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Chapter 4: Whitechapel:

Well .... this is a "feast of recognition" because in the previous Holmes game "Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper" you have wandered extensively in Whitechapel. You can now do that again. For example, you can walk into the "Buck's Row" where Polly Nichols was killed in "Holmes v.s Jack the Ripper". You can talk to the people in the streets and earn the "A Very Fine Loafer Honor" if you talk to 2 or 3 of the people in the street. Those "Honours" don't interest me that much so I'm not going to bother with it.

Also note that here too the whole neighborhood is covered in graffiti...Follow the street straight ahead, to the hospital.


Walk to the entrance gate and open the gate with your finger. Then walk into the front yard. On the left, the gardener is busy raking the tree bed and there are some people sitting and lying on the benches. On the right is a maid doing the laundry. Continue to the front doors and click on the doorknobs and ..... we end up in the hospital in the ward. Immediately turn right and speak to the doctor, who is writing behind the desk.

This is Grand and he's a former fellow medical student of Watson's. Grand is a somewhat embittered man ...... he had wanted to go to America, the land of untold possibilities, but instead he is no longer a surgeon and has to spend his days as a poor doctor in this poor hospital. Well......."Shit happens"........ 

Use the "Scalpel" option and ......Holmes asks if the scalpel found with the corpse of the Bishop came from this hospital. Grand reports that it could be because the hospital staff often steal things from the hospital to sell them as extra income. You can take a look around the infirmary. There are a few patients on the beds and the heater is not working. Go back outside and back to the street. At the church, opposite the hospital, is the soup seller with his soup cart. Go talk to the soup seller.

To be able to talk to the soup man, you have to stand behind the soup cart yourself.

The soup guy is a volunteer who distributes the soup to the poor on behalf of one Prince Woodville. After mass in the church, the poor receive a coupon with a date stamp. You can then exchange that voucher for a bowl of soup at the various soup carts, which are on almost every corner of the street.

Right next to the soup cart is a box on which there is a dice game.

Look at  the dice game ....... apparently this "volunteer" earns something extra with this gambling game. Turn right and then walk through the gate to the church.


Walk clockwise across the courtyard, to the entrance gate of the cemetery, where a flower girl is peddling her flowers

Open the gate and then walk into the graveyard. You are in the front part of the graveyard. To the right is a wooden shed. Continue to the shed.

The door of the shed is locked, but there is a rope under the window. Click with your magnifying cursor on the rope and ...... You end up in the close-up. You see the coiled rope and you see the piece of rope you found near the Bishop's corpse. Holmes wants to know if the piece of rope matches the big rope. So pick up the magnifying glass and examine the coiled long rope with it. You should know how to do this by now. If you click with a magnifying glass on the right part of the long rope, approximately in the middle, Holmes will report that the long rope is only closed on one side. Also view the short piece of rope with the magnifying glass and that piece of rope is only worn off on 1 side.

So Holmesje concludes that the short piece of rope was cut off from the long piece of rope. The rope is used here in the cemetery to lower the coffins into the graves. You will then automatically exit the close-up screen. Turn to the right and take a few steps forward and then turn back to the shed. A shovel leans against the right side of the shed and there is a wheelbarrow. There is a yellow note in the wheelbarrow. Look at the shovel and then continue to the wheelbarrow.

Take the yellow note and read it.....It's a "Soup Ticket" and it's dated for September 19th, which is 2 days away. The 2nd paragraph is a personal message from one Grape Ape to one Kurtz. Close the book and....Holmes then concludes, because of the date on the soup ticket, that only someone who works at the soup kitchen could have written this. Turn around and then follow the path to the rickety fence that separates the front part of the cemetery from the back part.  Go through that gate to the back part of the graveyard. Then look to the left.  A fresh grave has been dug near the wall.....the grave is still empty.

Continue to the open grave near the wall. When you're right in front of the freshly dug grave, look down.

On the soil, just in front of the grave, you will get the magnifying cursor, so zoom in on the soil.

You now need to compare the soil samples, you analyzed in Baker Street, with the soil here at the grave to determine if those mounds are from the graveyard. So click with a magnifying glass on the soil, to the left of the saucer. Holmes reports that it is freshly dug soil that is also somewhat moist. Then click with the magnifying glass on the piles of soil in the saucer and listen to Holmes's conclusions.

You are automatically out of the close-up again. Turn right and walk on to the small shed, which is in the corner here. Stand in front of the shed door and then click with the magnifying glass on the door lock. Holmes thinks this is the gravediggers' shed. 2 granite tombstones lean against the side of the shed.

Click on the tombstones with your magnifying glass. 

Then use the magnifying glass to determine whether the small piece of granite comes from these tombstones. So that's the case

The lower part of the piece of granite contains black paint. Also click on the black paint with the magnifying glass.

Then click with the magnifying glass on the black "environment" of the large tombstone and ......

Holmes concludes that the piece of stone matches the tombstone. As Holmes and Watson walk back to the front part of the cemetery, they conclude that all traces they have found at the Bishop's house lead to this graveyard. At least one of the killers must be working here in this graveyard, probably as a gravedigger.

Leave the cemetery and go back to the street and talk to the soup guy of the soup cart again.

The grumpy man snaps at Holmes that he doesn't have time to talk. Use the Grape Ape option to ask the soup guy about this person. But the man really doesn't want to tell anything. Now use the Money Game options to tempt the soup man into a game of dice. Holmes challenges the man to the dice game and he pits Watson's ring against the soup guy's ring.

The Dice Game:

You win this game if you are the first to reach 36 points. You can roll the dice as many times as you like and you can save your points in the score box. You must be the first to reach 36 points to win. When it is your turn, click on the "Roll" button. To save your points, click on "Store points". The points from each throw are added together and saved, even if you don't always save the points. It's your turn until you save the points you've earned via the "Store points" button.

So you can roll the dice one after the other and the total number of points achieved will appear at the top of the box. However, if you throw a skull with the dice, you will lose the points you have not saved. So save your points on time. Well.......what else can I explain.....nothing....you will simply have to win this game to continue with the game and you cannot Skip this game. If you win the game you will earn the "The Gambler Honor"

If you have won, you can continue talking to the soup guy via the conversation options.

The guy does not want to give up his ring and tells a sad story and Holmes renounces his ring. We then hear that Grape Ape also works for the soup kitchen where he distributes the food stamps. However, the soup man has not seen Grape Ape for a few days...the last time Grape Ape was seen was at the hospital, where friends of the soup man and Grape Ape work in the morgue. Kurtz also works in the mortuary, but the soup man does not want to tell more about Kurtz.


Say goodbye and turn around and re-enter the Hospital. At the hospital, talk to Dr. Grant again. Ask Grand about the mortuary. The mortuary is accessible through the door at the back of the infirmary. So turn around and walk through the room to the door at the back. Open the door and walk back between corridors. Watson then points Holmes to a list of recent deaths, which is posted on the bulletin board. So take that death list from the bulletin board.

You can read the list in your document book. On the death list you can read, among other things, the names of Sally Petticoat, 17 years young and John Hamilton, 19 years young. Sally and John were supposed to marry each other but before it got that far these two young people took their own lives.,.....suicide by poisoning. Sally and John are buried in the same part of the cemetery.

Close the book and enter the Mortuary through the next door. Watson thinks the morgue is a dirty mess and he gets in the way again. The dissecting table is in the middle of the room. On the right side of the dissecting table hangs a tray with some tools. Walk to that tray and then take the Scissors from it. 

Turn around to the desk. A jacket hangs over the chair. Click with your finger on the jacket to place it on the desk. You can read the name Kurtz in the jacket. Click with your finger on/in the jacket again and then listen to Holmes and Watson. To the left of the jacket is the scissors you just grabbed. The jacket pocket is sewn shut. Pick up the scissors and click them on the jacket pocket to cut open the jacket pocket. Click with your finger on the cut open jacket pocket and .... Holmes takes 2 keys from the jacket pocket.

Click with the scissors on the Kurtz name tag to cut it loose. A rolled up piece of paper appears under the name label.

Take that rolled up paper ..... it turns out to be a hand-drawn map of the cemetery.

Click with the scissors on the left jacket sleeve and ... You cut the sleeve open and a metal Pin is inserted in the sleeve. Take the Pin from the sleeve.

ready here in this depressing morgue. So leave the hospital again and go back to the....


Go back to the shed in the front part of the cemetery. As you already know, the shed door is locked.

Click on the lock of the shed door again and you will now end up in the close-up of the lock. 

Lock pick puzzle.

The lock has 2 keyholes, so luckily you took 2 keys from Kurtz's jacket pocket. The 2 keys and also the metal pin are under the lock. A round bar protrudes through the lock. The ends of that round bar stick out of the lock on the left and right side. Pick up the left key and insert the key into the left keyhole. Then insert the other key into the right keyhole. If both keys are in the keyholes, click 1 time on both keys to turn both keys 1 time ...... this causes the round bar to slide slightly to the left and then only protrudes from the left of the lock. Now pick up the metal Pin and click with the pin on the right side of the lock (You can read Place at the top mouse icon). You push the entire round bar out of the lock with the pin and the door opens.

So step into the shed. Holmes reports that this barn is marked on the Kurtz map. On the left is a barrel with an ax on it.

There is a letter between the 2 windows and a crate in the middle of the shed.

First go to the ax and the letter. Take the Ax and take the Letter (Note from the cemetery) ...... you read that Chef P. Long has decreed that the "Lovers' Tree" must be cut down to make room for a new grave. Close the documents and turn to the crate. Zoom in on the crate. The cratw is nailed to the floor with nails. So select the ax in inventory and then click on the crate and ..... you open the crate with the ax. Inside the box is a bag of nails. Click on the bag to slide it aside. Holmes discovers a crack in the center bottom plank of the crate..... Select the pocket knife in inventory and then click on the crack in the bottom board and............

...... you open a hole in the floor. There is a bag of gold in the hole. Click on the bag and then take the note from the hole..

Read this "Note from the cemetery bandits" in your document book ..... you read that not all the loot is hidden here in this hole. 

Part of the loot is hidden at "Romeo and Juliet", which are, of course, the graves of young Sally Peticoat and John Hamilton.

Close the book and close-up. Exit the shed. Continue to the back part of the cemetery. 

Then turn right and continue to the thick tree, which is at the back right.

 A piece of the bark has been cut away in the trunk of the tree. Some names are carved into the tree wood.

Look at the carved names with your loupe. So this is the "Lovers' Tree", the tree where the lovers carve their names in.

The top names are Sally and John's and have a rose carved next to them.....click on "Sally + John" and listen to Holmes. You automatically go out of the close-up ..... So we are looking for the grave of Sally and John. Walk past the tree to the graves dug along the long back wall of the cemetery. Go to the grave near the 2 trees. On the tombstone of this grave is a rose.

Click with your magnifying glass on the rose and ...... Holmes tells you that this is the right grave. But how to open the grave?..... 

There is a shovel at the front shed!. So walk back to the front part of the cemetery and to the shed and now take the shovel.

Walk back to the rose tomb. Select the shovel in inventory and then click on the grave and .......

Metal Box puzzle

Watson digs up a metal box. Click on the metal box and listen to Holmes.

The box has a combination lock with 8 numbers. So you have to set the correct 8-digit code. So you select a group of 2 numbers and you can then click it up and down, or move it left and right. If you select 2 numbers by clicking, those 2 number boxes will get a blue border. If you then click above or below those 2 boxes, you will move those 2 boxes up or down. If you have clicked 2 digits up or down, you can move to the left or to the right. In this way you can always move 2 digits to get them in a different place in the row. 

If you find this puzzle too difficult, you can "play" with the numbers for a few minutes.....after a few minutes, the "Skip puzzle" button will appear at the top right, with which you can let the game solve the puzzle. The puzzle starts in the initial position. The series of numbers is then: 26344758. At the bottom right you see the serial number of the box. So you have to make that serial number with the 8 digits. Here then is the solution:

Step 1:

Select 44 and click it up. Select 75 and click it down. Select 44 again and move it 2 spaces to the right. 

Select 75 again and move it 2 places to the left and then 1 up. Select 44 again and go down 1 with it. You have now swapped 44 and 75

Step 2:

 Raise 54 and slide it all the way to the left. Move 26 down and then right and up. 26 then stands where 75 stood. 

Step 3. 

Move 72 down, left and up. 72 is then on the far left.

Step 4: 

Move 64 up and then all the way to the right. Click 23 down, then right, then 1 up. 23 is then against the 8.

Step 5: 

Click 38 down, 3 clicks left and then 1 click up. 

Move 82 down, to the left and then up so that 82 is between the 7 and the 3. 

Click 64 1 down.

 Move 54 4 clicks to the right and then 1 down and .....

Holmes found it easy and .... the box opens. You have earned another Honor, the "Number Lover Honor"

Zoom in on the now opened box.

There are are 2 golden candlesticks, a Key and a bloody Hammer in the box. Take the Key. We then see that the door of the gravediggers shed goes open and closes again. Watson screams that someone must be in that shed. Holmes tells Watson to keep his revolver ready. So turn left and continue to the shed. Open the shed door with your finger and .......

We catch a bunch of young boys. One of the boys is injured. Listen to Holmes conclude that these 2 boys are thieves who tried to rob butcher Samuel Fletcher of some meat. Unfortunately for that one boy, Fletcher was rather quick with his butcher knife. You will then get conversation options. Via the "Afraid" or the "Meditation" option, one of the boys then tells the address of that Kurtz. In Documents you read that Kurtz lives in Batty Street at number 8. Number 8 is on the right in the street and at the end of a dead end alley. Close the book and while talking, Holmes and Watson leave the shed and the back part of the graveyard. Then leave the cemetery on your own and go back into the street and we now meet that benefactor Prince Woodville

The dandy Prince gets pissed off by a big fat whore, but the prince doesn't get angry by it. 

Despite the protests of Inspector Baynes, who is supposed to protect the prince, the prince gives the fat whore some money and then he disappears.


You'll then be facing the wrong side of Whitechapel Street, so turn around to see the hospital gate, soup cart and church again. Now follow Whitechapel Street straight through the side streets past the churchyard wall. The right side street is Batty Street. On the corner is the shop of I. Solomonovitch, who played such a prominent role in the previous holmes game. In the left street a Bobby is playing with his dick....eh...stand on guard.

Dive into Batty Street and walk all the way to the back of this cul-de-sac. Then turn right and you are in front of number 8. In inventory elect the key that you stole from the metal box in the cemetery, and then click on the door of number 8 and Holmes and Watson go inside and find......the corpse of Kurtz and the carcasses of his 2 dogs......Kurtz and his dogs have been horribly slaughtered.

Look down at the corpse and cadavers, then zoom in first on the belly of Kurtz's lifeless body.

You are then in the close-up of the upper body of the once handsome Kurtz.

Click with your magnifying glass on the various wounds and then listen to what Watson and Holmes have to say about it. 1 of the fingers of the right hand is bandaged with a dirty bandage. First click with your finger on the bandage. Then select the pocket knife and then click on the bandage again to remove the bandage and ....... The finger is gone ..... it is the cut finger that we found at the Bishop. Close the close-up of the upper body and then zoom in on Kurtz's feet and then use your loupe to examine the wound in the right leg. Also look at the points of both shoes with your magnifying glass. The shoes are size 9 and they are working class shoes.

Close close up. Look down at Kurtz and the dogs again and now zoom in on the dog carcass lying to the right of Kurtz. Search the cadaver with your cursor. There are 3 wounds that you can click on with your magnifying glass. Do that and listen to the commentary of Holmes and Watson. Then close the close-up and walk to the dog lying to the left of Kurtzie and zoom in on the dog. Find the places where you can click with the cursor and then do that and listen to Watson and Holmes again. Close the close-up when you're done with it. Turn around to Watson and then walk, past Watson's right, to the wall and then look a little to the left. Behind Watson is a tray on the floor. Zoom in on the tray.

There is a glass in the left box. In the middle box is a bowl with gray balls in it. There is a pipe in the elongated top compartment. Take a closer look at these 3 items with your magnifying glass and listen to what Watson and Holmes have to say about them. So Kurtz was an opium sniffer. Close the close-up and turn around again and then walk across the room to the fireplace, avoiding that annoying Watson, who stand in the way .... unfortunately it is not possible to knock Watson out the game. When you arrive at the fireplace you will see a note on the mantelpiece. There is a Badge on the note. To the left of the broken mirror is a newspaper article pinned to the wall.

Click on the note and listen to Holmes. The Badge is a military badge. 

Kurtz fought in the Farmers War in South Africa. Read the newspaper article about the Farmers War. 

Between the corpses and the fireplace is an overturned table and the drawer has fallen out of the table.

Make sure you are in the right place to poke your finger in the drawer, because there is a piece of white paper letter in the drawer ..... take the piece of paper ..... it turns out to be a piece of a Letter to be Kurtz's and you read it in your Documents.....you read why Kurtz was discharged from the army. Close the Documents screen again and turn around. A bloody wad of paper lies on the floor in front of the filthy sofa. Zoom in on it ..... it turns out to be a piece of a newspaper .... click on it with your finger to expand it.

There is a branch with 2 yellow grapes on the newspaper and it has a large blood stain on it. 

Click with your magnifying glass on the large blood stain and the grape branch.

Click on the left side of the newspaper and Holmes will tell you that this is yesterday's newspaper. Close close up.

To the left of the sofa are 2 food dishes for the dogs. There is still a bone in 1 of the feeding dishes. Click on the bone. Holmes comes to the conclusion that someone brought the dogs meat. After the dogs ate, they attacked Kurtz. A photo hangs on the wall above the sofa. Look at the photo.....in the photo we see Kurtz and his comrades at the Farmers War........Kurtz fought on the side of the farmers.....so against the English. If you've looked at everything here and clicked everything you should have clicked you can start with the "Kurtz deduction". You do this by clicking on Watson or by opening the Investigation menu screen and then on the blackboard and then clicking on "Deduction Kurtz".

Kurtz Deduction:

You have to make all the connections again to come to all the conclusions. You now know how this works, so I won't explain it in detail.

To the left of the vertical line, you click on the topics and then you give the correct answer to all question marks.

If you have filled in both pages correctly, you will automatically exit the deduction. Watson then screams that he is still missing some data.

Holmes proposes to do an autopsy on Kurtz's body, so Watson goes on alone and to the hospital.


Autopsy on the Kurtz body

You are now Watson and you are back in the hospital ward. Go back to the morgue.

As soon as you open the doors in the back of the room, Dr. Grant comes out of the morgue.

A not so friendly conversation ensues between Watson and Grant. Grant becomes angry when Watson requests an autopsy on Kurtz's body. Watson doesn't give up and gets angry too. Meanwhile, Holmes has also arrived and we walk together into the mortuary.

You are now Holmes again, because Holmes is going to do the carving in the corpse, which is on the cutting table under the sheet. Get the hand cursor on the sheet and then tear the sheet away and then click on the fat belly of the Kurtz corpse. You end up in the close-up. At the bottom of your screen are the surgical instruments you need to use. From left to right you have a Pipette, a Scalpel, a Pinchet, a Rib Spreader and a piece of Cotton. Pick up the piece of Cotton and click it on the abdomen to clean the area where Holmes wants to cut. Holmes then automatically draws 2 dotted lines on the abdomen to mark the places where he wants to cut. Name the upper dotted line A and the lower dotted line B

Pick up the Scalpel and click it on line B. Holmes makes a cut on line B. 

Right click to put the Scalpel down and then pick up the Rib Spreader. 

Click on the cut you just made with the Rib Spreader to open the cut wider. You can now see part of the lung.

Pick up the Scalpel again and click it on the lung to cut a hole in the lung. 

Put the Scalpel back away and now pick up the Pipette. 

Click with the Pipette on the lung to aspirate some lung fluid. 

The Pipette with the lung fluid is now stored. 

Pick up the Scalpel again and now click with it on line A. 

Put the Scalpel down again and then move the Rib Spreader to the newly made cut. 

You now see Kurtz's stomach. Take the Scalpel again and click it in the stomach to cut the stomach further open. 

Put the Scalpel back and now take the pinchet and click it in the stomach.

You take a wad of paper out of your stomach and you see an address at...13 Berner Street

You will automatically exit the close-up screen. By finding the wad of paper in Kurtz's stomach you have earned the "Hidden Message Honor". You're done with the greasy Kurtz corpse. Turn around. Behind Holmes is the work table in the corner. Walk to the work table. The test tubes are attached to the shelf of the table. Make sure you can click on the test tubes. In inventory, select the Pipette with the lung fluid and then click on the test tubes.

.......you've done chemical analysis in Baker Street before, so you know how it works. 

The Pipette is in the tray and the Question mark tube is in front.

Click on the pipette and it flies up to the question mark tube and a drop of lung fluid falls into the container. 

So now always turn 1 of the other colored tube forward and then click on the tap and then note down  how many drops of which color you see. 

Then fill in the numbers of drops on the color chart. Thus:

Holmes concludes that there is poison in Kurtz's lungs and you can review the full analysis in your document book.

You can also look at that piece of paper you took from Kurtz's stomach (Kurt's folder) in Documents

We can now finish the Kurtz Deduction, so open the Document Book again if you already put it away, and then click on the "Kurtz Deduction" again. Open the 1st page of the "Kurts deduction" and behold ..... a new item has now been added and that is the "Lungs". Click on "Lungs" and then give the correct answers at the question marks. The conclusion box turns red. Scroll to the 2nd page and give the correct answer to the question marks there as well. All conclusions then turn green and Holmes then gives his final conclusion about the murder of Kurtz.

Kurtz was killed by his accomplices with the same poison as the bishop was given. Only this poison was not lethal. The poisoner has further developed the poison. The accomplices killed Kurtz because he lost his finger and was wearing bandages, while the police searched for someone without a finger. Kurz got the poison through his opium pipe, which he used for the pain. When Kurtz realized he had been poisoned, he swallowed the paper with the address in revenge, knowing that an autopsy would follow. Holmes wants to go after the henchmen and that's why he wants to go to 13 Berner Street, because that's the address on the paper you pulled from Kurtz's stomach.

You will then automatically be outside again in the forecourt of the hospital.

Go back up the street through the gate and follow Whitechapel street to the left...until the first side street on the right. This is Berner Street.

13 Berner Street: Opium den

Walk up Berner Street and through to the back of the street, then turn right and go straight to number 13, at the end of the street. 

Number 13 is a Chinese and it is the opium den

Continue to the door of the Chinese and click on the doorknob to enter. Holmes and Watson are welcomed by the manager of the opium den.

On the right is the counter and on the wall hangs a board with keys. Walk behind the Chinese, between the red curtains, to the hall, where the customers, exhausted by the opium, lie on the couches. The room is L-shaped and there are larger and smaller tables. Walk through the entire room and click on each customer and on each table where you get the magnifying cursor. Immediately in the left corner is a table with a basin with dishes on it, which you can view.

Where the room turns right, a customer is lying in front of pampus on the sofa bed, by the window. 

Right around the corner a customer is sitting on the bed and this customer is still awake.  There is an ashtray on the table in front of this bed. Check out the ashtray

Go to the window across the room. There is a table under the window. On the table is a cup with Jasmine tea

NB: You must have examined the dirty dishwashing bowl, the ashtray and the jasmine tea with your magnifying glass.

Then continue through the room. Almost at the end of the room is a deep niche where a guard stands guarding a door and there is also the staircase to the upper floor. Further on you see the door of the storage room. When you walk up to the guard, he screams that you can't enter the room he's guarding.

Walk to the storage room door. Above the door are 3 Chinese letter characters. Take a look at those Chinese letter characters and try to remember them. Holmes says he can't read Chinese, but it's important that he saw these characters anyway. Click on the doorknob but the storage room is locked and........ Now if you have looked at the dirty dish, the ashtray, the jasmine tea and you have walked to the guard and you have looked at the Chinese characters above the storage room door and tried to open that door then ..... there will be a consultation between Holmes and Watson.

Walk back to the counter and click again with your magnifying glass on the key board and listen to Holmes. Holmes needs some stuff to create a distraction. If you have looked at the dishwash bowl, the dirty ashtray and the cup of jasmine tea during your walk, you can now pick up these items. So walk back into the opium hall and go immediately left to the dishwash bowl. Now click with your finger in the dishwash bowl to take out a glass with dirty dishwashing water. Turn around and go to the table with the dirty ashtray on it and now take the ashtray.

Then go back to the table under the window and take the Jasmine tea cup.

If you have the glass with dirty dishwashing water, the dirty ashtray and the jasmine tea, then open the inventory. In inventory you then combine the Ashtray (Ashes) with the dishwater glass (Dirty water). So you drag the ashtray to the glass to combine these 2 items. Then put the Jasmine tea in the glass and ..... you have made a Dirty Drink (Louzy booze). Select this and close the inventory.

At the table where you took the ashtray  is a guy who is still awake. Walk to that guy and click on him again to give him the dirty drink and .......

.... the man drinks the drink and immediately gets sick as hell. The manager comes running to help the man.

The manager has now left the counter, so quickly go back to the counter and to the key board. Click on the key board to get into its close-up. 

There are 8 keys on the board, but which key is the key to the pantry?. Above each key are Chinese letter characters.

If you have looked at the Chinese characters above the door of the storage room, you will  recognize those characters on this board and you will know which key to take ...... well ...... again you don't know?....it's the left key in the top row. So take that key from the board and immediately select the key in inventory and close the close-up. Run back through the room to the storage room door and click on the door handle again, with the key in the top right of your screen.

The door opens and Watson quickly puts the key back on the board and then Holmes and Watson enter the:

Storage room:

Look at everything you can see here with the loupe cursor. On the right wall is a cabinet that is full of bottles, etc. 

To the right of the cabinet is a wooden panel in the wall. 

Look at the wooden panel ..... The panel is an air vent and we look through it into that guarded private room.

In that room, the other 2 murderers of the Bishop lie enjoying the opium. Holmes and Watson eavesdrop on the conversation. 

Holmes needs a strong anesthetic to take out that guard at the private door. Look at the low cabinet again.

On the 2nd shelf in this cabinet you can take a closer look at a small bottle with the magnifying cursor. The bottle contains a strong anesthetic. Take that bottle of anesthetic. A little more to the left is a syringe on the shelf. Take the Syringe. Look down at the floor and then turn around. In front of your feet is a bowl with opium balls on the floor.

A teaspoon is placed in the bowl. Take the Teaspoon from the bowl and Holmes will have a teaspoon with opium balls in inventory.

Look up again and at the left wall.

On the left wall is a kind of fireplace and also a ventilation grille with a cloth hanging over it. 2 pruning knives hang under the window. In the fireplace is a wooden bucket with a stick in it. Walk to the wall and then take the right pruning knife from the bar under the grate. Then look down and to the right and take the Stick from the wooden bucket

Continue to the back of the room and then look to the right. There is a trolley here with things to prepare the opium.

Click on the trolley to go into its close-up. There is a Burner on the cart and a glass jar with water. Select your matches in inventory and then click on the Burner to light the burner. Then click on the round grid, which is attached to the burner, to slide the grid over the burner. Select the teaspoon with the opium balls and click on the burner again to melt the opium .........

A conversation between Watson and Holmes follows and you then get the teaspoon with liquid opium in inventory .... 

.........but then the manager comes running ......

........ the manager has smelled trouble and he closes the door of the storage room again. Holmes and Watson are now locked in the storage room and obviously want to escape. Walk back to the fireplace and make sure you look up again at the ventilation grille over which the cloth hangs. Now click with your finger on the cloth to remove it from the grid. Holmes thinks he and Watson can escape through the opening. Select the pruning knife (Billhook) in inventory and click on the grid to wring open the grid a bit ........ listen to Holmes. Select the Stick in inventory and click on the grid again to keep the grid wide open with the stick. Then, after Holmes' comment, click in the opened ventilation hole and ......

Holmes and Watson escape the storage room and we're back in the opium den. Stand still for a moment and open the inventory.

Disable the Guard:

Now combine the Teaspoon of Opium with the Syringe  to put the liquid opium in the syringe. 

Then combine the syringe with the bottle of anesthetic (Barbituric acid) and ... you then have a syringe with a strong sedative (Syringe with soporific).

Select the syringe immediately and close the inventory. The Syringe is then located at the top right of your screen. 

Now walk towards the guard, who is guarding the private door and ........

...... Holmes orders Watson to lure the guard to him, while Holmes is standing in the corner with the syringe.

The intention is that you click on the head of the guard with the syringe cursor at the right time. 

Watson calls the guard and he starts walking towards Watson. 

As soon as the guard moves, place the syringe cursor on his head, but do not click yet .... The syringe will then be red.

Make sure you move the red syringe with the guard while keeping the red syringe on his head .....

....... once the guard is at the corner where Holmes is waiting, the syringe will turn green for a moment ......

 Quickly.........click the green syringe on the ugly head of the guard and .......

.........if you were fast enough, Holmes rams the syringe into the shoulder of the guard and he falls into a deep sleep on the floor.......

If you were too slow, Holmes and Watson themselves will be knocked unconscious by the guard and you will get a 2nd chance option. If your 2nd chance also fails then you have to click on the guard to try again. I assume you'll be able to take out the guard. So walk on to the door of the private room and try to open the door, but Holmes does not want to enter through this door because then he has lost the element of surprise.

Watson screams that we have to go up the stairs, so turn right and walk up the stairs and .......

.... We end up on a balcony .... Look down over the balustrade and .....

Holmes pulls his gun and wants to put a bullet in the head of the murderers, but Watson prevents Holmes from killing the murderers and then .... we see Inspector Baynes arrive and he arrest and take away the murderers. Holmes and Watson return to Baker Street. Watson doesn't understand why Holmes doesn't want to be with the killers for interrogation, but Holmes thinks those 2 killers have nothing important to say anyway. Holmes wants to continue to investigate the case on his own.

The map appears. Well ..... now click on the Kensington Gardens location to continue our investigation there ....

Kensington Garden is where the Bishop's cousin lives

Chapter 5: Kensington Gardens

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot