Nostradamus:  The Last Prophecy

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Chapter 2: Thursday, March 28, 1566:

The Castle of Catherine de' Medici

You have now scored 29 points and you are standing in the courtyard of Nostradamus's house. The outer gate is now open. If you turn around and then look through the barn, you will see that the back gate in the barn is now also open. So you can go out through the front gate or through the back gate. Go through the back gate. 

Audience with the Queen

So turn around and go 2 clicks forward, through the barn, and you've ended up on the street through the back gate. You experience a slight earthquake and Madeleine doesn't think this bodes well. Turn left. You look down the street. You can see the street going up the hill. At the top of the hill you can see the wall and the gate of the Castle of Catherine de Medici. Go straight forward 3 clicks. You are then on top of the hill and in front of the gate of the castle. 

Go through the gate. You are then in the front courtyard of the castle. Turn right and go 2 clicks forward, over the right bridge and through the right gate. 

You are then in the 2nd courtyard of the castle. On the left is a large tree and a carriage. In the right corner you will see a door above some stone steps and straight ahead you will also see a door, below the gallery. Go straight ahead 2 clicks to the door under the gallery. You are then standing in front of that door. Turn right. You are standing in front of a stone spiral staircase.

Click forward on the stairs and you end up on the 1st floor, at a window. Turn left. 

You look into a hall. Enter the hall and turn right. 

Across the hall, a soldier stands guard at the door of Catherine de' Medici's room. 

Go to the soldier and talk to him using your talk cursor

.In César's voice, Madeleine says she wants to see the Queen. Well .... César is expected so Madeleine can enter. 

So enter the room and ..... you will automatically turn to the right and you will end up in front of Queen Caharine de Medici.

The Queen makes a comment about your father. Reply to the Queen with "You are mistaken, Your Majesty. He would never have said such things". The Queen continues to talk about the Quatrain and refers you to her secretary, the Scribe. The Queen then gives Madeleine the Quatrain and Madeleine then automatically gives the jar of Jam to the Queen and this ends the audience.

Open the inventory screen and take the Quatrain from the transition zone compartment. 

Drag the Quatrain to the right and your diary will open again. Click the Quatrain on the left page of the diary and then read it. 

You read: "Mourning on the court shall fall. When twelve times catastrophe has tolled. One by one, in their tombs they lie deplored, Soon joined by those whom the Queen adored.". Close the inventory screens and turn around. Leave the room through the door again. A monk is now waiting for you on the other side of the hall. 

Well...go to the monk. This is the Scribe the Queen spoke of. 

The Scribe gives Madeleine his notes regarding the strange things that have happened in the last few days. Continue talking to the monk through the conversation options and use all options.The Scribe lists who all died suddenly in the last few days. All these 7 people belonged to the court of the Queen. The Queen's coachman passed away yesterday. The last victim fell this morning and that is Philibert, the librarian of this castle, but this man does not actually belong to Catharine's court.The librarian was found dead in the library, but the monk had the body taken to the chapel .However, the coachman is already buried.

Open the inventory screen and take the Notes from the transition zone and drag it to the right. The R.I.P book (Tab C) will now open. Click the Notes into this book and then read through them.  

So Tab C, R.I.P, is where the Scribe's notes are stored. In the Notes of the Scribe you read that 7 people of the court of Catharine de Medici have already died.The Librarian is the 8th victim, but he did not belong to the court. 

Read the pieces of text under each of the 7 names. You then see that the date of birth of 2 victims is not known.These 2 victims are Gustave Meunier and Jacques Babin.With every name you see a brown stripe.

Take the Feather Pen (Quill) from the toolbox and then click with the pen on each of the pieces of text, under each name. For the victims, whose date of birth is mentioned, Madeleine now fills in the relevant sign of the zodiac.So those are: Marie Gauvin = Aries. Edmond Sabiron = Taurus. Flore Carta = Gemini. Richard Leclerc = Leo. Armand Torres = Virgo.

Close all inventory screens and turn around if you were still in front of the monk. 

Go forward through the door, then turn right and go back down the stone spiral staircase. 

Back down, turn left. You look back across the 2nd courtyard to the gate. 

Go forward 1 click and then turn left again and .... see ... the door above the stone steps is now open and you look at it through into the library.


Go forward into the library. You are in the library in front of a fallen bookcase. Madeleine says this is where the body of Philibert, the librarian, was found. Perhaps something can be found. The overturned bookcase rests on the large reading table. The Toolbox will now appear on the left side of your screen. Click with your eye cursor on the fallen bookcase. 

Madeleine tells you that she has to get the bookcase upright again. Click the cross button to store the toolbox. 

Turn right and go forward 1 click and then turn left.

 You look into a niche of bookcases and see a lectern. Enter this niche and then turn left. 

In the left bookcase is a separate cupboard that is closed by 2 doors. Click with your gear cursor on the doors.

 Madeleine tells you that the doors are locked, but she thinks that the librarian's things may be found in this "closet". 

Turn left, 1 click forward, turn right and go 1 click forward again. Turn right again and .... you are again in front of the fallen bookcase.

Raise the fallen bookcase again:

Against the corner bookcase is a long round Stick (Perch).Grab that long round Stick. The long round Stick is then attached to your cursor. Turn to the left and look up at the ceiling. A Lantern hangs from the ceiling above the fallen bookcase. The lantern hangs from a round metal hook. Click on the lantern with the long stick and ... ....

Madeleine takes the lantern with the help of the stick. Right click to put the long stick back against the corner bookcase. Turn back to the corner bookcase and the long stick. In your inventory you still have the piece of rope that you took from the well.Take this Rope from your inventory and click it onto the top of the long stick.Then pick up the Stick again and......

....... move the stick again to the round metal ceiling hook, where the lantern hung.

 Click with the stick on the ceiling hook and Madeleine puts the rope on the ceiling hook.

Right click to put the stick back. The rope now goes via 2 ceiling hooks to the top of the fallen bookcase. Place your cursor over the end of the rope, which is now on top of the overturned bookcase. Your cursor will then become the gear cursor. Then click with the gear cursor and .... Madeleine attaches the rope to the top of the bookcase.

Now place your cursor on the end of the rope, which now extends down from the left ceiling hook. Your cursor will become a moving arrow cursor again. Click and hold your left mouse button and then drag the rope down. As a result, Madeleine pulls the cupboard upright again. Continue to pull the rope down until the cabinet is fully upright again. Then click, with the gear cursor, on the bottom end of the rope and .... 

.......Madeleine ties the rope to the right table leg, so that the bookcase cannot fall over again.....

.....You need to to this quickly because otherwise the bookcase will fall back on the reading table. 

So on the floor, in front of the now empty bookcase, are the books that have fallen from that bookcase. 

Click with the Nipper cursor on those books and .........

... the Toolbox will appear on the left side of your screen. Take the Magnifying glass from the toolbox and then click it on the floor, just in front of all those books. You will then get a close-up screen. In the close-up screen see the books and ..... a pool of blood.Click with Eye-magnifying glass cursor on the blood. 

Madeleine says that the librarian didn't lose too much blood, so he didn't die from that. Madeleine concludes that the man must have died of an internal injury. Also click with the magnifying glass on the books and then close this close-up screen via the cross button. Now place the magnifying glass on the bottom of the empty bookcase. The gear cursor appears in the magnifying glass. Click and .... in the close-up screen you now see the floor in front of the empty bookcase. There is Sawdust on the floor in front of the bookcase. Grab the Sawdust with the hand-magnifying glass cursor.

 Madeleine now discovers that the bookcase was deliberately cut down and that the Librarian's death was therefore not an accident. 

Close the close-up screen. Now place the magnifying glass on the reading table. Your cursor will now become the gear magnifying glass cursor. 

Click and .... you end up in a close-up screen again.On the table is an open book and a wad of paper. 

Click with the eye-magnifying glass cursor on the book. It's a book about the Celts and Madeleine reads a bit from it. She reads about underground temples of the Celts and wonders why Philibert seems to be so interested in this. Now place the magnifying glass on the wad of paper. Your magnifying glass gets the grab hand, so click to grab the crumpled paper and .....Jean Aimé Chavigny, Nostradamus's secretary, turns up asks if you have discovered anything and a conversation starts

 Jean Aime Chavigny doesn't know that Madeleine has disguised herself as César, so he thinks. when he talks to Cesar. 

Philibert then disappears again and you now see that the Chapel is open. 

You will automatically find yourself in the Chapel and in front of the librarian's corpse, which is covered with a sheet.


Before you look at the corpse, you first open the inventory screen. Return all items from the transition zone to the inventory slots. Take the magnifying glass from the toolbox again and click it on the Crumpled paper. The crafting screen opens. Put the magnifying glass back in the tool box and then click with the gear cursor on the crumbled  of paper. It turns out to be a map. The craft screen closes automatically. 

Take the Map from the transition zone and drag it to the right and .... Tab D will now open. So Tab D is the Maps Book Tab. 

Click the map into the book. It turns out to be the map of the Castle. You see the ground floor. You also see that part of the map has been burned.

Move your cursor over the map. The rooms and corridors then change color and you read a description. The dark parts of the castle are inaccessible. The lighter parts are rooms that are accessible. Click in the box of "Second Floor" and you will see the map of the 1st floor. Close the close-up screen and the toolbox via the cross button. Now click on the sheet.  Madeleine slides the sheet to the left and you see the head of the dead librarian Philibert. Next to Philibert's head is a Key. Click on the key with the Nipper cursor. Your toolbox will reappear. 

Take the magnifying glass from the toolbox again and then click on the Key to get the Key.

Then click with the magnifying glass on the head of the Philibert. In the close-up screen you see that there is a splinter in Philibert's head. Put the magnifying glass back in the tool box. Take the Tongs from the tool box. Click on the splinter with the tong sto pull it out of the head. Store the tongs again. 

Click on the mouth of the corpse with the gear cursor. The mouth opens and the tongue sticks out.

 Madeleine now tells you that the librarian was killed with poison. She can tell by the color of the tongue.

Close the close-up screen and then the toolbox. Turn around and go back to the library through the chapel door. Walk 1 click straight ahead in the library and then turn left again. You are standing in front of the bookcase niche again. Enter the niche again and turn left and ... you are again in front of the cupboard in the bookcase. Hela ...... the doors are broken open. Open the doors further with your gear cursor. 

On the top shelf, is an Old Rag (Rug). Pick up the Rag and .... a small package falls down, which was hidden under the Rag. 

Click the rag back on the shelf and then look down at the floor.

On the floor is the Small packet. Grab the Small Package and ......In a vision Madeleine sees Philibert, the slain librarian. Open the inventory screen and first place all items that are in the transition zonein the inventory boxes. Take the magnifying glass from the toolbox again and click it on the Small packet to place it in the crafting screen. Put the magnifying glass back away. Take the scissors from the toolbox. Click on the package with the scissors to open it. You can also use the scalpel for this. From the package comes a Philibert's engraved stone and a Philibert's note.

Place the Philibert's note in your diary. 

There is a bloodstain on the note and the bloodstain makes it impossible to read the note completely. Take the Scalpel from the toolbox and click on the bloodstain. Madeleine scrapes off some of the blood with the scalpel. Now she has to unhide this part of the note. Put away the scalpel and now take the Quill from the toolbox. Click with the feather pen on the note and .... Madeleine now reads the entire note. You are reading AMP 45.

Store the Feather Pen again. Close the journal but stay in the inventory screen. Now click with the magnifying glass on Philibert's encraved stone to open it in the close-up screen. Then click with the gear cursor on the stone to turn the stone over and ... you read that TOMBE is written on the back of the stone. Close all inventory screens.

Exit the library to the courtyard. Turn right and see .... the door at the stone spiral staircase is now also open. This is the main entrance to the chapel. 

Do not enter the chapel here  now, but go up again via the stone spiral staircase to the 1st floor. Again at the top, turn right. You are now looking into the gallery corridor. Go forward 1 click and ..... Madeleine now wonders whether it would be better to visit Jean Aime Chavigny as herself or as César. Stay as César for now, though. Walk through one more click and then turn rechts. 

You are now standing in front of the 2nd door on the gallery. This is the room of Jean Aimé Chavigny, your father's secretary. 

The door is open, so enter the room. You automatically turn to the left. Jean Aime is sitting on his bed. After the greeting, ask the questions you get.

 Jean Aime doesn't really appreciate you sort of accusing him, as César, of Philibert's murder so the conversation is short and you're practically thrown out of the room.So turn left and step out of the room again. Turn left and go back to the stone stairs and descend again. Down again, immediately turn right and enter the chapel through the open door. The chapel is fairly private and Madeleine wants to change here again. So open the inventory screen and turn Madeleine back into herself. So take the dress and shoes (Complete outfit for Madeleine) from the inventory and click on Madeleine in the "Madeleine screen". In one fell swoop, Madeleine is Madeleine again.

 Place the César outfit (Complete outfit for César) from the car slot in an inventory slot. Close the inventory screen and, now as Madeleine, go back to Jean Aime in his room on the 1st floor.Back in Jean Aime's room you automatically turn back to the secretary. Again you get a number of questions and again you use them all. 

In any case, the conversation is a lot more friendly, but even now Jean Aime does not want to show the back of his tongue. When the conversation is over, you leave the room. In the corridor you now turn right and go 1 click forward. Then turn left to go around the corner and ..... oops .... a soldier is standing in the way. 

Try to get past the soldier, but the man takes his guard duty very seriously, so you can't go any further. 

Click on the soldier with the talk cursor. Madeleine asks what is going on in this part of the castle, but the soldier makes no announcements.

Back home: can't go any further in the castle now, so let's go back home. 

Turn around and walk back to the spiral staircase and go back down and then through the gate and bridge to the 1st courtyard. 

Then turn left and exit the castle through the main gate. 

Outside the castle you have a beautiful view over the village and the surrounding hills. In front of you is a bunch of shrubs 

Grab a branch of Swallowwort from the bush.

 Follow the road, left of the Swallowwort, 3 clicks ahead and after 3 clicks turn right. You are standing in front of the back gate of your house again. 

So enter the barn through the back gate. Exit the shed at the front again. In the courtyard, turn immediately left and go up the stone staircase to the 1st floor. 

Turn right and you will see that your father is now in his study. So go inside and there will be a conversation between Madeleine and her father. 

Madeleine tells her father the Quatrain rhyme, but Nostradamus cannot remember writing this Quatrain. Continue talking to Dad through the conversation options and use them all. Madeleine now tells her father about Philibert's murder and that the other 7 dead died according to the order of the Zodiac. Nostradamus tells Madeleine that only under hypnosis will he be able to remember if he was the author of the Quatrain. So Madeleine now has to find certain products and some of them, like Mandrake, can only be found by moonlight. Nostradamus has told that Mandrake can be found at the Gallows.


It will then be night and you will be outside in the courtyard. You are still Madeleine and there is no need to change into César now. 

You are looking for a Mandrake root and some other plants. Exit through the front gate. You are then on the square of the village.

 Immediately turn left. There is a table under the roof of the 1st house. It's a market stall.

 On the left of the table is Garlic and 2 bundles of garlic are also hanging from the roof. 

Click with your hand on one of the 3 bunches of Garlic to get a bunch of Garlic.

Turn right again and now go 2 clicks straight ahead, to the houses on the other side. You are standing in front of the Smithy. Turn right. 

You will now see the leftmost path going up the hill, to the Gallows that stands by the wall of the castle.

So go forward 2 clicks and you are back on top of the hill but now at the Gallows. 

There is a cart in front of the gallows. Look at the wheel of the cart. 

A Wedge, under the wheel of the cart, prevents the cart from rolling away. Grab the Wedge

Then click with the gear cursor on the wheel of the cart and ....

....... the cart now drives backwards and you can then look under the gallows platform. Under the gallows lies Mandrake. Grab the Mandrake.

Turn left. There is a huge evergreen tree next to the gallows. Cypress wood is lying on the ground in front of the tree. 

Grab a handful of Cypress Wood.

 Turn left. You look back over the village and see the church again. There is also a bunch of Swallowwort here, so already If you hadn't grabbed a Swallowwort before, you can now grab a twig of that stuff here. You can now go left or right of the Swallowwort grove back down to the village. 

To the right of the Swallowwort grove, go down 1 click and then turn left. In the middle of the street is a bush of Fenugreek. 

Grab a branch of the Fenugreek.

Then aim the forward arrow at the church and move forward 1 click. 

Then turn left and aim the forward arrow at the front gate of the house of Nostradamus and go forward 1 click and then back into the courtyard through the gate. 

Go up the stone stairs, near the barn, to the 1st floor.

Put Nostradamus under hypnosis:

It's night so your father is in his bed. So enter Nostradamus's bedroom and continue to the bed. 

You automatically turn to Nostradamus, who tells you that the recipe for the hypnosis powder can be found in his study. 

While you look for the recipe and then prepare the powder, your daddy goes to sleep for a while. 

So go to your father's office. There are now papers (Sheets of parchment) on the table, near the oven. Grab the papers. 

Open the inventory screen and take the papers from the transition zone and stick them in the Recipe Book (Tab B). You have to do this one by one. 

One paper is the "Recipe for Saga Wine with Mandrake" and the other paper is the "Recipe for the Incense Powder to Induce Hypnosis". 

Read through both recipes to learn how to make Sage Wine and the Hypnosis Powder. 

We are going to make the hypnosis powder first.

Hypnosis Powder:

To make Hypnosis powder, there must be no fire in the oven. However, the oven is still on and the cooking pot is empty. The oven slide is still to the left. Click the oven slide back to the right and then open the oven drawer. As a result, no fire burns under the cooking pot. Stand directly in front of the table so that you can see all the jars on the shelves and the mortar, pestle, pipette and spoon.

Take the Swallowwort from your inventory and put the branch in the mortar.Then use the pestle on the mortar to crush the swallowwort. Take the crushed Swallowwort from the mortar with the spoon and turn it over to the oven.Click the Swallowwort in the cooking pot.

Put the spoon back away. Put the Fenugreek in the mortar and also crush it with the pestle. Take the crushed Fenugreek from the mortar with the spoon and put it in the cooking pot. Hold the spoon and then search the shelves for a jar of Powdered absinthe. It's the 2nd jar, from the left, on the middle shelf. Click with the spoon on the pot of Absinthe and then put the stuff in the cooking pot.  Madeleine then screams "It must be ready". Take the jars/bottles (Recipients of all sort) from your inventory again and click on the cooking pot and you will then have a bowl of Hypnosis Powder.

Saga Wine with Mandrake:

In the inventory screen, use the magnifying glass on the Mandrake.

In the close-up screen, use the Scalpel on the Mandrake to pick the fruits from the root.

You then have Mandrake Berriers and a Mandrake Root.

Close the inventory screen. 

Take the Pipette from the rack and then look for a decanter of Wine on the top shelf. It is the second to last bottle on the top shelf.

Click with the pipette on the carafe of wine and then empty the pipette into the cooking pot.

Look for the jars on the shelves: Sage, Cinnamon, Pepper, Ginger and Honey. Click with the spoon on these jars and then empty the spoon into the cooking pot. Then put the spoon away again. Then take the Mandrake Root from your inventory and then crush this root in the mortar with the pestle. Then put a spoonfull mandrake root powder in the cooking pot. Madeleine then tells you to put the fire back under the cooking pot. So close the oven drawer again and click the oven slide to the left again. Then click again with your empty jars/bottles (Recipients of all sorts) on the cooking pot and you then have a bottle of Sage Wine with Mandrake.

Turn around and go back to the sleeping Nostradamus. You don't automatically turn to Nostradamus now, so when you're back in the bedroom by the bed you have to turn to the right yourself. There is a shelf on your sleeping father's stomach and a bowl on the shelf. Take the jar with the Hypnosis Powder (Incense Powder to Induce Hypnosis) from your inventory and then click on the bowl

Then take the Lighter from your inventory and click on the scale again to light the hypnosis powder. Store the lighter again via a right-click. Now click with the talk cursor on Nostradamus and ...... Nostradamus wakes up and asks for the wine. So take the bottle of Sage Wine from your inventory and give the wine to your father.  Dad asks Madeleine to read the Quatrain again, and Madeleine does. 

Nostradamus then says that this is not exactly the Quatrain he wrote. Nostradamus also says that he has found an engraved stone and that this stone is in his Observatory room. There are dus 2 Quatrain and 2 engraved stones. Nostradamus then falls asleep again and Madeleine briefly lists what her next steps will be. Nostradamus wears a large medallion around his neck. Grab the Medallion

Turn right and go back into the hall. Then turn around and go up the stone spiral staircase to the top floor. 

Turn around at the top. You are again in front of the closed door of the Observatory.

The Observatory door puzzle:

As you know, the door to the Observatory Room is locked. You will see a circle in the door. That circle is the door lock. 

Take the Medallion from inventory and place it in the round door lock. 

Then click with the gear cursor on the lock and you will enter the close-up screen.

The lock consists of 4 rings.There are slots between the rings and in those slots you can see Saturn, the Moon and the Sun.  In the middle is the Medallion and at the bottom of the medallion you also see the images of the Moon, Saturn and the Sun. On the planets in the slots you get the spin arrow cursor. You are supposed to move the 3 planets in the slots and put them under their image that are on the medallion. However, there is a small catch as Saturn also rotates the medallion. And if you move the Moon, you also move Saturn. If you move the Sun, you also move the Moon. To move a planet through the slot, click on the planet and then hold down the left mouse button and drag the planet further through the slot.

                                                 Step 1: Put the Sun in the correct position. This also moves the moon
                                           Step 2: Put the Moon in the right position. This also moves Saturn.
   Step 3: Put Saturn in the right position and ... 

you will hear music and the door will open.

Enter the Observatory and turn right. To the left of the door there are 3 shelves on the wall. 

On the bottom shelf is the Nostradamus' small engraved stone. Grab the stone and.....

....... Madeleine will tell you that it looks exactly like Philibert's TOMBE stone.

 It is late and Madeleine goes to sleep and she dreams of the tunnels she read about in the book in the library of the castle.

Madeleine then wakes up the next morning. 

Chapter 3: Friday, March 29, 1566:

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot