April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 6: Vaghen: 2005 Musician District: Kate Walker 

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Kate Walker


Kate is now at the engine of the clocktower, walk along the engine to the ladder.

Climb up the ladder.

Walk over the platform to the controls of the engine.

Click on inspect and you see 3 places of interest.

On the top you see a big Voralberg key but you don’t see a keyhole.

On the left and right you see levers, pull down the right lever and the top opens.

You see a keyhole, then pull the lever on the side and the key is inserted in the keyhole.

The dome on inspect 3 now opens, click on the red button.

The engine starts.

Walk over the platform on the right of the control panel.

At the end is a ladder going down, click on the ladder to go down.

Walk to the red toolbox.

Inspect the toolbox and then take the mechnical part from the top of the toolbox.

Turn around and walk past the ladder to the turning wheel at the end of the platform.

Turn the wheel and you are done in the clocktower.

You see that the shutters on the clocktower open and in the kiosk you see on the miniature clocktower also the open shutters.

Kate is done in the clocktower so go up the ladder, walk over the platform to the other side of the platform.

Go down the ladder and walk to the elevator.

Go into the elevator and go down with it

In the kitchen inspect the lock in the door.

Turn the knop and exit the kitchen.

Walk through the alley and over the square.

Go to machine 2, that is the machine that is left of the kiosk (standing in front of the stairs to the kiosk).

Machine 2

Click on inspect, zoom in on the number rolls.

This mechanism seems to be not very good.

Click on the middle of the turning wheel and hold your mouse button pressed, a bit later and the door is open.

Click on inspect, the mechanism is correct.

Zoom in on the wheels on top, something is missing there.

Use the mechanical part you found in the clocktower.

Click on the green button.

On the miniature music square a second flagpole goes up

Machine 1:

Go to machine 1 on the right side of the kiosk.

Click on inspect use the code you found as Dana, witch is 1973

The door of the machine opens, inspect the inside.

You see 4 wheels with letters and you see 4 rods. The rods can move from left to right, also they can move up and down.

With rods A, B and C you must bring the wheels to the correct position as you could see as Dana.

With the bigger gear on the rods you can turn the wheels to change the letters, as you also have seen as Dana.

A.  Move rod A to the right, inserted into wheel 1 and 2

B.  Move rod A down until wheel 1 is on the right place

C.  Move rod A to the left so that only wheel 1 is inserted

D.  Check the letters on wheel 1, if they are correct then move rod A further to the left until wheel 1 is free.

E.   Move rod C up, at the correct height move rod C to the left so that rod C insert wheel 2

F.   Move rod C all the way down and set the letters correct.

G.  Move rod C all the way to the right

H.  Move rod B to the left and move the wheel 3 and 4 down to the right place of wheel 3

I.      Move rod B to the right and then move wheel 4 to the correct place

J.    Set the correct letters on wheel 4 and move rod B to the right

K.  Move rod B down and to the left to wheel 3, set the correct letters

L.   Move rod B all the way to the right

Click on the green button.

Another flagpole is up.

Machine 3

Go to the left side of the clocktower, there you find machine 3.

Kate cannot get to machine 3 because a truck is blocking machine 3.

Inspect the truck and note down the telephone number.

Walk back to the music academy.

Use the telephone on the counter and call that number you saw on the truck and Kate ask to remove the truck.

Go back outside and you see the truck driving away, go to machine 3.

Inspect machine 3, click on the code lock.

Have you figured out what the code is: on the inside it is 4, 2, 5, 3.

To get the numbers on the outside you have to add 5 to the numbers: 4253 becomes then 9708.

Set the code and the door opens.

Click on inspect to zoom in, move the lever in the middle to the right.

There is a knob on the bottom left, pull the knob to the left.

Click on the green button and you that something is not right, you have to adjust the 2 tubes

Inspect the left and the right tube.

Left tube

With the wheels A, B, C, D you have to turn the segments A, B,C, and D.

With the levers you can open and close the valves.

Kate has found a schematic drawing of the left tube and also as Dana you saw the correct settings of bouth tubes

You now have to turn the segments with the wheels and then open or close the valves so that the left tube look like the screenshot.

Right Tube

Then move the valves on the right tube to the correct position (see the screenshot).

Then click on the green button, if all is set correct then you see the 4th flagpole come up on the miniature music square.

If it is not correct then you hear that there is something not right, probably it is the bottom valve on the left tube.

This valve is hard to see and you have to find the correct lever to adjust that valve.

Kate has now repaired all the mechanisms.

Go back to the Music Academy and talk to the director again, use all the options.

Go the kiosk, click on inspect  on the piano.

Place the Vaghen Hymn Score on the stand and click on play.

You see the dome on the miniature opens.

Click on play again, but you cannot play because the engine is of.

Turn to the left, you can pull the lever down but the engine still don’t run. Click on inspect on the left side.

You see lock mechanism, turn the big knob 1. Push the little knobs 2 and 3 in and the lock opens.

Inside you see an automaton but that one is broken.

Take the broken automaton out of the machine, click on use inside the machine and select Oscar.

Oscar is not happy but he has no choice. Pull the lever down and the last flagpole comes up.

Where the dome was there is now a flagpole.

Click on inspect on the piano, Kate sits at the Piano.

Click on play and Kate starts playing.

After the concert, Kate goes back to the Music Academy. Back to the Rector and she gets the file of Dana Roze.

Click on all the 3 click spots on the Dana's file and.....Katethen knows the old address of Dana: Brücke der Nebel 20.

Exit the Music Academy and walk over the Main Street.

Turn right and click on the tram stop. Click on Brücke der Nebel and click on travel

Chapter 7: Vaghen: 2005: Kate Walker: Bridge of Mists part 1

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot