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Chapter 9: Where's Holmes

You play as Watson:

A: 221B Baker Street

Watson is back home and informs us that Lucy is seriously injured, but fortunately he was able to bring her safely and in good hands. 

Watson now very much doubts the innocence of his friend Sherlock Holmes, who has not come home.

So you are Watson again and you are supposed to kill time by looking around the house. Click on everything you can click on and then hear Watson's commentary. There is a pin on the mantelpiece where Holmes pinned his customers' letters. On the sofa is another piece of the wrapping paper that Holmes used to wrap his package.

On the dining table is another newspaper in which you can read the "Sherlock Holmes affair" article. The journalist claims in this article that Holmes cheated on his partner to get his hands on the plans of a new submarine. Kurtz's opium pipe lies on the small round table in front of the windows.

When you have looked at the opium pipe, you also give dog Toby a friendly pat on the head. 

On the desk is the fountain pen of the escaped Schielman.

When you have looked at all these items, and heard Watson's comments about them, then you look at the fireplace. The right door next to the fireplace is the door to Holmes's bedroom. The left door is Watson's bedroom door. Go see if you can open Holmes's bedroom door ....... The door of Holmes's bedroom is locked, but Watson now reports that he is very tired and wants to try to get some sleep.

So enter Watson's bedroom ... and...... Watson has a nightmare

In the nightmare, Watson meets the dead Kurtz who says he was poisoned by Holmes.

Afterwards, Watson has an encounter with the murdered Bishop, who claims that he was set on fire by Holmes.

Lucy also appears in the nightmare and she asks Watson to keep her children away from Holmes.

Watson's nightmare then lands him in Holmes' bedroom.

Holmes wants to be left alone, but when Watson opens the door anyway, Holmes points a gun at him.

Watson persists and Holmes pulls the trigger.........BANG......and.... .

Watson wakes up to a knock on the door. It is the police, led by Baynes, who want to search the house

According to the already arrested accomplices, Holmes would have ordered the bishop killed.Watson is taken to the station for interrogation, which continues throughout the night.When Watson comes back it will be the next morning. It's a big mess in the house.

The cops have done quite a bit. Holmes is still not there and Watson wants to try to find out where Holmes is. So we're going to search the rooms again and we'll start in Holmes's bedroom. So turn back to the fireplace and then go to Holmes's bedroom through the right door next to the fireplace.

Bedroom Holmes:

Holmes' bedroom has also been turned upside down by Baynes' flat-footed squad. Turn left to the desk.

There is a bowler hat on the desk. There is a mannequin in front of the desk and a pair of shoes next to the doll.

Look at the mannequin with your magnifying glass. The mannequin wears the jacket that Holmes wore yesterday and Watson is convinced that Holmes has disguised himself and he wants to try to reconstruct in what form Holmes has disguised himself. When you have looked at the mannequin, take the bowler hat from the desk and take the shoes that are on the floor near the mannequin. On the chair, which is to the right of the desk, are the trousers Holmes was wearing yesterday. Grab the trousers. Turn to the bed. To the left of the bed is a bedside table and to the right a desk with a bust on it.

Go to the desk and click with your magnifying glass on the bust and listen to Watson. 

Turn around to the bed and get the coat, which is on the bed. Turn left to the overturned tea cart and take the Hat from it.

Walk to the bedside table, on the left side of the bed. The drawer in the bedside table is open. Click in the drawer to get into the close-up.

Click on the Tobacco box to move the box aside. Where the tobacco box was, you will see a small hole in the bottom of the drawer.

Click on the hole and listen to Watson.

 On the paper, where the tobacco box is now on, is a Nail. 

Take the nail and select the nail immediately in inventory and then click on the hole again and ......

...... the bottom of the drawer slides up ..... you have now opened the secret compartment of the drawer.

In the secret drawer is a picture of Irene Adler, Holmes's great love, and some letters and the Victoria Cross from Holmes. Look at the Irene Adler picture and look at the Victoria Cross. Then pick up the letters one by one and listen to what Watson says about these letters. You pick up the "Letter to a Clergyman", a "Letter to J. Escott", a "Letter to a Clerk" and a "Letter to the Captain".....Listen to Watson......This 4 people must be the aliases Holmes uses when he goes through the slums and caves of London in disguise. Close the close-up and turn to the left, towards the small fireplace and the chair. Under the chair is another pair of shoes. Take the Shoes.

You're done in this bedroom, so go through the living room to Watson's bedroom. The cops have been kind enough to leave Watson's room more or less undisturbed. Take a look around Watson's room. The only item you can click on is Watson's typewriter, which is on his desk. Go back to the living room.

Living room:

In the living room you will now also pick up the various items of clothing that can be found here and there.

At the broken dining table, pick up the coat from the overturned chair. From the sofa you take the pants / trousers.

At the desk you also take the pants, which are there on the floor. At the front door, grab another pair of shoes from the overturned shoe cabinet.

To the right of the front door is the coat rack and the large wardrobe.

On the coat rack hangs Holmes's Top Hat and jacket. Take the top hat and jacket from the coat rack.

If you have now collected all of Holmes's clothes, hats and shoes, click on the doors of the wardrobe and ..... you end up in the:

Determine Which Disguise Holmes is using puzzle

There are 3 hats, 3 jackets, and 3 trousers in the closet. There are also 3 pairs of shoes in the closet and the 4 letters you took from the drawer of Holmes bedside table. So there are 3 complete costumes in the closet. Above the 4 letters is your magnifying glass. After some time the "Skip puzzle" button appears again with which you can also skip this puzzle again.

Look at all the items of clothing and the 4 letters through the magnifying glass and find the differences between the various items of clothing. If you pick up a trousers and click it on another pair of trousers, you swap them. And so you do with the hats, the coats and the shoes. You can pick up the envelopes and then click on the small shelf under a complete costume

The 4 letters told you which aliases Holmes uses and they are: J, Escott a common worker, Joshua Hayward an office clerk and Captain Basil and Cleric Zahariah. So you have to fabricate 3 complete costumes ..... costumes that match the professions of the 4 aliases. You then have 1 letter left and that is the current disguise with which Holmes now roams through London. 

So first look at the 4 envelopes through the magnifying glass. You then know the professions of the 4 aliases.

Then look at all the items of clothing through the magnifying glass and determine which coat, pants, hat and shoes belong to the profession of those aliases. Then you store the magnifying glass again. You can then swap the items of clothing with each other. So make 3 complete outfits. You have to make an outfit for the Cleric, the Clerk and the Captain. I'm not going to explain this to you in detail again, but just show you the screenshot in wich you see how it should be in the end. If an outfit is good, you can't change it anymore.

If you do it right, there will be 1 envelope left and that is from alias J. Escott worker. 

This envelope will then automatically appear on the screen and the address is on the remaining envelope: 6 Buck Row in Whitechapel.

Watson then knows what Holmes looks like now and where to look for him. You have then automatically exited the puzzle screen. Open the map and then click on the "Whitechapel Street" box to open the map of "Whitechapel Street". Then click on the circle and ....... Watson suddenly realizes that he had better take some change with him. So go back to Watson's bedroom and zoom in on the right drawer of the desk and then on the coins and........,.

Watson's money is gone..... Watson thinks Holmes stole the money. The map will then reappear automatically, so travel to:

B: Whitechapel:

Buck's Row number 6

Watson tells you the address you need to look for..... number 6 Buck's Row

We are back in Whitechapel street and Buck's Row is the first side street on the right. 

So walk on and then turn into Buck's Row street and follow this winding street to number 6.....the Rat Hole. 

After the cutscene you knock on the door and ......

........... the big fat whore, whom we saw earlier when she fooled the beautiful prince, opens the door ......

God almighty ..... you shall be such a poor slut who has to let such a big fat whore suck or fuck you ....... 

You would immediately start masturbating again, just like when you was still a teenager...

The whore calls herself Danny and she likes a game of free wrestling. Danny recognizes Watson and she doesn't want to let him in just like that. So you have to click on the right conversation options. First say, "I am one of your fans" and then continue with "I would like to do yor portrait" and then "To give you immortality" and end it with "The right Light" and ...... Watson can enter.

The Rat Hole:

Watson says he wants to portray Danny in her wrestling suit so the whore smacks the panhandler, because she pawned her horny costume to get money. 

We're inside and, given the clutter, Watson immediately has the feeling that we're in Holmes's chambers. Look around

On the left is a chest of drawers on the wall. On that chest of drawers is a tobacco box and there is a piece of tissue paper and a few green books about criminal matters.

Check out this stuff and hear Watson's commentary. The most important item is the piece of tissue paper. Then go to the round table and click on everything that you can click on and hear Watson's commentary about it. The table is full of items, such as a microscope and test tubes, that Holmes uses. On the other side of the room is a desk and a narrow tall cupboard. In front of the desk is a white basin on a stool and in the cupboard are a few white crystal glasses. You can also see the coat rack. Holmes' cap and coat hang on the coat rack.

Go check it all out. When you have viewed everything in the front room, you continue to the raised back room. 

The raised back room apparently serves as a bedroom. Also look at everything in the back room again to hear Watson's commentary about it. 

There is a violin on the small cabinet and a sheet of music paper on the chair.

At the windows is a large potted plant and a watering can ..... the watering can is empty.

On the sofa is a brown briefcase that is chained to the arm of the sofa with handcuffs. The handcuffs have a code lock. There is also a large suitcase with clothes. Take a closer look at the brown briefcase and the handcuffs with the code lock. A 3-digit code and a key are required. Close the close-up and go back to the big round table. 1 of the items on the table is a pipe, just like the one Holmes has. The pipe lies on a music sheet

If you have already looked at the pipe before, you can take the pipe now, if not, you look at the pipe first. You should also first have a closer look at the code lock of the handcuffs. Click twice on the pipe to put the thing to your inventory. The pipe was on a newspaper. Also click on the newspaper and read this "Musical newspaper" in Documents ..... you will see a music bar with musical notes in the article. Close Documents and listen to Watson's commentary on the musical notes. Turn around and go back to the narrow cupboard in the corner near the steps. There are a few beautiful white crystal glasses in the narrow cabinet. You've seen those crystal glasses before. Select the Pipe in inventory and then click on the 4 white crystal glasses and .......

Watson plays the musical notes from the musical article on the crystal glasses with the pipe and he then recognizes the melody as being the "5th Symphony of Beethoven". Go back to the chair by the windows and ..... now click with your finger on the music sheets that are in the chair and .....

Watson now picks up the sheet music for Beethoven's 5th symphony. However, there are strange spots on the sheet and Watson wants to investigate this further. So go back to the round table and stand in front of the microscope. Select the sheet music (Music score) in inventory and click on the microscope and you will then view the stains on the music paper through the microscope.

Click with your finger ....... Watson reports that the stains hide an inscription, but he needs a cleaning agent to remove the stains. Close close up. 

To the right of the oil lamp is a small bottle on the table. Take that small bottle (liquid reagent) and then click on the microscope again.

You can see the stains on the music sheet again through the microscope, but now the small bottle is also at the bottom of your screen. Pick up the bottle and click it on the stains and Watson reports that the cleaning agent is too strong and that he must first dilute it with water. Right click to put the bottle back and close the close-up . Go back to the round white bowl, which is on the stool near the desk.

There is dirty water in the bowl. Select the small bottle in inventory and then click on the bowl to dilute the remedy in the bottle.

The bowl is then empty. Zoom in on the bowl and then click with your magnifying glass in the bowl and........

You see some leftovers of earth in the basin ..... Holmes has washed his hands in the basin ..... 

Holmes therefore had earth on his hands, so he looked for something in the earth ..... but where?

 Back to the microscope. Click on the microscope again and then pick up the bottle again and click again with the bottle on the stains ......

You have to click on all the stains with the bottle ..... there are 5 stains so you have to click 5 times. You will see musical notes appear, but Watson still needs something to mop up the excess water. So close the close-up screen again and turn around to the chest of drawers and walk towards it again. Now take the tissue paper from the cupboard and go back to the microscope.

Zoom in on the microscope again and then pick up the blotting paper and dab the 5 stain spots dry with it, until you automatically put the paper back.

You have then made 3 numbers visible ..... 3, 5, 9 and you will also see this appear in your Documents on the sheet music. This is the code for the handcuffs, but you also need a key. If you have thoroughly examined the washbowl, you know that Holmes has been rooting in the earth with his hands somewhere. But where do you find Earth here? Well....the large potted plant perhaps?. So go back to the plant, which is near the windows, and click on it again with your magnifying glass and ....... you then zoom in on the soil in the pot. Click with your finger in the earth and .... you dig up the key. Take the key.

Close the close up. Go back to the sofa and zoom in all the way again on the code lock of the handcuffs.

Select the key and then click it into the keyhole.

Then, with the red arrows, put the code 3, 5, 9 on the lock and then click on the key again and .....

............the briefcase opens. There are some books in the briefcase, but also a train ticket.

Look at the Train ticket and..... It is a train ticket to the suburbs of London and........

Suddenly an olderly lady and a somewhat disheveled young man enter the room. Watson thinks that the smelly young man is his friend Holmes and he briefly rants at the young man. The young man is not pleased with Watson's big mouth and he clenches his fists to give Watsom a few good blows.

But then the old lady intervenes and ....... Watson notices his mistake ...... the old lady is Holmes in disguise. The young man disappears and Holmes talks to Watson, who won't let himself be thrown into the woods again. Holmes is forced to take Watson on his very dangerous further mission. After a long journey, Holmes and Watson end up "in the Country" at:

C: The Sawmill:

Holmes and Watson arrive at a sawmill somewhere in the countryside outside London. Holmes says there are three men in the sawmill and he tells Watson to get his firecracker ready. Holmes wants to search the upper floor and asks Watson to make sure the three men stay downstairs. If Holmes is discovered, the men will kill him and Watson.

As Watson:

Ground floor:

Continue to the front door of the mill and click on the doorknob and ........

Watson goes in with his gun drawn and finds ........ three wounded men, who look more or less alike.

There is a newspaper on the table. Look at the newspaper.....

......it is an edition of the London Times and this tells Watson that the men, although foreigners, can read and probably understand English. 

Get the talk cursor on each of the 3 men and then click on the men one by one.

All 3 guys are injured in some way and they say something in Russian. The standing guy can't talk because his tongue has been cut out. The sitting guy, who always keeps his hand on one ear, has lost that ear because his ear has been cut off. The other sitting guy has both eyes cut out of the eye sockets... that guy is blind. If you have clicked on the newspaper and tried to talk to all 3 men, a short conversation will follow between Watson and the blind guy. These 3 Russian guys are anarchists and they think that Watson is on the "counter party" and that he has come back to "finish the dirty work".

When the conversation is over you will receive an important announcement on your screen ...... You can now switch between Holmes and Watson. To do that, right click to open the Investigation menu screen and then click on the Watson/Holmes characters to make Holmes and Watson large in your screen.

Then click either Holmes or Watson, depending on who you want to continue playing as.

We will now continue as Holmes, so click on Holmes.

As Holmes:


Holmes has meanwhile ended up in the attic of the mill. You look at a cupboard with uniforms hanging in it.

Stand still and turn to the right. At the wooden pillar there are 2 oil lamps on the crates. Look at the oil lamps....the oil lamps do not work.

Turn to the wall. There is a green spout jug on a bench and a rope hangs from the wooden wall beam.

Click on the Spout jug...the jug has lamp oil, but you cannot grab the jug. Take the Rope.

Turn back to the closet. In front of the cupboard is a Mannequin and, under the window, a box.

Continue to the chest and click on the lock of the chest and listen to Holmes's commentary. The chest opens .... it is a magician's chest. The chest is full of a magician's stuff. Click in the opened chest to view the contents in close-up. There is, among other things, a magician's jacket in the chest and a pair of white gloves. Click on the magician's jacket and ......... Holmes takes the jacket from the chestand the jacket is then on the Mannequin and you see the jacket large in close-up.

Magician's coat

You can turn the jacket in all directions again because you have to remove various items from the jacket.

Jacket front: Click with your magnifying glass on the left jacket collar, the left jacket pocket, the right jacket pocket, the left sleeve and the right sleeve.

You take a lucky coin from under the left coat collar. From both jacket pockets you take handcuffs and a bird skeleton.

From both sleeves you take colored cloths and a deck of playing cards.

Keep clicking on these items to click them away because Holmes doesn't want to keep none of these items

When you have removed all items from the front of the jacket, grab the jacket and turn the jacket over so that you can see the back of the jacket. There is a secret pocket in the left coat slip. From this secret pocket you take a Letter from Mr. Fergusson and you read it in Documents. Close the Document Book and ..... Holmes takes another "Master Key" bunch of keys from the jacket pocket.

You will automatically be out of the close-up screen. You have the Master Key in inventory and the Fergusson letter in the Document Book. The other items you took out of the jacket were of no interest and are therefore gone. Zoom in on the opened chest again and take a look at the rest of the contents, but Holmes no longer finds the other items in the chest of any value. Close the close-up and turn back to the closet and take a look at the contents of the closet. There are 3 uniforms in the closet of good quality, and Holmes thinks they are being used as a disguise. There is a hatch in the floor beyond the cupboard. Go check out that hatch too.

Opposite the closet are some jute bales against the 2nd pillar. Look at the bales with your magnifying glass ..... there is flour in them and they have been eaten by mice. Allso click with your finger on the 2 rightmost bales and Holmes will report that that bale has not been eaten away ... these 2 bales have only recently been filled and placed here. Select your pocket knife in inventory and then click on the right most bale to cut open the this bale .....

The flour flows out of the bale and you see that there is an envelope in the bale.

Click on the envelope and ... you get into the close-up. in the close up. Under the bales is a wooden Gear (Gog)

Take the sealed envelope from the cut open bale and ....... In Documents you read this "Information Card" ... you read all the details of that magician Fergusson, what he looks like, how old he is , how tall he is and so on....... Close Documents and then the close-up. Look down at the bales again and now cut open the 2nd bale with your pocket knife. Papers are also hidden in this 2nd bale, so zoom in on it and then take the papers from the right-hand cut-open bale.

You read these "Safe-conduct-passes" again in Documents.

 When you have closed the Document Book again, you now also take the wooden Gear, which is under the bales. 

Behind the pillar you see the large white millstone. Continue to the millstone and view the stone.

The millstone is still in good condition. To the right of the millstone are 2 windows and in front of those 2 windows is an axle construction with gears. Stand in front of that axle construction. The structure has a vertical axis and a horizontal axis. There is a large gear on the vertical axis. However, the horizontal axis is missing the 2 gears.

You see blood on the horizontal axis ..... 

click with your finger on the horizontal axis, where you see the blood and ..... you enter the close-up of the horizontal axis.

Look at the 2 blood stains on the axis with your magnifying cursor........someone must have been tied to the axis here for a long time. If you click with your finger on the right end of the shaft, Holmes says that the shaft is missing a gear there. On the left, the axle is attached to a vertical pole and there is a gear on the axle. Under that gear you see the top end of a round pole, which you also get your finger on. If you click with your finger on the round pole, Holmes says that there should also be a gear on that pole. You have found 1 gear, so select the gear in inventory, which you took from under the jute bales, and then click with your finger on the left vertical pole again and ...... you place the gear on the pole .

This gear wheel therefore does not fit on the right-hand end of the horizontal axis. So you need to find another gear. Close the close-up screen and turn around. Continue to the white plastered wall on the other side of the attic. When you are almost at the white wall, Holmes automatically stops because a floorboard creaks under his weight

Look down at the floor and then click your finger on the floorboard, where you get the finger. You enter the close-up of the floor.

2 planks are broken and somewhat carelessly repaired and put back in the floor. Click with your magnifying glass on the planks to take a closer look. Then select your pocket knife in inventory and then find your finger in the wide gap between the 2 repaired planks. Then click and ........ Unfortunately ...... The blade breaks off the pocket knife ...... you have now lost the pocket knife and you need something else to get the plank out of the floor.

Close the close-up and continue to the white wall. Click with your magnifying glass on the white wall and ..... Holmes knocks on the wall and says that the wall is hollow. You then get your finger on the wall and at the bottom right you see a crack in the wall. Look at the crack with your magnifying glass and listen for Holmes. Look up ... at the top of the plastered wall you see another crack. Also view this crack .... there is an iron strip behind the plaster.

Holmes can't go any further here in the attic, so turn right and leave the attic through the door.

You end up outside on the stair balcony. Turn left and walk to the stairs.

Stay at the top of the stairs and look slightly up.

Above the stairs you can see that there once was a window here in the facade, which is now bricked up and boarded up with planks.

Look at this window with your magnifying glass. This window was not visible in the attic, because it is behind the hollow white plastered wall. Look down and descend the stairs. Halfway up the stairs you take a look inside through your magnifying glass through the narrow window. Holmes then sees that Watson has everything under control.


Walk further down. We are outside in the garden and you see the shed. Continue to the barn.

The barn door is locked with a rusty padlock. Select the Master Key in inventory and click on the padlock and ......

..... you see Holmes open the door. Go inside ..... the shed is full of all kinds of tools. On the left shelves is a shovel without a handle. 

You can't grab the shovel now because you need a handle first. On the right shelves is a tool box. Click on the toolbox and then takes a the Screwdriver

Leave the barn and walk back to the attic stairs. Behind the wooden cart is a Broom.

Zoom in on the broom ..... the broom stick could be used by Holmes as a stick for the shovel.

Select the Screwdriver in inventory and then click on the rope that attaches the bunch of broom straw to the handle.

You then have the broom stick. Close the close-up and go back to the barn

Click on the Shovel again in the barn to get into the close-up. Select the Broom stick in inventory and then click on the shovel and .......

The broom stick goes into the shovel .... now just tighten the 2 screws, so select the screwdriver again in inventory and click on the screws .... you have to click on both screws. When you have tightened both screws, click on the shovel to move the shovel to your inventory. Close the close-up and leave the barn again and go up the stairs to the:


Back in the attic, stand in front of the white plastered wall again. Make sure you have your finger on the white wall again. Select the shovel in inventory and then click on the wall and ..... Holmes makes a hole in the wall with the shovel. Through the hole you can see part of the metal strip again. Select the rope in inventory and then click on the metal strip and ..... Holmes attached the rope to the metal strip.

Turn around and see ..... The rope is now across the floor, but it is about a meter too short to reach the gear shafts on the other side.

Now walk back to the 2 poorly repaired and creaking floorboards. Click with your finger on those 2 planks again to end up in the close-up again. Select the shovel again in inventory and then click again in the seam between the 2 planks and ....... Holmes now breaks the planks out of the floor and has opened a secret hiding place. In the hole is a Gatling machine gun, an open box with new pistols and 3 closed boxes with chains containing weapons.

Click with your finger on the bottom left box to remove the chains from all 3 boxes. You then have a long chainin inventory. Close close up. Turn left and walk back to the Millstone, at the 2 back windows. There is a round hole in the middle of the millstone. Select the Chain in inventory and then click with your finger in the hole of the millstone and ..... You put the chain around the millstone and the end of the chain is at the end of the rope.

Take a small step back and then click on the end of the chain to tie the chain to the rope ...... Holmes then reports that he still needs to find a 2nd gear ..... perhaps it's down stairs. Walk to the floor hatch, near the uniform closet. Open the floor hatch by clicking on the handle and .....

Holmes orders Watson to find the 2nd Gear. So switch to Watson.....I explained how to do that above.

As Watson:

Ground floor:

Watson looks at the flour, which trickles down through the floorboards of the attic and falls on a chest......

 ..... Watson gets an idea ..... Look down at the chest.

The chest is locked with a number code lock. Click on the lock. In the close-up you can see that there are heaps of flour on the chest to the left of the lock. Well ..... Watson doesn't know the code, so he has to figure it out first, so close the close-up again. Turn to the left ..... you will see the fireplace, where a nice fire is burning. On the left is a wooden bench with a piece of tarpaulin on it.

Walk to the wooden bench and then click on the tarpaulin to slide it away ... a box with bottles and a brush will appear. Grab the Brush. Go back to the chest and go into the close-up again. The brush you just found is on the bottom right. Pick up the brush and then click it on the top heap of flour. You then have flour on the brush. Click with the flour brush on all number buttons of the chest's lock and .....

Well ..... 3 of the number buttons are fatter than the other buttons and more flour remains on those 3 buttons. They are the buttons 2, 3 and 6. But in what order should you press these buttons? At the bottom left, on the left edge of the lock, you see that someone has scratched <3<. That's a clue. So button 3 is in the middle of the code. Well ...... a matter of trail and error here....... So click on the buttons 2, 3 and 6 and ....your first attempt is successful ..... the chest goes open.......

The chest contains the parts for making a time bomb ..... Another conversation between Watson and the 3 Russians follows ...... The Ruskies made the bomb, which exploded in the judge's house. But whoever ordered them to make the bomb placed it in the house. Watson is willing to tend to the anarchist's inflamed severed ear and the blind man then gives Watson the key to the medicine cabinet.

Turn to the windows and look at the ladder leaning against the wall in front of the wooden bench. The medicine cabinet hangs on the wall behind the ladder and a balalaika hangs on the standing wall bar, which you can click on.  In inventory select the key you just got from the blind Russian and then click on the lock of the medicine cabinet (2 times) to open it.

Take the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and the bandage from the medicine cabinet ...... the bottle of hydrogen peroxide is almost empty and it is not enough to disinfect the inflamed cut off ear of that one Russian. Close the close-up and walk back to the table. On the table is a large glass bottle with Vodka. Grab the vodka bottle.....

There are only a few drops of vodka left in the bottle. Open inventory.

In inventory, combine the bandage with the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and then combine the vodka with the bandage.

Then select the bandage and close the inventory. Now click with your talk cursor on the earless Russian and .....

..... Watson connect the damaged ear of the Russian and .....

The blind Russian now tells why they were beaten so badly. Judge Beckett was killed because he had information about their leader. The blind Russian shits his pants for fear of his leader and therefore does not want to mention the name of the leader. When Watson asks about the gear, the blind man tells him that it is under the logs by the fireplace.

So go to the fireplace. To the left of the fireplace is a pile of wood. Click on the firewood ..... click on the wood twice and then take the Gear.

Close close up. Immediately select the gear in inventory.

Turn around to the ladder and look up and then click in the ceiling hole and ........ Watson gives Holmes the gear.

So now become Holmes again:

As Holmes:


Go to the axis, behind the mill wheel. Zoom back in on the horizontal axis. In inventory, select the gear that Watson gave you

 Then click with your finger on the right end of the horizontal axis and ....

........ you also place this gear on the shaft, but the millstone still does not turn. Close the close-up and go back to the floor hatch and click in it with your magnifying glass to call Watson and ask if he can find out why the mill is still not working. So switch back to Watson.

As Watson:

Ground Flour

You are looking at the 3 Ruskies. Turn left. You look at the front door and at a large metal gear that turns.

Walk to the spinning gear and stand right in front of it.

You are then standing in front of the round axel pole. Look up a little and then click with your finger on the thick part of the pole and ...... Watson reports that a smaller gear is missing. Turn left and ..... against the separation gate you will see the missing gear. Go grab that gear and then place the thing on the pole and ......

in the attic the millstone comes into action and a larger piece is pulled out of the plaster wall ...... a skeleton is hidden behind the false plaster wall.

As Holmes:


You're automatically Holmes again. So go to the skeleton, behind the false plaster wall. The skeleton has something in the right hand.

Click with your finger on the right hand. You get into the close-up and Holmes reports that this skeleton was once the magician Fergusson.

Take the piece of paper from the right hand of the skeleton ......

...... It turns out to be a card ..... Holmes reads the card but we do not get to see what it says.

 Holmes reports that he is finished here but that the mill must be destroyed. 

Turn around and walk to the Oil Can, which you viewed earlier. Now you can open the oil can so click on the oil can and .......

The blind Russian smells the oil. Watson looks up and sees oil beginning to drip through the ceiling. Watson calls out to Holmes.......

The 3 Russians hear the name of Holmes and this causes them to panic completely and they flee the mill in panic.

Then Inspector Baynes turns up. Baynes brought a few cops along

Baynes goes up to the attic to grab Holomes in the neck and ....... A shot rings out and .......

.... Baynes falls down the stairs, dead, and we see Holmes looking out the attic window

Did Holmes kill the inspector? It has to be because apart from the 3 Ruskies, Holmes and Watson we have not seen anyone else here.

Watson checks whether Baynes really has blown the crow's march and then ...... the mill is ablaze.

So that's what Holmes meant by "To Destroy this place"......well...it's quite effective.....But did Holmes escape?

Watson returns home:

Bakerstreet 221B

Holmes has escaped and Watson feels heavily manipulated and is very disappointed in Holmes.

 Watson is now convinced that Holmes is and always has been a top criminal. Walk to Holmes' desk. 

Look at the broken pipe on the desk and read the newspaper, which is also on the desk.

The pipe is Holmes's pipe and the newspaper article says Sherlock Holmes is wanted for the murder of Inspector Baynes.

Watson then sits down at his desk in his own room to write down his thoughts on this case.

Watson is now firmly convinced that Holmes has become a criminal. Then Watson suddenly hears a noise in the living room.

Leave Watson's room to the living room. There's no one in the living room. Go to the door of Holmes's room and click on the doorknob and ....

Watson knocks on Holmes's room door and ...... Holmes is in his room. Watson enters with his revolver drawn and .......

Well ..... Holmes also has a gun and the two men are directly opposite each other ......

 Watson pulls the trigger but his gun blocks, or there are no bullets in it. The cops come in and then.......Holmes shoots himself in the head.......

Sherlock Holmes' funeral isn't the spectacular celebration you'd expect from the death of the Greatest Detective of All Time....

........no it's a somewhat cold sober event with only the gravediggers and Watson as witnesses.....You are then in

Chapter 10: In the Sewers

2023 :Walkthrough by:  Louis Koot