April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 4: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuge part 1:

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A: 2005: Kate Walker

Kate Walker has arrived at the Silberspiegel Refuge.

Walk over the bridge, you can look at the powergenerator. Walk to the stairs and go up.

Kate walks to the railing and says: Iíve seen that before.

Kate takes out the painting and compare that with the view.

You now have to find 3 spots on the painting and those same 3 spots on the mountains.

When you're done with the painting Frau Leni comes out in a automaton wheelchair.

Talk with Frau Lenie and use all options

When you use all talk option the game goes on with Frau Leni telling about Dana at this refuge in the summer of 1937

B: 1937: Silberspiegel Refuge: 

Dana Roze

Dana is working in the Refuge during the summer, a group of scientist is at the Refuge.

Dana is talking to Herr Gustav, the innkeeper of the Refuge.

Provide Service

Dana has to serve the scientists, she has to make the drinks.

But don't forget to do all the secondary Objectives also......

First go to the table next to the stairs.

On the table are 2 paintings and a letter.

You have to pick a painting, later on you find this painting in the game but it doesnít matter which painting you choose.

Walk back to the bar.

You have to open the bar because you have to go behind the bar to get the drinks for the scientists.

Pull one half and then pull the other half.

Kate then goes behind the bar by herself

Zoom in on the 2 and barrels and the bottle, the order hangs on the right.

Click on the left barrel, then click on the tap and then turn the tap. A Spitze is poured.

The first drink is ready.

For the second drink you need a Birne and a Spitze.

Click on the bottle, then on the cork and a Birne is poured. The click on the left barrel, click on the tap and a Spitze is added.

Now you need 2 Nebel.

Click on the keg Nebel but this keg is empty, you have to change the kegs.

Push the curtain to the side.

Here you find another keg with Nebel, click on interact and the kegs are changed.

Click on serve a pint.

Serve another pint and the order is ready.

Click in the opening of the bar.

Walk to the table with the scientists and Dana give them their drinks.

Now you talk to scientists, use all the options. Click the hotspots that you find on the map that's on the table to talk about them

They are going on a expedition.

After the conversation go outside to take orders  on the terrace.

First talk to Leni, this is Leni in Danaís time.

After that, walk to Frau Junta and Leon

Junta is busy with filming Leon and they don't want to talk with Dana, but Leon seems very interesting of Dana

Although nobody on the terrace has placed on order your primary objective is done now and you get a new primary objective

Fix the Stove

Go back inside and go to the stove, click on inspect.

Look at the meters, the stove needs wood.

Look down and open the firebox.

Take the log from the wood box on the right of the stove.

1 log isnít enough, go to the left side of the stove to get one more log out of the wood crate that's over there

Move the camera to the left of the stove, click on inspect and you see that a valve is missing.

Put the second log into the stoven and........

..... now there is enough wood in the stove but something isnít right

Move the camera to the right side of the stove, you see 3 valves. Click on the bottom valve to inspect it.

The bottom valve is loose.....Click on the valve and then turn the valve off.

Move to the left side of the stove and inspect the missing valve.

Use the valve, from the right side, here and then turn the valve.

You now have done all the things that Herr Gustav told Dana to do. Go and speak to Herr Gustav.

Herr Gustav tells Dana that she can play on the piano.

Dana will go to the piano all by herself, at least she did this in my game. If that's not the case for you then move Dana to the piano

Dana then sits behind the piano. Click on the lock and then open the lock.

Open the cover of the piano and click on play and.........

Dana starts playing, all scientists are listening and are enjoying the concert.

After the concert Dana and Leon go outside to talk on the terrace.


You now play as Leni, go to the piano and try to play: you get the secondary objective: try to play the piano.

Then try to go out on the terrace to eavesdrop on the conversation between Dana and Leon but Leni's father won't allow this, so walk to the stairs and as Leni go up.

In my game Leni then goes into to her room all by herself. 

In Leni's room look at news clipping in front of the bed and you can also look at the picture on the wall

Walk to the window and open the window.

Leni listens to the conversation between Dana and Leon.

You go on as Kate Walker in 2005

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April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot