

You can record the sound of the refrigerator or the sound of the freezer in the pantry.  It is either the one or the other and the sound is stored as the sound of a "Kitchen appliance". I'm recording the sound of the refrigerator. Zoom in on the refrigerator and then click on it with the Tunovox. Click on the "Tone button" again and the refrigerator sound will be saved in the MP3 player. 

Put the Tunovox back up and go to the:

sitting room:

The phone beeps to indicate that there are new messages on voicemail. So zoom in on the phone and click on the arrow button.  You hear Edward Jones, the vicar, who has been consulted by Jennifer about what is going on at the farm. Edward Jones reports that he has found the Key to the cemetery. Go to the 1st floor and to the:


To the right of the window is the grille of the air conditioning. 

Click the Tunovox on that grille and then click the "Tone button" again to record the sound of the fan and save it in the MP3 player. 

You now have all the sounds and the Tunovox automatically disappears into your inventory. Now find a wand. 

Go back down and exit the house through the front door.


Find the 4 Graves

Magic Wand:

Go to the Blue Gate, past the Stone Building. Go through the blue gate and continue to the river.

  When you were here before, to find a branch, you couldn't go further across. 

Now you can because there is now a row of stones in the river over which you can now walk to the other side. 

So go further forward and then through the fence.

 You are now on the cemetery and you are looking for the graves of Rhiannon Boswell, Rhiannon Pwyll, Rhiannon 1967 and Rhiannon Sullivan in the cemetery.

Go forward to the front door of the chapel.

Then turn right and zoom in on the top of the Tomb where the cup is on. Read the inscription.This is the grave of Rhiannon and Arthur Boswell. Arthur was buried here 2 years after Rhiannon. Something must be put in the stone Cup .In the front of the tomb you see a cross slot into which you have to put something.

 Zoom out and turn around via the turn arrow.Then look down via the down arrow.You see a white granite stone with a hole in it.

This is the ENDSTONE on which you will finish the game later on .You have to do something with that stone, but you don't know what yet.

Look up again and now go 1 click forward to the wall.

On the left behind the tree you see a stone with an Ogam script. Zoom in on it.

The Ogam spells the name Rhiannon Pwyll and below the Ogam you will see a round hole.

Zoom out and turn around via the turn arrow. You look again at the Tomb of Rhiannon and Arthur.

Turn right. You see the tombstone of an unknown dead person. Zoom in on that grave

This unknown was buried here in 1969. This is, of course, Rhiannon's 1967 grave. In front of the stone is a box.

Zoom out, turn left and go 1 click forward.

Turn right and go 1 click forward again and then turn right. 

You now see 4 graves. Zoom in on the rightmost grave, which is the grave whose shadow is cast on the wall. 

This is the grave of George and Lucinda Edwards. Jennifer Sullivan's parents, Rhiannon Sullivan's mother.

Also at this grave is a small box.

Stone Building: Cellar

Zoom out, turn left and leave the cemetery again through the gate. You now have to go back to Boswell's basement office and that can only be done with the boat. The boat has returned to the basement of the Stone Building by itself. So now go back to the front door of the Stone Building and enter through the front door again. Then go to the basement and......

 .... in the basement you go to the left side again., to the boat 

Stand right in front of the boat again and go on board again. 

Click on the lever again and .... with the boat you sail through the tunnel to Boswell's office again:

Boswell's Ofice: Open up the Safe

Turn left and now zoom in on the safe and then zoom in on the number button.

The tunnel's blueprint bears the number 87362. This is the number combination to open the safe. The rotary knob has the numbers 0 to 9. Click on the 1st number of the combination. The dial will then automatically turn to that number and then return to 0. Then click on the next number of the combination.

So click successively on the: 8, 7, 3, 6, 2 and .... the safe will open. 

On the top shelf is a stack of cash books. On the middle shelf is a letter and a stick. On the bottom shelf is a Scroll.

Take the Scroll from the bottom shelf.

This is Charles Robert Boswell's "Principiae Symbolorum".

 On the scroll, Boswell explains the principles of the Magic Pentagram. It takes 4 elements plus a 5th element.

That 5th element is the "Spirit". In the center of the Pentagram, the Water must be done. In the basement of the Stone Building you have seen 5 circles. 4 of those stone circles have a symbol. But on the 5th circle, which is on the stair wall, you didn't see a symbol. The scroll tells you to click these 5 symbols in a "Sinister order", ie counterclockwise. Put the Scroll in your inventory. Take the Stick from the middle shelf. There is a button on the handle of the stick. Click on the button and .... the tip of the stick opens.

Click again on the button or on the point to store the stick in your inventory.  In your inventory this stick is called the "Antique Tool". Take a look at the letter on the middle shelf and the books on the top shelf. Then zoom out a few times, turn left and leave the office again through the metal door. 

Back to the Cemetry

You are in front of the boat again. Now click with your forward arrow to the right side of the boat to step onto the boat on that side. 

You then look back through the tunnel towards the basement of the stone building. Click the lever button to sail back to the basement of the stone building.

When the boat is back in the basement, turn right and get out of the boat. Turn left and go forward to the stairs and then back up the stairs.

 Exit the Stone Building and go back to the Cemetery. 

Walk again to the door of the chapel and then turn clockwise again to the tomb of Rhiannon and Arthur Boswell. 

In the frontside of the tomb there is a cross slot. 

Take the Antique Tool from your inventory and then click this stick in the cross slot to remove the round stone, which contains the cross slot.

This round stone is the "Spirit Stone". Click the stone to your inventory. Go back to the:

Stone Building

Basement: The 4 Element Stones and Magic Wand

Back in the basement, go back to the left side of the basement.

Then turn around via the turn arrow and go to the stone Circle in the stair wall.

 Zoom in on the stone circle on the stair wall and then place the Spirit Stone in it.

Now you have to press the other stone circles but you have to do that in a Sinister Order. So in reverse order.

 If you click in a wrong circle, the symbol will not remain pressed.

 If you are still standing in front of the stair wall, turn right and go 1 click forward, to the right wall and then turn left and go forwards to the back wall

You are then at the back wall on  the right side of the cellar. Turn right. You now see the back right stone circle on the wall.

This is the Air stone because it has the Air symbol, click the stone to push the symbol in

Turn right and go back 1 click, to the Earth stone but don't push it in yet.. 

Turn right and ... you now see the left front circle on the left wall.....it's the Fire stone

Go forward and zoom in on the Fire Stone and push the Fire symbol in

Turn around and go back to the Earth Stone and now push the Earth symbol in

Turn around, back to the Fire Stone, turn right and......you are on the left side of the basement and you see the boat

Go one step forwards and....in the dark corner you see the Water Stone. Zoom in on the Water stone and push in the Water symbol

All 4 symbols now light up and.......

....... a Glass Cabinet rises out of the water.

Open the door of the Glass Cabinet and then take the MAGIC WAND from the cabinet.

Store the Wand in your inventory. The glass case explodes. Exit the basement and go back to the living room in the house.

Farmhouse: Sitting Room

Create the Air Orb

Go to the TV and zoom in again. A face appears in the TV for a moment.

 Click the on/off button on the center device of the stereo, which is below the TV. 

On the TV you will receive a message that the Persavoc MP3 player has been found.

You now need to determine the frequencies of the sounds you have recorded. Examine the "Physics Homework" paper you took from the drawer in Rhiannon's room.  So right click in inventory on that paper. You read, among other things, that every material has a different sound frequency.  At the bottom of the paper is a bar graph. This graph indicates which material has the lowest and which material has the highest frequency.  From lowest to highest: Wood, Paper, Plastic, Ceramic.

You have the 4 sound recordings in your inventory. 

They are the: Kitchen Appliance tone, the Bathroom Fan Tone, the Generator Tone and the Millwheel Tone.

 Right click on each of these 4 recordings to listen to them and then determine whether the tone you hear is high, low or in between.

 In this way you will find out that the order of the 4 recordings is, from lowest to highest: Generator sound, Bathroom Fan, Kitchen appliance, Water wheel. Zoom out of the TV and turn right. Go 1 click forward, towards the fireplace and then turn left and click the down arrow. You are then on the right bench again and a purple Glow appears on the table. You now have to click the Objects with the correct sound on the Purple Glow. So you do that again one by one.  The objects then change and float above the table and then merge into the AIR ORB.

Click the Magic Wand and then the Generator recording on the Purple Glow. 

The wooden Magic Wand changes into a Glass Magic Wand and it disappears back into your inventory. In the Glass Wand is the SOUL of Llwyd.

Click The Calendar and then the Bathroom recording on the Purple Glow.

Click the Helmet and then the Kitchen recording on the Purple Glow.

Click the Piggy Bank and then the Waterwheel recording on the Purple Glow.

All 4 objects then merge into the Air Orb. Take the Air Orb

You won't fall unconscious now, so click the up arrow to get up from the couch again. You are going to start with the last part.

Chapter 6: Free the souls of all  Rhiannons and lock up Llwyd for good:

Go back to the:


You now need to place the 4 Orbs at the correct Rhiannon graves. So find the 4 Rhiannon tombs and then place the good Orb in the holder. However, Rhiannon Sullivan is represented by the grave of her family on mother's side and that is the Edwards. You will have the following information if you have watched and read everything in the game:

Rhiannon Sullivan: From the zodiac poster in Rhiannon's room you know that Rhiannon Sullivan was born under the Aquarius sign, so she needs the Water Orb.

Rhiannon Boswell: In his letter/diary, Boswell reported that his daughter-in-law was born under the Sky Sign of the zodiac. So  she needs the Air Orb.

Rhiannon 1967: In her diary this Rhiannon mentions that she was born on September 8th and thus under the Earth Sign and that is the Earth Orb.

Rhiannon from Pwyll: Well...from the foregoing, then this Rhiannon needs the Fire Orb

Place the Orbs:

Rhiannon Boswell:

Continue to the chapel door and then turn clockwise again.

Zoom back in on the top of the tomb of the Rhiannon and Arthur Boswell. Place the AIR ORB in the cup.

Rhiannon of Pwyll

Turn around from the Boswell Tomb and go to the stone with the Ogam script on it. 

Zoom in on the stone and place the FIRE ORB in the round hole.

Rhiannon 1967:

From the Rhiannon or Pwyll stone, turn around. Then immediately turn right and zoom in again on the unknown grave.

Place the EARTH ORB in the box and then the tombstone.

Rhiannon Sullivan:

From Rhiannon's 1967 grave, when you zoom out again, turn right, 1 click forward, right, 1 click forward, right.

Zoom in again on Edward's grave, near the wall. Place the WATER ORB in the tombstone box.

Zoom out, turn right and go back to the chapel door. Turn left.

You look again towards the stone of Rhiannon or Pwyll. Look down via the down arrow.

You look again at the white granite ENDSTONE with a hole in it.

Take the Glass Wand from your inventory and click it on the Stone and ........

Watch the End Movie

The 4 Orbs are connected with a red line and now form a Pentagram:

We race back up the path to the farm and watch the Rhiannon ghosts emerge from the buildings.

We head back to the cemetery where the Rhiannons are now disappearing into their respective graves. You have freed the Rhiannons......

The Glass Wand explodes and ......

.....Llwyd is  now trapped in the stone forever.

After this you will read and hear the final email from Jon Southworth.

Jon turns out to be Rhiannon Wallace's son and he has visited his mother's sister, Rachel.\


 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot