April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

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Chapter 4: Vaghen: Silberspiegel Refuge part 1:

Page 3

Switching between Kate and Dana

You have read the backside of the envelope, it is the last part of the diary of Frau Junta.

It is about the last meeting between Dana and Frau Junta.

Frau Junta has ask Dana to help her.

You now see a explanation of the time swap, From now on you can switch between Kate and Dana.

You’re as Dana in the attic with Frau Junta, your objective as Dana is to get the key from the coffer.

Switch to Kate by clicking on her picture.

As Kate inspect the coffer further.

In the corner you find a tin with film rolls, there are 2 film rolls inside. 1 film is made by Frau Junta and the other 1 is made by Leni.

Switch back to Dana, Frau Junta asks Dana to close the coffer.

Turn the key is the only thing Dana has to do to close the coffer.

Inspect the coffer and you see the viewer in the drawer of the coffer. Dana asks what Junta uses the viewer for.

Junta tells that it is to edit the film. Take  the key and the coffer closes.

Dana has to hide the coffer key somewhere safe

Dana asks if Junta has a safe place to put the key in. Now is also the moment to choose if you betray Leni or not betrayl her

NB: If you want all the achievements then you have to play the game a second time to make the other chooce

Frau Junta points Dana to a safe place where she must put the coffer key in....., there is a loose board in floor.

So put the key for the coffer key in the floor hole and close the board.

Dana then must go to the dark room to get a new roll of film.

Now you know where the key is hidden you can choose to switch to Kate to get the key, or stay as Dana and see what Dana has done more up here 

I choose to play further as Dana now and then switch to Kate later.  

  Frau Junta has asked Dana to get her a new roll of film from the dark room. Walk past the coffer to the curtain and then enter the dark room.

On the left there are several photos hanging on a line, inspect the photos.

Look especially at the 4 photos that are on the right on the line

Note down the order of the photos: A = goat, B flower (should be edelweiss), C mountain and D trees.

Kate need this order of the photos.

Inspect the table against the wall and take a new reel of film.

Now go back to Frau Junta and then switch back to Kate.

The new objective for Kate is to take the key out of the hiding place

As Kate go to the second window in the roof, click on inspect near the bed.

Inspect the box on the floor and move the box to the side.

Click rapidly on the board to open the hole in the floor, take out the coffer key.

Go back to the coffer.

Zoom in on the trademark and move it aside.

Choose “USE” and select Junta's key.

Turn the key and then zoom in on the 4 tumblers

If you earlier had switch back to Kate to use the Junta Key on the coffer then you now must switch back to Dana to see the 4 photo's in the darkroom of the attick

If you  did like me and went into the Darkroom as Dana then you now already know the combination as Kate

The combination is the order of the 4 photos, so put those picto's on the 4 tumblers

Set the right combination and the drawer opens, here you find the viewer

Take the viewer and Kate put it on the table.

Click on inspect and then click on the right turning handle and choose the empty film reel.

The empty reel is now on the right side, now click on the left turning handle and choose the tin with the 2 films

A film is now on the left side, click on inspect on the bottom of the monitor and pull the monitor up

Click on interact on the begin of the film roll, pull the film to the empty reel and then close the monitor.

Frau Junta has made this film, it is about Dana and Leon

After the film is finished, you click on the left turning handle to rewind the film.

The second film is on the table, click on it to use.

You have to pull up the monitor again and pull the film to the empty reel.

Close the monitor and the film starts

This film is made by Leni and you're Leni now who's filming this film

You can interact with this film and you must do that...... pull the curtain of the dark room to the side

Inspect the table on the left

Inspect the coffer

Walk over the attic to the stairs, go down a stairs

Walk to the big lever and pull up the stairs to the attic

Walk through the corridor to the last room on the right

Peek through the little gap, push the door a bit further open and listen to the conversation between Dana and Leon.

The film is finished and you are Kate again

As Kate downstairs and.......

.........go to the terrace and talk to Leni.

Leni tells Kate  what she saw and heard when she was filming Dana and Leon

Leon goes on the expedition, he has no choice otherwise there will be repercussions

Now you have to choose a nickname for Leon.

Kate has found out enough for this moment, it’s time to go back to the guesthouse

Kate walks over the terrace, down the stais to the bridge over the waterfall.

On the bridge Kate has an experience with the ghost of Katyusha.

After the encounter with the ghost of Katyusha you move Kate over the path and you see Kate getting on the tram going down the mountain

Chapter 5: Vaghen: 2005 Flower District part 2: Kate Walker and New Jersey part 1

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot