April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 3: 2005: Kate Walker: Vaghen: Mountains:

Kate arrives at the tram stop in the mountains of Vaghen

Look at the posters on the wall of the building.

Go to the door to exit the building.

Follow the path, on the right you see a white dot on a flat rock. Click on introspection.

Kate contemplate the things that happen the last year, the lost of her mother, Katyusha and Oscar.

Click on continue and follow the path further to the signs on the side of the path.

Read the signs and then follow the path further.

You get a new secondary objective: admire the view.

In a bent of the path is a white dot but that is too close to the edge.

A little bit further you see a tree stump, click on inspect.

Observe the 3 spots, you can see the Refuge from quite a distance.

Follow the path further, pass under a fallen tree.

Walk on until you see a information board.

Before you reach the board go the left.

There you find a memorial plaque on the rock, below that plaque you find a cigar but.

Go the information board and read the messages.

Follow the path to a bridge over a waterfall, look at the waterfall.

Walk further until you reach a ladder in the rock.

Climb up the ladder that is drilled in the rock.

You now have reach:

Chapter 4: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuse part 1:

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot