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Chapter 7: Journalist O. Farley

Baker Street:

It's the next morning again and.......well.....Watson is angry with Holmes. Watson is not only angry, but he also feels guilty about the unfortunate death of Henry Hampford. Watson blames Holmes for using him to let Hans Schielman, the Rat Killer, escape and wants to know why Holmes did that. Unfortunately .... despite his enormous ego, Holmes is speechless for a while because Holmes does not know where Schielman is........ 

 Watson reads O. Farley's daily article again in the morning paper

Journalist O. Farley again appears to be very well informed about Sherlock Holmes's exploits in the opium kit and you read this article in your Documents. Who the hell is Farley's informant. Holmes decides to visit this O. Farley. You are Holmes. Dog Toby is resting by the windows. You can walk up to Toby and then click on the dog to thank the animal for his good work in the docks. Open the map and travel to:

Farley's Office:

Waiting room:

Holmes and Watson are in the waiting room of Farley's office. There are chairs along the walls and a small table. In the corner, to the right of the glass office door, is a coat rack with a jacket hanging on it. On the table is a coffee pot with a cup. Look at the coffee pot ...... The coffee in the pot is still hot. Turn to the coat rack and then click on the jacket. In the close-up, click with your finger on the right lapel to open it up. Then click on the inner pocket and ....... you swipe the press card of O. Farley from the inner pocket.

The press pass is filed in Documents. 

Close the jacket again and then click on the right jacket pocket to steal O. Farley's cigarette case from the jacket pocket .....

.........the cigarettes in the case are of a cheap brand. The cigarette case ends up in your inventory. Turn around to the front door. To the right of the front door hangs a wooden box. Walk to the door and then take a closer look at that wooden box ...... Holmes reports that it is an electrical box and he finds that interesting. Turn back around and then try to open the office door ....... the glass door is locked and ...........

Farley comes out and we hear that he is instructing his secretary to send an urgent telegram. There then follows a not so pleasant acquaintance and conversation between Holmes and Farley. Farley then disappears. According to Holmes, Farley just had breakfast because there were crumbs on his coat and his hands were greasy. Holmes wants to lure the secretary out of the office and then search Farley's room.

Watson is again annoyingly in the way, so make sure you get your finger on the door handle of the glass office door again and then click and .....

We then see that the secretary is busy typing that telegram and then sending it through the electric telegraph. Holmes wants to cut the power so that the secretary has to go to the post office to send the telegram. So turn around again to the front door and go to the electrical box that hangs next to it. If you now click on the box again, Holmes will tell you that he needs something to open the box. You can try the pocket knife, but it won't work. Walk back to the coat rack. Farley has put on his jacket so the clothes hanger is now hanging empty on the coat rack. Take the clothes hanger

Like every clothes hanger, this hanger also has an iron hook. Walk back to the electrical box.

Select the clothes hanger in inventory and then click on the cupboard and ..... Holmes opens the cupboard. You end up in the:

Electric puzzle:

You have to cause a short circuit in the box. You will see a lot of connectors. At the top left, top right and bottom center you see the 3 exits. You have to connect the 3 outputs so that a short circuit occurs. So click on the connections to turn them in the right direction, and make the right connection between them to connect the 3 outputs. It's really not that complicated, but if you're lazy you can use the "Skip puzzle" button again. If you think you have made the right connection, click the large lever down and .....

............Short circuit.....the secretary leaves the office to go to the post office.

So enter the office

Desk Secretary:

Farley's office is on the right. In the corner, by the window, is the table with the electric telegraph on it.

Continue to the window until you are about right next to the desk. You can take a look at that telegraph, but Holmes doesn't find it very interesting. Turn to the desk. Near the desk chair is a full trash can, which contains a used ink roll from the typewriter. Look at the ink roll.....Holmes sees dark blue ink stains on it.....remember this. Click with your magnifying glass on the desktop .... you end up in the close-up of the desktop. At the top left is a notepad and there is a box with pencils, etc. between the newspaper and the notepad. Under the pencil box is a diary with a page torn out. If you click on the typewriter, Holmes will report that there is no ink ribbon in the machine.

Click with your magnifying glass on the agenda. Holmes reports that a piece of the torn page is just legible. The secretary, in great haste, has torn a message in short hand from the diary. You view the message in Documents......Holmes wants to reconstruct the entire note. Close Documents. Click with your finger on the notepad to see it in close-up. Pick up the Loupe and click it on the notepad ...... Holmes reports that there is a printout on the notepad, but he needs something to make the printout visible. Close the close-up screen. There is also a make-up brush in the pencil box. Take the make-up brush from the box. Get out of this close-up screen. Turn around to see Watson standing at the room door. The key is in the lock on the inside of the office door. Walk to Watson and then zoom in on the door key with your magnifying glass ...... Holmes reports, completely unnecessary, that the key is still in the lock. Turn left and then enter Farley's room

Farley's desk:

There are 2 chairs in front of Farley's desk. Walk to the chairs and then click with your magnifying glass on the left chair. Holmes reports that this chair is not in the right place ..... the chair has moved ..... someone has occupied it, but where has that person gone? There is an ashtray on the desk .... zoom in on the ashtray. There is a cigar butt on the ashtray and there is some ashes in the ashtray.

Look at the cigar butt ..... Holmes reports that it is a very expensive brand of cigar and that the butt is still warm.

Click with your finger in the ashtray to take the pile of cigarette ash .... the ash is from a good brand.

There follows an elaborately explanation  by Holmes in which he explains his conclusions to Watson, based on what he has seen so far here in the office of O. Farley. The O.Farley deduction page will then appear in your screen, but you still don't know enough to be able to do this deduction, so close this screen right now. You can always open this screen again via the blackboard and then click on "Deduction Journalist" in the book.

You now have cigar ash, so you now have a means of making that message visible on the notepad. So go back to the secretary's desk and zoom in on it again. Click on the notepad again and .... you will return to the close-up screen. Next to the notepad you now have the pile of ashes, the magnifying glass and the make-up brush. Pick up the Ash and click it on the notepad below the top ring edge. You scatter the ashes on the notepad. Pick up the make-up brush and wipe it over the ash and ...... the printed text becomes visible and you then read in Documents the note "Followed Holmes: prepare elements bio / D-F".

Close screen and close-up and go back to Farley's room. There's a bulletin board on the wall behind Farley's desk. 

Walk behind the desk and then take a closer look at the bulletin board.

 A photo is pinned on the left edge of the board and 2 white notes are pinned on the top right.

Take the Photo, which is pinned on the left edge. It's a picture of Prince Woodville and the picture ends up in your Documents...

Take the 2 white notes from the board and read them in Documents.

One note is a "Note from Farley" and in it you read about a man who drowned in the Thames. The man was 58 years old and a skipper. The man was once accused of destroying large quantities of grain. The other note is a newspaper article in which you read about the nuns of the St. Antonius monastery. After the nuns had eaten vegetable soup one evening, they all went insane and ...... the nuns started to eat each other .......

Close all close-up screens. To the left of the bulletin board is a small table on which the telephone is placed. There is also a bunch of keys on the table. Take the keys ....... Holmes then looks at the phone ..... We then see the piece of paper that is near the phone ... on the piece of paper is the number 1313 and Holmes wants to dial that number. 

So click on the phone and.......Holmes asks the operator to be connected to 1313 and......it turns out to be Scotland Yard's phone number and Holmes quickly disconnects while muttering that he begins to understand. In the corner is a filing cabinet with drawers and 1 of the drawers is half open. Zoom in on the filing cabinet ...... Watson wonders which of the drawers the secretary was interested in.

There are 8 drawers in the cabinet and each drawer has a letter label. Open the investigation screen and then click on your Document Books and then click in your document book again on the "Note from Farley's writing desk", to read the note you made visible with the ashes again. The note ends with the letters D-F ...... so in the filing cabinet you have to open the DEF drawer. Return to the close-up of the file cabinet and then click on the DEF drawer and........Holmes confirms that this is the drawer you need to open, but the drawer is locked. So select the keys you just found in inventory and then click again on the DEF drawer and .... the drawer will slide open. bThe drawer is full of file folders and Holmes wonders which folder is the right one. Do you remember that there is a used ink roll in the secretary's wastepaper basket? And that Holmes saw dark blue ink stains on that ink roller? So you are looking for the file folder with dark blue ink stains and that is the 2nd file folder ......

It's not that complicated because if you click the wrong folder, Holmes will notify you. If you click the correct index card, it will come out of the folder and then you will read the text in your document book (Index card from Farley's secretary). You're then reading info about Prince Woodville. Close the book and ....... Holmes reports that the index card contains grease stains, so Farley has read the info ..... Farley is therefore interested in that Prince.  Watson notes that one can see out the window from this angle, so Farley probably saw Holmes and Watson coming. So also look at the curtains with your magnifying glass. Then walk to the fireplace. There is a half-burned piece of paper in the fireplace ..... To the left is a red book on the floor

Pick up the piece of paper and read what it says in Documents.....Someone announces his visit to Farley and also tells Farley to destroy this message. The fireplace is built into the bookcase. A red book lies open on the floor in front of the left part of the bookcase. Look at that red book with your magnifying glass ..... in close-up you can see that this is a Sherlock Holmes book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

 Close the close-up and then click with your magnifying glass in the left part of the bookcase, where the Sherlock book has fallen out ..... you hear Holmes make a completely unnecessary comment again, but for the deduction this is important.........You have now collected enough information here to be able to make the Farley Deduction. So open the Investigation menu screen, then click on the blackboard and then on "Deduction Journalist", in the book and ..... the Deduction screen appears

Farley deduction

This time, the deduction screen is a top view of Farley's office. You see the secretary's room and Farley's room and desk.

In Farley's room, the Sherlock Holmes book, the fireplace, the left chair, the filing cabinet, the ashtray are circled and the office door are also selected.

So these are the places that you have examined more closely with your magnifying glass or your finger. 

Click on those places and then choose the correct answer in the screens.

When you have given all the correct answers, Holmes explains the events here in the office to Watson in detail.

Holmes says that Farley was putting a document in his filing cabinet when he saw Holmes coming through the window. Farley panicked and quickly ran to lock the door. Farley pushed the left chair aside. Then Farley threw the incriminating piece of paper into the fireplace, but Holmes finds it strange that Farley also took a book from the bookcase. Watson wants to know how Farley's visitor left the office, because we never saw that visitor? Holmes says we can deduce this from the anomaly of where Farley was when he came out of the office.

So open the Journalist deduction screen again and then click again on the circled red book (5) that is left of the fireplace.

The circle around the book will turn red and Holmes will say "Perfect" and you will automatically exit the screen.

Secret Exit:

Walk to the left bookcase and now click with your finger in the bookcase compartment where the red Sherlock Holmes book has fallen out and ......

After Holmes' comments, he removed the books from the compartment and you see a code panel in the compartment.

Click with your finger in the compartment again, to end up in the close-up and Holmes reports that this panel opens a secret exit.

The panel has 6 tumblers in which you can turn numbers and/or letters with the arrows above and below. At the bottom right you can see that +6 has been scratched into the panel. To the right is the pull lever. You can not turn the first 4 tumblers, so 4, D, 10, G are the first 4 digits of the code but you must  fill in the last 3 digits.

Number the tumblers, from left to right, A, B, C, D, E, F. You cannot change the tumblers A, B, and C. You have to put the correct number and letter in D, E, F. 

+ 6 means that you always have to add 6 to the letters and the number that you now see in the tumblers B, C and D and then enter the number / letter found in D, E and F. Alternately there is a number or a letter in the boxes. You count from section D.

D plus 6 gives you a J. 10 plus 6 = 16. G plus 6 gives you P.

enter the J in box D, enter 16 in the E box and enter P in box F.

Then pull the lever down and ....... Eureka ......

......... to the right of the bulletin board the secret door in the wall opens ....... 

Walk to the right of the desk, to the opened passage. A top hat lies on the floor in the short hallway. Take the Top Hat ......

Holmes thinks it's the top hat of Farley's mysterious visitor. Holmes wants to go back to Baker Street to examine the hat.

So open the map and return to Baker Street

B: Baker Street 221 B:

Back in Baker Street, Watson has had enough of Holmes for a while. Holmes wants to examine the hat.

Hat research

You are standing in front of the work table. Look down, select the Top Hat in inventory and click on the work table to place the Hat on the table.

Then click on the hat again to see it in close-up.

Pak de hoed vast met je cursor en hou dan je muis ingedrukt. Je kunt dan de hoed alle richtingen op draaien, dus omhoog, opzij, omlaag en geheel omdraaien. Draai de hoed nu eerst een beetje omlaag, zodat je bovenop de hoedrand kijkt. Om de buitenzijde van de hoed zit een breed lint en je ziet dan ook dat er een bruine strik in aan het lint steekt. Je krijgt de loepcursor in de voorzijde van de hoedrand en op de strik. Klik dus met de loep in de voorzijde van de hoedrand en klik dan op de strik. Luister naar Holmes.  Draai de hoed dam om zodat je de hele strik goed ziet en klik dan in het midden van de strik en luister weer naar Holmes

Grab the hat with your cursor and then hold down your mouse. You can then turn the hat in all directions, so up, to the side, down and completely turn it around. 

Now turn the hat down a bit so that you are looking at the top of the brim. There is a wide ribbon around the outside of the hat and you can see that there is a brown bow on the ribbon. You get the loupe cursor in the front of the hat brim and on the bow. 

So click with the magnifying glass in the front of the hat brim and then click on the bow. Listen to Holmes. Turn the hat dam over so you can see the whole bow and then click in the middle of the bow and listen to Holmes again

Now turn the hat all the way up so that you are looking into the hat from below. There is a label in the hat and you can see some scratches. On the underside of the hat brim you see stains and, on both sides, strange scratches. Take a closer look at all this with your magnifying glass and always listen to Holmes.

If you have taken a closer look at all the spots on and in the hat, Holmes draws the conclusion that the owner of the hat must be a judge, because.......

  • The ribbon around the hat is new and modern, but the hat itself is not so new anymore. From this Holmes draws the conclusion that it must be a married man.

  • The brim of the hat shows wear and smells of tobacco, so the owner of the hat must be a cigar smoker

  • There are scratches on the underside of the hat brim that indicate that the man is wearing glasses.

  • The label in the hat belongs to a very well-known milliner who has his hat shop near the court, Old Bailey.

  • Holmes has also found gray hairs in the hat from which Holmes concludes that the man must be about 50 years old.
    We already knew that the man must be rich and that he was with Farley and called Scotland Yard from Farley's office.

Find the right Judge:

Holmes' final conclusion is therefore that the owner of this top hat must be a Judge associated with the Old Baily. Holmes therefore wants to consult his book on the judges. Turn left and walk to the large bookcase, which is on the wall to the left of the sofa. You will automatically get your finger on the right book, so click to get the "Judges Register".

Holmes wants to read the book at his work table, so hobble back to the work table and put the book on the table, next to the top hat. You end up in the close-up in the close-up of 3 judges. You see the photos of 3 judges and your cursor becomes the magnifying glass on the 3 photos. Move the magnifying glass over the photos to see the details enlarged. You look for a hat, a cigar, glasses, a wedding ring, and whether the judge in question has real gray hair in each photo. Then, below the photos, tick the items that the judge in question has in the photo.

Sir Lawrence Bromsy wears glasses, has a wedding ring on his right ring finger and a cigar in his right hand. So click on: Smokes a Cigar, Wears glasses and Married.

Sir Couttis Becket wears a top hat on his head, a cigar in his left hand, glasses and wedding ring in his right hand and has gray hair. So check everything with this judge.

Sir Barry Amstetton wears spectacles, has his top hat in his left hand, wedding ring on his right hand and has a gray beard. So also gray head hair. So you click on Wears hat, Wears glasses, Married and Gray hair

Holmes screams....It's Judge Beckett.......Watson comes in and screams that he read an article about Judge Beckett's wife in the newspaper this morning. You then read this article in Documents and you read that: Lady Cathy Coutts-Beckett has a classroom in her house where poor children learn to read and write. The Lady also takes the children on holiday. At the moment she is in Portsmouth with the children. Judge Beckett, who normally accompanies his wife, has stayed home due to urgent matters. Holmes thinks it's a good opportunity to visit the judge and he packs up a few cases while Watson goes to look up the judge's address.

Open the map and travel to Judge Beckett's house

Chapter 8: Judge Beckett:

2023 :Walkthrough by: Louis Koot