2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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First windmill

Enter the mill. The hole in the ceiling leading to the first floor is too high for Carol.

Take the yellow crate and put it in inventory but take it out of your inventory again and put it on top of the red crate.

Then  you climb up through the hole in the ceiling

Turn left at the boarded up window and then go up the ladder to the second floor.

Climb further up via the slanted arrow. 

On the second floor you'll be at the large wheel of the mill. At your feet lies something on a  plank. Zoom in on that plank.

a long metal pin lies on the plank...pick it up and click it to your inventory

Go out this close-up and then turn left 2x and....

....... climb up the next ladder to the top floor.

Turn left to look down the ladder.  To the left of the ladder going down is an old-fashioned blue computer floppy disk

Pick up this floppy and put it in inventory.

Go down the ladder again and when you're down turn right and.......

.......climb further down and at the iron things go down and....

.....leave the mill and outside turn around and find the exit on the right side of the mill


Now go to the second windmill via the map

Second windmill

Enter the mill. Look around and climb the ladder to the first floor. You immediately look at a window opening at the top.

Go to the window and you look outside. Turn to the right and you will see a bird's nest

Zoom in on this bird's nest and take the ring that's in the nest and click it to the inventory.

Turn to the right from the nest and you will see a second window opening.

Go to the window and then look up. You will  see the large wooden cogwheel above this window.. On the wooden beam  you see a rectangular leather patch on the left bit Carol can't reach it.. So take the metal pin out of your inventory and use it to flip the leather patch off the beam. Then click on it and Carol finds an extra key that according to the map belongs to the East windmill....take the key

Go down and exit the mill and Exit at the tree

Now go back to....

Carol's apartment (Home)

Go into the living room and then through the double white door into the study.  

Turn to the desk with the computer monitor and look at the computer tower below the desk.

Take the blue diskette from your inventory and click it on the tower.

Then read the text on the monitor.

So there is another mill!Leave Carol's apartment and go to the "Eastern windmill" via the map.

Eastern windmill

Use the key you found in the second mill to open the door and you go inside.

After you enter, turn to the left. Here you see a wooden grain collector box between the beams. 

Click in the box to find a picture of four boulders.

go out the close-up and turn right and now further into the mill and you will be in front of a black door. 

It's closed and Carol says it's leading outside. Turn right here. You can then walk under the bar and then go up some stairs.

On the first floor you will see a package on the left, which is attached to a support beam with a sturdy metal wire. 

Carol cannot untie the wire with her bare hands, so she must come back here when she has a tool to cut the wire. On the other side of the room is a sofa, the back of which has been burned. Carol says Larson slept here. You can just see a piece of paper sticking out from under the sofa. Zoom in on the piece paper and pick it up.

Y it is a letter from Alfons to Julian.

You understand from the letter that Julian Milius kept some of Larson's personal items. Larson encodes his letters to Julian, as you can see by the characters on them. He also writes about testing something on a B+ person. Take note of the strange symbols that are on top of this letter.....you need those symbols later. Put the letter in inventory and turn right

To the right of the sofa you see the ladder whose rungs had to be repaired. Leave the mill again. 

So at the broken down ladder turn right and go down the next ladder and go back under the beam to the back door

At the back door turn left and leave the mill and find the Exit on the road

Go back to:

Henry Milius

Ask him about the things his father kept for Larson and he gives Carol permission to search his storage room.

Exit and go to "Henri Milius Storeroom" via the map.

Henri Milius Storeroom

On the shelf you see a white flower pot, a red plastic basket and a blue flower pot in a carbon box

Behind the white flowerpot is a metal box. Grab that metal box that's behind the white flower pot

The box has a lock with a kind of compass rose on it. You can turn the needle. But in what position?

So Carol can't open this box now. To the right of the white flower pot is a cardboard box with a blue flower pot on it. 

To the right of this blue pot is a flashlight that you can take with you. So take that flashlight

Behind the red plastic basket you can look at a photo of a cruise ship named Legend.

In red plastic basket is a flower pot and in it is a letter. There's also a card with information about polio. 

Take and read that letter and also read the polio card

It is a letter from Alfons to Julian. He writes that objects were left behind in Broxtowe, which he had hidden in a towel dispenser there. Larson also writes that he will encrypt all his letters to Julian. As you know, Larson's daughter also had polio. Turn around and exit and on the map go to the Miranda Hospital

Miranda hospital

This is the hospital where Larson worked and which he allegedly set on fire. There isn't much left of the hospital here after all these years. When you arrive just find the forwards arrow to go a couple of screens through the forest. When you can't go forwards anymore then turn right and follow the forward arrow again.

You go through a couple of derelict gates and finally you turn to the right. On the ground lies an old roof tile from the building.

 Zoom in and take the roof tile and put in the inventory

Turn right and follow the arrows back through the forest to the Exit and Exit to the map. On the map go to

The Broxtowe psychiatric facility

Larson was imprisoned here for 62 years. Now it is dilapidated and the front door is bricked up.

Go forward to the building and click on the bricked up front door to hear Carol's comment about it.

Turn left, forwards 2x, turn right, forwards to the with brick wall and turn right again

You are now standing in front of a wall with pink graffiti on it.

Click under the iron bars of the window. Carol needs a ladder here. And of course something to cut through those rusty bars. 

Go back to the road at the front side of the building and.... Carol receives a text message from her friend Jonas.

Jonas needs Carol's help and he asks if she can come to the Craftsmen Cafe. So go to the "Craftsmen Cafe" via the map.


Jonas says that he now works in the Lunda Wheel, the largest wooden wheel in Europe. A friend of his wants to turn the building into a museum. Jonas has lost the key to the building, probably on the Linnea Coast when he was there with a friend.Jonas asks if Carol can look for the key. Carol can also find a ladder in the Lunda Wheel. If Carol has the key, she can go and borrow the ladder there.

 Say goodbey and on the map go to:

The Linnea coast

Walk up to the edge of the cliff and go to the stairs.

Go down the stairs and then follow the path to the right and you will see a cave. This is cave 1. 

At the end of the path enter Cave 1. Inside Cave 1 turn right. Inside Cave 1 lies a wad of paper on the ground.

Pick up the paper.......It's an old photo of this sea coast.

Leave the close-up of the ground and turn left 2x and follow the path straight ahead towards the beach (not towards the stairs).

At the crossroad turn right and follow the path to Cave 2

At the end of the path turn right 2x to be at the dark entrance of Cave 2. It's too dark in Cave 1, so use Milius' flashlight in the cave to have light

Inside cave 2 you find the key to the Lunda Wheel, between some bones on the ground. Take the Lunda Wheel Key

Go out the close-up, turn right and follow the paths back to Cave 1.

Enter Cave 1 again and turn right and go back to the stairs. Climb up the stairs and leave the coast via the Exit

Now you have found the key, go to the Lunda Wheel location

Lunda Wheel

This location will only be on your map if you have picked up Carol's wallet that's on her kitchen table and have looked at the the Lunda Wheel card that's in the wallet. If you haven't done this at the beginning of the game then you have to go back to Carol's apartment to do this first to get the Lunda Wheel Location on the map..

The Lunda Wheel is in a building on the Industrial estate and the gate is locked up with a padlock.

But Carol has found the key now, so open up the gate of the terrain with the key you found  cave 2 at The Linnea coast

Enter the grounds, turn to the left and walk to the stone building. 

Go inside. Turn right inside and.......

...... walk to the end of the corridor. Turn right here and enter a room. 

Here you will find the ladder you need to get into the hospital building, so take the ladder.

Leave the room, turn around and you will see a staircase going down. Go down the first part of the stairs and on the landing halfway turn left. 

On the left side of the landing you will see a narrow hacksaw blade. That can always come in handy, so take it with you.

Turn left, up the stairs, turn right and leave the building via the Exit at the other end of the corridor

Outside, go forwards, right and Exit this area at the containers

Carol has a ladder now and a saw blade, but she needs a hacksaw to put the saw blade in. 

Maybe Carol can find a hacksaw at her Allotment. So on the map go to Carol's Allotment.

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2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot