April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 6: Vaghen: 2005 Musician District: Kate Walker 

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A: 2005: Kate Walker


Kate gets off the tram, walk to the right and then turn left into the Main Street.

When Kate walks past a side street she hears the voice of Oscar, automatically walks into the side street.

At the end of the side street a couple of kids are playing with Oscar, Kate gets Oscar back.

Kate sits down and talks to Oscar.

Look at the wall with the names of the people who died during the war.

In the walls left and right of the list you can see bullet holes.

Walk back to the Main Street, on the right side you see a bookstore.

In front of the door you find the drawing that Dana made years ago.

Go back to the Main Street and turn right, go up the stairs to the Music Square.

B: Music Academy

Go to the Music Kiosk with the mechanical piano, go up the stairs.

Click in the corner on introspection.

After that go down the stairs and go to the stairs on the opposite.

Enter the Music Academy.

Inside are a couple of things that you can look at, on the bench and on the board against the wall.

Go to the counter. There's a telephone and a bell on the counter

To get an achievement you can call Olivia using the number that's on her letter

Olivia doesn't answer. Click on the bell and the director of the Music Academy gets up from the floor.

Talk to the director and ask for the file of Dana Roze, in return he asks Kate to try to repair the mechanical piano.

Kate gets the old maintenance reports of the mechanical piano. Open the box.

Take all the papers that are in the box.

You take the Vaghenís Hymn Score with annotations, a schematic drawing of 1 of the mechanisms and a report of the Rector out the box.

Kate start reading the report ......you go back to Dana.

Dana is on the Music Square where she must talk with Frau Beckmann, so go up to Frau Beckmann who's in the musical kiosk

Dana has to check up on the maintenance crew, use all the options to talk to Frau Beckmann.

Dana gets the key for the maintenance room from Frau Beckmann.

Then you get a time swap again, you can switch between Dana and Kate again.

NB: Louis: As Kate you need codes and other things that you will see as Dana. You can now go and do things as Kate and then switch to Dana when you need a certain code or to find a place. But I have not done this switching between Kate and Dana. I stayed as Dana now and play this Dana bit to the end. You will then know everything you need to know as Kate. 

So as Dana down the stairs of the kiosk and go to the right side of the kiosk, go to the maintenance man 1.

Talk to the maintenance man 1.

When you go talk with the 3 maintenance guys on the square then also take a look at the machinery that they were working on. 

Note down the number codes and anything else that you see in those machines because you'll need this later as Kate

 machine 1 on the square

The door of machine 1 on the square, is open.

Move the camera to look at the outside of the door of machine 1, you see the code to open the door. Note down the code, it's 1973.

Look at the inside of the machine. You see 4 wheels with letters and 4 rods.

Make a note or make a photo of the inside of the machine, Kate has to replicate this later in the game.

Machine 2 on the square:

Go to maintenance man 2, machine 2 is closed and canít be opened.

As Dana you can't look / inspect machine 2.

At the violin players you get introspection.

Machine 3 on the square

machine 3 is at the wall of the clocktower.

Talk to the guy and then "inspect" the machine that's on the wall

Take very good notice of the valves and the position of the rings of the left tube.

Kate has a drawing of these tubes in inventory. Make a photograph of the tubes because as Kate you have to look very closely to get it right.

Then look at the inside of the door, there you see a code: 4253.

This is not the code to open that door but from the inside code you can determine what the code is to open the door.

Guy 4 in the Clocktower maintenace room

Guy 4 is in the Clocktower maintenance room.

Walk to the other side of the clock tower, the little door is the entrance to the maintenance room.

Use the maintenance room key to go inside.

Inside admire the swan hanging from the ceiling.

Go to the maintenance man and talk to him.

According to the maintenance man every is okay in the clocktower. 

Walk to the lift.

Click 2x on the gate of the elevator, Dana cannot go inside but as Kate you now know where to look for the entrance of the elevator.

Exit the maintenance room and walk back to the kiosk.

Frau Beckmann is still busy in the kiosk, go talk to Frau Beckmann.

Now it is time to switch to Kate, you now have all the information that Kate needs to fix the mechanical orchestra.

2005: Kate Walker

Find the Clocktower Elevator

Kate is still in the music academy, go outside.

Walk to the clocktower, the situation has changed.

There is now a restaurant instead of the maintenance room.

 Enter the restaurant.

Ask the manager if you can go to the backroom to search for the elevator.

The backroom is forbidden.

Go outside and go to the right, into the side street.

Walk to the end, you find there a door.

The door is closed but the window above the doors is open.

Walk a bit back to the waste dumpster on wheels.

Push that waste dumpster to the door.

Click on interact.

Kate climbs on the dumpster and then through the window above the doors.

Kate is in the kitchen of the restaurant, walk to the rack with boxes on the shelves.

Search the boxes, Push the right box to the side. Behind the rack you'll then see the entrance of the elevator.

Click on inspect and Kate grabs the right side of the rack.

Keep clicking rapidly and Kate pushes the rack to the side.

Click on Go Up and Kate steps into the elevator.

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April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot