2023 : Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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Chapter 6: Wharf 321: Hunt for Henry Hampford

Arriving at the wharf, the old friend turns out to be dog Toby. Toby is old but his nose still works fine.

Watson takes a small boat to the other side of the wharf to prevent Henry from escaping there and Sherlock will follow Henry's trail with Toby. Holmes lets Toby sniff Henry's scarf and you're now dog Toby, so bark a few times and shake the fleas out of your fur and get ready to be a sniffer dog.

So you are now what you have always wanted to be .. a dog.  As dog Toby  you are not very steady on your feet so your screen moves up and down a lot and you have to take that into account if you are prone to dizziness. With your loyal dog eyes you are staring at Holmes' legs. Resist your urge to bite Holmes in the balls..........Turn around and walk up the stairs. Holmes will follow......

We end up on top of a large courtyard with a freight rail. Straight ahead you see the first footsteps, marked in white, left by Henry Hampford. The intention is that you will follow the white footprints. Continue to the footsteps and your cursor will become Toby's muzzle. Click with the "Toby snout" on the footsteps and .....

Sniff.... sniff ...... Toby has caught Henry's scent and makes this known by barking. So follow the white footprints. At the last white footstep you are just in front of the railway rail. You can't go straight because of the cart on the rail and all the other stuff in the way. The rail has a curve and on the other side of the rail you see the porch of the "Anchor Pub".

You can access the veranda via the sloping planks. So cross the rail and then walk up the porch of the "Anchor Pub" via the plank ramp. 

Walk across the porch to the swing doors of the pub and sniff the swing doors with your snout, but Holmes doesn't think Henry has entered the pub.

Standing at the swing doors of the "Anchor Pub" turn right and walk off the veranda again via the sloping planks and the boxes. You have to go to the plank path, at the end of this courtyard. So continue to the plank path, right in front of the railcar. Then follow the plank path to the right into the corner and ..... you will see white footsteps again.

Sniff the footsteps again with your snout and continue walking. The plank path then goes left, but we turn right here and down the plank path again. You are now on the other side of all those boxes that were in the way. Further on you see the entrance to the warehouse, in front of the stack of barrels that are on the facade.

Walk to the entrance and stand right in front of the door. The door is ajar and the lock has been rammed out of the door. You get Toby's paw on the door, so click to open the door and then enter the shed and ..... Immediately to the left you will see the footsteps appear again. So follow the footsteps to the left and then into the left back room.

This is a control room, but it's a dead end. In front of the window is a large console with meters and 2 handles. 

Walk on to those 2 handles and then sniff the black handle ...... Holmes, however, reports that the handle is rusted.

Return to the entrance and then exit the shed via the back door, which is open. 

We arrive at the next, narrower, courtyard and white footsteps appear again, which go to the left, towards the canal. 

Walk to the footsteps, sniff the footsteps and then turn left.

The drawbridge:

You are standing in front of the drawbridge and ....... Henry went over the bridge to the other side, but he raised the drawbridge. The large console, in the control room, is therefore the console to operate the drawbridge, but we already know that Henry has locked the levers. So we can't lower the bridge. Let's see if we can find something to "free" the lever on the console.

Turn around. At the back right you see stacks of barrels, against the wall of the shed. Go to that pile of barrels.

On 1 of the barrels is an oil can. Click with your paw cursor on the oil can and ...... Holmes takes the can.

Immediately select the oil can in inventory and close the inventory again. The oil can is then on the top right.

Go back to the control room and click with your paw on the black lever again and .......

Holmes now pulls the black lever and we see that outside, in the quay wall under the drawbridge, a small metal platform is unfolded. However, the drawbridge does not come down. Back outside at the drawbridge, stand on the concrete frame, right in front of the round posts. Make sure you are right in front of the small platform, which now protrudes from the quay wall.

This platform is your starting point for your route over the round posts to the other side. So click with your paw on the platform and ...... Toby jumps on the platform and you now see Toby and all round posts in a top view. You now have to follow the correct route over the posts to the rickety wooden platform that you see on the other side, to the right of the bridge. Number the posts, from bottom left to top right, 1 to 18. Toby is standing on the platform and is therefore hanging between posts 1 and 2.

Click with the paw cursor on the pole you want Toby to jump to and then jump further, following the correct route, from pole to pole to the rickety wooden platform on the opposite side. Jump to Pole 2, Pole 4, Pole 7, Pole 10, Pole 11, Pole 15, Pole 17, Pole 14, Pole 18 and then to the platform.

When Toby is on the platform, turn around and see ....... Holmes is still on the other side. Turn back and walk into the courtyard and continue to the pile of large barrels. In front of the barrels is the left post of the drawbridge and on this is the turning handle to lower the bridge. Stand right in front of the metal platform and then click with your paw on the turning handle and........ good oldToby turns the bridge down and receives a compliment from the boss as a thank you.

However, Holmes remains standing still, so walk to the right and ....... Holmes then also moves and walks over the bridge towards you. So turn around again and look at the large pile of barrels and boxes that are against the wall on the right side. On the ground you can see Henry's fresh white footsteps again.

So follow the footsteps. The footsteps stop but you just continue walking across the courtyard to the back. You pass a wooden fence on the right and a large door in the shed on the left. Beyond the large door you will see, on the left, a narrow door, where there are again a pile of barrels and boxes. A crane hangs above that narrow door and a pellet hangs from the crane. Just before the narrow door you will find another fresh series of footsteps, which go to the narrow door.

Sniff the footsteps again and ...... Holmes reports that Henry has entered through the narrow door. Then continue to the narrow door. Walk up the steps and click on the doorknob of the narrow door and .... Unfortunately ... the door is locked on the inside ..... We cannot enter the building through this door. Turn left and look at the large sliding doors of the shed. On the left side of the large doors there is also a crane hanging from the facade and a lift container is hanging from that crane.

Walk back to that lift crane. On the left hangs the rope with which you can hoist the lift box down. 

The rope is tied to a hook on the concrete pillar. 

So walk to the hook and then click on the knot of the rope to loosen the rope ...... this will lower the elevator box.

So walk up the concrete edge and then stand in the elevator box and ........ Holmes hoists Toby up and the animal then jumps in through the window.

So as Toby you are now on the top floor of the warehouse. 

Continue to the arched window, then turn left and go down the stairs.

Downstairs you are behind the large sliding door. Further on you see the narrow door. 

Walk past the large sliding doors to the narrow door.

The narrow door is fixed with a crossbar. 

Stand diagonally in front of the narrow door so that you get the paw cursor under the doorknob.

Click with the paw cursor and ...... the door opens and Holmes steps in. 

Turn around and walk to the middle of the shed and then to the right, to the large sliding doors on the other side of the shed. 

The doors are fixed with a sliding bar. Click with your paw on the sliding bar .....

unfortunately...the doors are locked but Holmes thinks we can break the doors open. 

Turn right ..... there are footsteps on the floor again. Walk to the footsteps.

 The footsteps stop at the crates on the left wall. Look up.

Above the crates, very high, is a window in the wall and you see that Henry has climbed up through this wall and disappeared through the window. 

But how did Henry manage to do that? Turn around. On the back wall of the other deep niche hangs a large board with tools.

Walk to the tool board and get Toby's sniffer snout on the shadowed spots on the board. Click and .... Holmes reports that a set of ice picks have disappeared from the board. Walk back to the wall in the other niche and then click with Toby's snout on the holes in the wall, above the boxes and ...... Holmes reports that Henry used the ice picks to climb up the wall to the window . Go back to the narrow door you let Holmes in through. The stick that held the door is on the floor.

Take the stick and go back to the big door. Toby has the stick in his mouth. Click with your paw on the door bar again and .......

Holmes breaks the door open with the stick. So step outside and look to the right.

Just in front of the wooden cart, there are again footsteps in the sand. So walk down the concrete edge and to the footsteps. 

The footsteps point diagonally left to the building across the street. So look that way and ......

 Behind the stack of barrels is a large board with some fire extinguishing tools hanging on it.

Walk to the tool board. Under the ax hangs a crowbar on the board. 

Sniff the crowbar and ....... Holmes says that Henry took a gaff to cut off a piece of fire hose. 

Turn right again and waddle back to the cart and then continue to the lamp post, behind the cart.

When you reach the lamppost, look over the rear part of this courtyard. A rail curves into the right-hand shed. 

Continue to the rail and ....... at the very back of the courtyard you will see a large iron barred gate.

Hop over the rail and continue to the barred gate. Just before the gate you will find Henry's white footsteps again. 

The trailie gate closes the arch bridge over the canal or and is secured with a chain. 

Sniff the chain ...... Holmes reports that Henry has crossed the bridge.

Turn left and then walk up the rail. A lift box rests on the rail, but do not step on it yet. 

Turn right and follow the rail to the canal and .....

cut scene in which you see that the railway bridge over the canal is broken.

Holmes doesn't think it's wise to try this route any further, so turn around and walk back to the elevator crane.

The lift container is suspended from a crane. Turn right to the facade. The crane levers for the lift box are on the facade.

Click with your paw on the levers and .... You bark and then automatically stand in the elevator box and ....... Holmes hoists Toby in the elevator box to the other side of the canal. Holmes is therefore unable to follow you and is still on the other side. You have to figure out a way to get Holmes to come here via the broken railway bridge. Further on is a railcar, heavily loaded with boxes, on the rail. Continue to the railcar. The right front wheel is blocked with a Wedge.

The wedge prevents the railcar from moving away. Click with your paw on the Wedge to remove the thing and ......

Cut scene: the cart then rolls on, up to the bridge and "closes" the gaping hole in the bridge through which Holmes can walk towards you on his dead field.

So Holmes is now also on the other side of the stone arch bridge. Walk to the bridge and ......

..... the white footprints appear just in front of the bridge. 

The footprints go to the right, towards the narrow door of the building on the right. Walk on to the narrow door and then click on it with your paw ......

well..the door is ocked on the inside...of course! Look to the right. 

Crates are stacked on top of each other near the low roof and there are large bags in the left corner. 

There are windows above the roof. On the right side, a cart is leaning against the stacks of crates.

Walk to the right, to the front of the cart and then stand right in front of the cart and ....

........with the big bags a "staircase" has been made over which Henry has climbed to the roof ......

What Henry could do, a smart old dog like you can do too......... So climb up to the lean-to through all the bags and crates...you don't even have to jump ....just walk through. When you get to the roof you see that the right window is open. Holmes didn't follow you. Try to enter the building through the open window, but .....

Holmes thinks it's too deep, and therefore too dangerous for Toby, so he doesn't want you to jump down. Another entrance must be found. Well .... this climb was for nothing, so climb back down via the bags on the crates and in the cart. Back down, go to the bags that are behind the stack of boxes in the corner. You now get the leg on it, so click with your leg on these bags and .....

Clever old dog......you've put down a few bags and uncovered a small basement window. So crawl in through the small window.

Inside the Steel factory:

As Toby you are now in the factory hall. High above is Holmes, outside by the open window until you use your clever dog brain to find a way to make Holmes climb down too. In the corner is a large round kettle and above that kettle hangs a pulley with a rope attached to it. The end of that rope lies on the floor in front of the kettle.

Walk to the rope and click on it with your leg and ....... the pulley with the rope slides to the window and Holmes climbs down the rope. Look for the footsteps on the floor and you will see that the footsteps lead to the door between the two ovens. Walk to the door and open it and then step through the doorway.

Go immediately left through the next doorway and then right into the next room.

You are then in a smaller room with barrels and pipes from which steam comes out. 

Go left to the next room. In this room there are stacks of boxes that block your further passage. 

You can, however, climb up the stack of crates on the back wall via the 2 slanted bulkheads.

So walk up the boxes via the 2 slanting partitions and then climb further up, where you then have to use the space bar key to jump / climb further up via the boxes. So climb up through the boxes until you are on top, just below the thick elbow pipe that hangs above the stack of boxes. Then jump on top of the pipe.

Then continue walking over the pipe. The pipe then disappears to the left through the wall, but you cannot follow the pipe any further.

In the bend of the pipe, turn right and look down. Then climb down to the floor through the boxes.

When you reach the bottom, turn left and then go up again via the stone stairs. 

When you reach the top, follow the hallway to the back.

Past the position, the corridor goes to the right and ...... a cat now appears and ......

well....instinct is instinct, so Toby goes after the cat and together the cat and Toby disappear through a hole in a door.

You're Holmes again now, and it's nice to be back on your feet again. 

Continue to the door in front of you, open the door and walk up the iron hanging path.

You are now high up in a hall where the iron / metal is melted, so don't fall down. 

There are 3 side paths to the left. 

Continue to the middle side path and follow that path further to the iron staircase and then descend the stairs.

At the bottom, turn left, over the bridge, and then, behind the pillar, turn left and continue to the end of the path.

Turn left and ...... on the other side you will see Henry Hampford.

Walk up the bridge and .......

Henry turns out to be a young lad. Henry sees Holmes and panics. You get the impression that Henry is on the run from Holmes .......

.Henry draws a revolver and warns Holmes not to approach.


Unfortunately for Henry, he's on the edge and behind him is red-hot liquid metal. High above our heads, the cat and Toby suddenly appear ...... Toby is still chasing the cat like a mad dog and ....... Toby knocks down a piece of heavy metal that hits Henry and ... .....Poor Henry disappears into the hot "lava" and burns alive.

Watson arrives and wonders why Henry was so afraid of Holmes. A brief discussion ensues between Watson and Holmes.

Holmes doesn't seem too bothered that Henry was burnt alive. The map appears.

Click on the magnifying glass to return to Baker Street.

We end up in Baker Street, but in our time because we now see the children in the attic of 221B Baker Street again.

The children have discovered that they are in the attic of Sherlock's house, but meanwhile they don't like Holmes very much. 

But the kiddies still want to know how the story ends. 

We end up back at 221 B Baker Street with Watson and Holmes. You have landed in:

Chapter 7: Journalist O. Farley

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot