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Chapter 3: West Gate Prison

A: 221B Baker Street

The next morning, Watson and Holmes discuss where to go first. Holmes has marked three locations on the map: Westgate Prison. The prison where poisoner Hans Schielman resides. Watson thinks this is the most promising link. Whitechapel Dispensary 4661. The graveyard and hospital to find out the killers' identities. Kensington Gardens, where the Bishop's nephew lives in Knightsbridge. You can visit the three places in any order.

You are Holmes. Walk to the sofa, which is on the wall to the left of the work table. The morning newspaper is on the sofa.

Grab the newspaper and read O. Farley's new article. O. Farley now writes that Holmes had contact with counterfeiters and did not tell the police about it. Close the screen and open the map. As said ...... there are now 3 locations you can go to. Each location represents a chapter in this story. If you choose a location, you will first have to do everything you need to do at that location before you can go to the other location.

So the locations are: Westgate Prison, Kensington Gardens and Whitechapel Street

Watson has indicated that he wants to go to Westgate prison first to put poisoner Hans Schielman to the test. So let's follow Watson on this one.

 So click on the map on the Westgate Jail circle and ...... Holmes and Watson end up in the:

B: Westgate Prison:

Arriving at Westgate Prison, Holmes and Watson are accosted by Frank Brighton, who mans the porter's lodge. Prisoner Hans Schielman is in the extra security department and may only be visited with a pass from the director. However, Frank is not allowed to leave his post, so he thinks it would be better if Holmes himself asks for the pass from the director's secretary. That secretary can be found at the back of the hallway and then on the right. According to Frank, Schielman has not had any visitors in recent weeks.

You are in control again and you are Holmes again and you look at Watson. Turn clockwise to the porter's lodge where Frank Brighton is. Walk, left or right of the porter's lodge, into the hallway. You are then behind the lodge and at an intersection of 3 corridors. The left corridor goes to the "Low Security" level, the middle corridor goes to the "Administration" and the right corridor to the "High Security" level. The door to the Guard Room is open on the right, but don't go in there.

Enter the "Administration" corridor and follow the corridor around the corner to the end. The last door on the right is the door of the secretary's office, as the sign next to the door says. Look at the "Secretary" sign with your magnifying glass and then click on the door handle to open the door and then walk in. The secretary, Mrs. Jenny Patterson, is asleep at her desk, but Holmes wakes her up.

Holmes asks to speak to the director and Jenny leaves to announce Holmes. Watson notes that Jenny is most likely pregnant. Look around Jenny's office. On Jenny's desk is a tray containing "urgent documents" for the principal. On the desk, which is under the bulletin board, it says "tea for 2". Turn around and walk to the director's door.

Look at the nameplate on the director's door. When you have looked at the nameplate of the director, who is also called Patterson,J

 enny and the director come out and a conversation follows between Holmes and director P. Patterson.

Director Patterson, although very honored by Holmes's visit, wants to know if Holmes is coming on behalf of Scotland Yard, but Holmes cleverly dodges the question. Use the "A Pass" option and then the "Family ties" options. Patterson gives Holmes his pass and says that James, the head guard, will help Holmes and Watson further. James can be found in the security room. Through the "Family ties" options, we learn that Jenny is Patterson's daughter.

Say "Good bye" to Jenny, turn around and leave Jenny's office. Follow the corridor back to behind the porter's lodge and then turn left. At the corner with the "High Security" corridor, the door of the security room is open, but if you step in there now, you will have problems. First open the inventory and then select the "Pass", which Holmes just got from Director Patterson.

Close inventory. The "Pass" is then located at the top right. Now walk into the security room and ....... the head guard James sees that Holmes has a "pass" and says that Holmes can enter. Deselect the "Pass" in inventory. Don't walk straight ahead yet, but turn left. There is a closet in the corner. Walk to the cupboard and then look at the glass jar that is in the cupboard.

The jar contains "Potassium nitrate". Turn around and look at the guest book, which is on the 1st desk, and also the bulletin board that hangs above this desk. Continue to the guard standing behind his desk. This is Chief Warden Peter James. The other guard, who sits behind the other desk, is called O'Sullivan. Continue talking to Peter James and O'Sullivan through the conversation options.

O'Sullivan wants to join the police and is following a study for this. James tells, among other things, that there is another entrance / exit to the cells. but that it is blocked for security reasons. Down by the cells is guard Mackenzie. Because this prison is scheduled to be demolished, there are only a few "inmates" left. Only Hans Schielman, the "Rat Killer" and the Flint brothers are locked down below. The Flint brothers hate each other and that is why they are each in a separate cell. Jenny Patterson hasn't put the work schedule on the bulletin board yet, so the board is still empty. If the work schedule doesn't come soon then guard Mackenzie will have to stay downstairs at his post for another week because only the guard on duty knows the code for the lock of the gate and that lock has a weekly timer. The doors close automatically after a week.

Say "Good bey" when you have used all conversation options. Behind head guard James you see the gate that gives access to the cell corridor, where Schielman is imprisoned. To the left of the fence gate, the alarm bells hang on the wall. If you turn to the left, you see the guns of the guards hanging behind James's desk. Look at the the guns and the alarm with your loupe cursor. Then walk to the gate and click on the door handle of the gate to open the gate.

Go down the stairs and open the gate at the bottom of the stairs and then enter the lower cells corridor. Holmes and Watson are greeted by guard Mackenzie, who reports that Schielman is in the back cell on the left. Mackenzie also tells Holmes and Watsen not to walk too close to the cells, but to keep to the middle of the corridor. Turn left and continue through the cell corridor. The Flint brothers live in the first cells, left and right. Continue to the back cell on the left. Walk up to the barred door of the cell and then click with your talk cursor on Schielman, who is writing something on the floor of his cell. Use all the conversation topics you get here.

Schielman is German, so he speaks English with a distinct German accent. Schielman has already heard about the new master chemist, who has created something that eats flesh and causes hysteria, but still thinks he is the only genius. To reinforce it, Schielman briefly brags about how he poisoned and hallucinated half the guard here. Schielman will only provide information if Holmes brings him his own fountain pen, which the guards have taken from him.

Go back through the cell corridor and then back up the stairs to the guard room. You do have to open the 2 gates again. Back in the guard room, talk to James and/or O'Sullivan again and ask them about Schielman's personal items (The prisoners things). Schielman's things are in a cupboard in the "Locker/check room", which can be found in the middle hallway.  Jenny Patterson has the key to this "Checkroom". So go back to Jenny Patterson, in her office at the end of the middle hallway. Click on Jenny with the talk cursor to ask her for the keys. Jenny goes to her father to ask permission and he comes out of his office. So talk to Director Patterson and use the conversation option to get the keys to the Checkroom from him.

Director Patterson disappears back to his room, but he gives Jenny a quick scolding first, regarding the work schedule. If that work schedule is not posted, the guard cannot be changed. Jenny begins to cry and Watson tries to comfort her. Jenny says that the work schedule is in her locker in the dressing room, but she has lost the key to her locker.


Schielman's Fountain Pen

Leave the office again. The "Checkroom" is diagonally across from Jenny's office. Open the inventory and select the Bunch of keys

Close the inventory and then click on the "Checkroom" door to open the door with the keys. Go inside.

 The lockersare on the left and right. You will find Schielman's locker on the right.

Stand in front of the Schielman locker and then click on the rotary handle of the locker. 

Holmes opens the locker. Inside you see a box, a letter opener and a sheet of tissue paper.

Click with your magnifying glass on the box to get into the close-up. There are a lot of chemical symbols on the lid of the box. Click with your finger on the box to get into the next close-up. You now see the lid of the box with all 56 chemical symbols. Under the box is a Poem, the Rolling Paper, the Letter Opener and your Loupe.

Click on the poem to enlarge it on your screen. Pick up the magnifying glass and then look at the poem through the magnifying glass. Move the magnifying glass, from top left to bottom right, over the poem and then left click each time. In most places in the poem Holmes will report that he sees nothing interesting, but in 4 places Holmes says he does see something interesting.

There are 4 tiny holes hidden in the poem. When you have searched the entire poem with the magnifying glass, right-click to place the magnifying glass back. However, keep the poem large in your screen. Now click on the tissue paper to place it over the poem. Then pick up the Loupe again and use the loupe to find the 4 holes in the tissue paper. Remember where those 4 holes are. Put the magnifying glass back away and now pick up the letter opener. Click with the tip of the letter opener in each of the 4 holes to make each hole a bit larger

Put the letter opener back away. In the 4 holes you will see letters: Ca, Br, H and S.

Right click twice to put the tissue paper and the poem back. So there are 56 chemical symbols on the lid of the box, in 56 boxes that you can click.

So click on the Ca box, the Br box, the H box and the S box and ....... the lid will open.

There is a letter in the box. Take the letter from the box. Holmes won't tell Watson what's on the note.

When you have taken the note you will see Schielman's fountain pen in the box. So also grab the Fountain pen.

Click the Close-up to exit from all close-ups. Leave the Checkroom and walk back to the porter's lodge and ....

Holmes and Watson are approached by Brighton, who tells them that the dry cleaners have brought his dress uniform. But Brighton doesn't dare leave his place during working hours to put away his fine uniform in the Cloakroom. Holmes offers to put the uniform in his locker for Brighton and Brighton then gives him the key to the Cloakroom, the key to Brighton's locker and his dress uniform.


Walk back through the middle hallway to the Cloakroom door. So that is the 1st door when you have turned the corner in the hallway. Open the inventory and then select the Cloakroom Key. Close the inventory and click on the door lock to open the Cloakroom door. Go inside. On the left and right are the wardrobes on the wall.

NB: Why that godforsaken Watson always has to get in the way is still a mystery to me after 6 of these Holmes games. But the dick is a nuisance, especially since it doesn't stick out a leg. You begin to wonder why our Genius Detective always takes Watson with him.

Brighton's locker:

Continue until just before the barred window and then turn left. The last locker of the left row is Brighton's locker.

Select the Brighton locker key in inventory and then open the locker.

At the top shelf is a glass jar of baking soda. Behind the pot is a book. Zoom in on the clothes hanger. Select Brighton's suit in inventory and then click with your finger on the clothes hanger to hang the uniform on the hanger. Then click on the glass jar with flour. Brighton apparently suffers from stomach pains due to stress. Holmes has moved the pot aside so that you can now take the book. So click on the book. The book opens .... there is a key in the book ..... take the key ..... to Holmes's surprise it is the key to Jenny Patterson's locker.

Jenny's  locker:

Go out the close-up, turn around and cross over to the lockers on the right wall. The 2nd locker, from the window, is Jenny's locker.

Select the Jenny Patterson Key you just found in inventory and use it to open the locker of the stupid pregnant bitch.

On the top shelf stand a box. Click on the box and ..... you get into a puzzle:

Open up Jenny's Box

The box has a puzzle lock. You see hexagons. 10 of those hexagons are "filled" and contain green and red balls.

The idea is to move those 10 hexagon's in such a way that balls of the same color come together. You pick up a hexagon piece with your left mouse and then you can drag it to an empty hexagon and then click to place it again. You cannot rotate the pieces. Well ..... this puzzle is not that difficult .... but ... here is the solution:

The box opens. Inside the box are a locket, a Letter and the Weekly Schedule. Zoom in on the now opened box.

Take Brighton's locket. In your documents you read that Jenny Patterson and Frank Brighton are in love with each other. Close the book. Take the Letter from Brighton. Read the letter in Documents. It's a love letter from Brighton to Jenny......Brighton wants to marry Jenny.....Close the book. You've earned a Fine Romance Honor for finding Brighton's love letter. Take the weekly schedule from the box. You read on the roster that O'Sullivan is to relieve guard Mackenzie. Close the book and close all close-ups. Leave the Cloakroom and go back to Jenny's office. Jenny suffers from pregnancy sickness, but speak to her anyway and .... Holmes then tells her that he has found the work schedule. Holmes also offers to give the roster to the guards. Go back to the:

Guard room:

Head guard James reports that we cannot go down to the cells.

The week is over and the timer has automatically locked the gates. A new code must be entered, but only the guard who is actually on duty can do that. Because there is no new work schedule on the bulletin board yet, James doesn't know who should actually take over Mackenzie's shift.

So use the "Guard Index cards" option to tell James that you have brought the new weekly schedule.

O'Sullivan takes the code and opens the door, which is connected to the alarm system. Now use the "The guest Book" option.........

O''Sullivan asks Holmes to write something in the guest book. Holmes then writes something with Schielman's pen in the guest book, which is on the table by the window. O'Sullivan reviews what Holmes has written and Holmes says that O'Sullivan could use a night's sleep. O'Sullivan tells him he has to study for his exam to be admitted to the police academy. Holmes writes, with Schielman's pen and on a slip of O'Sullivan's paper, a letter of recommendation addressed to Inspector Baynes. Holmes reassures O'Sullivan that only Inspector Baynes may open the letter.

Say "Good Bye", turn left and walk to the gate. Open the gate and descend the stairs again and open the next gate again. Continue to Schielman's cell. Select the fountain pen in inventory and then click with the talk cursor on Schielman to give him the pen, via the "Your pen" option. Now Schielman is ready to talk.

Schielman says that the poison is not quite ready yet. The poisoner, who "made" the poison, needs a lab to perfect it. According to Schielman, the poison does not keep long enough and can therefore not be made in large quantities yet. It is not intended that the poison is fatal. The maker only wants to gain power over people with the poison. Schielman thinks he could achieve the desired result. After these words, Watson has the feeling that Schielman wants to try to escape. Holmes agrees with Watson and wants to go warn the warden.

Leave the cell corridor ..... you will see that O'Sullivan has now taken over the guard below. Go back to Jenny and ....... Back in Jenny's office we witness an outburst from Principal Patterson, to his daughter Jenny. Jenny refuses to tell who the father of her unborn child is. Patterson thinks Jenny can't name her child Patterson.

Holmes informs the warden that he suspects Schielman is planning an escape and asks Patterson if he can have Schielman's cell searched. We then end up back in the guard room where the director orders Guard James to search Slemielmans cell. After a while James comes to report that nothing has been found in the cell that indicates a possible escape of Schielman ..... this much to the relief of Patterson.

Watson and Holmes think they are done here, but just as they are about to leave, a guard comes to say that Jenny would like to have a private word with Holmes. Holmes leaves and Watson stays in the guard room with James and Mackenzie. A little later we see that Brighton leaves his porter's lodge because an angry director has summoned him. Then a scream is heard from below. The Flint brothers have escaped from their cells! James and Mackenzie go downstairs to see what's going on, but get trapped on the stairs, between the two gates

O'Sullivan does not respond to their cries and smoke continues to billow from the cell block.

Head guard James asks Watson if he can activate the alarm, because then the gates will also open.

You are Watson ......... Click on the alarm bells, to the left of the fence gate. The alarm does not work. Stand against the fence and then click with the talk cursor on head guard James. James asks if you can contact O'Sullivan through the other door in the hallway. The keys to that gate door are in the guard's room. Turn clockwise to the desk where O'Sullivan used to sit. You will find the bunch of keys on the desk next to the telephone. Grab the Keys

Leave the guard room and walk to the left, to the end of the "High security" corridor. Select the bunch of keys in inventory and click on the fence door and........

Unfortunately ...... it does not work ... the gate does not open ...... Keep the Keys selected. From below you hear a voice saying that here too the top door is blocked by the timer, but that he can open the door below with the keys. We see a figure in uniform in the smoke and Watson thinks it is O'Sullivan. Click the talk cursor through the gate and........ Watson, in all his naivety, throws the keys to the man below, who he thinks is O'Sullivan.

Holmes now appears in the hallway and shouts that you must follow him to fix the alarm. 

Watson runs back to the security room and we're back at the alarm bells.

Klik weer op het alarm. Deze keer geraak je in de close-up:

Click on the alarm again. This time you get into the close-up:

The Alarm Bells puzzle:

You will see a circle divided into rings. Cubes rotate in the 4 inner rings. There is a transverse slot in the "center spot" of the circle. 

At the bottom you will see a small triangle.

 At the bottom right are arrow buttons with which you have to move the small triangle through the circle to and into the cross slot.

To move the triangle through the rings, you can click on the arrows at the bottom right. Or you use the A, D, and arrow keys on your keyboard. But the easiest thing is to just click with your finger in the rings .... that goes faster. You can click the triangle anywhere through the edges of the rings to the next ring when you click into the next ring, but you cannot click where there is a solid block in the rings. If you are unable to get the triangle into the cross slot, you can always use the "Skip puzzle" button to "skip" the puzzle. 

it's a matter of speed ...... the following images show you how to do it.

When the puzzle is solved, either by yourself or via the "Skipp puzzle" button, the alarm is activated and the 2 fence gates open.

Guards James and Mackenzie go downstairs and with the help of Watson, the Flint brothers are locked back in their cells.

However, Guard O'Sullivan is nowhere to be seen. Head guard James thinks that O'Sullivan went up through the other fence gate, because Watson gave him the keys to that gate. Watson offers to stay but Holmes doesn't feel like it and disappears. Watson goes downstairs to check the cells. So you're still Watson.

Walk to Schielman's cell. We see that Schielman is sleeping in the cell, on the cot. Click with the magnifying cursor on the cell door and ......

... Watson screams that the cell door is locked and raises the alarm and the 2 guards come to watch.

Watson does not trust that Schielman has not yet woken up due to his screaming and he wants to enter the cell to investigate the matter. 

Click with your finger, on the lock of the cell door and then walk into the cell. 

Enter the cell and click on the sleeping guy and ...... Oh .... this is not Schielman ...... this is guard O'Sullivan ........

Head Warden James and Warden Mackenzie run into the cell and they come to the, not very difficult, conclusion that Schielemans has escaped.....

Go back to the security room and then to the porter's lodge. Holmes is patiently waiting for Watson at the front door.

So walk on to Holmes and click on Holmes with the talk cursor and .... after the talk Holmes and Watson leave the prison. You have earned the Prison Break Honor. Holmes and Watson stand behind the prison and Watson asks why we are here. Holmes replies that they have an "appointment" with someone here and in the distance you see a guy standing there. Walk up to that guy and........

We meet Schielman, who is waiting for Holmes here. Continue listening to Holmes...

Holmes admits that he helped Schielman escape. Watson is dismayed and angry. He immediately wants to call the guards. Holmes stops Watson. Holmes wants to explain later why he helped Schielman, but now he must first take Schielman to a safe place. Watson is given his notes on the case by Holmes. Holmes wants to meet Watson again later at the next research site.

You must then tell Holmes where you will meet him.

The choice you make here is also the choice of your next location where you want to go to continue the game.

So here I choose the "Whitechapel" location. You do not immediately end up in "Whitechappel" because the document book is opened.

Now read through Holmes's "Escape from Westgate Prison" notes....you read that....

In Schielman's box was a note. Schielman writes that the ink in his fountain pen temporarily robs someone of his will. Holmes wants to help Schielman escape but at the same time keep him under control by means of his own fountain pen poison. Holmes wrote in the guest book and letter of recommendation with the fountain pen. O'Sullivan read the guest book and was persuaded by Schielman to open his cell. Schielman put on O'Sullivan's uniform and found the letter of recommendation. Schielman read the letter of recommendation and as a result came under the control of Holmes, who wrote in that letter that Schielman should wait for him outside the prison. Holmes goes on to explain how he used Patterson and Jenny. Jenny asked him not to tell her father about Brighton, so Holmes put Brighton's letter in the mail-out box on Jenny's desk. Patterson read the letter, became angry, and had Brighton leave his post as porter.

When you have read everything, right click to close the screen and .... after loading, Holmes and Watson have ended up in:

Chapter 4: Whitechapel:

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot