April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by: Dick Leeuw (and a bit Louis Koot) Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Chapter 14: Vaghen: 2005: Central Station: Kate Walker

April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by: Dick Leeuw (and a bit Louis Koot) Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Kate has left the Silberspiegel Refuge. In the tram she talks to Oscar, it seems that the journey is over.

Kate has no clues where Dana is gone to, so she decide to go back to New York. Kate is at the Central Train Station in Vaghen, she has a trainticket.

Turn around and walk past the stairs to the phonebooth.

Enter the phonebooth.

Click on the coin slot and select your wallet.

Click on interact on the dial and talk to Olivia.

Kate tells that she is coming back to New York. You must make a choice in what to replay and it's your choice

When you have finished your phone call go and search your train carriage, it's the number 3 carriage.

At carriage 3 talk with the automaton and put your train ticket in the machine.

Click on “use” and select your ticket.

Click on inspect.

Pull down the lever and the automaton informs you that your ticket is not stamped.

Turn to the right and walk past the train, at the begin of carriage 5 you find a ticket stamp machine on your right.

Inspect the date on your ticket:  30 – 11.

Click on inspect on the stamping machine, set the date on 30 – 11.

Press the little black knop and 2 little machines coming out of the stamping machine.

Put your ticket under the 2 machines and click on inspect on the left machine.

Press the little black button in the front, the bottom goes up and then press the red button on the top.

The machine comes down and your ticket is perforated.

Zoom out and then inspect the machine on the right.

First you have to put ink on the stamp, move the lever to the back.

Press the top of the stamp..

Move the lever forward, now there is ink on the stamp.

Press the top of the stamp, your ticket is now stamped.

Go back to the automaton in front of your carriage door.

Click on inspect, click on “use” and select your ticket.

Zoom in on the handle and pull the handle down.

Now you may enter the carriage, press the little button in the middle and the door opens.

Get in the carriage

Kate and Oscar are sitting in the carriage, look at the 2 tickets.

Click on the little red arrow and open the sunblind.

Pull up the sunblind and at the other side of the platform you see the train to Baltayar.

Then Kate remembers that Leni told that Leon and Dana want to live with the Gorun and his tribe.

Now Kate thinks she knows where Dana went after leaving the United States.

The train to Baltayar starts moving and Kate wonts to go on that train.

She runs over the platform in pursuit of that train.

At the last moment Kate is pulled on the train by Ludwig the Gorun.

Leni is dead, Ludwig has buried Leni and Leon in the mountains.

Ludwig is going back to his tribe and Kate goes with him in the hope to finally meet up with her grandmother Dana


April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot