2023 :Walkthrough by:  Louis Koot 

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Chapter10: In the Sewers

After Holmes's depressing funeral ceremony, Watson has returned to the Docks, the place where Henry Hampford, the Bishop's nephew, met his end. Watson descends into the deeper depths of the city ...... the Sewers. Watson hopes to find the answers in the sewers about the how and why of all the events surrounding Holmes and all the murders.

A: Sewers

It is quite dark in the sewers, so it becomes a matter of looking carefully. You see a white cigarette butt lying on the path, but don't walk towards it yet. 

First, turn completely around and walk a few steps forward. 

Just when you've gone over the "exhaust", look at the smelly sewage. A rope floats in the stinking water.

Get the loupe on the rope and then click. After Watson's comment, in the close-up, take the rope out of the filthy water ..........

Watson reports that something heavy is attached to the rope and the rope is partly on the side ..... 

Click a few times with your finger on the rope and ...... A corpse comes to above ...... 

The corpse is attached to the anchor that is attached to the rope. 

Watson wants the anchor rope to use as a dredge hook/climbing hook. So click with your finger on the rope again and ......

You have the Rope with the anchor. Let's let the corpse float here in the smelly gunk.

Walk back to the white cigarette butt and click on it 2 times with your magnifying glass ......

Watson reports that the butt is still dry, so the butt hasn't been here that long. Someone has been here not that long ago and Watson thinks he better keep his guard up. Close the close-up and continue to the next iron ladder. Make sure you get a close look at the ladder and then look at the ladder. The ladder is quite rusty and some rungs are also missing.

Look a little further up and you will get your finger on the one ladder rung, which is still in this lower part of the ladder. So click and ...... Watson breaks down the sport and you now have that iron ladder rung in inventory. Walk a little further, just past the ladder you will come to an exit to the left. Pipes enter the left sewer channel but the channel is closed by a fence. Under the pipe you see that 1 of the bars of the fence is loose and bent.

Make sure you get the finger on that bent rod, then click and .... you enter the close-up. You cannot yank the bar out of the gate with your finger alone. So select the ladder rung you just found and then click on the bar. The rod ends up in inventory. Close the close-up, turn right and continue walking. Just before you reach the end of this main channel you will see a bracket sticking into the edge of the path. Zoom in on the bracket.

In the close-up you see the bracket and you see 2 hinges in the edge of the path.

 Click on the hinges and........a hatch opens and rises.

Watson tells you that this is an "emergency exit" to get the water out of the sewer if it's too high. Close the close-up and ...... the hatch closes again and therefore disappears under water again. A rowing boat is moored across the canal, but how to get there? Turn left and ....... The canal is now further closed by a gate and a door. Above the door you see 3 pipes and a piece of rope dangles from the left pipe.

Walk through and then click with your finger on the piece of rope and store it in inventory. 

Turn right. You look at the rowboat again.

Select the Anchor Rope in inventory and then click on the rowing boat again and ........

Watson pulls the boat towards him, but not quite. The boat is tied with a rope on the other side and the distance to the boat is too far for Watson to jump into the boat. Turn slightly to the right and look down and see ...... the rowing boat is exactly rin front of the brackets of the discharge hatch. Stand directly in front of the boat, look down and zoom in on the brackets again. In the close-up, click on the hinges of the hatch again to fold the hatch back up.

Watson could reach the boat through the folded up hatch, but then you will have to close the close-up first, but ..... then the hatch will disappear underwater again. There is also a bracket on the hatch. Open the inventory and combine the rod with the ladder rung. Then combine the rope with the extended rod to tie it all together. Select this whole thing and then click with your finger on the bracket of the hatch and........

Well .... the hatch will no longer close. Close the Close-up, look down and walk through the hatch to the rowing boat. 

There is a bloody cloth in the rowboat. Look at the cloth and then click on it with your finger. 

It's an old scarf with blood on it and you click the thing into the inventory.

Under the scarf is a metal plate with holes. Also take this Metal plate. 

Close the close-up and then walk further, via the rowing boat, to the other side. 

The rowing boat is attached to the iron fence of the side channel with a rope.

 Look down at your feet and ..... you see wet footsteps.

Zoom in on the footsteps and then click on them again. Someone came out of the side channel . The footsteps go to the right. 

Close the close-up and turn right. There is a round pit in the path just in front of you. 

Keep walking until you reach the next round of pit. At the 2nd well you see footsteps again and vapor rises from the well.

There is a square lid on the grille of the well. Walk a bit further and, after the short cutscene, click on the square lid. You enter the close-up of the lid. At the bottom left is the bloodied scarf. The square lid is covered in a thick layer of gunk. Pick up the bloody scarf and then wipe the lid with it ..... do not click with the scarf, but simply slide the scarf over the lid, from top left to bottom right.

When you have wiped the lid completely clean, right click to put the scarf back. 

At the bottom right is the metal plate, which you also found in the rowing boat. 

Above the metal plate there is a narrow slot in the lid.

 Pick up the metal plate and insert it into the slot and ..... the lid opens and ...... you end up in the:

Sliding puzzle:

There is a Mechanical Lock in the lid of the well and this is a sliding puzzle. You have to solve 3 sliding puzzles to further open the lid of the well. You have to bring Disc A to Round B and you do that by moving Disc A over the plane via the 4 arrow buttons Up, Right, Down, Left. You can "Skip" this puzzle again with the "Skip puzzle" button, which appears again after a few minutes. So you start with:

Puzzle 1:

From the starting position of Disk A, click on the arrows:

Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down...solved. You go on with:

Puzzle 2:

From the starting position of Disc A, click on:

Up, Right, , Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up and...Solved. 

The puzzle resets to:

Puzzle 3:

From the starting position of Disc A, click on:

Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right .... 

Solved and ....... The Well is then open ......

Click with your magnifying cursor in the well and ....... Long cut scene ......

We look through the eyes of someone who has a jute bag over his head and is beaten up by 2 guys ......

Watson has then climbed down the well and shoots both beaters dead. Watson then pulls the burlap sack off the victim's head and ......

.....It's Sherlock Holmes......Holmes is not dead........he .didn't commit suicide. .......How is this possible?

A warm embrace follows and then Holmes will explain everything, but first we return to the kiddies in the attic.....

The little boy is Watson's grandchild and the brown-haired girl turns out to be Holmes' grandchild.

We return to Watson and Holmes. Watson then returns with Holmes to Bakerstreet.

Holmes now begins his long explanation. It turns out that Holmes's old enemy, Professor Moriarty from "The Awakened", is behind all the murders

Moriarty has come up with a diabolical plan........ Prince Woodville wants to overthrow Queen Victoria and Moriarty helps him, but the prince is only a puppet of Moriarty. When the prince sits on the throne of England, Moriarty will have power in England and ........... then he will want to take power in the whole world. Fearing Holmes' interference, Moriarty forged documents in which Holmes appeared guilty of a variety of crimes. The documents were passed on to Judge Beckett and to journalist O. Farley. When Judge Beckett discovered that the documents were forged, he too was killed. Holmes is not yet sure what Moriarty's intention is with the poison. 

In any case, he made countless victims, including the nuns in the convent. Moriarty needed Schielman to refine the poison. Holmes helped Schielman escape prison in the hopes that he would lead him to Moriarty. Unfortunately, Holmes lost track of Schielman, but he suspects that Schielman is now being held in an abandoned fairground near a factory. Holmes read this information on the note, which  the magician's skeleton had in his hand

So Holmes now wants to go to the Fair and Watson is coming along. We then end up in:

Chapter 11: The Fair, the Factory and the Ending

2023 :Walkthrough by:  Louis Koot