April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by: Dick Leeuw (and a bit Louis Koot) Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Chapter 1: 2005: Kate Walker: Vaghen: Flower District

A: Guest House

Kate is in a guesthouse in Vaghen.

Frau Wagner, the owner of the guesthouse, has brought an old phonebook and a map of Vaghen and both are on the coffee table

Read the newspaper that is next to the couch.

Kate must find out where the Müller shop is that has sold the leather roll where the painting has been kept in.

Click on the phonebook to investigate

On the 2 pages are 12 ads for shops with the name Müller.

On every ad you have to choose between Check or Rule Out.

When you choose wrong you can changed that by using Erase.

After you have looked at every ad you end up with 3 Müller shops that have possible sold the leather roll.

On every ad there are coordinates such as E5, D5, C4, where you can find these shops on the map. So write down the coordinates  of those 3 shops

As soon as you have marked the 3 shops with a "V" on the phonebook pages you go to the map of Vaghen.

NB: At the top right of the map you see a red circle and in that circle is a QR code. You can scan the QR code with your smart phone and enter it into your internet browser. The QR code is the url of the Vaghen Touristen information site that you then visit. If it doesn't work with your smart phone, you can also manually enter the url, which is:


Find the locations of the 3 shops on the map and mark then with a "V"...

You find those 3 shops via the coordinates that are on the ads in the phonebook

Now you have to observe each location and then choose the correct one

Two locations are ruled out because these locations are changed and those 2 shops will no longer be there.

Choose the third shop in box C4 on the map: The shop is in Das Antiquitaten Viertel

Kate torns out the phonebook page and it ends up in the inventory section of her diary

Now Kate need to get the painting from her room.

Go up the stairs. To the left is Kate’s room and in front is a space wit a fireplace.

Go to that space and look at the fireplace and the thing that's on the table

Also Inspect the 3 different flyers in the flyer stand.

Then go to the rooms, the room on the right is Kate’s room, so enter it

First click on the bed to think about your situation via introspection, then look at the painting that's on the wall and then inspect the desk.

When you click on the up arrow then you will see the bulletin board.

On the desk are several things you have to pick up.

Click on the wallet and on the guitar pick to collect them and to put them in inventory

Then take the painting with the leather roll.

Leave the room and go downstairs. In the top right corner is the computer. You can look at the chess game that's on one of the tables

Go to the computer and interact with it and use all search options you get

Open the mailbox and after cleaning up your mailbox use all the other subjects on the computer to earn an achievement

After you finished with the computer go down the stairs to the reception.

Go to Frau Wagner and talk to her, use all the subjects.

Someone is in the phone booth, click 2x on the phone booth

Listen to what is been said. Frau Wagner doesn't like it that Kate is eavesdropping on the phone conversation

Leave the guesthouse.

Outside: Explore the district and then take the tram

Before we go take the tram to the Antiques District we can fulfill the secondary Objective.

Click on the window of the guesthouse

Walk to your motorbike and click on your motorbike and on the house behind it.

Walk past the guesthouse, down the stairs to the box with flowers and click on the white dot.

Walk further to the end of the alley, click on the closed gate.

You now see that your secondary objective is done.

Walk back past your motorbike and go up the stairs.

Your are now at the tram rails, click on the tram stop to inspect.

You see the tram plan of Vaghen. Click next Müller’s shop on travel.

The tram arrives, Kate steps in and goes on her way to the Antiques District

Click Continue to get on and the tram delivers Kate in:

Chapter 2:  Autumn 2005: Vaghen: Kate Walker: Antiques District

April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot