April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 11: Silverspiegel Refuge part 2: 

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2005: Kate Walker

A: Start up the generator

Through the snowstorm Kate has reached the Refuge, inspect the barrels  on the right of the stairs.

Go up the stairs and walk to the other end of the terrace.

There you find the Belgium alpinist looking at the tent with the frozen bodies.

Talk to the alpinist, you need to start the generator.

Inspect the generator.

Move to the other side and inspect the fuel tank, it is empty.

You need fuel and Oscar says the you came across  a can with fuel.

Walk back to the other side of the terrace and go down the stairs, next to the stairs is a jerrycan with fuel that you saw before.

Take the jerrycan and go up, walk to the generator.

Click on the generator and move to the other side of the generator, to the fuel tank.

Remove the cap of the fuel tank.

Click in the opening of the tank and Kate fill up the tank with fuel.

Go to the front side of the generator, inspect the switch.

Also inspect the box on top, it is closed and you need a key to open the box.

Go inside the Refuge to search for the key.

Go to the right, to the counter. On the counter you'll find the key.

Go back to the generator and use the key on the lock to open the box.

Turn the key and pull the lid up.

Take the crank.

Zoom out and then inspect the switch, now pull the switch down.

Go to the other side of the generator and use the crank on the hole.

Turn the crank clockwise until the generator starts.

The lights switch on.

B: Identify the bodies

Go down to the tent.

Go inside the tent.

Inspect the body in the open body bag, look at the paper and look at the face.

You see that it is the body of Leon.

Inspect also the 2 other body bags, in there are the bodies of a unknown female.......

.......and a unknown male.

C: Confront Leni

Leave the tent and go back inside the Refuge.

Now inspect the wheel chair of Leni.

Observe the chair, inspect the armrest.

Pull the armrest open.

Inside you find a mechanical key that you can adjust.

The key has 4 "legs" that you can click out and in. 2 "legs" has a cone on top and 2 "legs" has a ball on top

Also check out the table.

Go upstairs and go into the corridor. .....and......

.........Kate sees a strange man going into the last room on the left.

Go inside that last room and turn up the light.

Look at the paintings on the wall and on the table.

While Kate is looking at the painting on the table, the strange man shows up behind Kate.

It is the Gorun that Leon saved, talk with the Gorun and use all the options.

Look at the sketchbook, in front of the lamp you find ignition cord.

Look at the wall on the other side of the room, there are 3 spots on that wall and also a spot on the wall on the right.

When you have inspect everything then Kate says that it is time to talk to Leni to clear up some things.

Leave the room and go to Leniís room, the Gorun is already there in the room.

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April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot