2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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The Shamrock Quarry

Look at the hintbook to read what it is that Carol must look for here

Walk forward 1 click and then turn right. You now see the left side of the middle building. 

Go 2 clicks forward and then turn left. 

1 click forward and turn right. 

Forward until the end and turn left. You can now see the water of the Quarry. 

Turn left again and ...... You are standing at a wooden flower box and a pile of stones. 

To the right of the stone heap is something on a plank that Carol can use. 

Zoom in on the plank. There is a blue fiber cloth on the shelf. Pick up the fiber cloth and click it to the inventory.

Turn left and then forward to the other path. Then turn right and then go 1 click forward to the shack at the end of the path. 

Turn right and ...... 

Carol wonders where the body of that Axel was found. Zoom in on the Shamrock Quarry sign and read the text. 

You read that there is also an Oxfield Quarry and this location is now put on the map. 

Step back, turn right and then go forward 2 clicks to the buildings. 

Walk until you can go no further and then turn left. Go to the white table ahead. You can zoom in on the ltable, but that is of little use. 

Turn right and ...... behind the blue barrel is a sheet of sandpaper on a wooden pole. 

Zoom in on it and take the sandpaper and click it to the inventory.

Turn right, forward, turn right, 2 x forward, turn left and you are back on the side of the long building with the outside stairs.

 Climb via the "Up" arrow up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, turn left to the door ... This door has a code box where you have to enter a code, but Carol does not know this code yet. Turn left and click the "Down" arrow to go back down the stairs. Then turn left or right twice and then forward to the front building. Turn left and then forward to the Exit. 

Exit onto the map and now travel to the Oxfield Quarry

The Oxfield Quarry

When you get here, take a look at the hint book to see what Carol should look for

So Carol has to look for yellow tape here. From your starting point go forward 2 clicks. 

Then turn right and move forward to the chair and makeshift work table.

 Zoom in on the "tabletop" and then grab the green knife and click it to the inventory.

Step back, turn left or right 2 times and go back to the main path. Then turn right again and go 2 clicks forward. 

Then turn left to the trailer that stand on the left side of the path. 

There is a box on the front of the trailer. Zoom in on the box and then look into it. 

Between all the other rubbish lies a bottle of RX Lim Liima glue. Take the glue bottle and put it in inventory

Step back and turn left and go back 2 clicks along the path.

Turn left and .... Carol is now standing in front of a side path and in the distance is a block of concrete over the path as a barrier. 

Go to that block of concrete and ...... Carol has found the yellow tape. 

Zoom in on the yellow tape....it's police tape and Carol says this is where Axel Oliver's body was found.

 Check the hint book again for the next clue.

Step back and ..... now Carol can climb over the concrete block to continue following the path to the Quarry.

So go forward, over the concrete block, and then follow this path further 1 click and then turn left......

...... and you will see the water of the Quarry. Go forward one more click and ........ 

Do not step into the water because then Carol will get wet feet. 

Turn left and ....... there is a note on the edge. Zoom in on it and pick up the note ...... 

There are 3 months and numbers on the note. April: 2345. May: 3456. June: 4567.

 You notice that April 2345 is written in black ink and the other 2 are written in blue ink. Put the note in inventory

With these 3 month numbers you can find out the number code for the door of the building at  the Shamrock Quarry.  Because you have found this note the hintbook will tell you that code right now but it doesn't explain how to figure out the code. I presume you also want to know any solution of a puzzle rather then just being given the answer via a hintbook. So I shall explain it to you here. If you divide the numbers in collumms then, from top to bottom, Add up the blue numbers and then subtract the black numbers from it. So you get: 3+4-2 = 5. 4+5-3=6. 5+6-4=7. 6+7-5=8 The code for the code box is then: 5678 

Carol is done here so follow the route back to the EXIT and then Exit to the map. Travel back to The Shamrock Quarry

Shamrock Quarry:

So go to the outside stairs on the left side of the middle building and climb up the stairs again via the Up arrow. 

At the top of the stairs, turn left and zoom in on the number code box. Enter code 5678 and ...... 

Carol enters the exhibition room. Look in the hint book to read that Carol should look closely at the pictures here.

Go forward 1 click and turn right. Above the shelves with stones are 2 photos. 

Zoom in on those photos and then click with your eye on the text at the bottom of the left photo ....

.. .....Carol then knows that the Oxfield Quarry was also known as "Blanc". Now Carol can solve mini-game 2, so hurry back to Carol's apartment

Carol's Apartment:

Mini-Game 2: Crevice

Go to Carol's computer / study room and click on Carol's keyboard again.  You are back in the mini game 2 and can now finish it.  You just have to keep clicking ahead. After each click forward you will see a letter. The letters change to other letters. You have to click forward each time the correct letter appears because you have to spell the name BLANC. 

So first wait for the B to appear and then click forwards. 

Then again forwardswhen the L appears, then forwards when the A appears, then forwards when the N appears and finally forwardswhen the C appears and .....

you will get another screen with red text ... read the text and then click to read the following text. 

Click again and ..... you end up in:

Mini game 3: Fredrik the Terrible.

It is a museum with a number of rooms. The museum has a number of exits and the intention is that you  leave the museum by going through the exits in a certain order. As you go through the museum you can also take a closer look at various things. You start on the start screen. Right in front of you you will see a wooden door with a white cross on it. That door is one of the Exits. Turn 2 times left or right. You are then standing in front of an open door. This is exit 1 and on the wall is a "Cure Juvenile Delinquency In The Slums" poster.

If you now click forward to leave this museum then ...... you will return to the start screen of this museum. 

Turn left once ...... read the sign that explains who King Fredrik of Sweden was. 

Step back and turn right again and now click forward and ...... Fuck ....

..........an error message will appear saying that the CD is damaged or that the lens of Carol's CD drive is dirty.

 Click "OK" to exit  out of Carol'sthe computer.  

Make a Cleaning CD

Look in the hint book ...... You read that Edvin from MNDA games might help solve the problem with the CD. So leave Carol's apartment and travel back to MNDA Games. Go in and ask that Edvin about the demo game "Fredrik the Terrible" and about that error message. Edvin suggests making a cleaning disc and gives Carol a note with instructions. 

Put the note in your inventory and then say goodbye. 

Look in the hint book to read that Carol must then return home, so return to Carol's Apartment 

Go back to the computer / study room. Then turn 2 times to the right, to the double white door. 

On the low bookcase, to the right of the door is a spindle box with empty CDs

Zoom in on the CD box and then take an empty CD from the spindle (click 2 times) and click the CD to the inventory. 

Step back and ......In inventory, combine the strange green knife with the blue cloth to cut off a piece of the cloth. Then combine the glue bottle with the blank CD to spray some glue on the CD. Then combine the piece of fiber cloth with the CD to stick the piece of fiber on the CD. You then have a Cleaning disc. Turn around to Carol's computer table and zoom in again on Carol's PC, which is under the table. Take the cleaning CD from the inventory and put the CD in the CD drive of the computer and ..... your screen will go black for a moment while the CD cleans the lens of the drive and then you are back in:

Mini game 3: Fredrik the Terrible.

The museum has 4 exits. Carol must go through all 4 exits in the correct order to be allowed to leave the museum.

From the start screen, first look for all 4 exits so that you know where they are. 

The corridor with the "Cure Juvenile Delinquency in the Slums" poster is exit 1. The wooden door with the white cross is exit 2.

In the room behind the wooden door is a hole in the wall and that hole is exit 3. To the left of this hole in the wall is exit 4 to a corridor.

Carol must leave the museum through these 4 exits in the correct order.

 If you go through a wrong exit, you will automatically return to the start screen of this museum 

When you have found all 4 exits and thus know where they are go to the last room of this museum and turn left there.

On the left wall is a picture on which you now see 1 of the 4 exits. This picture will give you the correct order in which to go through all 4 Exits. I'm not sure if the order is always the same or if it's different every game but I'm presume that is allways the same. So the first Exit you see on this picture is Exit 2, the wooden door with the white cross

 So first you must Exit through Exit 2, so go find that wooden door and Exit through it  and......

You end up on the start screen again, so I go back to that picture in the end room and ...... the picture now shows the hole in the wall, 

So go to the Hole in the Wall and Exit through it

You end up on the start screen again so go back to the picture on the wall and ..... 

The picture now shows you Exit 4 so now Exit through Exit 4 and.....

Again you end up on the start screen so go back to the picture again and.....it now shows you Exit 1.

So go back to the start screen and now Exit this fucking museum through Exit 1 and.......

...You end op in Mini-Game 4, the Art museum....read the red text...

Various rooms with paintings. You always have to link 2 paintings together, but Carol doesn't have enough info to do this now. So click the EXIT, at top left,  to leave the computer and go to Carol's front door in the hall ..... in the living room Carol now receives a text message from Dalton Jonson saying that he has now moved into his brother's apartment and this address is now also on the map. 

So leave Carol's apartment and travel to Dalton Jonson via the Map. Enter and talk to Dalton. 

Dalton says that the only thing he knows is that Daria games speelde op haar tablet. 

You get on the map again and get a sms from Stina who reports that she has more information. \

So put the cell phone away and go to Stina. Stina now has more info about the second murder victom. Brody Lumber, and she shows Carol an article about it.  When you have clicked the article away Stina will ask Carol to make some photograhs for here. Carol can do this with here mobile phone. Stina gives Carol a note on wich you read of what things Carol must take a photo. 

Put the note in inverntory and say goodbey. 2 new locations are placed on the map. 

Read the hintbook to know that Carol  now first wants to go to the Westbay Shoreside to snap a few pictures for Stina. 

So now go to the Westbay Shoreside:

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2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot