April  2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot.  screenshots by Louis Koot

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D: Iron Taiga, Salt Mine. Winter 2004:

Kate Walker and Katyusha Spiridonova

Kate and Katyusha are now in the salt mine 

Katyusha has already start working but Kate is still busy reading the letter about the death of her mother.

Katyusha yells at Kate that she has to start working also before the guards gets angry

Choose to comply and they divide the work.

Follow the tracks to the cart and click on inspect. 

Behind the cart there is another white spot and if you click on that spot you find a dead worker.

Click on the white spot on the back of the cart, you have to push the cart forward

Click on the white spot on the back of the cart, you have to push the cart forward but the cart is on the break

So click the break lever and then pull the lever down. To do this click / hold on the lever en pull it down

When the break lever is down, click Inspect on the push bar again and now push the cart forward.

You must hold down your left mouse button and move it forward, keep the round arrow red and the cart is pushed forward.

When the cart is at Katyusha, Kate picks up pickaxe

You have to hold your left mouse button until the circle is red,  Kate will then hit the rocks.

You have to do that several times until the wall gives away.

Walk through to hole in the wall

Kate and Katyusha will enter a train tunnel.

Train Tunnel

Go to the door of the train cargo wagon

Inspect the lock, you need a key.

The door is locked, on the left you see a motorbike

Walk past the motorbike to Katyusha, click Join on Katyusha to get to here.

You are then standing on the edge of an abyss.

Katyusha has an idea, she wants to jump over the abyss with the motorbike.

Go to Katyusha at the bike, talk to Katyusha.

Look around, on the ground is a body and a uniform. Look at the gas tank, it is almost full.

They ask themselves what these uniforms from the second world war are doing here.

Katyusha starts working on the motorbike and Kate is looking for the key for the bike. Walk to the locomotive.

Halve way to the locomotive  you see on the right a concrete beam with a white dot . Left of the beam is also a white dot, click on both dots.

Walk further towards the locomotive, there are white dots on the locomotive and on the barrel next to the locomotive. Click on both dots.

When you have looked at the barrels and the locomotive the enter the passengers wagon

You can look at the locomotive and at other bodies that are lying there.

Then enter the green wagon and walk through the wagon to the desk in the front, another body sits in the chair.

Click on the desk and then inspect the body.

Zoom out click on the middle of the desk.

Read the suicide note of the officer.

He has hide the key of the motorbike, under the letter you find a hole in the desk.

Zoom out and then inspect the left hand of the body.

Drag the left hand to the left, you then find a button on the desk.

Press the button and a secret drawer opens, pull the drawer open.

Take the round disk.

Go back to the round hole in the desk and zoom in.

Move your cursor to use and click on the round disk.

Now you can turn the disk, there is a line on the disk and on the desk. You have to line up these lines.

Another secret compartment opens, inspect that hole and you find 2 keys.

Take the keys and go back to Katyusha.

Give the keys to Katyusha and she tries to start the motorbike.

The bike won’t start, Katyusha has more work to do on the bike.

Kate will search the train, she now has the big old fashioned key.

Walk to the door with the padlock.

Zoom in on the padlock and click on the lock and move your cursor to use, click on the key.

Kate puts the key in the padlock.

Now you have to turn the key until the whole arrow is red.

The lock falls on the floor, Kate has to pull the door open.

Drag the door to the right.

Kate falls and she must pull some more.  

NB: If you keep clicking your mouse button in quick succession then Kate will open up the door in one go

She falls several times until the door is open.

At that moment she hears the motor running and then Katyusha joins up with Kate.

Kate and Katyusha have climb into the wagon.

Click on several white points, Katyusha is searching a chest.

Then a leather roll falls on the floor.

Join Katyusha and she pulls out a painting of a girl.

According to Katyusha the girl on the painting looks like Kate.

They standing in the opening of the wagon and are talking about the painting.

You can search the wagon further but you cannot take things with you, only the painting.

Kate and Katyusha exit the wagon. Then the guard Simone shows up.

Guard Simone wants to take the whole contents of the train and she doesn't want to share it with Kate and Katyusha.

Guard Simone is about to shoot Kate and Katyusha but Kate attacks Simone. 

A shot is fired and Katyusha gets hit and then Simone  tries to strangle Kate but Kate grabs a rock and hit the guard.

  Katyusha is deadly hit by Simone's bullet and you see how she dies. 

After these scenes go to the motorbike and click Interact on it

Kate then sits on the motorbike and you must help her to start up the thing, so fill up the circle arrow until it is completely red and......

Kate then starts the motor and drive back to where Katyusha lies on the ground. Then she hears the guards coming in and Kate drives away and she jumps with the motor over the ravine and the game goes forward on his own. You see Kate driving through the snow. During a pause in the trip Kate investigates the leather roll, in the lid she finds the address of a shop in Vaghan. Kate continues her journey to go find the girl that's on the picture, as she has promised to Katyusha. We go on with

Chapter 1: 2005: Vaghan: Kate Walker: Guest house

April 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot