2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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 you play this chapter as Rosella:

A: Oegoeboegoeland

Whenever the BOOGYMAN appears you must flee. The BOOGYMAN can suddenly crawl out of the ground on all screens. You notice this by the special music that you hear and also by the screams of Rosella. Then quickly go to the next screen and then return. The BOOGYMAN will then be gone for a while. This will stop once Rosella finds the BLACK CAPE, then you won't have to run from the BOOGYMAN anymore.

Rosella comes up with the elevator, from the elevator cave, but when she is almost at the top then ..... the elevator breaks down and plunges back down. Fortunately, Rosella managed to grab onto the edge of the hole just in time and there she is now. A man has heard Rosella's screams and he extends a shovel at Rosella. Quickly .... Click with your magic wand on the shovel and the man will pull Rosella out of the hole.

Rosella has ended up in the cemetery of Oegoeboegoeland and the man with the shovel is the Gravedigger. It really is a very bleak environment here and Rosella doesn't want to stay here one second longer than necessary. The Gravedigger is immediately busy digging a farthest grave. Go talk to the Gravedigger. Do that 3 times.

The first time Rosella addresses the Gravedigger, he climbs out of the grave and measures Rosella. The second time, Rosella asks if the shovel isn't a somewhat clumsy tool for digging a grave. The Gravedigger thinks so too. The Gravedigger then opens the shed in which he has his hypermodern and fully automatic Gravedigger machine. Unfortunately, the gravedigger machine doesn't work. Bad boys have stolen the "power source" from the machine. The "power source" appears to be a Rat. Talk to the Gravedigger a 3rd time and he will tell Rosella about Iggy, his rat.

You can click on various tombstones to read what is far on them. Rosella then recites the rhyme chiseled on each of the tombstones. It is not necessary to do this. OegoeBoegoe land consists of various screens. So you can go from screen to screen to screen. So this first screen is the Gravedigger screen. From here you can move one screen to the left, down and to the right. Now go first, via the middle right, one screen to the right. Rosella ends up at the Pumpkin House in the tree. This is the Jack-O'Lantarn:

A large spider web is stuck under the house, over which a boy is now climbing up to the house. It is not advisable to let Rosella climb up through that Spider Web as well. Then she will be eaten by the huge black spider. The boy, once at the top, sticks his tongue out at Rosella. Go, via the bottom left, one screen to the left. Rosella ends up at Doctor Cadaver's house. A 2nd boy is busy with harassing Dr. Cadaver. Dr. Cadaver comes out and sends the lad away, but you can tell from everything that the lad is not really impressed. Dr. Cadaver disappears back inside.

Walk back to the right, to the Jack-O'Lantern and then go down one screen, via the middle below. 

Rosella goes through a gate and ends up in a beautiful garden. But ...... a Green Monster appears

The Monster blocks Rosella's passage and will eat Rosella if you don't react quickly. Quickly click on the gate again to make Rosella run back to the Jack-O'Lantarn. Go back to the house of Dr. Cadaver. It may be that now one of the boys throws rotten eggs against Dr. Cadaver's house.....it may also not happen. If that kid is in the garden, Dr. Cadaver comesout again to chase the kid away and then he goes back inside. If that kid is not in the garden now then click on the gate and then Rosella opens the gate. Click on the front door. Cadaver comes out again and invites Rosella in. We then arrive at Dr. Cadaver. Rosella talks to Cadaver.

Dr. Cadaver has lost his Backbone because it was stolen by the 2 boys. 

When Dr. Cadaver has taken a seat behind his desk, then you go back outside through the door. Go right again, to the Jack-O'Lantarn.

There may already be a rope hanging at the bottom of the pumpkin house. That's the rope of a chairlift. It is also possible that this is not yet the case. If that rope is not there yet, walk back and forth between this screen and the Gravedigger, or go back and forth to the garden or Cadaver's house.

If the rope then hangs under the Jack-O'Lantarn, then click on it and Rosella will hoist herself up with the chair lift and end up inside the Jack-O'Lantarn: Watch out here. The 2 boys are hidden here and if you click on the wrong things they will jump out and it's Game over. On the left is a coffin. A FOOT sticks up from the coffin. There is something yellow on the floor in front of the coffin.

Click on that yellow "ball" that lies on the floor in front of the coffin. This is Dr. Cadaver's Backbone.

Then click on the Foot that sticks out of the coffin. Rosella walks all the way around and then grabs the Foot out of the coffin 

You now have the "Foot-In-A-Bag" and the Backbone

Click on the elevator chair to leave the Jack-O'Lantarn again. Go back to dr. Cadaver and knock on the front door again and Cadaver lets Rosella back in. Cadaver is still busy providing a patient with a new heart. When he's done with that, Cadaver takes a seat behind his desk again. Give the Backbone to Cadaver. Cadaver "puts" his backbone back on.

As a thank you, Rosella receives a box from Cadaver that contains a "Weird Pet".

Leave Cadaver's house again and go back to the Jack-O'Lantarn. On the "balcony" of the Jack-O'Lantarn, the two boys are now throwing the Gravedigger's Rat at each other. Take the Weird Pet from your inventory and click it on the boys. Rosella shows the two boys the Weird Pet. The boys are eager to have the Weird Pet and they lower the lift chair again. Click with the Weird Pet on the elevator and the boys hoist the elevator up.

You then hear how the two boys are going to fight for possession of the Weird Pet. 

This gives the Rat the chance to flee and the Rat ends up in the hands of Rosella.

Now that you have Iggy the rat, go back to the Gravedigger. Give the Rat to the Gravedigger.

The Gravedigger is delighted to have his rat back. As a thank you, he gives Rosella a Horn and says that if Rosella blows the horn, he will come with his digger to dig a hole for Rosella at the spot Rosella indicates. The Gravedigger now takes the excavator out of the shed and continues digging the grave with the excavator.

Go back to the Jack-O'Lantarn. Those 2 nasty guys are now torturing Cadaver's cat. They put the cat in a coffin and hammer the box shut. Then the 2 boys disappear. Take the hammer and chisel from your inventory and click it on the coffin to free the cat. Well ... Cat is also very grateful to Rosella and now tells her where the real Troll King is kept captive. The cat gives Rosella 1 of her 9 lives. Rosella now has an "Extra Life" in inventory.

Go back to the Gravedigger screen. The Gravedigger has now dug the grave and has now gone elsewhere. 

However, against the shed is now the Gravedigger's Shovel. Grab the Shovel.

Now go, via the middle left, one screen to the left. Rosella ends up at the Ruined Church. At the bottom right of the house are 3 black symbols.

They are a Skull, Bat and a Spider. Click on those 3 symbols to take a closer look

Remember these 3 symbols and the order in which they appear. Click EXIT to exit the close-up screen and then, in the bottom left, click the down arrow to go down one screen and........ Before Rosella can go further down the shadow of a black dog appears below the 3 symbols .

Wait for the dog to disappear again. Then go down one screen via the bottom left. 

Rosella ends up at the Tomb of the Black Knight. In front of the tomb, a woman in a black cape is crying.

Don't click on the crying woman. This is Lady Tettisch but she is a ghost and when she shows herself to Rosella then Rosella is literally scared to death. Read the inscriptions on the gravestones here. Wait here until you see the Black Knight flying through the air on his black horse. If you have seen the Black Knight, you go down one screen again via the bottom center. There will be a pile of white bones in the left corner. Do not click on the bones, but stand in the corner, to the left of the pile of bones. Then take the Gravedigger's Horn from your inventory and click on Rosella with it.

Rosella blows the horn and the gravedigger comes here in his excavator. 

The gravedigger asks where he will dig a hole and Rosella points to the pile of bones. The gravedigger now digs a hole in the ground where the bones were.

NB: It may be that if Rosella blows the horn, the Boogyman will emerge from the pile of bones. Rosella will then be grabbed by the Boogyman. The "Try again" screen will appear. Click on Yes in this screen to try again. Then you know the Boogyman is here. First go back a few screens and then go back to the pile of bones. Go to the left next to the bones again and then blow the horn again. Chances are that the Boogyman is now gone and that the Gravedigger will appear. However, if you stand in the wrong place and then blow the horn, Rosella will be grabbed by hands that come up from the ground. Rosella really needs to be in the left corner next to the pile of bones when she blows the horn.

When the Grave Digger has dug the hole and has disappeared again, click in the hole.

Rosella crawls into the hole and ends up at a huge upright coffin. The coffin is wrapped in heavy chains with a padlock hanging from it. Click on the lock. In the close-up screen you can see that there are 9 symbols on the slot. Well ... on the ruined house you saw a Skull, Bat and Spider. So now click on the Skull, Bat and Spider and ..... the lock will open.

You will automatically exit the close-up screen. Rosella removes the chains and opens the coffin.

The coffin contains the real Troll King, King Othar. Othar comes to but then Malicia appears.

Malicia closes the coffin and also causes the bone hole to close again. Rosella is now locked with Othar in the coffin. There is a brief conversation between Rosella and Othar. Then take the Dragon Toad from your inventory. Give the Dragon Toad to King Othar. Dragon Toad can make sure that we can escape from the box, but then Othar must have the tools from his bracelet. Take the Hammer and Chisel from your inventory again and click it on the Bracelet of King Othar when Othar's bracelet is clearly visible.

Dragon Toad now digs a hole in the ground and through this Othar and Rosella escape. They end up on top of a hill with gravestones. Fearful of being discovered again, Othar gives Rosella a device that turns Rosella Othar into a Scarab. In your inventory you then have Othar as the Troll King Scarab. Malicia learns that Othar and Rosella have escaped. The Black Cape now appears on a gravestone. Quickly....Grab the Black Cape.

Immediately take the Cape from your inventory and click it on Rosella.

Rosella puts on the Black Cape and from now on she will not be bothered by the Boogyman because then Boogyman will think that Rosella is none other than Lady Tettish. And even the Boogyman is scared for that. Go up one screen via the top of the screen. Rosella is then back at Dr. Cadaver. Click on the front door again. Cadaver opens again and briefly thinks Rosella is Lady Tettisch. We're going back in. Talk to dr. Cadaver. From Cadaver, Rosella now receives a perfume bottle containing a smelly liquid, the Defoliant. With this Defoliant liquid Rosella can then expel the Green Monster in the garden.

Leave Cadaver's house again and go back to the Jack-O'Lantarn. At the Jack-O'Lantarn, those 2 guys are now torturing a bat. 

They are playing tennis and using a bat as a tennis ball. Click on one of the boys. Rosella walks up to them and shouts loudly...BOO....

The boys see Rosella in her Black Cape and think Lady Tettisch is coming to collect them. In a panic, the 2 boys climb into the pumpkin house and pull up the elevator. Continue, via the bottom center, one screen down. Rosella goes through the gate back into the garden. The Green Monster reappears. Click with the Defoliant on the Green Monster.

The Green Monster disappears. Stand still. There is a Venus Flytrap Plant in the garden. Rosella sees a small red flower under this plant. That red flower is a Fragnant Flower and Rosella wants it. But a Venus Flytrap Plant is a carnivorous plant and if Rosella tries to grab that red flower now, she will be eaten by the Venus Flytrap.Click once on the red flower. The Venus Flytrap notices Rosella and is already enamored by the prospect of such a tasty snack. But Rosella isn't retarded, of course. Click the Foot In A Bag on the Venus Flytrap. 

The Venus Flytrap is eating the Foot In A Bag and while the Venus Flytrap is eating the Foot In A Bag, quickly click on the Red Flower again.

Just in time, Rosella manages to grab the Red Flower.

Continue to the right and keep walking to the right until Othar starts talking. Rosella then stops by itself. Listen to Othar. When this is done, walk further to the right and .... Rosella is now at Malicia's house and Othar tells that there is a Device hidden in Malicia's house that we need to defeat Malicia. So Rosella has to get into Malicia's house. Don't linger too long here because Malicia will appear and Rosella will die again. Continue until just past the front door of Malicia's house. You can then move one screen to the right, but also one screen up. Go up one screen.

Rosella ends up at the back of Malicia's house. There is a green liana. Click on the green liana.

Rosella pushes the liana away and sees a hole in the ground. Click with the shovel on the ground, where the liana used to hang, and Rosella will make the hole bigger.

Then click on the hole . Rosella takes off the Black Cape and crawls through the hole under the floor of the house.

We then look inside and see Rosella peeking into the room to the left of the bed under a floorboard. You then hear Malicia talking to her dog. Quickly... Malicia will enter. Quickly click the down arrow on the floorboard with Rosella under it. Rosella crawls back under the floor but Malicia's rotten dog has picked up Rosella's scent and is sticking his nose through the hole in the plank. Quickly click the Defoliant on the dog's big fat nose.

The stench from the Defoliant disables the dog and Malicia disappears outside with dog. Click with the up arrow in the hole in the plank.

Rosella now climbs into the room. You have to be quick because Malicia could return at any moment.

 Right next to the bed is a chest of drawers with 3 drawers.

Walk to that chest of drawers....... Open the top drawer. Nothing. Open the middle drawer. Nothing. Open the bottom drawer. Rosella takes a piece of clothing from the drawer. Now click 4 or 5 times on the opened bottom drawer. Rosella then takes clothes from the drawer 3 or 4 times, but on the 4th or 5th time she finds the Mysterious Device and puts it in her inventory.

Click on the pile of clothes to put all clothes back in the drawer. However, a Wololen Stocking falls back onto the floor. 

Grab the Woolen Stocking .....

Quickly click the down arrow on the floorboard with the hole to the left of the bed. 

Rosella crawls back under the floor and out through the hole.

Grab the Black Cape again and quickly put it back on before Boogyman appears.

Go back to the front of the house and then continue one screen to the right.

 Rosella then stands at the beginning of the Dark Forest of the Wear Folk. Continue to the right.

Out of the dark forest the Wear Bear pops out. The bear will eat Rosella if you are not quick. 

Now combine the Silver Pellet with the Woolen Stocking into a Sling in inventory. Then quickly click the Sling on the bear and .....

With the Sling, Rosella rams the bear on its ugly nose. Bear runs away and Rosella also runs quickly to the right. Rosella has ended up where you were before with Valanice. So we are back in the clearing in the forest. A screen further to the right is the Oak and Attis the stag. Rosella now also has to go to Valdoron, the city. So go up a screen to the left of the red tree, then hop over the river via the stones and ....

....... go through the tunnel to the city gate. 

The gatekeeper peeks through the hatch of the gate again and tries to prevent Rosella from entering the city.

 Rosella has a hearty laugh about it. So go back into the city through the small door.

B: Valdoron

Rosella is also greeted by the Duke who tells them that Valanice has been arrested. The Duke then disappears back into the Town Hall. Also enter the Town Hall by clicking on the town hall door. The Duke's birthday party is over. Go through the door, behind the table, and Rosella is also in the stair maze. Like Valanice, follow the right route to the right gray door.

When Rosella is at the right gray door, click on the door twice and Rosella also ends up in the Room with the Golden Fountain. Well ... on the table, on the left, is still the kitschy Angel statue. At the bottom of the Angel is a plaque. Do not click on the Angel, but click on the plaque at the bottom of the statue. You end up in the close-up screen. There's a rhyme on the plaque but Rosella can't read it because of the dirt. Take the Woolen Stocking from your inventory again and click it on the plaque.

Rosella wipes the plaque clean with the sock. Click on the plaque again and now Rosella will read the rhyme aloud.

Close the close-up screen. The mirror that led Valanice to the office is broken and boarded up. In the corner next to that mirror is a white pillar. A bunch of Golden grapes hangs from that white pillar. Click on the bunch of Golden grapes. Rosella tries to snatch a grape from the truss, but it doesn't work. So grab the Hammer and Chisel again and then click on the bunch of grapes again.

Rosella take 1 grape from the bunch. 

Click with this Golden Grape on the white Angel statue. Rosella puts the Golden Grape on the Angel's pedestal and....

......the grape is shot towards and into the fountain and the fountain rises.

Rosella looks down through the fountain into a tunnel. But she cannot yet descend through the fountain. 

The fountain didn't open far enough. Walk to the left and then combine the Magic Wand, from Othar, with Othar the Scarab in your inventory.

With the Magic Wand Rosella now makes Othar big again and Othar now opens the fountain completely and jumps down. 

So follow Othar through the fountain.

Rosella falls through the fountain and is in a blue tunnel. You see Othar walking away to the left.

Follow Othar to the left. Othar then opens the Steel Door and we end up in Malicia's secret lab.

The real Othar pounces on the false Othar and ......

......we continue with:

Chapter 5: Nightmare in Etheria

2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot