April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 7: Vaghen: 2005: Kate Walker: Bridge of Mists part 1

A: Find Dana's old House:

Get a souvenir

Go down the stairs.

Walk past the other stairs, stay on the left side.

In front of an shop you see a automaton, click on inspect.

Click on “use” and select your wallet

Turn the handle and the left arm of the automaton comes up.

Pull the arm down and the belly of the automaton opens, take out the souvenir and click on the backside on interact.

You hear a bad copy of Vaghen Hymn.

Find the war memerial

Cross the street and walk a little bit back to the book shop, outside the shop is a table with books. Click to observe.

Turn around and walk past 2 shops, on the sidewall of the next building you see lots of pamphlets against the wall.

Walk further, past the next shop and turn left. On the other side of the street you see a stair go down.

Go downstairs, read the pamphlet on the wall.  Inspect the war memorial, look at all sides.

The war memorial is dirty, you have to clean it up later in the game.

Souvenir shop / Dana's Old House

Sneak into the old house

Go up the stairs, across the road on the right is  the souvenir shop, witch is Dana's old house.

Above the door you see the number 20, this is the old address of Dana.

Go inside and talk to the shop owner and Use all options, ask also about the building upstairs.

Kate wants to go up to investigate if there is something left behind of the Roze family.

Kate finds the door to the flat upstairs but the shop owner won’t let Kate go the upper floors.

Walk back to the counter, an other client has come in and the shop owner goes talking to the client.

Then click on the shelf behind Kate, use the souvenir on the shelf.

Kate puts down the souvenir and it starts playing, the saleswoman goes to the self to investigate.

Kate quickly goes to the entrance to the upper floors.

The old rooms of the Roze family in the stairwell

Go up the stairs and enter the room on the left......the room is a kitchen

On the right side you find a old photo of the house after the bombing.

Inspect the old photo, you have to find more photos to get a secondary objective.

Walk further and enter the next room, it is now a storage room for the shop below.

On the desk you find another old photo.

Inspect the photo, it is a photo the Rozes and the Zimmers. You come back here but you first have to go to the other floors.

Click on the door on the right of the door where you came in.

You’re back in  the stairwell,  go up to the next floor and enter the room.

Here you can look on things but nothing important.  Enter the next room.

Look at the bed and at the hole in the floor.

Through that  floor hole Kate sees another photo in the room below. 

That is the storage room where you have been a few minutes ago and that photo is on top of the storage rack

Exit the room through the other door, click on inspect and you find another old photo.

Look at the photo, it is Dana and her parents.

You have to go back through the bedroom to the staircase, and then go up the stairs to the attick

Kate  cannot go to the attic because it is bricked up.

Go down the stairs 2 floors and enter the storage room again.  

On top of the rack is another old photo, the one you saw through the hole in the floor.

It is a photo of Dana in her room,  Observe both hot spots on the photo and...

........Kate now knows where Dana’s room is....it's in the attick.

Go downstairs and enter the shop, walk through the shop and  leave the shop.

How to get into the attick room of Dana's old house

Outside the souvenir shop go to the left and then left again and........

..........Kate looks at the fire escape staircase.

Click on observe on the railing of the first floor, then click on the arrow at the top of your screen.

Click on observe on the third floor, then click on observe on the stairs.

You also must observe the windows on the first and second floor.

The you get observe point on the bottom of first floor platform, you also get to observe the rainpipe.

Click on “use” the drainpipe, the only option that is possible is for Oscar to use the drainpipe.

Of course Oscar protest but it is the only option to get to the fire escape.

You now play as Oscar, move Oscar to the drainpipe and Oscar goes in.

Oscar got stuck, he needs Kate to help him. You now can switch between Oscar and Kate.

Switch to Kate and inspect the drainpipe and then pull Oscar out of the pipe

Oscar now climbs up on the outside of the drainpipe to the first floor ledge, but you must give Oscar a little help, so move Oscar up

Oscar will jump onto the first floor ledge. Move Oscar over the ledge but he cannot get on the platform.

Oscar has turn around so move Oscar back to the drainpipe.

Climb further up the drainpipe and......Oscar will jump onto the 2e floor ledge but a pigeon is blocking the ledge.

Oscar ask Kate to help, Kate finds a rock in the flowerbed

Click on throw on the drainpipe to throw the rock against the drainpipe........ and the pigeon flies away.

You're Oscar again......Walk over the ledge and jump on the platform.

Walk over the platform and go down the stairs.

Walk over the little platform and go further downstairs.

Walk over the first floor platform to the mechanism.

Jump to the keyhole and the key is inserted, turn the key.

The ladder of the fire escape comes down.

Kate climbs up the fire escape to the window of Dana’s room.

Of course the window is locked, use Oscar to break the glass of the window.

Dana's old room

Inside Dana’s room click on the piano.

In front of the cabinet lies a piece of paper on the floor, it is the halve of a drawing.

In front of a low dresser lies the framed diploma of Dana.

Pick the diploma up and rotate the diploma.

On the backside you see a code of 5 musical symbols. Note down these symbols.

Click on the bed to inspect, Kate looks under the bed.

Click rapidly to move the bed out of the way, Kate finds the second halve of the drawing.

With the help of this drawing and the code of musical symbols you need to open the lock of the coffer.

In front of the bed you find the coffer.

Inspect the coffer and inspect the lock.

You see 5 turning wheels, you have to set the turning wheels to the right posilion.

You have found the code but the second symbol is clear but on the drawing you see that 1 side is yellow.

You must search for that yellow side, it appears to be on the second turning wheel.

Set that 2e turning wheel in the correct position according to the drawing, from there you can determine the position of other turning wheels.

This is the solution.

Go to the side of the lock and push the button in the middle.

The code lock is fallen of, now you have to open the coffer. Pull up the lid in the middle and........

...also pull up the lids on the left and the right side.

Pull the coffer open and there you find Dana’s diary from the time after the Refuge.

Kate finds a letter from Leon to Dana in the diary.

We now go back to 1932, to play as Leon

Chapter 8: Baltayar: Mountains: 1932: Leon

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot