April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and a bit by Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 8: Baltayar: Mountains: 1932: Leon

Kate has found the letter from Leon, she sits on the bed and read the letter.

You see the camp, Leon is writing the letter.

Leon walks to his tent

A: Get your equipment and search the camp

Interact with the washbasin, look at the bed.

Walk to the corner, look at the books.

Turn around and click on inspect on the other side of the tent.

Take the tin with biscuit, take the water bottle and click on the arrow to the right. Take the machete.

Open the chest and look at all things in there.

Click on the arrow to the left and now take the backpack.

Go outside and talk to Berger.

 Leon has to search for Horst Sauer.

Search the camp before you leave the camp, look at the bear skin.

Go to the right and enter the tent. Look behind the flap of the tent and inspect the chest.

The chest is locked, you need a code. The chest belongs to Albert Bauer.

Exit the tent and inspect the barrel.

Fill up the water bottle.

Inspect the drawing that lies on top of the box.

Look at the drawing, it is drawing of the “Gorun”.

Look at the medallion that lies next to the box, it has the date of birth of Gertrut on it.

Gertrut is the daughter of Albert Bauer, so this could be the code for the chest.

Look at the riffle and then enter the tent again.

Inspect the chest again, inspect the lock.

Use the code 0408 on the lock.

Pull the chest open, read the letter that is in there.

Bauer already blames Leon for not finding the “Gorun”. Observe also the other paper.

B: Find Horst Sauer and the Gorun

Exit the tent and walk past the other tent to the left.

Leave the camp and walk over the path.

Leon has the choice to stay or leave the camp. Click on leave the camp.

Click on look

Leon is looking over the water, turn around and walk over the path to the right.

Turn left and follow the path.

Go down to the river.

Inspect the things that someone has left behind, check the book, the axe and the water bottle.

Walk along the river and look at the rock on the right side of the path, you find a large painted hand.

Follow the path.

Then Leon sees Horst on the bank of the river looking at a little island in the river.

As Leon approach the bank of the river he sees what Horst is looking at: a little Gorun.

C: Get to the Gorun

Horst goes back to the camp to get the others, Leon stays behind.

Click on Look on the island.

Click on Look on the bank of the river, Leon has to find another way to get to the island.

Walk to the tree on the left and use the machete on the tree.

You have to hit the tree several times, sometimes hold your mouse button, other times you have to click rapidly.

Leon pushes the tree over the river.

Walk over the tree to the island.

Go to the Gorun and give him a biscuit.

D: Take care of the wounded Gorun

Go backwards and the Gorun starts eating the biscuit.

Then Leon can approach the Gorun to investigate his leg.

You need to find things to splint the broken leg.

First go to the right and click on inspect.

Take the branches.

Go to the end of the island and click on inspect.

Click on observe.

Push the trunk to the left and the take the lianas.

Go to the Gorun and clear up the leg and........Leon put a splint on the broken leg.

Leon walks together with the Gorun over the tree to the bank of the river.

They wait until the others arrive.

Back in the camp the Gorun is locked in a cage.

They hear a loud noise and they look where the sound came from.......move the camera until you spot the Observe spot and then click that spot

The mother of the young Gorun walks through the camp to the cage and start to destroying the cage.

Berger wants to shoot the mother Gorun but Leon hits Berger.

The 2 Goruns walking away and then they look at Berger on the ground.

Berger did die from the fall on the ground.

Leon is tied up to a tree and 2 members of the expedition want to hand him over to the authorities.

You're Leon and you're tied up at a tree. There's a sharp rock nearby.....Fill up the arrow and then......

............ try to get that sharp rock with your foot but your legs are to short.

Horst brings Leon a bowl of soup and unties Leon.

Horst don’t agree with the other 2 members so he don’t tie Leon up again and says to wait till the other 2 are asleep.

In the morning Leon has disappeared, but he has left a letter for Dana.


Someone has posted the letter and Dana has received the letter.

Dana fainted, later you see Dana in her room and she's pregnant now

It is now clear that Dana is pregnant, and it is decided that Dana is going away for awhile to a sanitorium in Switzerland.

Dana now has to pack her suitcase, she must first get 3 items,

Go to the table with the mirror and take the box with pills.

Turn around and go to the little writing table, read the letter and click on the diary.

Click on the vase with the flowers to inspect the table.

Look at the handkerchief.

Take the leaflet of the sanitorium.

You see memories of Dana at the evening before she went to the sanitorium.

Look at the rocking horse and then at the open coffer with bear in it.

Walk to the door and take the photo of Dana’s parents.

You see memories when her parents discover that Dana is pregnant.

On the photo click op Dana’s parents.

Inspect the suitcase.

Click on “USE” to put the photo of dana’s parents in the suitcase.

Do the same with the box with the pills and the leaflet of the sanatorium.

Then close the suitcase.

Go back to the writing table and now take the Diary

Dana writes in her diary.

Dana puts her diary in the coffer on the ground and locks the coffer with a code lock.

She then sits on the bed and sees herself in the mirror, then we see Kate in the mirror.

Chapter 9:  Vaghen: 2005: Kate Walker: Bridge of Mists part 2:  Kate meets Junta

 April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot