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Part 1

You play this chapter as Valanice.


We are back in the banquet hall of the town hall. Valanice is found guilty and given until sunset to put the Moon back in the sky. 

Valanice is kicked out of the town hall and a guard stands guard at the city gate so that Valanice cannot leave the city.

Walk to the right, to the tree near the pond. The mockingbird is back on the nest in the tree. Now take the Rubber Chicken from your inventory. Click the Rubber Chicken on the bottom left branch of the tree. Valanice ties the Chicken to the branch. Now take the Moon from your inventory. Click with the Moon on the Chicken and ......

Via the Chicken, Valanice now shoots the Moon into the sky.......... that chicken comes to life and runs away. However, a Chicken Feather remains hanging on the branch. The Duke comes out and declares that Valanice has complied with the order and she is now free again. The guard, who is standing in front of the gate, is now also leaving.

Grab the Chicken Feather, which is now hanging from the branch of the tree.

Then continue to the right, to the quack's cart. Trade the Magic Statuette for a jar of Were-Beast-Salve with the quack.

The quack explains that Valanice should apply the ointment to her body using a piece of animal skin. 

Now leave the city through the small door in the city wall.

The Enchanted Fores

Then go back through the tunnel to the river.

 Do not cross the river via the stones, but now walk one screen to the right. Valanice comes to a turn to the right.

Go one screen to the right and Valanice is now with Feldspar, the Rock Spirit. Feldspar is snoring.

Take the Chicken Feather from your inventory. Click with the Chicken Feather on Feldspar's Nose.

Feldspar wakes up because ofthe tickling and sneezes the feather from Valanice's hands. Feldspar now explains what Valanice has to do to let the water flow through the river again and restore Nature. Go back to the screen where the tunnel entrance to the city is. Then go down one screen to the river. Cross the river back through the stones and then go down another screen. Go 2 screens to the right and Valanice is back at the White Statue with the Vase that has a hole in it.

Take the Clay Pot with Honey from your inventory. Click with the Clay Pot on the Vase of the statue and .....

Valanice climbs onto the vase and pours the honey from the jar into the vase. The honey flows from the vase into the river and then, from both vases, wonderfully clear and healing water flows into the river. Valanice has lifted the curse on nature. Stag Attis appears and the stag drinks from the river and Attis is no longer a stag. The bridge has also been repaired and is now a Rainbow Bridge.

Attis runs off to the Oak again to turn the Oak back into Ceres. Valanice also automatically ends up at the Oak.

Unfortunately .... Attis does not immediately succeed in turning the Oak back into Ceres. Attis then tries further.

When you have regained control of Valanice, you walk another screen to the left. Valanice is then back in the clearing. To the left is the Dark Forest and Valanice now also has to go through it because she now also has to go to Oegoeboegoeland. But in the Dark Forest, the Were Bear is waiting. So stay still in the clearing. Now combine the Jackalope Fur with the Were-Beast-Salve in your inventory.

Then click the Were-Beast-Salve With Furr jar on Valanice and .....

Valanice now smears herself with the ointment and .......

..... she changes into a hare and then runs at full speed through the Dark Forest, slipping between the legs of the waiting Bear.


Valanice has ended up at Malicia's house and the Green Monster appears here. Attis then pops up and zaps the Green Monster away.

Attis then disappears again. Walk quickly to the left. Valanice now also joins the Venus Flytrap Plants that see something in this tasty snack. Do not touch the Venus Flytrap Plants, but continue to the left and then click with your up arrow on the gate and Valanice will pass the Venus Flytrap Plants without any problems and go through the gate and then end up at the Jack-O'Lantarn.

Valanice gets an egg thrown at her head from the Jack-O'Lantarn by those two nasty guys. The two lads then disappear into the Jack-O'Lantarn. Walk one screen to the left, to Cadaver's house. Do not knock at Cadaver but go straight back to the Jack-O'Lantarn. If all goes well, those 2 guys have now disappeared from the Jack-O'Lantarn and see the elevator hanging under the pumpkin house again.

NB: If you don't see the elevator hanging under the pumpkin house yet, walk back and forth between the pumpkin house and Cadaver a few times until you see the elevator hanging.

Click on the lift rope and Valanice will hoist herself up into the Jack-O'Lantarn. In the right corner is a large Mummy.

That Mummy is holding a brown "Stick". Click on that brown "Stick" to grab it.

It is not a stick but a bone, namely the Femur Bone.

Click on the elevator again and Valanice will leave the Jack-O'Lantarn again. Now go 2 screens to the left, so past Cadaver's house.

Valanice comes at the crossroad with the still crying Lady Tettisch. 

Go up one screen and she's at the ruined church. The Dog now appears from the ruined house and the dog wants to attack Valanice.

Quickly...Take the Femur Bone from your inventory. Click the Femur Bone on the dog. The dog starts chewing on the bone. 

The dog wears a collar with a medal. Click on the dog. Valanice talks to the dog. The dog is now friendly and tells Valanice about his boss and mistress. They are Lady Tettisch and Count Sippisch. Count Sippisch is that black knight who keeps flying past Lady Tettisch on his horse. Talk to the Dog a second time and now Valanice may take the Collar with Medal and so she does

Talk to the dog a few more times and then go back to Lady Tettisch who is still howling in front of Count Sippisch's burial crypt. Make sure that Valanice is not on the path when the Count comes flying in on his horse because then it's Game Over. Now give Lady Tettisch the Horseman's Medal, which you just received from the dog.

Lady Tettisch is delighted and disappears. 

Click with your magic wand on the door of the Crypt. Valanice now reads that the Crypt is the grave of Count Sippisch

Go two screens to the right, back to the Jack-O'Lantern. 

At the Jack-O'Lantarn, Valanice now sees that 1 of the boys is chasing Cadaver's cat again. This time with a string of firecrackers.

The boy loses a firecracker. The firecracker is still burning ..... Take the Burning Firecracker ...

You can now suffer from the infamous FIRECRACKER BUG . 

What is the purpose?......Valanice now has to quickly grab the already burning Firecracker and then quickly walk back 2 screens, to the Crypt of Count Sippisch. You then have to click the burning Firecracker on the keyhole of the door of the Crypt so that only then the firecracker explodes, opening the door of the Crypt and allowing Valanice to enter the Crypt. Unfortunately ..... on our modern fast computers you can't do this anymore. Once Valanice has picked up the burning Firecracker from the ground, you simply won't have enough time to go 2 screens to the left. Even before you have taken 2 steps, the Firecracker explodes and it is Game Over. But you can still get through this stretch.

 I did it like this.....

Once you've picked up the burning firecracker, click the left arrow to go one screen to the left, to Dr. Cadaver's house ......

 You will not make it to Dr.Cadaver's house because the Firecracker explodes almost immediately ..... 

You will then get the "You Have Expired" screen ...... Click on " Yes" to try again.....

The game has saved and you have moved a few steps to the left. Click the left arrow again to go to Dr. Cadaver's house and ...... this time you end up on the screen of Dr.Cadaver's house, but the firecracker explodes again and Rosella dies again. But the game has now saved on the Dr.Cadaver's house screen, so select "Yes" again at the "You Have Expired" screen to continue from the Dr.Cadaver's House screen.

Click on the dr. Cadaver's screen the left arrow ..... Rosella then walks a few steps to the left and .... the firecracker explodes again. However, the Game saves again....Choose the "Yes" option again....the game brings you back to the Dr.Cadaver's house screen....and Rosella has moved a few steps to the left.... .Click the left arrow again and .... again Rosella walks a little to the left and the firecracker explodes again ..... Well .... keep doing this in this way until you finally reach the Crypt, with the still burning firecracker in your inventory ..... You will also die a few times on the crypt screen, before you can click the firecracker on the door of the crypt .... ..so choose the "Yes" option again and again.....

If you are not bothered by the "Firecracker Bug", pick up the burning firecracker and make sure you quickly go 2 screens to the left, back to the crypt.

Walk quickly to the crypt, take the burning firecracker from inventory and click it on the keyhole of the door of the crypt and .....

Valanice rams the burning firecracker into the keyhole and takes a few steps back and ......

 ........The firecracker explodes and the door of the crypt swings open ......

Enter the crypt and click on the chest in the crypt. Rosella slides the chest lid open.

Click on the chest again and ...... Rosella takes the Horseman's Head from the chest

Leave the crypt and stand on the path to the right of the crypt. You now have to stand here and wait for the flying Horseman to appear again .....

 However, take the Horseman's Head from inventory and keep the it ready on the path, or on the blue sky above the path .... ..

When Horseman appears, quickly click on him with the skull and ......

.........The Horseman then lands in front of Valanice on the path and Valanice then gives him back his skull ......

........The Horseman is very grateful to Valanice and he takes Valanice and delivers her in  Etheria:

Part 2 of Chapter 5: Etheria

2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot