April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

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Chapter 10: Vaghen: 2005: Baden Island part 1: Kate Walker

Kate and frau Junta / Colonel Blake arrive at Baden island.

Frau Junta is very tired and have to rest on the bench.

Kate has to explore the island first, Frau Junta will meet Kate in section O-8

Read the sign at the railing: donít feed the swans. You can also look at the map of the tram.

Walk over the bridge and follow the path.

Follow the path further.

Kate will reach the entrance of the cemetery, look at the top of the gate.

Go inside the cemetery, on the left side you find a map of the cemetery. Inspect that map.

On the map you see how the cemetery is divided into sections. Click on the bottom of the map on ďuseĒ and select Oscar.

Oscar is now in front of the map, you can switch to Oscar. You donít get clues from Oscar but when you switch to Oscar you can see on the map where you are on the cemetery. You have to find section O-8, the toolshed, a pickaxe and the mechanism to open the gate. You also have to find 4 blocked paths if you want to find all the achievements. The crosses on the map are the blocked path but you only see a cross if you found a blocked path or stairs.

Turn to the right and walk to the first blocked path.

Click on LOOK to get the cross on the map. Then follow the path to the right.

Walk past big statue/grave on the left, go to the left at the small path.

Walk towards the fence and you find the mechanism to open the gate. You need to operate this mechanisme later, but it needs a crank.

Go back to the crossing and take path between E and F, this is also a blocked path.

Walk to the blockage and click on LOOK, you have to find 2 more blockades.

Walk back and go further over the path on the right side of F, you walk towards  stairs.

Left of that stairs is a grave, inspect that grave.

On the tombstone you see a pickaxe, you need Oscar to pick-up that pickaxe so we do that later.

Go up that stairs, on the right you find a plate with names.

Read the names, it is a list of donators. You get a secondary objective.

Go to the left and at the end go down the stairs, go to the right.

Donít go down the stairs but go to the right again, you have found section O.

In section O-8 you find the grave of Anna Roze, the child of Dana.

Frau Junta now comes to join Kate at the grave and she tells what has happened with Dana.

Dana lost every thing and Frau Junta / Colonel Blake takes Dana with her to London.

Spring 1944: London: Foreign Office part 1: Dana Roze

Dana is then working at the Foreign Office

Dana gets the information of the Intelligence, the Navy and the resistant fighters about the troops of the enemy.

You find 3 notes on the board.

In these notes you find the information of the tanks, the submarines and the S.A.M.ís.

You now must mark all of this information on the map.

 If done right the map should look like this.

Then Frau Junta / colonel Blake enters the room, she and Dana talks a bit.

Dana receive a letter with a Mission Order, she donít have to take it but she needs to figured out resistant network in that region.

And the region is near Vaghen in Osterthal.

To verify the information Dana needs to use a telegraph machine. Click on inspect on that machine.

You see 3 meters and 4 levers, inspect the meters.

The pressure in the left tube must be high and the pressure in right tube must be low so that  the meter A, on top, is in the green.

First pull lever 1on the left machine so that meter B is in the green.

Now on machine C pull the right lever until meter A is in the green.

Adjust a little bit until the arrow in A is in the green.

Then move to the left side, 2 rods slide in and move the knob to the right.

Now you can turn the wheel.

The machine on the desk is now activated.

You get a new objective. Inspect the machine on the desk.

Click on inspect to zoom in.

Now you have to select items on the 3 rolls, with the arrows.

A= Resistance, B= Networks and C= Osterthal.

Then click on the button.

You now get a roll with a list in it. Get the list out the roll.

You have check what is the name of the resistance group and the leader. We have chosen Alpine Lover as a nickname for Leon so we see here the name Alpine Lover. If you had chosen the other nickname then you see that name here. Click on that nickname name on the list.

Dana realize that Leon is back from Baltayar, he survived the cold winter and is now back in the region of Vaghen and part of a resistence group.

You now switch back to Kate at the cemetery on Baden Island.

Frau Junta is already on her way to the tram. Turn to the right and walk back, follow the path.

You see on your right a stairs going down, down go down yet but walk straight ahead.

Walk until you cannot go further, the path is blocked.

Turn around and walk back to the stairs, go down.

Follow the arrows on the screenshots.

You come to a path, on the left you see a toolshed. Donít go to the toolshed yet but first turn to the right and walk over the path to a blocked stairs. Click on the stairs, you now have found all 4 blocked path or stairs so you get a achievement. Turn around and go to the toolshed, it is locked but later you need to open the shed to get a handle.

You need the pickaxe to open up this toolshed, so you need Oscar to get the pickaxe. 

Kate need to get Oscar, so you now must move Kate back to the Map where you have left Oscar.

Turn to the left and go to the stairs and go up.

Follow the path, walk to the side path and turn to the right. You are back at the map of the cemetery, take Oscar back.

Go to the gate but you are to late, the gate closes.

The gate is closed, on the left you see the gate mechanism that you found earlier.

You have to get the pickaxe to open the toolshed. Turn around and go to the crossing, go to the right and follow this path to the wall.

Turn to the left and walk to the stairs.

On the left of the stairs is a tomb, inspect that tomb.

On the right you see a pickaxe but you cannot reach that pickax.

Click on ďUSEĒ and select Oscar.

Move Oscar forwards, turn right and jump.

Walk to the pickaxe and jump.

Kate picks up Oscar and the pickaxe

Follow the path back to the entrance of the cemetery but donít left to the gate, 

walk further to the stairs on that side of the cemetery and go down the stairs.

Walk to the toolshed, click on the lock and break the lock with the pickaxe.

You need to hit the lock several times until the lock drops on the ground.

Open the toolshed and take the crank.

Go back to the stairs, follow the path past the gate and take the small path on the right.

Go to the gate mechanism.

Use the crank on the mechanism and turn the crank.

The gate opens, go to the gate and leave the cemetery.

Follow the path to the tram, talk to Frau Junta/colonel Blake.

Go to the map of the tram and click on travel to the Guest House.

Watch the tram ride cutscene and talk with Junta about every topic. 

At the end Kate goes on with the tram to the Silverspiegel Refuge to check out the 3 frozen corpses

Chapter 11: Vaghen: 2005: Silverspiegel Refuge part 2: Kate Walker

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot