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Chapter 11: The Fair, the Factory and the Ending

Part 1

Sand Path and Cable Car:

You're Holmes again.The fairground is surrounded by a high wooden fence. You are on the sand path that runs along the fence.

 A little further on, a lamp is burning, on the building behind the fence. 

Under the lamp is a wooden box near the fence. There is barbed wire on top of the fence.

Walk to the wooden box and then look up and then click with your magnifying glass on the barbed wire, which is a bit bent here. 

Holmes thinks we could climb over the fence here. Look down at the box and click on it ......

Unfortunately .... the box is not high enough to climb over the fence. Turn left and continue on the sandy path. 

A little further on you will see a tree and a wooden barrel on the left side of the path. 

There is fire burning in the barrel. Continue to the barrel.

There is a metal bar on the barrel. Take the metal bar ...... it can serve as a weapon. 

In the distance you can see the cable car. Continue to the Cable Car........

When you have come close to the cable car, Holmes says that he can reach the roof of the Factory via the cable car. The Factory is therefore on the other side of the cable car. Click with your finger on the engine of the cable car. In the close-up, click with your finger on the round hole and on the caps of the oil tank and the petrol tank.

A Crank belongs in the round hole, to start the engine. However, the crank is gone. There is only a very small amount of petrol left in the gas tank and the small oil tank is completely empty. Close the close-up and continue to follow the sand path. When you have almost reached the end of the sand path, there is a barrel with fire on the path. There are 3 Vodka bottles with this barrel. Take the 3 Vodka bottles.....

there is still some Vodka in each bottle and Watson screams that those 3 Russians must have been here. 

Continue to the paved, and lighted, road and ......... 

When you reach the end of the dirt track you will see that the main entrance of the fair is guarded by 2 Moriarty guards.

So we cannot enter the fairground through the main entrance. Walk back to the cable car.

On the platform of the cable car, on the left, is a wooden tool box. Take a pair of pliers from the toolbox.

Walk into the Cable car. In the cable car is a crate, a metal chest and a wooden bucket. 

The metal chest is closed with an old padlock. 

Click on the metal chest. In the close-up, select the metal bar in inventory and then click on the padlock to pry the lock from the metal chest open. 

Then open the chest and take out the Crank.

Close the close-up and turn to the crate. The crate is closed with iron wire. 

Click on the crate and in the close-up, select the Pincers in inventory and click on the crate again to cut the iron wire. 

Then open the crate and take the bottle of engine oil.

Close the close-up and go back to the engine of the cable car and zoom in on it again. Select the Crank in inventory and then place the thing in the small hole. Select the Oil bottle and pour the oil into the oil tank. You have no petrol, but alcohol is also a fuel, so select the Vodka bottles and empty the bottles into the petrol tank. Then click on the Crank and .........

Holmes wants Watson to take the cable car to the factory to investigate the factory.

Holmes will search the fairground himself. When Watson is done at the factory he has to rejoin Holmes at the fair.

On the roof of the factory:

As Watson: 

Turn around ..... you are in the cable car box. Above the metal chest, from which you took the crank, a lever is in the edge of the container.

Click on the lever and........ Watson slide in the cable car to the roof of the factory.

There is large water tank on the factory roof. On the right side of the tank is a scaffolding with a ladder.

Walk to the water tank and take a look at the iron pillars of the tank with your magnifying glass ......

Watson reports that the iron scaffolding on which the water tank rests has corroded almost completely.

To the left of the tank construction is a jute bag that is tied with a piece of rope. 

Walk to that jute bag and then remove the piece of rope. 

Turn right again ..... Right behind the water tank you see a white wall with a large round opening.

Go to the round opening in the white wall and ........ Watson looks through the round opening and sees the soup kitchen wagons lined up in front of the factory entrance below. So the trucks are loaded here from the factory.....but what is that load? Look to the left ..... in the corner is a pile of bags and the top bag has a rope again. Go get that rope.

Turn around and walk to the other side of the white wall. Near the barrel are some jute bags ..... also take the rope from the front bag here.

At the cable car box you will find the iron fire escapes .....

Walk up the fire escape platform and then descend the fire escapes to the ground.

Downstairs, Watson says that he wants to try to look in the factory hall, but that he has to be careful because of the guards. There is a large window on the corner. Stand right in front of the window and click on it ...... the window is covered with a thick layer of dirt. Turn right. At the corner of the building is a bottle on the floor, just in front of the barrel.

Take a step forward and........ You will see that there are guards around the corner. Of course, Watson thinks it's too risky to turn the corner. Look down and then take the bottle ..... the bottle is empty. Turn around and climb the fire escapes back up to the roof. Watson wants to clean the window downstairs so he can see through it. Watson needs water and coincidentally there is a large water tank on the roof. Walk to the scaffolding, which is on the right side of the water tank, and click on the ladder and ...... Watson climbs up the ladder and is then on top of the scaffolding. A Cloth hangs over the wooden railing of the jetty .... Take the Cloth ... it is a dry cloth. Turn counterclockwise to the water tank.

There is a hatch in the tank ..... click on the hatch to open it ....... It is to dark in the tank to see if there is water in it ..... but Watson You will hear a sloshing sound, so there must still be some water in the tank. Select the dry Cloth in inventory and then click in the dark hole ...... unfortunately .... the water in the tank is too low ..... Watson cannot reach the water with the cloth. In inventory, combine the 2 pieces of thin rope with each other and then combine the thin rope with the piece of thick rope. Then combine the Bottle with the knotted rope.

Select the bottle / rope combo and click again in the tank and ....... Watson lowers the bottle into the tank and you then have a bottle with water. Combine the Cloth with the filled Bottle and you now have a Wet Cloth. Climb back down to the roof via the ladder and then back down to the ground via the fire escapes. Stand right in front of the dirty window again. Select the Wet Cloth in inventory and click on the window again and ...... you get into the close-up of 1 of the windows. Pick up the Wet Cloth and wipe the window with it ..... do not click but just move the cloth back and forth over the window ...... until Watson can see through the window ..........

Inside the factory are a number of men, including Hans Schielman. So here the soup carts are filled with soup and Hans Schielman's poison. A horn then sounds, signaling that the gate opens and the soup carts are wheeled in to be filled with the poisonous soup. You now automatically switch to Holmes:

As Holmes: Fairground:

As Holmes you are again in front of the wooden crate at the fence. So the barbed wire, on top of the fence, is bent. But the crate is not high enough. Walk back to the cable car platform. Of course you had already seen the piece of ladder that lies on the platform of the cable car. However, you couldn't grab that piece of ladder then. Now that the container of the cable car is gone, you can grab the piece of ladder.

So walk back up the platform and now pick up the piece of Ladder. Walk back to the crate.

Select the ladder piece in inventory and then click on the crate again and .....

You put the piece of ladder on the box. Click on the ladder and .......

 Holmes climbs up and you are in the close-up of the curved piece of barbed wire.

In inventory select the Pliers and then click on the top barbed wire to cut it and then on the bottom barbed wire to cut that too and........ Holmes then climbs over the fence land on the fairgrounds. On the left is a blue / white striped tent ..... that tent is the back of the ball throwing stall. , However, walk straight ahead to the cart and the stalls at the back of this clearing. Then look to the right.

There is a telephone box on the corner of the brown building and a telephone cable goes from the box to the gray building across the street. Take a closer look at the phone box. Then turn around again and walk back towards the tent. If you stand next to the stairs you will see a small wooden plank on the floor .... it is a Giraffe plank.

Pick up the Giraffe plank ..... it is a "target" of the ball throwing booth. 

Continue to the tent and enter the white / blue striped tent.

The Ball Tent

In the tent there stand a bed with a mattress and, next to the large cupboard,  a low cupboard with a book on it. Look at the mattress and then click on the book. The book is an accounting book and you see it in close-up. Your pocket knife is on the book and Holmes doesn't really find it interesting. Close the book by clicking on the left page. Then click on the book's cover and ..... Holmes reports that there is a thickening in the cover. Pick up the pocket knife and click it on the bottom left corner of the cover and ....... you cut open the bottom left corner and ..... a paper is hidden under the cover.

Take the paper ...... the paper is a shadow book of the secret buying and selling of the exhibitor ....... there is also a poem about animals on it and you read this "Secret accounts" in documents. The poem goes like this: "The Gazelle is dead! It was dangerous to turn your back on the lion!". Does this poem have a meaning? Close Documents and then look up at the top of the large cupboard. On top of the large cupboard is another lion plank. Take the lion plank.

Turn left again and walk to the front part of the tent. You are in the ball toss tent. 

There is a cash register. There is a letter on the shelf under the cash register.

Open the cash register drawer. There is a Monkey plank in the cash drawer ...... Take the Monkey plank from the cash drawer. Also take the letter, which is on the shelf under the cash register ... you read this "Note in pencil" in Documents and it is another poem ... it gives you hints about the positions of the animal shelves. Close Documents and turn around and then click with your magnifying glass on the animal targets and listen for Holmes.

Animals Logigram Puzzle:

3 animals are missing between the targets. In Inventory select, 1 by 1, in inventory the Giraffe, the Lion and the Monkey and then click on the target counter to place the planks behind the sticks as well. Then look down .... under the animal planks are 3 posters stuck on the counter. Click on the middle poster ...... Holmes reports that there is something behind the poster, but the poster is stuck quite firmly. So select your pocket knife again in inventory and then click on the middle poster again ....... You remove the poster and ...... you have exposed a panel of a secret hiding place.

Click on the panel.....there is no lock or keyhole in the panel.....so how to open the panel? Perhaps the animal targets have something to do with it? Look up again and now click on the counter of the animal targets again and ...... now you get into the close-up of the animal targets. 8 animal planks are on the 8 sticks. If you place your finger on an animal plank, part of the 2 animal poems you have found will appear. 2 arrows also appear above the animals.

With the left arrow you click the animal down ....... the animal is then dead. With the right arrow you make the animal look left or right. The 8 animals are not in the correct order in the row. The 2 poems tell you the correct order. 

This is another Logigram riddle. So from the 2 poems you have to get the right place in the row for each animal and then you put the animal on that stick by swapping animal boards with each other. 

Click on an animal board and then on another board to make them swap places with each other. You can skip this puzzle again via the "Skip puzzle" button..........here we go: Number the sticks, from left to right, 1 to 8.

1. "Sitting at the edge of the jungle, the chimpansee didnt notice a vulture that grabbed him with his claws. The giraffe witnessed that scene".  

1 tells youthat the chimpanzee monkey is on stick 1, the vulture on stick 2 and the giraffe on stick 3. So place the chimpanzee on stick 1, the vulture on stick 2 and the giraffe on stick 3. Make sure that the chimpanzee, the vulture and the giraffe look to the left. The chimpanzee is dead, so click the chimpanzee down

2. "A hyena waited for the hare to come out of its burrow. Which he will never do again because they both died of hunger. That has upset the giraffe, because he and the hare were neighbours". 

2 tells you  that the Hare is standing next to the giraffe and that he is looking to the right and is dead. The Hyena sits next to the hare, looks to the left and is therefore also dead. So put the Hare on stick 4 and make sure he looks to the right and click him down. Place the hyena on stick 5, left and down.

3 en 4. "Only the elephant can stand among predators and risk turning his back on the king of the animals". Alleen de olifant kan tussen roofdieren staan en kan het riskeren om zijn rug naar de leeuw te keren. "The gazelle is dead! It's dangerous to turn one's back on a lion". De gazelle is dood...tja...het is gevaarlijk om je rug naar de leeuw te keren.

From 3 and 4 follows: The elephant lands on stick 6 and looks to the left. So the lion comes on stick 7 and looks to the right and the gazelle comes to stick 8 and looks to the right and is dead. 

Well ...... it must be lik this in the end .......

If you have placed all 8 animals correctly, the panel in the counter will open.

The secret hiding place is full of bundles of banknotes. Click in the now opened secret hiding place to steal the 5 bundles of banknotes.

Turn around and then walk out of the ball tent next to the cash register and ..... Holmes gives a warning about the guards

Eliminate the guard:

Walk out of the ball tent again and then quickly, past the fence, through the "alley" to the wooden stairs.

Climb up the steps, open the door and enter the car.  Inside look through the door window.

This car was the abode of the wild animals. Turn right and continue to the last door. Open the door and enter ......

This loftis boarded up with boards so that no one from the outside can see inside.

There is a syringe on the table and a few rolls of bandages on the floor.

Look at the syringe and the bandage ....... this cage was used to treat sick animals.

On the left is a large bone on the floor and in front of that bone is a tiny key.

Take the Key and go back to the hallway and walk to the other end of the hallway. There is a medicine cabinet on the wall.

The medicine cabinet is locked with a padlock. Click on the medicine cabinet to get into the close-up. Select the key you just found in inventory and then click on the padlock to remove it. Then click on the cabinet again to open it. There is a bottle of Ether in the cabinet ...... Hmmmm .... ether .... an anesthetic ...... Take the bottle of Ether and close the close-up screen.

Turn around and walk back through the corridor to the other side and enter the sick animal pen again. 

There is a metal hatch in the wall on the right and straw on the floor. Find the finger on the straw. 

Select the banknotes in inventory and then click on the straw to put some of the banknotes in the straw.

Keep the other banknotes selected. Stand in the doorway of this pen and then put some banknotes on the floor of the corridor.

Walk back to the door of the car, open the door and deposit banknotes at the top of the steps.

Walk down the stairs and continue to the beginning of the alley. A wooden barrel is near the ball tent.

Deposit banknotes in the sand, just in front of the barrel.

Look to the left .... At the corner of the animal wagon is another barrel. 

The sand path bends to the left .... Walk over the sand path and the bend to the left.

Just when you have taken the turn you look down ..... you get the finger on the dirt road .....

DO NOT WALK FURTHER because then you will be seen by the guard ....... put your last banknotes here ...

When you have placed all the banknotes in the right places, Holmes will hide in 1 of the cages in the animal car .....

the guard finds the first banknotes and follows the banknote trail to the sick animal cage.

Open the door of your cage and go to the sick animal cage. The door is still open and a beam leans against the bulkhead. Click on the beam and........

Holmes closes the door and barricades the door with the beam ..... but of course the guard should not shout for help ..... quickly ..... select the Ether in inventory and then click on the barred window of the door and........The guard goes into a deep sleep. Exit the animal car and go back to the front of the ball tent and then follow the bend to the left. Walk further ahead between the fairground stalls.

At "Henry's Picture Show" it turns right again. You will see 2 red/white striped tent stalls.

There is a Rope on the counter of the 1st red/white striped tent stall. Go get that rope.

Continue towards the main entrance and ....... Holmes warns you about the guard who walks past the main entrance

You are standing in front of the "Freak Show" tent. If you turn around you will see that you are right in front of the main entrance.

Turn back to the "Freak Show", open the door of the "Freak Show" and enter.

Freak Show:

Walk down the stairs on the left ...... short cut scene .... Then take a look at the "Bearded Lady" poster. 

Turn around to the stairs and look at the empty bottles in the boxes .....

Holmes warns to be careful because the 2 boxes with bottles are balancing dangerously on top of each other. On the left is a large aquarium, with a wooden staircase against it. You can climb the wooden stairs to peek into the empty aquarium. Across the room is the stage. On the right side you see a "Wolfman" cage. There is something or someone in the "Wolfman" pen. The other cages are empty.

Walk to the stage and then look to the left. In the corner to the left of the stage is a "Mermaid" poster. Go check out the "Mermaid". Then turn back to the stage. To the left of the stage is a crate .... you can go up to the stage via that crate. There is a table on the stage. Walk onto the stage via the crate and then zoom in on the table.

On the table are bottles with chemicals and a book. There are also 2 drawers in the table.

Look at the book....this is Hans Schielman's Diary and you can read it in Documents.

Schielman describes how he was improving Moriarty's aggression poison. Schielman added his own obedience toxin and he managed to create a toxin that kept people under control and aggressive for 48 hours. Then they die from the poison. The poison is handed out in Whitechapel along with the soup.

Close Documents and then open the left table drawer and take out the letter. You will read this "Note from the funfair's director" again in Documents. So magician Fergusson was the director of the "Freak Show" theater and Martha, the "Bearded Lady", was responsible for the keys to this tent. Close Documents and close the close-up screen.  Walk, via the crate, off the stage and go to the "Wolfman" cage. Click on the "Wolfman" cage ...... there is a man locked in the cage ...... listen to Holmes ...... It is not wise to open the cage because the man in the cage is a victim of Moriarty's experiments and he will attack Holmes as soon as you open the cage. But this gives Holmes an idea to take out that 2nd guard. Turn around .... In the middle of the tent is the central Support Post. There is a Pulley with a rope attached to the Support Post. Look up and you will see a rail with hooks.

The pulley on the support post operates the hook rail. Walk to the support post and then click on the pulley and in the close-up click on the pulley again ..... listen to Holmes. The pulley is missing a crank. Close close up. Turn around to the entrance/exit. There are 2 chairs in front of the stairs and there is a crank on the right chair.

Go grab the Crank and then zoom in again on the Pulley, on the Support Pole.

Select the Crank in inventory and click on the Pulley to insert the Crank. Then click on the Crank and .......

........ the hook on the rail slides up the "Wolfman" cage. Close the close-up and walk back to the "Wolfman" cage. On top of the "Wolfman" cage is an iron bar in a ring .... the iron bar is the lock of the cage. Look up at the Hook that is now hanging above the cage. Select the Rope in inventory and then click on the hook to put the rope on it. Then click on the bar, on top of the cage, to tie the rope around the bar ....

Holmes throws the other end of the rope through the window and tells you what to do next. Turn around and walk back to the "Bearded Lady" poster. Now click with your finger on the "Bearded Lady". In the close-up you can see that the "Lady" has a white spot on her right upper arm, near the shoulder. Select your pocket knife again in inventory and then click on that white spot and ........ Then take the key from the arm ...... listen to Holmes.

Close the close-up ...... Now Holmes wants to lure the guard into the "Freak Show" s

Turn around to the 2 shaky box with empty bottles ...... now click with your finger on the top box and ........

Holmes kicks over the boxes and this makes a hellish noise ....... Holmes hides outside at the window, behind the "Wolfman".

The guard enters the "Freak Show" to see what that noise means.

So you are outside and look through the "window" into the "Freak Show" tent. The guard is inside. 

Quickly ..... turn left and walk back to the "Freak Show" door.

In inventory, select the Key to the Freak Show and click on the door to lock the door.

Walk back to the "Freak Show" tent window and stand in front of it .....

Click on the iron bar on top of the "Wolfman" cage to raise the bar. Then click on the bottom end of the slanted rope and .......

...well.....watch the "Wolfman" and the guard entertain each other with a game of "hide and seek".

walk back to the main entrance and then continue straight ahead.

Just past the main entrance, you will see the large Merry-go-round

 on the right, which is located in a round sunken part of the site.

Continue to the Merry-go-round and ...... 

A large satellite dish is mounted on the roof of the Merry-go-round. Holmes finds it fascinating. Watson joins Holmes and tells what he saw in the factory hall. Watson wants to blow up the water reservoir and destroy the soup factory. Holmes then explains Moriarty's plans to Watson. Watson found a way to blow up the Factory.

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