2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot    

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You play as Rosella

We're back in Malicia's secret lab, inside the volcano. The real Othar and the false Othar are rolling around on the floor.

Once you have gained control, view the Magic Wand in the eye screen. Now turn the Magic Wand so that you can see the top of the thick knob. The button on the Magic Wand now has a T or an F on it. The Magic Wand should be on T. There is a button at the bottom of the stem. Click on that button to put the Magic Wand on T, if you now see an F on the button of the Magic Wand.

Close the eye shield but do not store the Wand. 

The real Othar will throw the false Othar backwards. Then quickly click with the Magic Wand on the false Othar and........

The false Othar is zapped by Rosella with the Magic Wand and he transforms into the young Prince Edgar.

Malicia appears. Malicia zaps King Othar to sleep and zaps Edgar away. 

Rosella staat in de krater op een wankele richel en dreigt omlaag te storten. 

Rosella stands in the crater on a shaky ledge and threatens to fall.

We switch to Valanice being picked up in Etheria by Count Sippisch.

The fairies then stretch a large web over the volcano.

We then return to Rosella who is about to collapse into the abyss. Quick .... take the shovel from your inventory. Click the shovel on Rosella

 With the shovel, Rosella digs a tunnel in the wall of the volcano and then disappears through the tunnel.

Valanice is then delivered by Count Sippisch to the gravedigger in Oegoeboegoeland and the count opens a grave.

We return to Rosella who ends up in the blue tunnel. Walk to the left, to the next screen. At the end of the tunnel is the door of Malicia's lab.

 The metal door has 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth. 

Stand in front of the metal door and then click on the Left Eye, then the Right Eye and then the Nose.

Obviously Rosella stand in front of the door so the eye on the left is the right eye and the eye on the right is the left eye, but you have to click on the eyes from Rosella's point of view. The door opens and Rosella goes back into the lab.  King Othar is in front of the machine on the left. At the bottom right of that machine you see a socket. Take the Mysterious Device from inventory and....

Now place the Mysterious Device in that socket.

 Wait until you see that the Mysterious Device is fully charged and then it will flash bright orange. 

Then take the Mysterious Device from the machine again.

Then take the Red Flagrant Flower from your inventory.

Click with the Red Flagrant flower on Othar...........and........

Othar wakes up and climbs into the large console to stop the volcano's imminent eruption and succeeds. Valanice and Edgar then enter and a cordial reunion ensues between Valanice and Rosella. But then Malicia shows up. Malicia wants to zap Rosella but Edgar joins the fray. It seems that Edgar wins, but then Edgar is still zapped by Malicia and he falls lifeless to the ground.

Quickly ..... as soon as you have control again, click on Malicia with the now charged Mysterious Device and .......

.......Rosella zaps Malicia with the Mysterious Device and this turns Malicia back into a baby ..... 

Malicia's dog then comes in and the dog wants to bite Rosella. 

So also click on that rotten dog with the Mysterious Device to also reduce the dog. Dog runs away. 

Then finally use the Extra Life on Edgar and .......

...... now sit back and watch the end scenes at your leisure........


2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot