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Chapter 2: The Murder of the Bishop:


Bishop's Palace

Upon arrival at the Episcopal Palace, Holmes and Watson are "welcomed" by a priest who is quite excited.

It turns out that the Bishop was horribly tortured and murdered.

According to the excited priest, the murder must have been committed the previous evening and he also reports that apparently nothing has been stolen. Holmes wants to investigate the murder, but the priest protests. Holmes ignores the protests and starts taking notes in his notebook.

You end up in the Deduction screen. To the left of the horizontal line, a blue box will appear that reads "Wealth".

 Click on the "Wealth" topic and to the right of the line a blue box will appear in which you can read that the Bishop had nothing of value.

You can click on the blue boxes to the right of the line to enlarge them so that you can read the text better. Clicking again narrows the boxes again. Right click to close this Deduction screen again. You can always bring up the deduction screen again by clicking on the blackboard to open the book. In the book you then click on "Deduction Knightsbridge".

You stand at the corpse of the Bishop. Wait a little longer before examining the body. The corpse is in the chair and the desk is on the left.

Go in 3rd person, if you were in 1st person. You will then see Holmes, the corpse and the desk.

In front of the desk is a broken Glass Bottle, on the edge of the round carpet. Click on the bottle and Holmes will pick it up and report that there is blood on it. There is a paperweight on the desktop. Click on the paperweight with your magnifying glass and ... Holmes reports that there is blood on the paperweight. On the left corner of the desk is a whiskey bottle. Look at the whiskey bottle. Holmes reports that there are fingerprints, with blood and dirt, on the bottle. On the floor, behind the desk, are the shards of a broken bottle of whiskey. Look at the shards. Watson reports that the Bishop was known for his frugality and was therefore not a heavy drinker. The pot stove is burning on the wall. Examine the pot stove. Holmes says that the stove is filled to the brim and still burning ...... but we had already seen that ourselves ..... haven't we?

Now go and examine the Corpse, so click with your magnifying glass on the corpse that is sitting comfortably in the chair.

At the top right you have the "Sixth sense" button, the "Inventory" button and the "Close" button. You now need to examine various body parts of the corpse by clicking on them with your magnifying cursor. To the left under the chair is a piece of rope. Zoom in on the underbelly of the Bishop. You come in close-up of the abdomen and hands.

Click on the navel with your magnifying glass. The Bishop's belly is full of scratches and scars, but Holmes says they weren't caused by the killers. Click with your magnifying glass on the fingers of the left hand and the right hand. The fingers are violently broken. The Bishop's arms are tied with rope to the arms of the chair. Above the rope of the right arm you see a wound. Click with your magnifying glass on the wound in the right arm, above the rope. Skin and flesh have been gnawed from the arms. In this close-up you can now also grab the piece of rope that is under the chair. So take the piece of rope. It is the same piece of rope with which the Bishop is tied. Click the "Close" button to get out of the close-up of the abdomen and arms. You will then see the whole corpse again. Now zoom in on the feet of the corpse

On the right is a cut finger, but don't click it yet. Click on the feet ..... the feet are burned and the Bishop had shoe size 9. Click on the rope, around the calves. Click on the wounds on the left knee, they are burns. The Bishop has been horribly tortured. Now pick up the Severed Finger. The Severed Finger is not the Bishop's. Click the "Close" button again to get out of the close-up of the feet. Now zoom in on the head of the Bishop.

Click on the Bishop's chest. The scratches in the chest were, according to Watson, made with a very sharp knife. Look at the wide-open mouth of the Bishop. Holmes sees blood and a patch of skin between his teeth and concludes that the Bishop has been gnawing on his own arms. Click twice on the "Close" button to get out of the close-up of the corpse completely. Holmes then notices that the Bishop's shoes are missing and he reports this to Watson. Holmes is back in front of the desk. Walk, via the feet, to the bottom right, so down past the desk. Holmes then continues to the other wall of the room and stands in front of the large closet.

On the cupboard is a Portrait painting and you also see the Safe, which contains a chessboard. In the lower part of the cabinet you see 2 doors. Look at the Portrait. It is the portrait of Lord Peregrine Mailtand, Commander of the Infantry Brigade during the Battle of Waterloo. It is an ancestor of the Bishop. Leave the safe alone, but do open the cupboard doors.

In the lower left cupboard compartment is a Whip and in the right cupboard compartment is a Penalty Belt, a so-called Cilice. Check out the Whip. The whip is intended to be used to flog yourself, as punishment for your sins. Click with your finger on the Fine Belt. Holmes takes a little Metal Stick from the belt. The Rod ends up in the inventory. When Holmes has taken the Metal Rod from the belt, take another look at the belt with your magnifying glass. Holmes then reports that the Bishop has often worn the Penance Belt to flog himself. The old wounds in the underbelly of the Bishop are thus caused by this belt and thus caused by the Bishop himself.

Click the "Close" button to get out of the close-up. Now click with your hand on the Safe. You get into the close-up of the safe door and see the chessboard. There is a hole in each of the 49 squares of the chessboard. Click on the chessboard and also on the lever, below the chessboard. Holmes doesn't know how to open the safe, so close this close-up screen again.

Holmes automatically asks the priest for the pins, which are needed to open the safe. But the priest refuses to give the pins to Holmes, saying there is nothing of value in the safe after all. To the left of the large cupboard is the door to the Bishop's bedroom. Click on the bedroom door and Holmes walks towards it.

After Holmes learns from the priest that this is the bedroom door, the door will open, so walk inside. It's just a small and bare room with a bed and a chair. Check the bed but Holmes finds nothing here. So walk back. Back in the great room, click with your hand on the glass doors behind Holmes. These doors are the porch doors but they are locked and the priest refuses to give the keys.

To the left is a small writing table and a church organ. Walk to the small writing table. 

There's a bloody scalpel on the writing table. Grab the Scalpel.......

Watson reports that the scalpel was used to cut open the Bishop. 

Walk to the left. Holmes then stands behind Watson, at the door of the room.

In front of the door you see footprints on the floor. Look at the footprints with your magnifying glass. 

There is a conversation between Holmes and Watson regarding the footprints and then you end up in the close-up of the footprints.

Examine the Footprints

You have the magnifying glass and a tape measure at your disposal and you have to answer 2 questions. First you have to measure the footprints in order to determine the size. You see 6 footprints and you have to measure all 6 with the tape measure. Pick up the tape measure and then click the tape measure on/into a footprint. The measuring tape then rolls out automatically and measures the footprint.

Holmes then report the shoe size of the print. Do this with all 6 prints. 4 prints are size 9 and 2 prints are size 9.5. The 2 prints that are size 9.5 go in and out. When you have measured all 6 footprints with the tape measure, right click to store the tape measure again. Then pick up the magnifying glass to study all 6 footprints more closely with the magnifying glass. Slide the magnifying glass over all 6 prints and then left click each time to hear and read Holmes's commentary. The top left print is of a much-worn shoe with an unusual pattern and in that print Holmes finds a small Stone, which disappears into the inventory. You have to click with the magnifying glass on the stone to get it.

All prints except the lower right print are of commonly worn and cheap work boots. However, the lower right print is of an expensive shoe and it is a recent print and it is a size 9 print. This last print only goes out. So the 6 footprints come from 3 different pairs of shoes. When you have measured all footprints with the tape measure, viewed themwith the magnifying glass and picked up the stone from the top left print, you are ready to answer the 2 questions. Right click to put the magnifying glass back in its place.

Now click on "Question 1" and then answer the question "How many criminals were there".

Well .... there are 3 different types of footprints at the room door on the floor. So the answer must be 3.

Click on the right arrow until the 0 changes to a 3 and then click on the V to confirm your answer

Click on "Question 2" and then answer the "What do the footprints reveal?" question:

Choose the correct answer from the 4 possible answers. 

The correct answer is of course: "One man left the room wearing different shoes", so click on that answer.

Holmes then explains: that 3 men came in but that 1 of them left in different shoes than the one he entered with.

You will automatically be out of the close-up again and we can now finish the deduction of the Bishop's murder a little further. Right click to open the Investigation screen and then left click on the Blackboard to open the Deduction Book. Then click on "Deduction Knightsbridge" to open the Bishop's Assassination notes page.

Drawing Conclusions About the Bishop's Assassination: Part 2:

to the left of the line are now 4 blue boxes, from top to bottom you see: "Lack", "Shoes", "Wealth" and "Serre".

You now have to draw conclusions by connecting the various facts that you now know.

Click on "Lack" . A new box will appear stating that the Bishop's shoes are gone. 

Click on "Shoes". A new box will appear stating that 1 of the killers left the room on other shoes.

A question mark box connects the two new boxes. Click on the question mark.

 A screen opens in which you read 3 conclusions.

You have to click the right conclusion and that is of course that 1 of the murderers has put on the shoes of the Bishop.

So click on "One of the murderers left wearing the Bishop's shoes".

A new question mark will appear, so click on the question mark again and then choose the conclusion "The murderers are poor".

Click on the "Greenhouse" box. "The Conservatory wasn't searched" and a question mark will appear.

Click the question mark and then on "The murderers were looking for something specific".

Click on the new question mark and then click on "The Bishop's murderer's were hired by someone"

You have now successfully completed the first conclusions. It should now look like this.

However, you are not done yet because there is still a 2nd and a 3rd page that you have to fill in. 

Click on the black arrow at the bottom left to open the 2nd page and then do the same thing you just did with the 1st page.

Click on "Chest" .....The murderers were unable to open the safe:" appears

Click on "Torture": .......The victim was savagely tortured appears

Click on "Penitence" .. The Bishop was mortifying himself: he was used to pain:appears

At the 1st Question mark you then answer: The Bishop resisted torture.

At Question Mark 2 you answer: The Bishop's murderers didn't get what they wanted .

the 2nd page should then look like this:

Holmes says "Perfect" and you exit the Investigation screen.

Holmes again asks the priest to open the safe, but he again refuses.

Holmes then orders Watson to escort the priest to the police station and bring Inspector Baynes here.

Holmes is now alone. Further research is needed to complete the 3rd page of the deduction. Walk down to the Conservatory doors. As you remember, the Conservatory doors are locked. Press your I-key, or right-click, to open the inventory. Select the Metal Stick in inventory and then close the inventory again.

Terug in de game staat dan het Metalen Staafje rechtsboven in het scherm. 

Back in the game, the Metal Stick will be at the top right of the screen.

Now click with your hand on the doorknobs of the Conservatory doors and .....

.... Holmes inserts the metal stick into the door lock and you end up in the close-up of the lock:

The Lockpick puzzle:

You see the lock mechanism and you see the metal stick, which is now in the lock. In the top compartment you can see the pins of the lock. At the top right are the Reset and the Close buttons. At the bottom right is the "Validate" button. If you look closely at the metal stick you will see that the stick is divided into 3 parts. If you click with your finger on a part of the stick 3 parts will turn white and an up arrow and a down arrow will appear at the part you clicked. By clicking on the arrows you can bend that part of the metal stick up or down. It is therefore the intention that you bend the metal stick, in 3 places, in such a way that it fits between the pins of the lock. Name the 3 bendable parts of the metal stick A, B, C.

Select part A and then click 1 time on the down arrow. It will look like this

Select part B and then click the up arrow twice. It will look like this

Select part C and then click 1 time on the up arrow. It will look like this

Now click on the Validate button and.......

Holmes reports that it is good and you then see, in the top box, how the rod pushes the pins up and .... the doors then open. 

Holmes is then in the conservatory. There is a round carpet on the floor and a table on the right. You can see a black spot on the carpet.

Click with your finger on the black stain ..... Holmes looks at the stain and reports that it is an ink stain and he knocks over this part of the carpet to look at the floor under the carpet. Holmes is very surprised that there is no ink on the floor, even though the ink has penetrated the carpet. Click on the table with your magnifying glass. The inkwell, which is on the table, has fallen over.

From the table, move your cursor down the round carpet until you get the hand cursor on the carpeton that side. Then click and ........

...... Holmes then turns the carpet over at the table and ..... finds an ink stain on the floor. Holmes concludes that someone has shifted the carpet recently.

Just in front of the table you now see a floor tile with the ink stain on it. Our great Detective may now be standing in the way, so you can't see the inkblot through Holmes's big head. So Holmes is standing at the table and has now folded the round carpet in half on 2 sides. Click in the middle of the carpet with your hand cursor and .......

Holmes now rolls up the carpet completely and pushes it aside. Holmes then reports that the middle part of the tile floor looks like a chessboard. Click, behind Holmes, with the feet and .... Holmes turns around and is then on the right next to the table, in front of the right window. To the right behind the table is a cloth on the floor. Pick up the Cloth and see ...... the cloth covered a Horse Head figurine. The Horse's Head is therefore a chess piece. Pick up the Horse's head and ......

Holmes reports that there is something written on the underside of the Horse's Head and this text is saved in the Documents section of the Investigation menu screen. You read: "What a lack of imagination...Use your passion for chess: The last square the knight lands on, after it has been on all the others, will be the right one. I love you". Close the screen and ..... Holmes tells that the message was written by a woman. Walk, via the feet, back to the front of the table. Then open the inventory and select the Horse's head. Close the inventory and then click with your hand/finger in the middle of the floor.

You end up in the

Chessboard: Knight's jump puzzle:

Holmes has put the Knight on the chessboard floor. A chessboard actually has 49 boxes, but here being 5 times 5 is 25 boxes.

So number the boxes, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 25.

The intention is that you move the Knight across the field via the Knight's  Jump of the chess game, where you have to jump consecutively and never land on the same square twice. If you never play chess then you do not know how to the Knight's jump. Well .... the Knight always moves 2 squares forward and then 1 square to the side. So you start at the top left on square 1. Click on the square where you want to send the Knight. The square that the horse lands on turns green. You may not send the Knight again to a green space. There are of course several possible solutions, but here are the moves as I did them. So you start on square 1 and you have to do 24 moves....

Move 1: Click on square 12. The knight goes to square 12.

Move 2: Click on square 21. The knight goes to square 21

Move 3: Click on square 18. The knight goes to square 18

  Move 4: Click on square 25: The horse goes to square 25

     Move 5: Click on square 14.: The horse goes to square 14

Move 6: Click on square 5: The horse goes to square 5

Move 7: Click on square 8: The knight goes to square 8

Move 8: Click on square 15: The horse goes to square 15

Move 9: Click on square 24: The horse goes to square 24

Move 10: Click on square 17: The horse goes to square 17

Move 11: Click on square 6: The horse goes to square 6

Move 12: Click on square 3: The horse goes to square 3

Move 13: Click on square 10: The knight goes to square 10

Move 14: Click on square 19: The horse goes to square 19

Move 15: Click on square 21: The horse goes to square 21

Move 16: Click on square 11: The horse goes to square 11

Move 17: Click on square 2: The horse goes to square 2

Move 18: Click on square 9: The horse goes to square 9

Move 19: Click on square 20: The horse goes to square 20

Move 20: Click on square 23: The horse goes to square 23

Move 21: Click on square 16: The knight moves to square 16.

Move 22: Click on 7: The horse moves to square 7.

Move 23: Click on square 4: The horse goes to square 4

Move 24: Click on square 13: The horse goes to square 13.....and....

Holmes then says that the knight must be taken from square 13, but that is not possible with your hand. Open the inventory and select the pocket knife. Close the inventory and then click on the Knight chess piece and, with the pocket knife, Holmes pops tile 13, with the Knight, from the floor. There are letters in the now open tile 13 space.

Take the letters .... they are "Letters to the Priest" (Reverend's hidden letters) and they end up in the documents section. Read the letters. Scroll to the next letter via the blue arrow at the bottom of the right page. The "Letters to the Priest" are from a woman. from these letters it appears that the priest had/has a relationship with the woman and that he fathered several illegitimate children with her. Close the screen when you're done reading. After Holmes's comment, you walk back to the right and .......... Watson and the priest return. Watson reports that Inspector Baynes was not present at the police station. Sherlock use the letters to put pressure on the priest because Holmes wants the pins for the safe.

Use the conversation option "Blackmail" to further pressure the priest and the priest then tells that the pins are hidden somewhere in the room.

We are then at the large cupboard, where the safe is in the wall. First open the inventory and deselect the pocket knife, so that the pocket knife is no longer at the top right of the game screen. We now have to look for the pins for the safe. Take Holmes a step to the right, so that you also have a view of the right compartments of the cupboard. There are 3 pins in the second bottom right cupboard compartment. Zoom in on that compartment and then take out the 3 Pins.

Close the close-up screen and walk to the left to the doors of the conservatory. 

Open the conservatory doors again and when Holmes is back in the conservatory. 

Zoom in on the table again and then take the 2 Pins that are on the table. Close the close-up screen.

To the left of the table is a chair and to the left of the chair a large potted plant.

Zoom in on the top of the plant, 1 pin sticks out between the leaves, so grab the pin. 

Close the close-up screen and go to the Bishop's bedroom.

There is still 1 Pin in the foot end of the bed mattress. Zoom in on that pin and then pull it out of the mattress. Close the close-up.

You have now found 7 pins and ....... automatically there will be a chat with the priest who tells that the bishop's nephew was visiting the previous evening. The nephew, who works in the archives of the royal library, had a heated argument with the bishop and walked away angrily. Holmes now thinks it's time to open the safe.

Open up the Safe:

We are all cozy again in front of the large closet. Click on the Safe with your finger and you will return to the close-up screen. In the door of the safe is a chessboard of 49 squares. There is a small hole in each square. You have found 7 pins. You now have to put those 7 pins in 7 holes in such a way that the pins never make 1 straight line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you click on a square a pin will automatically be placed in that square. Well ...... it will be familiar to you by now ..... number the 49 squares, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 49. Here is the solution.

Click the squares: 1, 10, 19, 28, 30, 39, 48 ...... Holmes then screams that he can open the safe, so click on the lever and .....

....... the safe opens and Holmes takes things out but .....

Watson and the priest are amazed that Holmes succeeded. The priest thinks Holmes' self-willed behavior is enough and begs him to call the police now. Watson runs after the priest, but cannot catch up with him. Watson is now a bit angry with Holmes because he thinks they are actually on the verge of being illegal, to conduct a murder investigation without the police. When asked by Watson what Holmes found in the safe, Holmes claims that he found nothing of importance in the safe. Oh yes .... by opening the safe you have earned the "Safecracker Honor" achievement, if you find that is important ....

We're done here at the Episcopal Palace. Walk to the right, to the room door behind Watson. Then click on the door and ........ The map appears.

 At the top left you see the head of Holmes in the magnifying glass. Click on the magnifying glass to return to Holmes' residence.

221B Baker Street: Home of Holmes:

Watson complains for a moment, but Holmes doesn't care.

Holmes wants to examine the items he has collected from the Bishop. Holems stands in front of his work table.

Click on the table with your finger. You end up in the close-up of the work table.

Further investigation of the found items:

At the top right, you'll see a box containing the 4 items that Holmes collected in the murdered Bishop's palace. They are the piece of Rope, the Stone, the bloody Scalpel and the severed Finger. The central research device is the large round Loupe. At the top left is a pair of scissors on the shelf. Under the scissors is a bottle with Acid. Above the magnifying glass is a round rack in which you will find a Tweezers a Brush, and a Scalpel. Next to the rack is a bottle with water. We start with the


Click, in the frame, on the piece of Rope, The Rope is put under the magnifying glass. Take the Tweezers from the round rack and click it on the Rope. Holmes picks up some black small stones from the rope, but the stones are too small to examine them further. Click again with the Tweezers on the rope and ..... Holmes picks some black and damp earth from the rope. You can see those pieces of earth to the left of the rope

Click with the tweezers on 1 of those earth pieces to store the earth in the frame at the top right. 

Then click 1 more time, with the tweezers, on the Rope and ..... 

Holmes then report that the rope is quite worn on 1 side. The rope now disappears, because Holmes is done with it.


Click, in the top right frame, on the Stone. The stone is under scrutiny. 

Listen to Holmes say the pebble is unusually slippery and needs to be cleaned with acid. 

So pick up the bottle of Acid and click it on the Stone.

The stone is cleaned and Holmes reports that the stone is of the same kind as the stone fragments he just found in the rope. Right click to return the bottle of acid. Take the Brush from the round rack and click it on the stone. Holmes further sweeps the stone and reports that it is granite and that it have a black paint on it. The Stone disappears because Holmes is done with it.


Click, in the box, on the bloody Scalpel. The Scalpel comes under scrutiny and Holmes reports that something is written down. However, the scalpel must be cleaned first. Take the Water Bottle and click it on the scalpel to flush most of the blood from the scalpel. Right click to replace the water bottle. Take the brush from the round rack again and click it on the scalpel and ....

Holmes now reads the letters WCCH on the scalpel and tells Watson that the scalpel comes from a hospital in Whitechapel.

 Holmes is done with the scalpel.


Click on the Finger in the top right frame to examine it now. Under the fingernail you can see some scratches in the finger. 

Take the tweezers again from the round rack and click it on the scratches in the. Holmes says the scratches are bite marks.....some animal bit the finger.

There is dirt under the fingernail. Click on the fingernail with the Tweezers and Holmes will remove the dirt from under it. Click with the Tweezers on the mound of wet earth that he has taken from under the finger. This earth is also stored in the frame. Click with the Tweezers on the right side of the finger and ........ Holmes concludes that this finger probably belongs to the killer and that the Bishop bit off the finger. After the interlude with Watson, you're back in the close-up. We continue with it:


In the top right frame you have 2 heaps of soil. Click on both heaps of soil to examine them both.

 Holmes wants to mix the two piles of soil together. Pick up the Water Bottle again and click it on the largest mound of soil to add water to it.

Then take the Scalpel from the round rack and click it on the soil to mix all the soil together .... Listen to Holmes' conclusions .... The soil was moist, but it has not rained for over a week . Presumably the soil comes from a hole that has been dug.The examination of the items is finished, but Holmes wants to know which hospital that bloody scalpel came from. So Watson now has to find a hospital list.  So you are Watson again for a while and you are standing at Holmes's work table. Go in 1st person and turn around to look around you. In front of the fireplace is the round coffee table with 2 chairs. Walk to the round coffee table. There is a chessboard on the coffee table and a newspaper.

Pick up the newspaper and then, in the documents section, read through the article "The Sherlock Holmes Affair". 

Use the blue arrow to scroll further down through the article.

Journalist O. Farley writes in this article about the extortion of Lady Hilda Trelawny Hope. The blackmailer was murdered but Sherlock Holmes found the extortion letter after the police had already searched the house. Again this O. Farley suggests that Sherlock Holmes cannot be trusted.

Right click to return to the game. To the left and right of the fireplace is a bookcase.

 Walk, behind the left chair, to the left bookcase. On the 2nd shelf from the bottom is a thin book

Take that book, it's the "Hospital" book with a list of all the hospitals in London.

Watson yells at Holmes that he found the hospital list. Holmes wants you to put the book on his desk.

So walk back to the work table. Holmes sits at his desk.

Stand to the left of Holmes. Open the inventory and select the "List of Hospitals" book. Close the inventory and then click with your finger on the work table to throw the book on the work table, and say "here's the cool book, you arrogant asshole"! Holmes then screams that he hasn't finished his analysis of the found objects yet. You're Holmes again. Holmes now wants to examine the broken glass vial that lay on the edge of the rug in front of the Bishop's desk. Look down at the work table. On the right side of the shelf is a series of test tubes. Open the inventory and select that Broken Flask. Close the inventory and then click on the test tubes.

You end up in the close-up of the test tubes:

Chemical analysis of the contents of the broken bottle

There are 6 tubes in the carousel. 5 tubes contain a colored liquid. 1 tube is empty and has a question mark. The glass vial is placed under the test tubes on the test dish. You also have a Color Chart and on the Color Chart you have to fill in the test results of each colored test tube. At the bottom of each test tube is a tap. By clicking on a test tube you turn that tube forward. turn to advance another tube.

Note: If you don't feel like solving the puzzle yourself, wait a few minutes in the close-up. At the top right the "Skip puzzle" button will appear with which you can skip the puzzle. I never use this option because I find it very childish. But okay.....you can't play a game without a walkthrough anyway, so a Skip button will suit you well.

If you click on the broken bottle, the bottle will automatically fly to the question mark tube and a drop of the liquid from the bottle will fall on the test scale. You then have to turn the colored tube forward one by one and then click on the tap. Some liquid then drips from the test tube and a number of colored spots appear on the test scale, for a moment. Quickly count the colored spots because they disappear quickly. Then fill in the number of spots on the color chart, next to the tube of the same color. You just click in a box until you have the correct number in the box. I assume that you haven't done anything yourself, so that the broken bottle is on the test scale and the question mark tube is in front. Here is the complete solution:

Step 1:

Click on the broken bottle. The bottle goes up to the question mark tube.

A drop of liquid drips from the bottle onto the test scale via the question mark tube.

Step 2:

Click on the Orange Tube to continue this. Click on the tap of the orange tube.

Orange liquid drips from the orange tube and 2 green, 1 blue and 1 brown spots appear in the test dish.

Now write down these numbers on the color card behind the orange tube. If you enter the numbers correctly on the color card, the numbers will turn green.

Step 3:

Click on the blue tube to rotate it. Click on the tap of the blue tube and quickly note the number of spots that appear...

3 brown and 2 white spots. Fill this in on the color chart behind the blue tube.

Step 4:

Click on the green tube to rotate it. Click on the tap of the green tube and note again the number of spots you see on the test scale...

3 white and 2 brown spots. Fill in these numbers again on the color card, behind the green tube.

Step 5:

Click on the yellow tube to rotate it. Click on the tap of the yellow tube and count the number of spots in the test dish again.

Fill in the numbers again on the color card, behind the yellow tube, 2 green and 1 blue spot.

Step 6:

Click on the red tube to rotate it. Click on the tap of the red tube and count the spots again.

Fill in the numbers again on the color card, behind the red tube.

If you have entered everything correctly, Holmes will scream with joy.

You can always read the result of this chemical analysis in the documents section of the investigation screen. Right click to close the screen and .......

Holmes concludes that there must have been some kind of poison in the bottle. It's a poison that makes a person aggressive and insane and makes you die of a heart attack. Holmes, however, does not know what kind of poison it is, but that it must have been made by a very experienced chemist, a criminal chemist that is. Holmes once made a list with the names of known and dangerous poisoners. Whether Watson would like to look for that list.

So you are Watson again for a while and you are looking for the list of poisoners.

Turn around and then go to the writing desk, across the room. Take the Chemistry book, which is on the desk.

In your documents you will read the note 452 about Hans Schielman, better known as the "Rat Killer". 

You read that Schielman is serving a life sentence in a prison in London. Close the book.

Turn around and walk back to Holmes. Stand behind Holmes and then speak to the great Detective via the talk cursor. Watson gives the notes about Schielman to Holmes, who believes that this poisoner can also arrange a lot from prison. Holmes wants to visit this Schielman in Westgate Prison tomorrow. Holmes now wants to end this day by completing his deduction regarding the murder of the Bishop. So right click to open the Investigation menu screen and then click on the blackboard and then again on "Deduction Knightsbridge". You have then reopened the Bishop's assassination notes pages. Scroll, via the bottom black arrow, to the 3rd page and now complete this page.

  • Click on "Bishop" and then on "Finger". Then click on the question mark and answer "The Bishop went mad".

  • Click on "Flask" and then on the new question mark and answer "The murderers made the Bishop drink the contents of the flask".

  • Click on "Poison" and then on the new question mark and answer "The murderers had a poison that causes madness" .......

  • Perfect Holmes shouts and all final conclusions on the 3 pages are now green.

Holmes concludes that the Bishop was poisoned by 3 murderers, but that they were hitmen acting on behalf of a person far more intelligent than the murderers. 

You will now also earn the "Deduction Apprentice Honor".

Holmes, however, has not yet finished his analysis of the case. 

Look down at the work table and then click on the book you previously placed on the work table as Watson.

Whitechapel dispensary deduction:

You have landed in a new deduction page with red boxes. It works in the same way as the deduction with the blue squares.

You have to connect the various boxes by clicking the correct answer next to the question marks.

  • The rope is worn only on one side: Answer the question mark with: The rope was always used from the same side.

  • The damp earth brought in by the Bishop of Knightsbridge killers: Answer the question mark with: The soil is from a pit.

  • A new question mark will appear: Answer here with: The rope is used to lower something into the pit.

  • The fragment of granite painted black: Answer the question mark with: This fragment comes from a monument painted black

  • New question mark: Answer here with: The earth and the stone are from a pit near a monument

  • New question mark: Answer here with: The earth, the rope and the fragment of granite come from a grave

  • New question mark: Answer here with: The Whitechapel Clinic is near a grave.

Eureka ..... the conclusions turn green and Holmes screams that he can now make the right decision. Now click on the book on the right side of the screen to open the book. On the 2 pages you will see the list of hospitals. Well .... the hospital that Holmes is looking for must be near a cemetery. So click on "Dispensary 4661, near the Whitechapel Cemetry, and.........

Holmes and Watson discuss Holmes's conclusions........ The killer, who is now missing a finger, must have been working in the graveyard or at least visited it. In the graveyard, the killer may have grabbed a rope, which was used to lower coffins into the grave. The granite is a piece of a tombstone. And the scalpel could have been stolen from the hospital opposite the graveyard. You get the "First Class Chemist honor" for making the right analysis.

Holmes tells that he has called in the street kid Wiggins and .....how coincidentally, the kid Wiggins comes in to report.

Wiggins found the address of the bishop's nephew. That Episcopal cousin has rented a room from an elderly lady in Kensington.

Watson goes to bed and Holmes continues to work for a while. We will then see a video with the 3 children in the attic

......en dan is het de volgende ochtend geworden.....een nieuwe dag met nieuwe kansen......je bent beland in:

......and then it has become the next morning.....a new day with new opportunities......you have arrived in:

Chapter 3: West Gate Prison

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot