April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot. Screenshots by Louis Koot

Chapter 0: Proloque

A: Vaghen, Osterthal's Capital, Spring 1937

You are Dana Roze

You see a tram riding through the city.

In the tram, that's being driven by an automaton, sits Dana Roze.

When the tram stops Dana Roze steps out of the tram.

On the top right corner, you see the diary of Dana. Click on the diary icon to open the diary:

        The blue tab is the current task

        The green tab is the diary

        The red tab are the documents

        The yellow tab is your inventory

Read the diary and then look in your inventory, in there you find Vagherís hymn score and the Convocation notice.

You can examine the objects you have in inventory. 

To do so open the diary and clik the inventory tab and then click the object you want to examine

You move Dana by clicking with the cursor in front of Dana. So now walk to the right

Move Dana to the corner and then go left into the main street and up the stairs. 

As you go you can look at different objects (white points) while you move Dana.

When you move through the Main Street there's a side street on the right  

When Dana is about to reach that side street  you get a message about secondary objectives on your screen

There are primary and secondary objectives to achieve in every chapter of the game. You must fulfill al the primary objectives but you don't have to do the secondary ones to finish the game. Primary objectives makes the main story of the game go on so you must achieve those objectives. Secondary objectives give you more background information about the story but they do not have any effect on the main story of the game. But because we always want to be our walkthroughs as complete as we can get them we'll do our best to also let you find and do all these secondary goals.

Click the exclamation mark at the top right corner of your screen to read your objectives. 

Your primary objective here is to go to the main square but you can first go in to the side street to fulfill your first secondary objective and that is to investigate the Ghetto

So enter the side street and you'll see a shop owner repairing his shopfront on the right side of the street

Talk to the shop owner and he tells Dana what's going on in Vaghan these days. 

To keep this talk going you must use the conversation options. 

To use a conversation option left click / hold your mouse button and then drag the mouse to the option you want to use. 

The option of your chooce wil turn red and Dana , or Kate,  will use it.

The shop owner tells Dana what's going on in Vaghan at the moment and then he will ask if Dana wants to draw something in the cement.  

You get a number of things to choose from, so choose one and Dana will do it or take her leave

After this talk walk to the back of the street, it is a dead end.  At the end wall of this street a woman sits on a bench. 

To the left is another shop. Walk to that shop and click  the white "Look" dot,  on the shop's name above the shop's windows.....

You'll  see an oversight of the Ghetto" and after this Dana tells that she must hurry on to the square

So walk back to the Main street. Back in Main Street click the objectives exlamation mark to see that the secondary task "Inspect the Ghetto"  is now removed, so you have achieved your first extra objective. Walk further up the main street and at the end Dana automattically will walk on to the main square.

In front of the kiosk Frau Beckmann is waiting for Dana, Frau Beckman asks for your convocation notice.  

NB: If you have done the side street then Frau Beckman will be a little annoyed with Dana that she took so long to get to the square but it is of no consequence

Click your left mouse button and hold the button, move your mouse to Give and your inventory opens.

Now you can choose the object you want to give, make sure you select your convocation notice.

Dana has been chosen to play on the grand piano in the kiosk and she has taken her seat at the piano. The game tells you how to look around.

 Left click / Hold the skip button untul that button is completely red filled to get rid of this screen

Click with your right mouse button, hold the button, and turn to the left.

Here you see a white point on the lever, click on that point.

You get an explanation.

Click again on the white point and you are zoomed in.

Click with your left button and drag the lever down, now the machine starts working.

Turn back to the middle and click on the white point in the middle (Use).

Select the hymn score and click on it.

Click begin to start playing and watch the concert, witch is a long video

After the concert you are in:

B: Iron Taiga, Salt Mine. Winter 2004:

Kate Walker and Katyusha Spiridonova

After she was captured by the colonel at the end of Syberia 3 Kate has been sent to the salt mines to do hard labour and she's doing this for about 1 year now

Kate is in a cell together with Katyusha Spiridonova and she's standing in front of her bunk bed and Katyusha is sitting on the other side of the cell. If you click the exclamation mark you'll read that you must talk with Katyusha as your main objective but  your secondary objective is to use "Introspection" to review your situation.  

So lets get that secondary objective out of the way first. 

Move your cursor over Kate's bunk bed until you get the "Introspection" hotspot on it. Click that spot and...

.....Kate goes sit on her bed to contemplate about her situation. 

Wait until you get the "Continue button" in the lower right corner and then click it to get out of this "Introspection" scene.

There are new notes added to your diary in the notes section, so open your diary and read the notes and your objective is to talk to Katyusha.

So go to Katyusha and click to talk with here.

You get several options to talk about, use them all.

After you finished talking you see a white point behind you to the left. Click on the white point to inspect

On the top shelf you see a note and on the lower shelf you see a guitar pick.

Read the note...it's a poem by Pushkin

Take the guitar pick.

You again get an explanation how to inspect objects.

You can find the objects in your inventory via your diary. Inspect the guitar pick

Go to the left of the sink, there's  a note on the wall.

Click on the white point to read the note, this is the code of conduct.

Zoom out and go to the sink.

Click on the tap to freshen up.  You must click on Kate's hands several times in order to keep it going

Katyusha says to Kate to not to forget her good luck charm.

Kate picks up her good luck charm, it is Oscarís heart

Walk to the other side, on the right side of Katyusha's bed is Kateís bag, take the bag.

Kate and Katyusha stands together for a moment then the guard brings a parcel for Kate.

Click on the white point on the gate to collect the parcel.

Click on the bird that is in the parcel.

 The bird is a music box and it once belongs to Kate's mother. There is also a plane ticket in the mail, read the plane ticket.

Inspect the bird.

Click on the button to play the melody of the music box.

Click on the top right corner of the letter.

Read the letter, It's a letter from Olivia and it was sent 2 years ago .....Kateís mother passed away in 2003.

After reading the letter, you get a loading.

......we return to Dana Roze in 1937

C: Vaghen: Roze's House, Spring 1937

Dana Roze

Dana is in the shop with her parents, her mother is speaking to her. The shop is located at "The Bridge of Mist" in Vaghen

Talk more to your mother, you should write a letter to Herr Gustav to thank him for the job.

There are several white points to click on, click on inspect on the little box on the sidetable.

Zoom in on the box and pull the lock to the side.

Pull the lid up and read the letter from  Herr Zimmerman that's inside the box

Zoom out and look then on the papers on the sidetable, itís the Vaghenís hymn score.

Put the papers back and pull the drawer, under the papers, open.

Take the pencil that is in the drawer.

There are a lot of paintings on the wall, above the white / gray desk.

If you click "Look" on those paintings then you get to see all the stuff that's displayed on and at that wall.

Go to the counter and click inspect on the counter.

On the right is the diploma from the music academy, on the left is the letter from Herr Gustav. You can read them both

Under the books lies a paper, pull that paper down.  Then click "Use" on the paper and then select the Pencil to start writing the letter to her Gustav, but.....

.......Dana's mother says that she should use a pen  to write the letter and not the pencil

Go to your father at his worktable. Talk with papa to ask for his pen.

Then inspect the other part of the desk.

Pull the drawers open, in the middle drawer lies the ink pen. Take the pen.

Above the drawers is a Flyer of Voralberg on the table....., Click that flyer to look at it and to read it

Go back to the counter to write the letter to Herr Gustav. Inspect the desk again to zoom in on the paper

Click Use on the paper again and 

.....now select the ink pen and........

.......Dana now writes the letter to Herr Gustav

Then a brick is thrown through the window of the shop......

When you have control again interact with the brick.......

.....Dana gives the brick to her father

On the counter lies the note that was on the brick.

Read the note.........The Nazi's has started with the prosecution of the  Vaghan's / Jews

You get a LOADING.

We switch back to Kate Walker in the Salt Mine

D: Iron Taiga, Salt Mine. Winter 2004:

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot