April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by: Dick Leeuw (and a bit Louis Koot) Screenshots by: Louis Koot

Chapter 2: Vaghen: Autumm 2005: Kate Walker: Antiques District

Find the Müller shop and complete secondary Objective also

Walk on the sidewalk to the left, look at the book shop and read the newspaper

Your secondary objective is to look at the other stalls before you go to Müller’s shop

Walk through the street with the stalls, in the first part of the street you can look at 1 shop.

         Walk further and go up the stairs.      

Talk with to owners of the shops and ask for Müller’s shop.

Look at the different shops.

Walk further, talk to the owners of the shops.

Opposite the stairs to the terrace you find the shop of Müller.

Look through the window of Müller’s shop and there you see a automaton. 

Kate wil look through the shop's window if you click Inspect or Look on the Müller shop

Don’t go inside the shop yet, first visit more stalls until you have found the secondary objective.

Go up the stairs.

On the terrace look at the restaurant and then look at the railing of the terrace to see an overview of the street.

Go downstairs and then go to the right, there you find 2 more stalls to look at

At the left corning you'll find the last stall to look at.....

Probably you have now the secondary objective, if not walk to Müller’s shop and......

At the end of the alley is a gate, click on the gate.

By now you should have the secondary objective so go to the door of Müller’s shop.

Müller Shop

Zoom in on the note on the window of the door. The shop is closed but for emergency you have to ring the bell 3 times.

Click 3 times on the bell.

The door opens and Kate walks inside and walks to the counter.

Talk to Herr Müller, use all options.

Her Müller's grandfather was the shop owner in 1937, the time that the painting was made.

Her Müller doesn't know who the girl in the picture is and he also doesn't know who the artist is but he knows where the painting is made.

The painting is made at  the Silberspiegel Refuge.

Kate asks about the automaton in the shop window, Herr Müller gets the automaton and places it on the counter.

Kate asks if she may try to open the automaton

Fix Oscar

Left and right you a white dot: Inspect.

Click on Inspect on the left and the right side.

You are zoomed in now, on one side you see a "Sun" dial with even numbers and on the other side you see  a "Sun" dial with uneven numbers.

You also see a lever, try to pull the lever. On both "Suns" the lever is blocked and Kate has to fix that first

Turn the ball around untill you see a little round hole, in the hole is a hidden button.

Above the hole you see a number: 293670, note down the number.

Move the plates A, B, C and D up/down...........

........untill the button pops out.

Click on the button and on the other side of the sphere a plate moves down and you see a square hole.

Out the hole comes a miniture element, take that miniature element and click on the white dot.

On the bottom of that element opens a cross, it is a Voralbergkey.

Zoom in on the dots on the sides.

The levers of the "Sun"Dials" are now unlocked. So pull both levers down and then push the button, do this with both "Sun" Dials.

On another place a couple of plates move up. Kate says that it is possible that it can be opened.

Now you need that number because you now must make this number with the "Sun" Dials

Now you can turn the dial on each side.

Start on the even side and turn the arrow on the 2, now you must go to the other side and turn the arrow to the 9.

Then turn the arrow to the 3, back to the even side and turn the arrow to the 6.

Back to the other side and turn the arrow to the 7, and finaly go back to the even side and turn the arrow to the 0.

Now a couple of plates move down to reveal a keyhole.

Click on the keyhole and choose the miniature element to use. Then turn the key.

The ball opens and you see a space where a automaton heart fits. Use Oscar’s heart.

Open the glass dome over the keyhole, use the key on the keyhole and then turn the key to start the heart.

The ball unrolls and you see a mechanical armadillo with Oscar’s heart. Speak with Oscar.

Oscar cannot control the internal mechanism of the armadillo and disappears into the street.

Kate follows Oscar and you get a new primary Objective

Find Oscar

You now must find the amardillo Oscar.  

Walk in the direction of the tram and talk with people to get directions to know where Oscar has run too.

When Kate gets at the guy who sits at his trunk that guy will tell that Oscar is in his trunk.

Inspect the lock of the trunk, you need a key.

There are several wrong keys but the right key lies on the table behind the trunk.

It is a heartshaped key. Take this key

Go back to the lock of the trunk and use the key in the lock

Open the trunk and there is Oscar.

Oscar runs away and Kate must follow him to try to get him. Oscar sits in the middle of the street. 

Click "Follow" on Oscar and Kate walks to him but Oscar runs away again

Oscar is now hiding in the shop on the right side, at the stairs of the terrace. 

Go to that shop with a high cupboard, click on inspect under the cupboard.

Oscar is hiding under the cupboard.

Zoom out and "Inspect" the broom and.......Kate takes the broom to pook with the broom under the cupboard.

Oscar runs away goes up the stairs to the terrace, follow Oscar up to the terrace

Oscar sits on the railing and when you come closer he jumps down.

Look down and search for Oscar.

Look to the left and next to a trunk is Oscar, interact with Oscar and runs away to the right.

In front of you is a stack of baskets, interact with these baskets and Oscar runs to the right.

Oscar disappeared into a alley.

Go down on this side of the stairs, walk to the right and then turn left into the alley

On top of a stack of crates you find Oscar, you can theaten, negotiate or other things but nothing works.

Oscar still cannot control the mechanical armadillo.

Oscar jumps of the crates and rolls to the end of the alley.

Oscar disappears in the drain and Kate is forced to give up.

Take the Tram to the Silberspiegel Refuge

Go to the tram, stop at Müller’s shop and go inside and talk to Herr Müller to say goodbey

Leave the shop.

Walk back to the tram.

At the tram stop click "Inspect" and on the tram map on "travel" at The Refuge location

Kate will enter the tram.....enjoy the ride through Vaghen and up the Mountains

Chapter 3: 2005: Kate Walker: Vaghen: Mountains: Kate Walker

April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot