April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 11: Silverspiegel Refuge part 2: 

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Summer 1944: Dana Roze

Dana has taken on a assignment after she discovered that Leon Is still alive and that he is in the mountains of Vaghen. You see Leon, Leni and the Gorun called Ludwig in the Refuge. They see a parachutist land next to the terrace of the Refuge, they all ran outside. Leon climbs down the ladder and there he meets Dana.

Watch the cutscene and then you find Dana getting up in the bedroom.

Go down and outside to the terrace and talk with Leni, Leon and the civilian guy

The civilian donít want leave without his wife. Talk to the civilian.

Walk to the end of the terrace and click on introspection and watch Dana contemplate her situation

Enter the Refuge and talk with the Gorun Ludwig. Look at the drawings.

Walk to the table in front of the window, look at all the things that are on the table.

Fix and use the radio

Walk to the other table, there you find Danaís radio transmitter.

Inspect the top of the radio, observe the circle with the cross.   You need some sort of antenna.

Go upstairs.

Read the note that lies on the table.

Go to the attic and walk to the back, on the table you find the old radio of Herr Gustav.

On the radio sits a device, with this device you get a better connection. Take that device.

Go back downstairs to the radio, inspect the top of the radio.

Use the device on the circle with the cross in it.  It doesnít fit.

Rotate the device so you see the bottom of the device. Interact with the device until you have all 4 pins out.

Now the device fits on the radio.

Inspect the top of the device and pull it up.

Inspect the bottom of the device and turn the knob, the power is on now

Inspect the top of the device and pull the top back.

Turn the little pin on the side and you have an antenna.

Now you have a good connection.

Open the bag on the left side of the radio. The right bag is empty

Take out the papers that are inside the left bag

Read the left paper.

In the letter are the instructions how to get a secure frequency.

The paper in the middle contains words with the corresponding frequencies.

On the last paper are the morse signs.

On the screenshot is the explanation how to decipher the code.

Inspect the bottom part of the radio and turn on the batteries.

Inspect the upper part of the radio.

Click the switch to on, set the frequency to 6.9......it's the big black dial.  6.9 = Barn = 2111.12.121.21

You here a message in morse code: peak  = 8.4.   Set on the sender dial the frequency on 8.4.

Pick up the receiver and Dana gets into contact with London.

The Betrayal of Leni

Now  watch the long cutscene in witch you must make a few choices at some point

Dana is talking to London.

The civilian, Leon and Leni entering the room, the civilian won't go without his wife.

London decides that the wife is important, someone has to go to Vaghen to get the woman up to the Refuge.

Leni has to go to get the woman.

Now it goes automatically, Leni has betrayed them and comes back with the woman.

During the night the Brown Shadow try to capture the resistance group.

What follows is a firefight.

Leon and the 2 civilians have to go to save them, the rest is defending the Refuge.

Then Leni is shot in the back.

Then Ludwig the Gorun, roars and jumps down and kills the rest of the enemy.

Dana and Ludwig take care of Leni, then they hear an avalanche.

They donít know yet but Leon and the civilians are killed by that avalanche.

We now switch back to Kate

As Kate you are back in the Refuge in Leniís room. Ludwig leaves the room after the confession of Leni.

Leni then tells Kate what happens next to Dana.

Chapter 12: Vaghen: Spring: 1945: Musician District: Dana Roze

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot