April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by: Dick Leeuw (and a bit Louis Koot) Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Chapter 13: 1983:  New York U.S.A and New Jersey part 2: Dana Roze

This chapter is about the memories of Dana Roze of her time after the war, she lives in New York and her partner has passed away.

Look, read and observe all you can.

Click on the right arrow, inspect the drawers.

Open the top drawer and look at the tape.

Close the drawer and look at the box next to the desk.

Click 2x on the left arrow, zoom in on the gramophone.

Zoom out and inspect the bottom drawer, read the letter.

The telephone rings, she is told a story from a nurse who has worked in the hospital when Dana got her baby.

The story is that Dana was very ill and probably goes into a coma, that the baby Anna was adopted by the Zimmers.

Dana realized that her daughter is still alive.

New Jersey

Dana found out that the babyís name is changed to Sara and that she is married, her name is now Sara Walker.

Kate is the granddaughter of Dana.

These are also the memories of Dana, she enters the house in New Jersey.

Dana walks through the room to the window overlooking the terrace, there is a party going on there.

Dana realize that she has no connection with this family and she donít want to pick up things.

Click on look on the window.

Dana search the room. Look at the mantelpiece and look at the table

 Look in the bookcase on the other side of the room.


As Dana walks past the stairs she hears someone playing the piano, click on  spy.

Click on exit and then Dana hears that someone tries to play the Hymn of Vaghen.

Dana turns around and walks up the stairs.

Dana joins the young Kate Walker and help her to play the piano.

Then Dana leaves the house without speaking to her daughter.

After reading the last letter from Dana to Leni, Kate leaves the Refuge.

Kate has read that Dana has left the United States for the only destination that has a meaning to Dana.

Kate talks to Oscar and realized that in her youth she has seen her grandmother.

Chapter 14: Vaghen: 2005: Central Station: Kate Walker

April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koo