April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

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Chapter 5: Vaghen: 2005 Flower District part 2: Kate Walker

Kate is back in Vaghen in the Flower District.

Go down the stairs, past the bike and zoom in on the drain cover. It remembers Kate of Oscar who disappeared in a drain.

Walk to the entrance of the Guest House and go inside.

Zoom in on the reception desk and then go up the stairs.

Go to the computer to check the latest discoveries. Search all the options again to earn an achievement.

After you’ve check the computer go upstairs to Kate’s room.

Kate goes to bed, she reads once again the letter from Olivia.

Kate gets the music box, play the tune.

New Jersey 1983: Young Kate

Kate is dreaming of her time as young Kate in New Jersey in her parents house.

2 new objectives: find the music box and your secondary objective is to search the house before she takes the music box.

Look at the basket left of the front door, lots of bottles.

Kate’s father died and lots of friends and family comes and visit her mother.

Also inspect the table below the painting, there you find a letter to her father

Walk further to the cupboard..

Inspect the right side of the cupboard and pull the drawer open, inspect the book in the drawer.

Then go to the left side of the cupboard and click on inspect.

Read the letter and pull the drawer open, inspect the pill bottle and the ticket.

On the table is a magazine, inspect that to

Walk past your mother to mantelpiece, inspect the photos: the grandparents of Kate and her father.

Opposite the couch is a cupboard with drawers, on top of that cupboard is the music box.

Take the music box.

Kate walks to the couch and sits next to her mother, she is playing with the music box.

Vaghen: Flower District: 2005

Kate has stopped dreaming and is back in Vaghen.

Kate sits on the side of the bed and reads the letter of Olivia again

Kate decide to call up Olivia, so leave the room and go down to the reception.

Click on the reception desk for introspection.

Walk to the phone booth and call Olivia.

Talk to Olivia, probably it makes no difference which options you use in your talk with Olivia.   It ends in a quarrel.

Kate goes back to bed and in the morning she gets up, she wants to go to the Music Academy.

In the reception she talks to Frau Wagner, use all options. Then go outside

Outside walk to the tram and take the tram to the Music Academy.

Chapter 6: Vaghen: 2005 Musian District part 2: Kate Walker

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot