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You play this chapter as Rosella:

Throne Room:

Rosella, during her journey through the vortex, has turned into a troll. She ends up with the Troll King, King Othar, who welcomes her as his bride.

Rosella sees herself in the mirror and is not happy with what she sees. King Othar takes Rosella to her room in the Troll Caves.

Just look around the room. You can't do anything here now, but you can look at the picture of the King and you can look in the mirror.

Leave the room through the door. Rosella ends up in the Throne Room.

In the Throne Room Rosella meets Mathilda, a big fat Troll lady. Mathilda is King Othar's old nanny. At first Mathilda is angry with Rosella but soon she feels sorry for Rosella. Mathilda can turn Rosella back into a Human, but then Rosella must first find the ingredients for the magic potion and give it to Mathilda. A Troll child then enters. The child has a toy Rat but she is not very satisfied with it. The Child throws the Rat to the ground.

Grab the toy Rat from the floor.

Go stand in the corner, by the mirror, next to the great King's Throne. 

Click on the Throne. .........Rosella takes a seat on the Throne and imagines that she is the Queen for a moment. 

To the left of the Throne hangs a blue Shield. Grab the Shield

Click with the Shield on the Golden Eye to view it in close-up

There is a spikein the Shield. Click on the spike to take the thing out of the shield. You then have the Shield Spike.

 Put the Shield back in your inventory. 

At the top right is the passage to the Kitchen. Go, via top right, one screen to the right. Rosella peeks into the kitchen.

The cook is busy with a large cooking pot on the fire. The cook sees Rosella peeking into the kitchen and he doesn't like the prying eyes. Rosella is send back into the Throne Room by the cook. In the Throne Room we see the Wicked Witch appear. The Witch walks to the mud bath and expresses her disapproval of the two fat Trolls who are relaxing in the mud bath.

Rosella has followed the Witch and peeks into the mud bath. The Witch disappears and Rosella walks to the two Trolls in the mud bath. 

Talk to these 2 trollmen. They say that the witch's name is Malicia. 

Go back to the Throne Room and then back to the


Rosella needs a few items from the kitchen, but in order to get those items, the cook must first disappear here ...... You have heard that the cook needs "meat" for the filthy dish he is cooking in the cooking pot preparing is.............well...would rat meat be good?. Take the toy rat from inventory and click with the rat on the cook and ......

.....Rosella winds up the rat and releases it and.........The cook goes after the rat and is locked in the pantry. So... the cook is out of the way and now Rosella can do her thing in peace. Immediately to the right is the stove, with a purple pipe. You can see the cupboards to the right of the stove. In the green upper cabinet, on the lower shelf, is a golden Bowl. To the right of the green upper cabinet is a device . That is the "Baked Beetles" device. 

 Grab that Bowl. Click with your magic wand on the device. Rosella takes 3 Baked Beetles from the device. 

Go back to the Throne Room. 

Back in the Throne Room, go to the mud bath again. In the mud bath, listen to the conversation between the 2 troll women about sulpher.

Then go back to the Throne Room and then, through the tunnel at the bottom left, to the:

Workshop Cave:

The blacksmith and a jeweler are busy in the workshop. You will see a purple tunnel between the two Trolls. 

Go through the purple tunnel. Rosella ends up in the:

Lava cave:

At the entrance there are 4 containers with green water and a lantern. 

On the left there is a gap in the floor and on the other side of the gap you see brown stuff on the wall. 

Look at the containers with green water. 

Take the bowl from your inventory and click it on the green water container at the entrance. Rosella fills the bowl with green water. 

Grab the lantern

Walk to the edge of the canyon. Rosella needs a little bit of that brown stuff, but she has to cross over the canyon. There are 2 rocks floating above the gorge. Stand on the edge of the canyon, in front of the front rock floating above the canyon. Then click on that rock and Rosella will jump towards it. Then click on the ground, in front of that brown stuff and Rosella will also jump there.

Click with your magic wand on the brown stuff. It's Sulfer and it smells like rotten eggs.

Grab a chunk of the Sulfer. Then jump, via 2, back to 1 and then go back, via the tunnel, to the:

Workshop cave

Now go and have a look at the blacksmith's routine. The blacksmith is forging an iron bar on the anvil. To do this, the blacksmith has to blow up the fire again and again through the bellows. Behind the blacksmith is a table and on that table is a Brown Box. The blacksmith's tools hang on the wall to the left of the fire. There is a tongs in between. In front of the bellows is a bucket of water

Wait for the blacksmith to operate the bellows again to blow the fire high. Then quickly click on the Brown box, which is on the table.

The blacksmith now notices Rosella and tells that in that brown box are the molds for the Silver Spoons that he is forging. Rosella can't have the brown box. Also try to grab the tongs. Rosella politely asks the blacksmith if she can borrow his tongs. But that's not allowed. That blacksmith must therefore be "cleared out of the way". Walk to the fire. Wait for the blacksmith to blow the fire high again. Then quickly take the lantern from inventory and then quickly click with the lantern on the fire.

Rosella puts the lantern in the fire and in the lantern you have a Glowing Coal. You now have a "Lantarn with Spark". When the fire is almost out again, you throw the lump of sulfur into the fire and ...... Rosella walks around the blacksmith to throw the sulfur into the fire and ...... the blacksmith will then blow the fire high again and ..... a thick cloud of stinking sulfur reaches the blacksmith and the blacksmith falls unconscious on the floor.

the blacksmith is out of the way now. Click on the Brown Box again. 

However, the brown box is too hot to pick up with bare hands. Grab the Tongs and click on the brown box with the Tongs.

Rosella grabs the brown box with the tongs. 

There is a bucket of water in front of the anvil. Now dip the tongs/box combination into the bucket of water to cool down the box.

Rosella then opens the box herself and takes out the Silver Spoon

Put the tongs back where you took it

Go back to the Throne Room. Back in the Throne Room, you now go through the tunnel at the bottom right to the:

elevator cave:

The Chairlift hangs in the middle of the cave. At the top left you see a wooden cart. A lava river flows behind the elevator. Via the bridge you can cross the river and then through the tunnel, top right, further to the Crystal Cave and the Crystal Dragon. So go over the bridge to get to the dragon. Unfortunately ..... a big fat Troll appears on the bridge and prevents Rosella from passing.

Go to the Wooden Cart. Click on the cart and you will end up in the close-up screen. The cart is missing the right front wheel. Take the shield from your inventory and click the shield on the wheel axle. The shield now serves as a wheel. But of course the shield is still loose. So take the Shield Spike from your inventory and place it in the wheel axle of the cart.

The shield will now stay put. Click on the Ride button and ....

 Rosella pulls the cart forward a little and then sits in the cart and in the cart she races down and knocks that fat Troll off the bridge.

Enter the tunnel and then keep walking to the right and Rosella will come to the......

Crystal Dragon:

The dragon is lying around a pile of red crystals and the dragon is very sad. Talk to the Dragon. It is a friendly, but very sad little dragon. The dragon can no longer spit fire and therefore it has lost the will to live. Well ..... Rosella can do something about that. Take the Lantern from your inventory and click it on the head of the dragon and ......

The glowing coal from the lantern ensures that the dragon can spit his fire again. Overjoyed, the dragon then gives a large diamond (Big Gem) to Rosella, but Rosella asks if she can also have a piece of his skin. That is allowed, but first the dragon wants to fly a few circles in the sky. Dragon disappears.

So Rosella has to wait for the dragon to return, but she also needs some tools. Walk all the way back to the left and then go to the elevator again and then back to the Throne Room. In the Throne Room you disappear again, via the bottom left, to the Workshop. Now go talk to the Jeweler in the workshop. The Jeweler Troll is a bit of an outsider when it comes to Trolls. He would like to go out into the wide world but has no money for it. All he owns are hammer and chisel. Now let Rosella be in great need of a hammer and a chisel. So give the big Diamond (Big Gem) to the Jeweler Troll and............

Rosella gets the Hammer and Chisel.  

The Jeweled Troll immediately disappears to begin his world tour. Go back to the Elevator Cave and then on to the Crystal Dragon. The Dragon is now sleeping peacefully around the heap of red crystals. Now click with the Hammer and Chisel on the Tail of the dragon and Rosella will chip a Dragon Scale out of the tail.

Rosella now has all the things she had to find for Mathilda. So go back to the:

Throne Room:

Go to Mathilda and now give her all the ingredients. 

So give Mathilda the: Bowl with Green Water, the Silver Spoon, the Baked Beetles and the Dragon Scale ....

 ......each time you see in a close-up screen that Rosella gives the item to Mathilda .....

.........you then go out of the close-up again. Then take the next item for Mathilda from inventory and click it on her again.

If you have given all 4 items to Mathilda in this way, a cutscene will start

Mathilda now brews the potion and Rosella takes a sip of it. However, something isn't quite right. Rosella's head is gone. Mathilda thinks and then realizes that another Trollhair needs to be added to the potion. After Mathilda puts one of her hairs in the potion, Troll Rosella turns back into Human Rosella.

The Troll King appears and is speechless because of Rosella's beauty. 

Then Malicia appears and she is not very happy with Rosella. Malicia zaps Rosella back to her room.


Rosella has been zapped into the bedroom by Malicia and the door is locked. Smoke comes from the painting of King Othar. Click on the painting. In the close-up screen, you can see the smoke coming out of Othar's nostrils. Exit the close-up screen. There are 3 stools in the room. The 3 stools are different in size. In front of the bed is the Brown Stool, in front of the mirror is the Green Stool and at the bottom right is the Blue Stool. Grab the Brown Stool and then place it back on the floor under the painting. Place the Green Stool on the Brown Stool and then place the Blue Stool on the Green Stool and .....

As soon as you put the 3 stools on top of each other, Rosella climbs up and takes the painting off the wall.

Rosella crawls into the tunnel, behind the painting, and then peeks into Malicia's lab. Malicia and King Othar are in the lab.

Listen to Malicia. Is this Troll King the real Troll King????.

Rosella crawls on and then falls down and lands on the Throne in the Throne Room. You also see a green Frog falling down.

Throne Room:

Grab the Green Frog. It's the Dragon Toad.

Walk back to the room. Rosella does not reach her room, but she hears Malicia and Mathilda.

Mathilda then re-enters the throne room and returns to her seat. Now give the Dragon Toad to Mathilda.

Mathilda revives Dragon Toad and we now learn that the King is not the real King but an impostor working with Malicia. The real Troll King has been zapped by Malicia to OegoBoegoe Land and is imprisoned there. Mathilda now gives Rosella a piece of Rope, the Enchanted Rope. Malicia then appears and you notice that Malicia is afraid of bats and rats. Malicia disappears again.

Now try to go to the Elevator Cave. But Malicia is in the elevator cave and appears in the tunnel entrance. 

Rosella tries to hide but Malicia will kill Rosella if you don't hurry now. 

Quickly take the Toy Rat from your inventory and click with the Rat on Malicia.

In a state of panic Malicia then zaps herself away and the coast is clear for Rosella. 

So now really go to the Elevator Cave. In the elevator cave, click with the Enchanted Rope on the elevator chair.

The Enchanted Rope attaches itself to the white ropes of the elevator, above the chair. Then click with your magic wand on the chair again and .........

.... Rosella now goes up with the elevator ..... Rosella lets out a scream ..... you continue with

Chapter 3: The Sky is falling

2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot