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You play this chapter as Valanice:

Valanice is therefore in the tunnel and is in danger of being eaten by the monster .....

 Quickly ..... Take the Prickley Pear from your inventory and click with the Prickley Pear on the monster and .......

The Monster seems to find the pear a tasty snack. So Valanice throws the pear into the monster's lair. 

The monster crawls back into its hole to eat the pear. Click in the exit of the tunnel to continue walking.

 Valanice ends up in the beautiful forest and by the river.

The Enchanted Forest:

The River Statues:

What an idyllic setting it is here. But something strange is going on that disturbs the idyll. No water flows through the river and the bridge over the river is completely destroyed. There is a large white statue on both river banks. Both statues have a large vase in their hands and the opening of those 2 vases is aimed at the river. There is a hole in the vase of the front statue. On the left you see a bush with red roses. Little blue birds keep extracting honey from the red roses. Look the statues, the dry riverbed, the bridge pillars and the red roses. When you have looked at everything and heard Valanice's commentary on it, you go one screen to the left via the bottom left. Valanice ends up at the:

Great Old Oak and Attis:

Under the oak tree a noble stag howls. The stag stands up when it catches a glimpse of Valanice and the animal warns Valanice that she shouldn't go any further. This once lovely forest seems to have been bewitched by an evil sorcery. Talk to the stag until the animal stops talking. This means that you have to click on the stag with your magic wand again and again until it has nothing more to say

This Stag is Attis, the god of the hunt. Attis tells that the Oak Tree is actually his wife Ceres. Ceres is the Goddess of Nature. Dark Magic has turned Ceres into an Oak and Attis into a stag. With every hour that passes, the chance of reversing the spell gets smaller and smaller and Attis fears that he will forever remain a Stag and Ceres an Oak. Valanice asks if she can help. Attis then tells of the Rock Spirit, Lord Feldspar. Feldspar might know a way to lift the curse. Unfortunately, Feldspar is in a deep deep sleep. Attis also warns Valanice that she should not go to the Forest in the west because the "Wearfolk" live there. 

When Attis has nothing more to say, click with your magic wand on the  stake that sticks in the left root of the Oak tree and also on the blue root of the Oak. 

Valanice then promises she will do anything to get the curse lifted.

Then go, via the bottom left,  one screen to the left. Valanice ends up in a clearing in the woods.

First  go left into the dark woods and.......Valanice ends up in the Forest of the Wearfolk and that is not the intention yet. Valanice first needs something to protect herself from the Wearfolk living in that forest. ......We see several eays pieking to Valanice between the bushes.....Walk a bit further and.....A Wearfolk jumps out of the bushes and it wants to grab Valanice...Quckly run back to the right, back to the clearing.


There is also a passage to the left of the red Tree. So, to the left of the red tree, go up a screen and Valanice will come to the dry river again. On the other side of the river, a large spider web hangs between the trees. There are stones in the river and through those stones Valanice can hop to the other side.

Click on stone 1, then on stone 2 and then on stone 3 and Valanice will end up on the other side at the spider web.

A little blue bird is caught in the web and the red spider will eat the bird if you don't act fast.

Take the Basket from your inventory and then click with the basket on the red spider.

Valanice catches the spider in the basket and she throws the basket away. Click on the blue bird.

Valanice frees the bird from the web and ...... the web disappears. The birdie is grateful to Valanice and flies away.

Where the web used to be is now the entrance to a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and Valanice ends up at:

The City of Valdoron:

Valanice stands in front of the pink City Gate of Valdoron. The hatch in the gate opens and you see the eyes of the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper won't let Valanice in. He makes an unusual demand of Valanice that Valanice, of course, cannot meet. You can keep clicking on the pink gate until the end of time, but the gatekeeper will not open the gate.

To the right of the pink gate is also a small door in the wall. Click with your magic wand on that door. The gatekeeper tries to stop Valanice, but Valanice doesn't fall for it. Valanice goes through that door and ends up in the city. Duke Fifi, a perky little dog, storms out of City Hall. The Duke threatens to have Valanice arrested if she doesn't tell her what she's doing here in town. Quicky... take the Golden Comb from your inventory again and click with it on the duke

Valanice burst out in tears again and tells the Duke about Rosella's disappearance. Valanice is now allowed to move freely in the city. 

A duck then comes running and the duck screams that "the sky is falling"

The Duke disappears back into the town hall. Valanice stands for the China Shop. Enter the China Shop.

China Shop

Fernando, the Elephant and owner of the China Shop, sits at his counter crying. Talk to Fernando. Fernando is sad that his pet has been stolen. His pet is a bird named Treasure. Look around the store. On the left you see Treasure's birdcage. A Mask hangs from the cupboard on the right. Click on the birdcage. Click on the mask. Valanice would be allowed to buy the mask for 80 gold pieces. Unfortunately .... Valanice has no gold pieces.  Leave the China Shop via the bottom center. The duckling runs up to Valanice again and screams again that "the sky is falling".  Continue to the right and Valanice will come to the pond.

There is a tree on the left behind the pond. There is a black Mockingbird in the tree. To the right behind the pond you will see the Faux Shop. Valanice is standing by the Quack's cart. The duckling is here too but disappears again. To the right of the Quack's cart is a birdcage covered with a sheet. Go talk to the quack........

The quack tries to sell Valanice a medicine but Valanice doesn't want it. The quack has a Were-Beast ointment that will help Valanice get through the dark forest safely. Valanice can have that ointment if she steals an item from the town hall for the quack ..... that item is the Magic Statuette. If Valanice brings the quack who brings Magic Statuette, she can get the Were-Beast ointment as a reward.

Click on the birdcage and Valanice pulls off the sheet. Inside the cage is Treasure, Fernando's Chinese bird.  

Click on the cage to open the door. Then click on the cage again, or on the bird to take the bird out of the cage.

Go back to Fernando in the China Shop. Give Treasure, the bird, to Fernando and Valanice will receive the Red Mask in return. 

Leave the China Shop again. You then see citizens enter the town hall. Those citizens all wear a mask. 

Click on the door of the town hall. The guard opens and he sees that Valanice is not wearing a mask. Valanice is not allowed in without a mask. It is the Duke's birthday and he is having a party in the town hall. A masked party. So click the Red Mask on Valanice. Valanice puts on the mask.  Then click on the door of the town hall again and now Valanice can enter. 

Town Hall

The Duke is dancing on the table.

Behind the table you see a door. Click on that door and Valanice walks towards it, opens the door and ends up in the Stair Maze. There are two routes through the staircase maze, up on the left or down on the right. One route leads to the left gray door and the other to the right gray door. Note that the left gray door is upside down. If you now take the left route, to the left gray door and then go through that door, you will enter the office, but everything inside will be turned upside down. It is better to now take the right route to the right gray door. So go down the right stairs and then follow the arrows to the right gray door.

Click on the right gray door. A cloud of dust comes from the door and this makes Valanice cough. Click on the door again and now Valanice will go inside. She ends up in the Golden Fountain Room. Have a look around here. You can click on the Golden Fountain and on the Angel that is on the table on the left. Valanice thinks it's all gaudy and kitsch. Fom left to right click on the mirrors. They are distorting mirrors and Valanice sees herself in the mirrors. In the 3rd mirror Valanice is upside down but ....

Valanice gets pulled through the mirror by the "Upside Down Valanice" and ends up in the Duke's Office. Because you enter the office through the mirror, everything is now normal here. However, if you had come through the door, everything would have been turned upside down and you would first have to go to the Golden Fountain room to go through the mirror. There is a drawer in the right side of the desk. Open the drawer and then take out the Magic Statuette.

Exit the room through the door and Valanice is back in the stairwell.  

Well .... just follow the arrows until Valanice is down again and then go back to the party room via the bottom center.

Then go out through the doorway on the right.  

Walk to the right again, to the Quack's cart. The Quack has gone to lunch.

The duck runs madly around the pond and then jumps in and out of the pond. 

The Moon has fallen and is now floating in the pond. That is of course nonsense because it is just a piece of cheese.

Click on the piece of cheese that is now floating in the pond. Valanice tries to get the piece of cheese from the pond, but she can't reach it. Look at the tree. The Mockingbird has disappeared but you can now see the nest. There's something in the nest. Click on the bird nest

Valanice fishes out a Wooden Nickle from the nest. 

It seems as if there is no shop behind the Faux Shop door. But nothing is less true. 

Stand in front of the purple door of the Faux Shop and then take the salt grains from your inventory and click on Valanice and .......

With reluctance, Valanice eats the grains of salt. Now go through the Faux Shop door. Valanice ends up in the 

Faux Shop.

The Faux Shop is a party store and the owner is a fat frog. Talk to the frog. Then look around. There is a high stack of books on the counter. Behind the counter hangs a black board that usually has the party mask hanger that the frog sells. Rubber Chickens hang above the left display case. Look at the stack of books, the Rubber Chickens and the Mask Board. A book costs 1 Wooden Nickle. All masks are sold out. Give your Red Mask to the frog and in return Valanice receives a Rubber Chicken. Buy a book with your Wooden Nickle from the pile of books on the counter. So give the Wooden Nickle to the frog and Valanice will get a book. Exit the Faux Shop.  

Now Valanice has to go all the way back to the Rare Curiosities Rat in the Oasis because she can exchange the book with the Rat for a Staff. S

o walk to the left and leave the city through the small door in the city wall. 

Then, through the tunnel, go one screen to the right and Valanice will come out of the tunnel again. Go down a screen and hop over the stones back over the dry riverbed. Go down another screen and then 2 screens to the right to get back to the 2 White Statues along the river via the Oak and Attis. 

Then go down another screen via the bottom center and Valanice is back in the tunnel where you started this chapter with the monster. 

Go down another screen and Valanice will come out of the mouth of the Stone Face and be back in the oasis.

 Continue to the right and click again on the door of the Rare Curiosities store. The rat comes out again. 

Take the Book from your inventory and give the book to the rat. In exchange for the book, Valanice now receives a Staff (Crook).

Go back to the tunnel in the Stone Face and to the White Statues by the river. Back at the White Statues you see little birds flying on and around the red roses. Wait until a bird sits on the roses and then click on the roses with your magic wand. The birds have not forgotten that you saved one of their kind from the spider's web. The bird asks if Valanice would like some honey from the roses. That's what Valanice would like. Take the clay pot from your inventory and click it on the roses.

The bird then puts some Honey in the pot.

Now follow the route back to the City Wall and go through the small door back into the city of Valdoron.

Continue to the pond. Then use the Staff (Crook) on the Cheese floating in the pond.

With the help of the Staff, Valanice now fishes the cheese out of the pond ..... but ..... Valanice is now arrested for stealing the MOON.

we go on with......

 Chapter 4: Will the real troll king please stand up

2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot