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Chapter 5: Kensington Gardens

Holmes and Watson have ended up in the front yard of the house where Henry Hampford, the cousin of the murdered Bishop, is renting a room.

The landlady is at the door. Continue to the landlady and ...... Holmes will automatically address the woman.

Holmes lies a bit because he says that Henry asked him to come over because Henry is worried about all those unsavory types hanging around here. The landlady is happy with the arrival of Holmes and Watson and she says that laundry has been stolen from her washing line this morning. Holmes and Watson are allowed to look around the garden, but they are not allowed inside the house to search Henry's room.


The landlady disappears inside. Turn left and follow the path to the wall and then turn right.

You are now standing in front of the garden gate of the house. Open the door and step into the backyard.

Immediately you see laundry hanging on the clothesline. There are 4 pieces of laundry hanging on the line to dry.

There are also 2 unused clothes pegs on the line. Apparently a piece of laundry is missing. Take the 2 Clothes pegs from the line.

Behind the washing line is a vegetable garden and there is a rake. Walk to the right, around the washing line, and then pick up the rake.

Turn around. In the back right corner stand a tree. To the left of this tree is a tree stump. Between the tree and the stump is a piece of rope to which cups, mugs, cans and a bottle are tied. Walk to the tree and look at the piece of rope with the cups and the cups in close-up and then click on it again with your magnifying glass.

 Apparently this rope is a kind of alarm, to warn against unauthorized visitors. You can't do anything else with this primitive "alarm system", so close the close-up screen again. Turn around to the back wall of the house. A small shed has been built against the facade between the window and the back door. Walk to the shed and open the doors.

Holmes thinks he can find a shovel in the shed. When the shed is open, first look down. On the left you will get your magnifying glass on the ground, so click and ...... Holmes says that he sees the vague imprint of a shovel ..... but the shovel itself is gone. There is a pickaxe on the chest. Take the Pickaxe ...... In inventory, however, the pickaxe is called a Spade. Turn left and then, after knocking Watson out of the way, walk along the washing line to the wooden fence and .....

On the fence you get the magnifying cursor on a piece of cross slat. So take a closer look at that piece of crossbar via the magnifying cursor ... you enter the close-up of this slat and this slat looks fairly new. There are also a few nails in the slat and a little to the left is a round peephole in the fence. Select the Pickaxe (Spade) in inventory and then click on the slat and ...... Holmes demolishes the part of the fence and we can now continue to the neighbor's garden.

So walk into the neighbor's garden. Immediately turn right and look down. There are 2 barrels against the fence.

There is a sandwich on the front barrel and a newspaper on the back barrel. Look at the sandwich  and ..... Holmes concludes that someone has been standing here for a long time to spy on the landlady's house, through the peephole in the fence. Grab the newspaper and read through this "The Strand" newspaper in Documents. You read an article about food shortages. Turn clockwise to the peeohole in the fence. Now look at the peep hole with your loupe........

Holmes then looks through the peephole and sees that he can keep an eye on Henry's room through the hole. Turn back to the barrels and then continue to the shed, which is behind the barrels. Click on the doorknob of the shed door, but ..... Holmes does not find the shed interesting. There is a tree behind the shed. Look up at the branches of the tree. A jacket hangs over 1 of the branches. Walk a little and then click with your finger on the jacket. The jacket has been stolen from the landlady's washing line and Holmes wants to return it. Select the Rake in inventory and then click on the jacket again to take the jacket ..... listen to Holmes and Watson and you have now also earned the "Garden Gumshoe Honor".

Go back to the landlady's garden through the hole in the fence and then leave the garden through the garden door. 

Walk to the front door and knock and .......

Holmes returns the stolen jacket to the landlady and a conversation ensues. Holmes and Watson may now enter to examine Henry's room.

Henry's Room:

So go inside. Henry's room has number 11 and that's the first door on the left in the hallway. So go inside.

The bed is on the left. On the bed are books and a bag. Walk to the bed and then click with the magnifying glass on 1 of the books

Clever Holmes concludes that the books came from the bag. Someone took the books out of the bag. 

Turn to the left and look down. At Watson lies a Scarf on the floor. Grab the Scarf.

Walk to the middle of the room and then turn right.

To the left of the room door is a shoe cabinet and a coat rack and in the corner is a desk, which also has a trash can.

Walk to the coat rack and then click on the right clothes hanger, which hangs on the coat rack ...... no hat and no coat!

The shredded paper puzzle

Walk to the desk and then click with your finger in the trash can ...

In the close-up you see that there are shreds of paper in the trash can and Holmes reports that the trash can smells like onions. Take the scraps of paper from the trash can. You automatically go out of the close-up. Select the shredded paper in inventory. Stand right in front of the desk and then click on the square, which is on the left side of the desk, to place the shredded paper on it.

You then end up in the shredded paper puzzle. There are 16 paper pieces and you have to stick them together in a square. With your left mouse you pick up a piece of paper. If you have a piece of paper in your hand, you can rotate that piece with your mouse wheel before you click it into the square. You can also first click a piece and then rotate it via the blue rotation arrows, which then appear on the piece

Well ..... good luck with the puzzle. If you find this puzzle too difficult, you can have it solved by the game again via the "Skip puzzle" button that appears in the bottom right corner after a few minutes. That's what I did here too because I didn't feel like solving this one myself. Watson is then somewhat disappointed because it turns out ...... it is a blank piece of paper, but Holmes thinks a little differently about it. You automatically go out of the close-up. 

There is also a candle on the desk. Click on the candle ..... Holmes reports that the candle has burned recently and Watson thinks this is strange. Behind the candle are 2 small pillars with a rope stretched between them. It's a miniature clothesline. Select the 2 Clothes pegs in inventory and then click on the clothesline to click the clothespins on the line. Select the piece of Blank Paper in inventory and click again on the clothesline, between the 2 pegs, to hang the paper on the pegs.

Select the matches in inventory and click on the candle to light the candle.

Click on the blank paper and ... you get into the close-up and your cursor is now the Candle.

Move the burning candle behind the paper, and from top left to bottom right.

Words appear on the paper. Left click each time you see a word appear. The words will then be placed below the paper. Depending on the order in which you make the words visible, you must then put the words in the correct order by picking up a word and placing it somewhere else in the row.

Eventually you will read "Stinging Street Wharf 321 South Bank" and this is an address in the "Docks" by the Thames. 

The note will then be saved in your Documents.Turn around. 

You then look at the large bookcase and a round side table with a violin on it. Look at the bookcase and look at the violin.

The case to store the violin in is nowhere to be found, which Holmes finds strange. 

Walk to the bay window and then look down at the floor. Under the window sill, click with your magnifying glass on the floorboard and ...... 

You zoom in on the scraps that stick to the wall under the window sill.

There are groove between the scraps and you get the finger on the 2nd groove from the left. This groove is also slightly lighter than the other grooves. Select the Spade again in inventory and then click in the groove and ..... Holmes demolishes a large part of the scrap and finds a box in the secret wall compartment. Click on the box to take it out of the hiding place. The box is then on the bulkhead.

Click on the box again and ... you end up in the puzzle screen.

Henry's box:

The name you read on the lid is "Colt Paterson"...and that's the name of a revolver. There are 4 number dials on the lid. Pick up the box with your regular cursor and hold down your left mouse button. You can now turn the box in all directions by moving and turning your mouse. You have to look at the front, the left side, the back and the bottom of the box because there are numbers on all these sides of the box. Always click with your magnifying glass on the series of numbers that you see ..... Watson then writes down the series of numbers on a piece of paper and you automatically reach the puzzle screen.

The frontside reads: IV (4), 10, 8, 6, 3, 7, 11, 2, 4.

On the right side you read: I 1,2, 3, 5.


On the back you read: III, 21, 18, 16, 6, 15, 9, 10, 12.

On the bottom you read: II, 4, 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 3, 2.

If you have found all these series of numbers on the box and have clicked on them with your magnifying glass, then you make sure that you have the box in the normal position again, so with the top on top. Watson has therefore noted the number series on a piece of paper and you can now see that on your screen.

  • There are 4 number dials. Name the 4 knobs, from left to right A, B, C, D.

  • With each series of numbers you also saw a Roman numeral, namely I, II, III, IV.

  • These are the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and they indicate which series of numbers belongs to which of the 4 rotary knobs.

  • So sequence I is for Button A, sequence II is for button B, sequence III is for button C, and sequence IV is for button D.

If you study the series of numbers on the piece of paper, you suddenly notice that a number is missing in each series. You have to find that missing number for each series of numbers and then set it on the relevant dial.

  • In the first series of numbers (I) you always have to add 2 consecutive numbers, 
    so: 1 = 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5, 3 + 5 = 8.....the missing number is then 8.

  • In the 2nd series (II) you have to add the 3 numbers vertically where the sum is always 9. 
    In the last column the 1 is missing because 5 + 3 + 1 = 9.

  • In the 3rd series (III) there is subtraction. You start with 21 and then right to 16.
    Then down to 15 and 12 and then left to 9 and up to 6.

  • So from 21, first 3 and then 2 are subtracted to get to 16. From 16, 1 and then 3 are subtracted to get 12.

  • From 12 to 6, 2, then 1, then 3 is subtracted. Subtract 2 from 6 to get 4. So the missing number is 4.

  • In the last series (IV), the difference between the numbers in the top row is always 2. 

  • The difference in the middle row is always 4. In the bottom row, therefore, the 3 is missing.

now you can press the buttons A, B, C, D then click the correct number under each of the arrows.

  • Click on Button A until you have the 8 under the arrow.

  • On Button B the 1 is already under the arrow, so don't touch Button B.

  • Click Button C until you have the 4 under the arrow.

  • Click on Button D until you have the 3 under the arrow and .....

the box opens and ...... the box is empty ....... the Colt Paterson revolver that should be in the box is gone.

Holmes asks Watson if he can name which objects are missing in the garden and here in the room that should normally be there. In your screen you then have a number of objects and you now have to click on the objects that you have not found in the garden and here in the room. So those are the violin case, the shovel and the revolver.

So click on the violin case, the revolver and the shovel and listen to Holmes and Watson, and the landlady will also get involved

Holmes thinks they should go after Henry Hampford immediately. 

Everything shows that Henry has a behavior problem and he would never leave such a mess in his room unless he left in a very big hurry. 

It is very likely that Henry left in a great hurry to the address you made visible on the blank note

Henry can't be gone that long, because the candle on the desk was still warm. 

Holmes is especially concerned because Henry took the revolver. 

Before they go to the wharf, however, Holmes wants to pick up an old friend in Lambeth, an old friend who has helped them well in an earlier case. 

We then end up in:

Chapter 6: Wharf 321: Hunt for Henry Hampford

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot