2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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Chapter 1: The Theft of the Samoan Necklace

Residence Marquess of Conyngham

A precious necklace was stolen from the Marquis's study last night and Holmes has been asked to solve the case.

Holmes and Watson barely are in when Holmes claims he's already solved the case of the missing necklace. Watson, who in his years of friendship with Holmes has become quite used to the arrogancy of Holmes, now also thinks that Holmes is pushing it to much ...... Watson even gets a bit angry and pulls Holmes' comments in doubt ....... Watson then briefly summarizes what happened here last night ...... This is what happened ........

In the middle of the night the bell rang from this room. The servants rushed over and smelled fire. However, the door of the room was closed. The Marquis arrived on the scene and unlocked the door with his key. The fire in the room was quickly extinguished. Subsequently, the Marquis discovered that the valuable necklace, which was in a glass display case, has disappeared.


You now play as Holmes and you must punctually follow the instructions that you see appearing in the small screens. You cannot skip this Tutorial, so you must do exactly as the screens tell you. The game will only really start when you have complete this Tutorial and have exactly carried out the assignments in the screens ....... no matter how silly the assignments in the screens are. Your first assignment is to examine the display case where the necklace was kept. It's up to you whether you want to play in 1st person or 3rd person, but I would switch to 1st person soon. If you don't want to walk via the keyboard, move Holmes across the screen by holding down your right mouse button. By rotating your mouse you change direction. You can click the Feet to walk on

So walk to the display cabinet, to the left of the fireplace, and then view it with your Loupe cursor .. Click on the hole in the glass and listen to Holmes' conclusions .......

The hole in the glass is small and cut into the glass with a diamond. There is no fingerprint anywhere on the glass.

After viewing a hint, the Loupe cursor will turn green. You get the following command. You have to move Holmes to the left window .....

So walk to the left window. There is a hole in the top window and on the window handle you also get the magnifying glass

Look at the window pane and look at the bottom of the window and listen again to what Holmes and Watson say about it.  

All windows are closed and have not been forcibly opened. Someone tried to cut a hole in the glass to escape, but was apparently disturbed and stopped.

You will be given the next assignment and that is to go to the Fireplace. So turn around to the fireplace and walk towards it.

On the left corner of the mantelpiece is a magnifying glass. Grab the Magnifying Glass

When you have taken the magnifying glass you will be instructed to open the inventory. So open the inventory via your right mouse button.

You don't have to do anything in inventory now. However, you see that Holmes now has a box of matches, a pocket knife and the magnifying glass. 

Close the screen again via the curve arrow at the bottom left, or right click.

Now you are instructed to go to the piano. There are 3 pages of sheet music on the floor in front of the piano.

Walk to those pages that are on the floor. You get the hand cursor on 1 of the pages but you can't grab the page. Right click to open the inventory. Now click on the magnifying glass in the inventory screen to select it. The box containing the magnifying glass will then have a blue border to indicate that the magnifying glass is now selected. Close the inventory via right click or via the blue curve arrow. Back in the game you will now see the magnifying glass floating in the top right corner of the screen. Click with your Hand on the sheet music page and ....... Holmes bends down to take a closer look at the sheet music through the magnifying glass.

You are then in the close-up screen of 2 pages of sheet music. You see 2 pages of sheet music and you have the Hand cursor. At the top right you see a question mark button and an arrow button. At the bottom right is the magnifying glass. Pick up the magnifying glass. Your cursor is then the magnifying glass. Slide the magnifying glass over the 2 sheet music pages and then left click. Holmes then discovers black soot streaks on the right hand page, which Holmes says were made by a very small hand.

NB: You must  always left-click on the music pages with the magnifying glass. 

If you don't left click, Holmes will not discover the soot and will not tell you that he has found this soot.

You will automatically exit the close-up screen. You will then get a number of black screens telling you how to make Holmes and Watson run. Just follow the instructions here and when you've done all that, you'll get a message that you can now continue looking for clues independently. That's what we're going to do now and it's important that you also find all the clues that can help Holmes solve the case. The Tutorial is now over ..... You will no longer get black screens with assignments. From now on you have to figure it out yourself, with my help of course. 

Make sure you have a good view of the Fireplace and the round Coffee Table.

To the right of the fireplace stand a small, locked cabinet in the corner. Look at that small cabinet. Holmes reports that the cabinet has not been opened and that the necklace was not in this cabinet. There are some documents lying on the round coffee table. View the documents on the round coffee table. Holmes reports that those documents are not relevant to his research. Between the round coffee table and the aquarium lies a candle on the floor. View the Candle. The candle has fallen from the chandelier. Walk down, between the round table and the aquarium and ....... In the corner, to the right of the aquarium, stand a folding screen. Continue to the folding screen.

When Holmes is at the folding screen, click with the Hand on the folding screen and ....... 

Holmes slides the screen away and concludes that the thief hid behind the screen until nighttime. 

With the magnifying glass cursor look at the floor, near the pot plant.....

The thief apparently left no footprints, which Holmes finds strange. Be sure to check out the aquarium. So also click with the magnifying cursor on the aquarium. Holmes notices a dead fish in the aquarium. Walk to the right and then look at the room door with the loupe cursor and listen too Watson and Holmes.

The room door was locked and the Marquis has the only key. The thief was therefore unable to leave the room through the door. Walk back to the fireplace, so from the room door diagonally down to the right. A few objects have fallen over on the mantelpiece. To the right of the fireplace hangs a bell cord and on the floor you see a bunch of footprints in the soot.

Look at the fallen objects on the mantelpiece. Look at the footprints and then finally check out the Bell Cord

The footsteps are all from the servants and the fire has started under the bell cord.

if you've looked at everything now, Inspector Baynes will enter the room and the game will continue by itself for a while

Listen to Holmes who now explains how the theft of the necklace was done.

In short, it means that a monkey, who has been specially trained for this, has tried to steal the necklace. Of course the monkey did that for his master. However, the monkey has not been successful because Holmes fishes the missing necklace from the aquarium and returns it to the Marquis, who has also made his appearance in the meantime.

One of Baynes 's man then screams that a bank has been robbed and that Baynes must immediately come along. 

Baynes disappears and Holmes puts the necklace back in the safe for a while and we end up in:

Bakerstreet 221B: Home of Sherlock Holmes

It is the next morning when Watson reads a disturbing article about Holmes in his morning paper over breakfast.

Click with your hand on the newspaper, which is on the table in front of Watson.

The newspaper, the Globe Explorer of September 1898, ends up in the documents section of the Investigation screen.

Read the article about Sherlock Holmes. Via the blue arrow, under the right-hand page, you scroll to the next page.

The article was written by journalist O. Farley. You read that the Marquess claims that the necklace witch Holmes has put in the safe yesterday is a copy. O. Farley accused Holmes of trading the real necklace for a copy. Also, O. Farley further writes that Holmes is also guilty of the eventual escape of Arsene Lupine. O. Farley thus casts doubt on Holmes's good reputation. Also read the 2nd article, via the scroll arrow, about Prince Woodville, the heir to the throne of Queen Victoria. You read that this Prince has recently been busy with charities in the slums of London. This article was written by J.B. goode.

Close the screen via right click or the blue arrow. Holmes and Watson talk a bit about O. Farley and then Holmes yells that Inspector Baynes, who was playing eavesdropper at the door, had better come in. Baynes enters and ..... now a bar appears in your screen in which the various topics appear about which you can talk to Baynes. Always use all topics in conversations and exhaust them completely

Since Holmes was the last person to hold the necklace, the Marquess believes this O. Farley's allegations. Baynes has the necklace with him so Holmes can examine the thing and declare that it is the necklace he fished out of the aquarium last night. Holmes really has no time, nor inclination, to examine the necklace now, as he has an appointment with the Bishop of Knightsbridge, Lord Peregrine Maitland. Watson, however, urges Holmes to take a moment to look at the necklace.

Then the conversation will come to an end. The 3 men, Watson, Holmes and Baynes, are standing at the breakfast table. Baynes has placed the necklace, in the red box, on the table. The Talk cursor appears above Watson and Baynes' heads, but you don't want to continue talking to Watson or Baynes now. You must now examine the necklace. However, you are in 3rd person and so you cannot click on the necklage.

So go in 1st person and make sure you see the necklace. Click on the necklace with your Hand and ..... Holmes takes the necklace and you end up in the close-up screen again. You need to determine whether the necklace is genuine or a fake. At the top right you now have the "Sixth sense light", which you can click on to simulate a solution. You can turn the necklace in all directions. 

Left click and then hold down your left mouse button and then move your mouse back and forth to rotate the necklace in all directions to view the pearls from all sides. However, it is not necessary at all to do this.  Most of the pearls in the necklace are white, but at the top right you see 3 pearls that are a bit yellowish in color. At the bottom right you see a pearl that is silver-colored and at the bottom left a much smaller pearl is in the chain. You get the magnifying cursor on those deviating pearls. So click with the magnifying cursor on those 3 deviating pearls and ......

Holmes concludes that the necklace is a bad copy, so bad that Holmes concludes that the maker wanted it to be discovered. Holmes, however, is not in the mood to delve deeper into this necklace case, as he wants to attend his appointment with the bishop. Baynes disappears. Holmes needs a map and he says that there is a map on his desk, but the arrogant sack is too lazy to take the map himself. So Watson can do that. You are Watson  now and you are probably still in 1st person looking at Holmes' large bookcase and fireplace. Turn left to the breakfast table. You will also see Holmes's desk. So walk around the table to the desk. To the left of the desk is the Map.

Grab the City Map. Watson reports, completely unnecessary, that he has found the map and the investigation screen appears.

From now on you will also find the Map in this screen.

The map is large on the screen. The locations where you can go are indicated on the map by means of circles

At the moment there is only 1 location available and that is the "Diocese of Knightsbridge", the Episcopal Palace of the Bishop.

Click on that location and ........ Holmes and Watson end up in:

Chapter 2: The Murder of the Bishop:

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot