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Chapter 8: Judge Beckett:

Holmes has brought a package with him and of course Watson is curious about the contents. But Holmes won't tell you what's in the package.

We are then at the front door of Judge Beckett's luxurious home.

The front door is closed and if you click on the doorbell, it will not open. Apparently no one is home and Holmes likes that. So Holmes wants to break in, but Watson has some problems with that. Behind Watson you will see a flower girl who is peddling her flowers here in the posh street. Turn around so that you are looking right down the street and see the 3 right windows of the Judge house. There is an alley on the right side of the house

Stand right in front of each of the 3 windows and then click on them with your magnifying cursor. These are the 3 windows of the classroom, where Lady Beckett teaches the poor children and thereby pays off her guilt. Unfortunately we cannot enter through any of these 3 windows. Enter the alley on the right side of the house and open the iron door. Then walk on and turn left at the end. You are standing in front of the right side window.

Look at the window closure and ...... Holmes reports that he could force this window closure if he had a pin. Holmes asks Watson to find a peg. 

You're Watson again for a few moments now. Walk back to the street and now go to the flower girl and talk to her.

This is Lucy, an acquaintance of Watson from "Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper". An animated conversation follows in which Watson explains that he needs a pin and Lucy finally gives Watson a Hairpin. Go back to Holmes, in the alley. Select the hairpin in inventory and click on Holmes to give the hairpin to him. You are Holmes again and the hairpin is still selected, so click on the lock of the window and .....

........... you will then enter a Lockpick puzzle again .... 

Well, you have done this puzzle before, so click on the segments of the hairpin to bend them in the right direction.

At the top, at the tumblers, you already vaguely see how it should be and you can also use the "Skip puzzle" button if you find this puzzle too difficult. If you think you have bent the pin correctly, click on "Validate". You can call these segments again A, B, C, D, E.  Then do this:

  • Bent  B 1x up. 

  • Bend C down 1 time. 

  • Bend B up 1 more time.  

  • Bend C down once again. 

  • Bend D up 1 time. 

  • Bend E down 2 times. 

  • Click on "Validate" and ..

..... the pin enters the lock and pushes the tumblers up and the window opens.

Holmes and Watson climb in and are now in the:


On the right is the large oven and on the left a table. To the left of the large oven is a small cupboard on which is a bottle of oil.

Continue to that small cupboard and look at the bottle of cooking oil.

The stove is on the back wall and to the left of the stove is a cloth on the floor.

Click twice on the cloth to slide the cloth away and .... there is an oar holder under the cloth. Take the oar holder.

 Close the screen, turn around and leave the kitchen through the door by the window ...... we end up in the:


You're looking at the desk where Lady Beckett sits when she teaches here. You can also see the lectern, a globe and a large blackboard. 

Walk to the desk and stand behind it. On the desk are 2 framed photos and a box on which you see part of Central and South America in the lid. 

The desk has 6 drawers and the middle right drawer is open and contains a letter. Zoom in on the 2 photos and then grab the 2 photos .....

They are 2 photos of the Judge and his Lady. Close the close-up. Don't touch the box on the desk, because you don't have enough info to solve this puzzle yet. Step off the stage on the right side and then turn back to the desk and then make sure you get the magnifying glass cursor on the letter that is in the open desk drawer ..... then click and then take the letter from the drawer .. ...

You read this "Letter from Judge Beckett" again in your Document Book. 

Becket writes to his wife that he has an important appointment with the Prime Minister and asks his wife to talk to the children she teaches about vandalism. The cupboard in which the candy box is located is damaged and 2 of those oar holders are missing

Close the book and the close-up. 

Walk along the front of the desk to the lrctern and then click on the letter that is on the lectern.

So you can read this letter again in Documents and it is a letter from Lord Benagard, Lady Beckett's father. 

The old Lord writes that he is very proud of his daughter because she went to India to work in an orphanage for some time. There the Lady also met the Judge, whom the Lord calls an honest and good son-in-law. The Lord has given his daughter a safe box with a personal code for the lock. The Lord thinks his daughter will not forget the code. 

Close the book and hear Watson express his admiration for Lady Beckett. 

Go back to the desk and now click on the box on the right of the desk, because this is the safe box that Lord Benagard gave to his daughter.

Safebox puzzle

You have to open the box and for this you need the 2 photos that you just took from the desk. You see the lid of the box.

 In the lid you now see Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 

You also see the cities: London, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Cassablanca, Oran, Tunis, Algiers, Addis Abada, Delhi and Bombay.

At the top of the box are 2 Photo Tabs. Those 2 tabs are only there if you have taken the 2 photos from the desk ...... if you have not yet taken those 2 photos, you will not see those 2 Photo tabs, so you will have to look at those 2 photos first and then take them. You have to click on 2 cities on the box lid and then fill in the correct time and for that you need both photos.

Click the left Photo tab to bring up Photo 1. This is the Bombay photo and your cursor is the magnifying glass. The photo shows Judge Beckett with his fiancee. Examine the photo through your magnifying glass. In the background you see a city gate and on it you see a clock ..... Click with your magnifying glass on the clock and remember the time that the clock indicates ...... that is 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Look at the hands of the judge and his wife ..... they both do not wear a wedding ring, so the judge and the lady were not yet married to each other.

Right click to save the photo and then bring up Photo 2 from the right Photo tab. Here you see the Judge and the Lady in London. Click with your magnifying glass on the clock of the Big Ben Tower and remember the time the clock shows ..... It is 10 o'clock in the morning. Look at, and click, the hands of the judge and his Lady ...... They are wearing wedding rings here ..... this photo was taken on their wedding day.

Right click to put the photo away. Now click, on the box lid, on London to select this city.

Then enter 10 in the round number screen with the arrows and ..... Holmes thinks it is "perfect".

Now select the city of Bombay on the box and then enter the number 18 in the number circle, because 6 PM is 18.00 hours.....

Holmes shout "perfect" again and the box pops open.

There is a Key in the box ...... well ..... take the Key and close the close-up screen.

Now go to the large blackboard, which is to the left of the desk and click on it with your magnifying glass to read what Miss Beckett wrote on the blackboard in her last lesson. Apparently the lesson was about ancient Greece. The blackboard hangs in a frame and can be turned. There is a screw in the left and right frame edge ...... Click with your finger on the screw in the left frame edge and the right frame edge ......

However, the board does not turn and Holmes reports that this is because the 2 screws are stuck. The screws need to be oiled and where did you see a bottle of oil? ...... Right .... in the kitchen. So go back to the kitchen and grab the bottle of olive oil from the small cupboard. Select the bottle immediately in inventory and run back to the blackboard. Stand a little diagonally in front of the blackboard again, so that you get the finger in the middle of the left edge or the right edge again. Then click to lubricate the screw with olive oil. Do the same with the screw in the other frame edge.

You will immediately lose your bottle of oil. Then click with your finger on the blackboard and ..... 

the board now turns around and you now see the Greek alphabet on it. 

Look at the alphabet with your magnifying glass cursor and Watson will copy the entire alphabet and this piece of paper will end up in the Inventory.

Turn to the right, to the 3 windows. Between the middle window and the right window is a low cabinet on the wall.

There is a box on the cabinet. Walk to the cupboard and click on the box and ....

The Roman Numerals Sums puzzle:

Read the Instructions. There are 4 sums in Roman Numerals on the box. However...not all Roman Numerals of the sums have been filled in. You have to complete the sums further by placing the green bars in the sums. The result of each sum can never be higher than 10 and each subsequent sum must have a result that is 1 higher than the previous sum. You start of course with the sum top left, then top right, then bottom left and then bottom right. You pick up a green bar and then click it into the sum.

You can also tilt a bar slightly to the left or right via the tilt arrow, so that you can make a V or an X with 2 bars.

You can also "Skip" this puzzle again via the "Skip puzzle" button that appears after a few minutes.

The puzzle is not that  complicated ....... here is the solution.

The box opens and ..... the 2nd missing oar holder is in the box.

Take the oar holder from the box and close the close-up screen.

To the right of the classroom doors is a coat rack with 4 coats hanging on it. Go to the coat rack.

There are a few colored papers on the floor under the coat rack. 

Zoom in 2 times with your loupe and Holmes tells you that they are candy wrappers that fell out of James' jacket pocket.

Also click on the name James, which is on the jacket, so that Holmes knows that rascal James is the one who steals the sweets. 

Close the close-up, turn left and walk back to the display cabinet, which is near the windows.

Click twice with your magnifying glass on the doors of the display cabinet ..... someone has removed the handles from the doors. There is a box on the top shelf. Look at that box with your magnifying glass ....... it's a candy box, according to Watson. On the bottom shelf is an open book. Look at that book with your magnifying glass ....... Holmes reports that it is a Greek book ..... perhaps the book that the teacher used in her last lesson.

Close close up. Holmes wants to open the display cabinet and he thinks that James has stolen the handles from the cabinet and stored it in his school desk so that the rascal can loot the candy box at will. But which schhol bench belongs to James? After all, the school benches have no names. Walk back to the coat rack and then continue to the bookcases on the other wall.

Between the first 2 bookcases is a cupboard on which there is a book, under the portrait of Johannes Kepler. Grab that book....it's a book about student organizations in America. The book ends up in inventory. Turn back to the wall where the coat rack is. To the right of the coat rack, there is a map on the wall showing the division of classes and there are also a few pictures of the children.

Logigram puzzle

Find James' school desk.

At the top left you can read the instructions if you click on it ..... you then know what to do. 

You can "Skip" this puzzle again via the "Skip Puzzle" button. Number the squares/benches, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 24. 

On the left is the kitchen side of the room and on the right is the window side of the room.

The classroom consists of 4 rows of 6 school desks each. The top 2 rows are in a blue frame and the bottom 2 rows in a red frame. The younger children are in the top 2 rows and the older children are in the bottom 2 rows. On 3 benches, in the bottom row, is a flag ...... that's where the row leaders sit. On some benches there is a symbol, such as a fish or a flower pot .... the children who have such a symbol on their bench have been given a special task by the teacher.

Below the school desks are the name tags of all children. Use the green arrows to scroll through the name tags. The name tags have a blue border or a red border. So blue name tags belong in the top 2 rows and red name tags in the bottom 2 rows. If you place your finger on a name tag, you will read a short description of that child at the top of the screen.

So you have to place the name tags on the correct school benches and by reading and combining the descriptions of the children you will find out which name tag you have to click on which bench. So it is a Logigram puzzle. So read the descriptions of the children by placing your finger on the name tags and then conclude where all the children are by thinking logically and combining the clues . I'm not going to write all this out for you, but 1 example will suffice.

For example I do Alissa Alissa is Thalia's sister and both girls are sitting next to each other. Thalia loves plants. So Thalia has bench 12 and her sister Alissa has bench 11. In this way you combine all the clues and find out who is where. Then pick up a name plate and click it on the right bench. Every time you have clicked a block of 4 names in the right boxes, they will be checked off in green. Start with all the Blue names first. Thus.......

If you got the blue names right then you do the red names, where you also have to place the blank name tag in the correct box. Thus:

Eventually you will see that James's bench is near the windows, near the cupboard on which you did the Roman Numerals Sums puzzle.

So go back to that cupboard and then click on James's bench and then grab the handles from the school desk.

Select the handles in inventory. Turn around and walk back to the display cabinet and zoom in on it again.

Place the Handles in the doors and then open the doors and then take the Greek Book from the cabinet.

The book ends up in inventory. 

Close the close-up screen and exit the classroom through the doors near the coat rack. You end up in the:


Turn left. In the corner is a small round table and a coat rack. There is a letter on the table. 

Walk to the table and then click on the letter with your magnifying glass.

Watson copies the letter. It's a letter from Beckett, and it has a circle with a horizontal line drawn on it. The copy ends up in inventory. Turn around. In the corner, to the left of the classroom doors, is a notice board with a note on it. The double doors, facing the classroom, are the doors of the Judge's office. Walk to the bulletin board and take the note from it. It is a Warning Note from Lady Beckett and addressed to the thief of the display cabinet handles.

The double doors, next to the bulletin board, are locked, but Holmes does not feel the need to go to the floors. Try to open the office doors ...... Unfortunately .... these doors are also locked and Watson warns Holmes not to force the doors. Well you stole a key from Lady Beckett's safe box. Select that key and click again on the handles of the doors and ...... Then go inside

Lord Beckett's Office:

Holmes walks over to Beckett's desk to place his package on it. Look down at the desk and then click on the ashtray ......

There is an expensive "Habano Clarissimo" cigar on the ashtray and that is the same brand as the cigar that was on the ashtray at O.Farley. 

Turn around. In the corner is a low cabinet with a clock and a candlestick on it. 

There is also an oar holder on the cabinet. Above the cabinet hang 4 pictures on the wall.

Walk to the cabinet and take the oar holder, you now have 3 oar holders. 

Then look up at the photos and look at all 4.

You can see the top right photo in close-up. De Judge was an avid rower in his student days. Take the top left photo from the wall ...... Holmes swipes the photo from the frame. In the photo we see student Beckett, as a member of a student fraternity. The photo also shows a flag with a Greek symbol on it. The photo is stored in inventory. Turn around. To the left of the doors is a statue of Lady Justice. Go take a closer look at Justicia. To the right of the desk is a chest of drawers on which documents are stored. If you look at those documents, Holmes doesn't find them interesting. Look at the wall opposite the desk. You see, from left to right, a display cabinet, a chest of drawers with prize cups on it and you see the large heavy Vault door. To the left of the Vault door hangs a Shield on the bar attached to the Vault door.

Walk to the chest of drawers and take a look at the medal on it to hear Holmes's commentary. 

Go to the Vault door and click on the door handle .... well .... what did you think .... 

The door is locked but there is no lock to be seen. Click on the Shield to view it in close-up.

Open the vault:

The Shield Puzzle:

You can "Skip" this puzzle again via the "Skip puzzle" button

On top of the shield is a lion. To the right of the lion are 3 blank papers. Below the Lion you see 3 small holes and 3 "Oars" hang below the 3 holes. The 3 oar holders you stole are at the bottom right. 

Pick up the 3 Oar Holders, one at a time, and insert each into 1 of the 3 holes.

When you have put the oar holders in the 3 holes, click on the 3 pieces of paper, which are on the right of the lion and ...... Your collected clues will now appear on your screen and your cursor is the magnifying glass.  Through the collected clues you have to find out which student fraternity the Judge was a member of during his student days.

At the top left you have the Greek Alphabet. At the top right you have the list of the symbols of the American Universities. At the bottom left is the symbol list of the student brotherhoods. At the bottom center you have Beckett's note, which you found on the table in the foyer. At the bottom right you have the photo you swiped from the frame here.

Click on the Photo and then take a closer look at the flag in the photo.

On the flag is the Greek Letter V. Right click to replace the photo. Click on Beckett's card

The card says 3.14....hela.....that's Pi.....the ratio of the circumference and the diameter of a circle

Right click to put the card back. Click on the Greek Alphabet list and then find the v and Pi .

In the list you see the uppercase letters in the left column and the lowercase letters in the right column. So N and v stand for now. The last line gives the 2 Greek symbols for Pi.  Right click to put the frame back If you have looked at the photos above the clock box, you know that the Judge studied in New York. 

Click on the University list and ..... at the University of New York there are 4 coats of arms 

.... look at the 4 shields .... memorize them.

Click on the Fraternity List, then search the list for 1 of the 4 symbols associated with New York University.

  It is the 2nd symbol from the top.

Remember the letters next to it because this is the code you need to open the safe. Save the list.At the top center are the 3 empty papers. Click on the left piece of paper and  you will see the Greek alphabet. 

Click on the N and........the N is placed on the left piece of paper.

Click on the middle piece of paper. Again the Greek Alphabet appears. 

Now click on the Z and ..... The Z is placed on the middle piece of paper.

Click on the right piece of paper and then click on the Pi symbol and the Pi is placed on the right piece of paper.

with the 3 oars you now have to make, one by one, the 3 letters that you have put on the 3 pieces of paper.

The oars each have 2 round hinge points that you can click on to rotate the oars.

First make the N, then the Z and then the Pi symbol ..... for each letter the Oar holder, in the holes, turns around ..... Thus.

If you do it right, the heavy vault door swings open.

Walk into the vault and ..... Cut scene

The vault is filled with documents about Sherlock Holmes. The documents are all sorted under headings such as robbery, fraud and even murder. Judge Beckett has kept extensive records of all the cases Holmes helped solve over the years. Watson now comes to realize that Holmes has broken into the judge's house especially for this and he feels manipulated and becomes very angry. Watson also wonders why a judge collects and keeps something like that if it's not true. However, Holmes is only interested in the safe that is in the vault here.

Walk to the safe and click on the code lock that is in the safe door. You end up in the:

Ball puzzle:

The aim is to use the arrows A, B, C, D, E, F to sort the balls in such a way that they are color by color. 

The green balls should go in the left box, the orange balls in the right box and the four blue balls in the middle box.

You can "Skip" the puzzle again with the "Skip puzzle", which appears again after a few minutes, but why on earth would you do that ...

... it's a fun puzzle to do yourself. But if you start to find it too complicated, then there is the "Skip puzzle" button

When you open the safe, Holmes takes out a document. But Holmes won't tell Watson what the document is.

And we don't get to see the document either. Watson gets angry

Holmes wants to erase all traces of his and Watson's presence in the house, so Watson is ordered to put the metal oar holders back where Holmes found them

You're Watson again. Look at the left wall. A sketch hangs on the wall above the filing cabinet.

Take a closer look at the sketch.....it is a floor plan of Holmes and Watson's flat at 221B Baker Street.

Leave the vault, turn left and click on the Shield again to take the 3 oar holders back ... but ......

Before you can get the oar holders Holmes comes and says we have to leave because Judge Beckett is coming home. Holmes and Watson climb out the kitchen window. It is striking that Holmes has not taken back his package. Watson disagrees and is now suspicious of Holmes. We then see Beckett arrive and walk to his front door.

Watson wants to address the Beckett, but Holmes forbids him to do so .... 

.......However, Watson now has a crush on Holmes and walks to Beckett and then ........ BOOM .....

When Beckett unlocks his front door, a bomb explodes ...... 

Beckett is killed instantly and flower girl Lucy is also seriously injured. 

Watson is also somewhat damaged, but that's not too bad. Watson calls Holmes to help bring Lucy to safety, but Holmes flees .....

it is noticeable that Holmes has not taken his package from the Beckett house .......

... Is Holmes the bomber ??. We then end up in:

Chapter 9: Where is Holmes

2023 :Walkthrough by:  Louis Koot