2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot    

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You play this chapter as Valanice


After the intro movie, Valanice has ended up in a desert environment. She tears her dress to pieces on a fat cactus.

A mad Rabbit is running around on the path. Valanice has Rosella's Golden Comb in her pockets.

Your white magic wand is your cursor with which you can grab and / or view things .... The button of your magic wand must shine.

Take the piece of green Ripped Petticoat from the cactus.


Go down 1 screen. Valanice ends up in the desert and she sees a Ghost. 

Quickly ..... click with your magic wand on the Ghost to start talking to him.

If you were too slow with clicking on the ghost, the ghost will run away, but don't worry...you will encounter the ghost a few more times later. The ghost  tells that he is very thirsty and that he is doomed to keep wandering here in the desert until he has found fresh drinking water. Before that his soul will find no rest. Also, the ghost warns Valanice to get out of here as soon as possible and he tells her about a Portal in the mountains that will allow her to get out of the desert. But that Portal is bewitched by an evil sorceress. The ghost then runs away again.

Follow the ghost down one screen. On the next screen you will see the Skeleton of the ghost lying in the sand of the desert. A whirlwind is constantly raging over the bones. Walk right in front of the skeleton. Near the left "leg" of the skeleton is the Hunting Horn. But Valanice cannot take the hunting horn as long as the whirlwind is spinning over the skeleton. Watch carefully how the whirlwind turns. Every now and then the whirlwind goes slightly to the right and then does not turn over the left leg of the skeleton. That's the time to grab the Hunting Horn.

So keep your wand on the left leg and as soon as you see that the whirlwind is not turning over the left leg for a moment........

.......quickly click your wand and Valanice will grab the Hunting Horn.

When you have the Hunting horn, you go back up 2 screens.

 If you encounter the Ghost along the way and you had not talked to the it before, you can still do so. 

You are then back in the oasis and at the cactus. Go up another screen and Valanice will reach the Caves.


Sweet water for the Ghost:

There are 2 caves but you can only enter the right cave. Between the two caves is a thick boulder. On the left side of that boulder, water drips down and those water drops form a damp spot in the sand. Look at that damp spot with your magic wand. There is a green bush in front of the left cave. At the bottom of that green bush is a purple flower. It's a gourd bush and that purple flower is a gourd. Look at that purple gourd flower. Valanice tells you that the purple Gourd flower has completely dried up. To the right of the right cave is a kind of house. There are symbols on the house. Take a close-up look at those symbols........

The symbols tell you how to turn salt water into sweet drinking water. Exit from the close-up screen. Enter the right cave.

Inside the right cave there are 4 Clay Pots on a stone. To the left of the clay pots is a basket on the floor.

Take the Basket. View the Basket through the Golden Eye. So take the basket from inventory and click it on the golden eye. 

You will then see the basket in the close-up screen. Click on the lid of the basket to open the lid. 

Now turn the basket around in the screen so that you can see that there is something inside the basket.

There is a yellow Seed in the basket. It is a Corn Kernel. Grab the Seed from the basket. Close the screen and place the basket back in your inventory. Click with your magic wand on each of the 4 clay pots. Valanice breaks 3 clay pots but the fourth pot remains whole and she then picks them up and puts them in inventory. It doesn't matter in which order you click on the clay pots. You always break 3 pots first and always pick up only the last pot.

 Go back out of the cave and walk to the damp spot, left of the boulder.

 Take the Corn Kernel from your inventory and click it on the moisture spot. 

Valanice plants the Corn Kernel and a Corn plant immediately grows out of it. Grab the bottom Ear of Corn from the corn plant.

Now walk to the left until Valanice is in front of the Stone Face. Click with your magic wand on the Stone Face. Valanice loves it. The mouth of the Stone Face is the entrance to the tunnel through which Valanice can leave the desert through the mountains, but as you can see ..... the mouth is closed tight. In the "upper lip" of the mouth, however, you can see an arrow. Click on that arrow with your magic wand. You will then see the arrow in the close-up screen.

Click with your magic wand inside the arrow. Valanice says it looks like she needs to put an arrow in this arrow. But Valanice hasn't found that arrow yet. So Exit from this screen. On the right is another cactus and on that cactus is a purple flower. It's a Prickley Pear. Try to take this Prickley Pear from the cactus.

 However, that does not work because Valanice pricks herself on the cactus.

 Walk back to the right, to the Gourd plant and the corn plant. See ..... that purple Gourd Flower has now opened.

Click again with your magic wand on the purple flower and Valanice now takes the seed. You now have the Gourd Seed. 

Continue to the right, to the house. Continue to the right and past the 2 rabbit holes in the ground. 

On the right edge of the screen, Valanice will come to the Rat's house.

"Rare Curiosities" is written above the door. Click on that and Valanice thinks she might be able to trade some of her stuff here. 

Click on the door. The door opens and ....... the Rat comes out of the "house". 

"Who's there? I can't see anything" cries the rat. Quickly click on the Rat with your magic wand to talk to him.

If you are too slow, the rat will go back in, but you can always click on the door again to let the rat come out again. Valanice introduces herself to the rat, who tells Valanice that the nasty rotten rabbit stole his glasses. As soon as the rat gets his glasses back, he wants to do a trade with Valanice. The rat goes back inside and ....... The annoying rabbit comes to harass Valanice a bit

The rabbit dives back into its holes ..... So you have to get the rat's glasses back from that annoying rabbit. 

Now first take the hunting horn from your inventory and click it on Valanice. 

Valanice discovers that the Hunting Horn is full of sand and she blows the sand out of the horn.

Now walk to those 2 Rabbit holes, which are in the ground on the left. Click with the Hunting horn on the right -hand rabbit hole ...... 

The Rabbit may then come up from the other hole to fool Valanice. 

Then click the Hunting Horn again on the right-hand rabbit hole and Valanice places the horn over the hole and blows a terrible sound through the hole.

The rabbit rises out of the left hole in fright, gets stuck on the cactus with its fur and loses the rat's glasses.The rabbit dives back into its hole.Next to Valanice, the Glasses are on the sandy ground. Grab the glasses. So a piece of the rabbit's fur has stuck to the cactus. Grab the piece of rabbit fur (Jackalope Fur) from the cactus. 

Click on the door of "Rare Curiosities" again and the rat will come out again. Quickly click the glasses on the rat to give him back his glasses.

The rat is grateful to Valanice and now wants to do a trade with her. Take the Gourd Seed from your inventory and give it to the rat. 

In exchange for the Gourd Seed, the rat gives Valanice a Turquoise Bead.  

When the rat has gone back in, walk back to the left, until you reach the Stone Face.

At the Stone Face you then go down a screen and Valanice is then at the Pond with the Buddha statue.

To the right of Valanice is a branch/stick. Grab the Stick. Click with your magic wand in the pond. Valanice sees, through the water, the bottom of the pond. At the bottom of the pond is a statue holding an offering bowl in its hands. Click in the pond again. Valanice tastes the water from the pond. There is salt water in the pond and that is not drinkable. In front of the pond you can see a few glittering Salt grains glistening. Go get those Salt Grains. At the bottom of the Buddha statue you see a set of symbols / inscription. Click with your magic wand on those symbols. Valanice says "Hmmm". Click again with your magic wand on the symbols and now you get into the close-up.

Look closely at these symbols. The order is from left to right and they tell you how to make fresh drinking water using tears and a cob of corn from the salt water from the pond. Close the close-up screen. View the Buddha statue. In his/her right hand the Buddha carries a bowl. The Buddha's left hand floats above the bowl. The Buddha wears a necklace  around her / his neck with some blue beads.  You are now going to make fresh water first. Take the clay pot from your inventory and click it into the pond. Valanice fills the pot with salt water from the pond. Immediately take the pot from your inventory and click it on the Bowl of the Bhuda.

Valanice pours the water from the pot into the bowl of the Buddha. 

Take the Ear of Corn from your inventory and place it in the Bhuda's left hand.

The Bhuda crushes the corn cob and corn kernels fall into the bowl of water. Take the Golden Comb from your inventory and click it on Valanice. The memory of her daughter Rosella makes Valanice burst into tears. Then click with the Golden Comb on the Bowl of the Bhuda and ..... Valanice is now crying her tears into the bowl.

You will hear a sound and the bowl will briefly turn golden. The salt water in the bowl has now turned into fresh water.

Click the clay pot on the bowl again and Valanice fills the pot with the sweet drinking water.


Now that you have filled the clay pot with fresh drinking water, you need to find the ghost again to give him the drinking water. The ghost can appear on all screens around the oasis. So I can't tell you where to find the ghost. However, never go more than 2 screens from the oasis or Valanice herself will die of thirst and heat. I found the ghost 1 screen to the left, from the pond.

So find the ghost and then very quickly click again with your magic wand on the ghost to make it stand still ..... and then give the pot of drinking water to it.

NB: if you were too slow to click on the ghost with your magic wand, it will run away ..... you have to go look for the ghost again ..... do not immediately click on the ghost with the pot because that will not work .... first click on the ghost with your glittering wand to summon it and when the ghost has stopped, quickly take the pot from inventory and click on the ghost with the pot

The ghost drinks the water and then takes Valanice back to his bones, where you took the Hunting Horn earlier. The ghost ensures that the whirlwind now disappears and then shows Valanice his pouch, which lies in the sand with his bones. The ghost opens the pouch. I

nside the pouch is a jar Grab the jarfrom the pouch. It's a jar of "Bug Reducing Powder".


Open the Stone Face:

The ghost now says goodbye because thanks to the water his soul has now found peace. Go up 2 screens, back to the oasis. You are then back at the fat cactus where you also started this game. Walk to the left, back to the pond. Go back to the Buddha statue.Now click with your magic wand on the Head of the Buddha ..... the head now turns around and around the head now "sunbeams" stick out. Now click on the necklace of the Buddha. 

There are 3 blue beads in the necklace and holes for those beads. However, the 3 beads are not in the correct holes. You now have to put the 3 beads under each other in the 3rd from the left row of holes. Click on the beads, or in the holes, to move the beads to the right row of holes. Then exit from the close-up screen.

Now click on the Buddha's right arm. That is the arm that holds the bowl. 

The arm then moves down and so does the bowl, which then also turns. 

As a result, the water in the pond now slides away and the pond is now a deep well into which Valanice can descend. 

So click with the down arrow in the pond well.

Valanice descends to the bottom of the pit. At the bottom is another statue. The statue holds an offering bowl. Click with your magic wand on the offering bowl. You enter the close-up screen. There are 2 Turquoise arrows in the offering bowl. Click with your magic wand in the bowl ....... Valanice then tells you that it is an offering bowl. You must have done this first, otherwise you cannot place anything in the bowl. Valanice needs the right arrow, but if she just picks up an arrow from the bowl now, she will die from drowning. Valanice must first place a new offering in the bowl before she can take an old offering from the bowl. So take the Turquoise Bead from your inventory and place it in the bowl.

You then automatically leave the close-up screen and see the image nod its head in agreement. 

Zoom in again on the offering bowl and now grab the right -hand arrow from the bowl.

Climb back out of the pit via the stairs. 

Once you have come out of the pit again, walk to the right, until Valanice has reached the entrance of the Temple.

Enter the Temple. In the Temple, Valanice is attacked by a giant Scorpion. There are 2 ways to get rid of the Scorpio. I'll name them both:

The First way = easy way

Once you regain control of Valanice, take the jar of Bug Reducing Powder from your inventory and click the jar on the scorpion.

Valanice then takes a few steps back and flings the powder from the jar over the scorpion.

The scorpion shrinks and shrinks and then becomes a tiny "beetle" and runs out of the temple in a panic.

The Second Way: harder

When the scorpion appears and as soon as you regain control of Valanice, quickly run out of the Temple. Outside, in your inventory, click the Ripped Petticoat on the Stick. You then have a Flag. Enter the Temple again and the Scorpion will appear in front of Valanice again. Once you regain control, quickly grab the FLAG from your inventory and click it on the scorpion. Valanice walks back again and waves the flag and nails the scorpion to the wall with the flag/stick. Then use the Bug Reducing Powder on the scorpion to reduce the size of the scorpion. Then don't forget to take the Flag back and then take the piece of petticoat off the stick again. You will need the Stick and Petticoat piece later. You will understand that the First Way is simpler than the Second Way.

In any case .... if you have lost the Scorpion then you go to the Altar that is further up in the Temple. There is a statue on the altar.

On the right wall is a Stone Face. The Stone Face's right eye is red. View the Face

Click with your magic wand on the altar. You will enter the close-up screen of the altar. The statue on the altar has raised its 2 hands. 

There are 4 holes in the top of the altar. To the left of the statue is a Marble in a hole. 

To the right of the statue is also a Marble in a hole. In the front of the altar you see the Drip button

Click on the Drip button ...... the Drip button turns around and ......... you automatically exit the close-up and ...... 

Through the red eye of the Stone Face, a ray of light cast upon the altar

Click on the altar again and you can see that the light beam goes through the hands of the statue to the hole to the left of the statue in the altar. 

The Red Marble and the Yellow Marble have now come up. There is a Blue Marble in the hole under the Drop Button.

Take the Blue Marble and place it on the left hand (right hand from your perspective) of the statue. Take the Yellow Marble and place it in the right hand (left for you) of the statue. Take the Red Marble and then place it in the hole behind the statue on the right and ...... The last piece of the light beam turns green and this now opens the Secret Compartment in the altar and the Turquoise Arrow rises from this compartment . Grab the Arrow and Exit from the close-up screen.

Leave the Temple and walk back to the left, to the pond. At the pond, go up 1 screen and you are back at the Stone Face. 

Take the Stick from your inventory and click with the Stick on the Prickley Pear that grows on the cactus. 

With the stick, Valanice now knocks the Prickley Pear out of the cactus. Grab the Prickley Pear.

Click, in your inventory, the two Turquoise Arrows on each other to make them into 1 arrow. 

Click again with your magic wand on the Arrow, in the upper lip of the Mouth of the Stone Face.

You return to the close-up screen. Now place your Turquoise Arrow in the Arrow of the lip and .....

The Mouth will now open. The Tunnel to the rest of this world is now open.

Before you step into the Stone Face, first check whether you now have all the items in inventory that Valanice needs to take with you to be able to continue later in Chapter 3. You should now have the following items in inventory ..... The Golden Comb, the piece of fabric from Valanice's dress, the piece of rabbit fur, the clay pot, the stick, the basket, the hunting horn, the prickley pear and the salt crystals. If you don't have one or more of these items, don't go into the stone face yet, but go find your missing items first.

Do you now have all items in inventory??? Then step through the Mouth of the Stone Face. 

Valanice now ends up in the tunnel and ..... is attacked by the MONSTER.

This is where Chapter 1 ends. The Chapter 2 Screen appears. If you want to close now, click on "QUIT".

 A new BOOKMARK will then be created so your game will be saved here. I

f you want to continue playing right away, click on "Continue". In any case....you continue with:

Chapter 2: A Troll is as a troll does

2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot