April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

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Chapter 4: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuge part 1:

Page 2

2005: Kate Walker

Kate is still on the terrace with Leni.

You have a new objective: find Junta’s coffer and also a secondary objective: find out on the region and his history before you open Junta’s coffer.

Walk to the barrel and click on look, admire the Silber Spiegel.

You can also go to the other side of the terrace and go down the stairs, but that path is blocked off now.

Go back to the terrace and go inside

Walk to the man at the table and talk to him, use all the options....this man turns out to be a Belgian mountain climber

After this conversation go to the stairs and go up, walk to the table and click on the book.

You need to look at this book if you want all the achievements.

Walk through the corridor and enter the first room on the right side, this is Leni’s room.

Look at every thing that you can look at in the room

On the wall above the desk you find lots of photos.

Inspect the 3 boards with photos

Inspect the photos on those boards

Next to the desk hangs a automaton, a personal helper for Leni. Later in the game you'll have to solve the puzzle of this automaton

Leave this room and enter the next room, it is now a storage room.

Inspect the room, on the table you will find another cigar butt.

Walk back to the staircase, there you find a lever.

Pull the lever (rapidly clicking your left mouse button) to the right and the staircase to the attic comes down.

Go up to the attic.

On the table you find a take-up reel, take the reel.

On another table you find a box.

Search the box.

Read the letter, there are several pages.

You also find a medal in the box, the medal belongs to Leni.

At the backwall you find Junta’s coffer.

Inspect the coffer, you have earned the primary objective.

You need more information to be able to open up the coffer,  so go back downstairs and back to Leni on the terrace

Talk to Leni on the terrace.

Leni doesn't have much to say about the coffer, so after this talk go to the telescope

Inspect the telescope.

The telescope is blocked by the lever on top

Inspect the coin mechanism, use your wallet and a coin is inserted.

When you have put in your coin, then pull the lever on top down.

Then click on the occulair to look through the telescope

Through the telescope you see the mountains

You have to take 5 photos of the mountains.

With the arrow buttons you can select the place you want to photograph.

With the zoom button you zoom in on the mountain and with the camera button you take a photo.

Zoom out and take the next photo.

The photos are now in your diary, zoom in on a photo and you see the compass direction of the photo.

You need 2 of these numbers to open the coffer.

Go back to the attic, and go to the coffer again.

Inspect the coffer, you find 3 puzzles: left and right and one on the top.

Move the camera to the right side of the coffer.

Move the slider B, C and F  up to fit the photo and at the bottom a lever shows up, turn the lever and on the top a clamp opens up.

Move the camera to the left side of the coffer and with the 4 wheels on the side you have to select the right part of the picture.

It should look like this, a lever comes up and you have to turn the lever to the upright position.

On the top a second clamp is open now, you can spin the discs so the picture is in the right position.

If the picture is in the right position then you see a 3 digit counter in both circles

Now you need the photos you made with the telescope, compare the photos with the picture on the lid of the coffer.

Note the degrees of the left and the right photo: 072 and 108.

Set the correct numbers on the counters and the coffer opens.

Pull the lid up and search the coffer.

Move the book out of the way.

Take the envelope.

Rotate the envelope and read the text.

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April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot