2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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Chapter 1: The Prologues:


We meet the old Gremlin MacGuffin, archaeologist by profession. MacGuffin sits in his study and writes in his diary. For as long as old MacGuffin can remember, his country has been at war with the Shadow Army. No one knows anymore how and why that war started, but it continues even now. But now old MacGuffin has made an important discovery ....... In an old book he has found something that could put an end to the war. Immediately realizing the importance of his discovery, MacGuffin sent Beetle, his sidekick to the Archmage to tell him the news. 

While MacGuffin is writing in his diary, he suddenly thinks he hears something. MacGuffin turns around but sees nothing. 

Still, MacGuffin takes a book and he throws the book into the room and.........by the book, Munkus, the son of Archwitch Mortroga, materializes in the room.

Munkus and Mortroga are the enemies of the land and Munkus apparently learned of MacGuffin's discovery and wants to know more about it. 

Because MacGuffin refuses to tell anything, he is captured and taken outside. We then get outside and meet the lovely Wood Elf Ivo ........ 

Given the rather airy clothing of Ivo, it seems to me to be a warm country where we have ended up....

Ivo then sees MacGuffin being put on a dragon and taken away.

 Ivo decides to help MacGuffin and she also jumps on the dragon and you get control over Ivo

A: Escape from the dragon:

You play as wood Elf Ivo:

So you are now the forest elf Ivo and she's hanging on a "flap" on one of the back legs of the dragon and she holds on to an iron ring with one hand. The game gives you some hints on how to proceed. A short piece of rope flutters at the next iron ring........ Click, with your arrow cursor, to the right of Ivo on the dragon and .......... Ivo swings herself to the right and goes to the hanging leather belt. 

Click with your magnifying glass cursor on the flapping rope. Ivo then tells that the other end of the rope is firmly attached to the ring and that she can swing with the rope to the platform where the cage is placed.  MacGuffin is locked up in that cage. Now click with your wrench cursor on the flapping rope and....... 

.......Ivo then swings to the right via the rope and lands on the barrels that stand in front of the platform. 

Click with your magnifying cursor on the cage where MacGuffin is in ...... 

Ivo then walks a bit forwards to examine the cage ......

MacCuffin has not yet noticed Ivo. Now click with your talk cursor on MacCuffin to talk to him .......

 Conversation options will appear at the bottom of the screen. You will again get various conversation options. It is best to always use all conversation options, from top to bottom. Then you are always sure that you never forget the most important options......So use all the conversation options you get to talk to MacCuffin and listen to what is said about and is told again

MacCuffin gives Ivo a ring to take to Archmage Alistair. The Archmage will need that ring if he wants to retrieve the book MacGuffin has hidden in his secret cellar. But of course MacCuffin also wants to be freed. The lock of the cage is sturdy and Ivo will not be able to break it open. But the cage is tied to the platform with ropes and Ivo suggests that she might throw the cage down. MacCuffin thinks this is a good plan. If Ivo can throw the cage down the moment they fly low above the snowy mountains, there is a chance that he will survive the fall.

The cage is attached to the top with a rope and a leather strap. Look at that rope, on top of the cage, with your magnifying glass ...... 

Ivo tries to untie the rope but she can't.....the knot is too tight. Talk to MacCuffin again via the talk cursor. 

The most important option now is the "I can't open the cage with just my bare hands" option, so use this option.....

MacCuffin then suggests to Ivo that she has to cut rope that hold the cage ...... Well .... That's a nice idea old Gremlin but  Ivo has no knife ..... But the old MacCuffin suggest that his kidnappers, who camp on top of the dragon, must have a knife somewhere. Ivo has to climb higher up the dragon, but how. 

Now walk back to the barrels. Above Ivo's head you see 2 round wooden poles sticking out .....

Look at those round poles with your magnifying glass and listen to what Ivo says about it ....... 

The poles are too high so Ivo can't reach them. Go talk to MacCuffin again and tell him now that you need some help via "I'm not going to be able to get onto the dragon's back without some help" and MacCuffin then gives Ivo his whip. The game now gives you a hint about the inventory and its use. First close the conversation and then move your arrow cursor to the bottom of the screen to open the inventory ..... The only item that Ivo now carries is MacCuffin's whip and that whip pops up. Place your cursor on the whip and .... the whip will be "magnified" ..... Click on the whip with the wrench to stick the thing to your cursor. Then move the whip cursor to the two round poles and then click there and ....

 .......Ivo hangs the whip on the poles. You then get the door cursor on the hanging whip rope to climb up via the whip

So click the door cursor and .......

 Ivo lands on the back of the dragon and thus on the wooden platform on which the tent stands where Munkus and his helper are bivouacking

On the dragon's back

Ivo overhears Munkus, in the tent, talking to his mother Mortroga and telling her that he has captured MacGuffin. 

After the conversation we hear that Munkus hates his mother but that he is also terrified of her . 

On the left side of the tent is a weapon stand in which hangs a longword and a scimitar. Look at the weapon stand with your magnifying glass ...... Ivo would like to have the longword, but of course she cannot just walk past the opening of the tent because then she will be seen by Munkus. Ivo is crouching in front of a flagpole, from which a red flag is flying. Look at the flagpole with your magnifying glass. Ivo reports that the flagpole is a bit loose. So grab the flagpole with your grab hand.In inventory Ivo now has a "wooden staff". Behind Ivo is an open cardboard box. Look at that cardboard box and listen to what Ivo tells about it ...... Then search the cardboard box with your wrench and  Ivo fishes a rope with fishing hook out of the box. 

Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to open your inventory. You now have the wooden staff and the fish hook on a rope in inventory. The game gives you a hint on how to can combine items with each other. Click with your wrench on the fishing hook / rope and then click with the fishing hook / rope on the wooden staff and ...... you have made a fishing rod.

Immediately take the fishing rod from inventory and click it on the longsword, the left sword, in the weapon stand and ..... Ivo fishes the left sword out of the rack. 

Climb back down, via the door cursor, behind Ivo's buttocks,  to the cage with MacGuffin. 

Go talk to MacGuffin again.........Say "I was eavesdropping on the sorcerer......what does he want from you exactly? A weapon?" 

 MacGuffin says he read in a book about the location of a dangerous object, which might be a weapon. Say you have a sword and MacGuffin thinks it's time to be freed ...... MacGuffin also says that if he doesn't survive the escape, Ivo should get the book from his cellar and then take it to the Archmage. ....That Archmage is in Seastone, the city of the people of the coast. 

Close the conversation and take the sword from inventory and click with the sword on the rope, with which the cage on top is attached to the leather strap and ......

.......Ivo cut the rope and ...... well watch the long cutscene.....

The cage with MacGuffin in it falls down andIvo clings to the rope of the saddle. 

The saddle starts to slide and will fall off the dragon with the tent and all. 

Ivo ends up on the back of the dragon and sees that Munkus also survived and ...... 

Well .... Ivo is an elf and elves can fly ....... Ivo "flies" away 

This is in fact the end of the Introduction and the game really starts now.....the credits roll over your screen and then we end up in an Inn

B: Meanwhile:

You play as Wilbur

At the Inn

Fate is not favorable to you ...... were you just a beautiful slender forest elf, you now go on as a little snotty gnome adolescent. While Elf Ivo and MacGuffin are busy on the dragon, Gnome Wilbur stands in the common room of an inn in a Dwarven Bastion, leaning on his broom and daydreaming. Wilbur would like to experience a little more adventure, instead of having to sweep the Inn here. Wilbur dreams of being a hero or magician. 

Wilbur is taken out of his daydreams by his boss, the master brewer. The boss asks if Wilbur can unpack the house robot that has just been delivered and send it on a rat hunt. Boss is afraid that the rats will otherwise eat his entire supply of hops. Meanwhile, the boss will check the beer kegs 2034 to 2038.

So you are now Wilbur and you you are employed by the master brewer, who has now moved back to the bar counter. 

The boss is a dwarf. If you press the spacebar briefly you can make all "hotspots" visible ......

At the bottom of the bar counter you see a rat hole.  in front of the rat hole sits a rat. Look at the rat hole, with your magnifying glass. As soon as Wilbur takes a step forward, the rat disappears into its hole. Next to Wilbur stand the crate containing the robot. Look at the Crate and then try if Wilbur can open the Crate with your wrench. However, Wilbur cannot open the box with his bare hands. Wilbur's boss, the master brewer, stands behind the bar counter. Go talk to the boss and ask him anything you can ask....

If you ask where the other dwarfs have gone, the boss explains that they have been away to fight for years. Wilbur and the boss are the only ones here and it looks like the other dwarfs won't be returning anytime soon as the war just won't end. You now also see that there is a crowbar on the bar. 

There is a Crowbar on the bar counter. Look at the crowbar and then take the Crowbar.

Walk back to the crate  that contains the robot. Take the Crowbar from inventory and click it on the crate and ..... 

........Wilbur pries open the box and drags out the x-100 robot and the Operating Instructions. Look at the Robot . The robot is not charged.

Open the inventory and click with your magnifying glass on the Instruction to read it .........

Wilbur reads the manual and we learn that the robot needs to be charged by giving it some food. It may be kitchen waste but it may not contain broccoli or Brussels sprouts. When the robot is charged, give it some rat DNA so it knows what to hunt for. Rat DNA can be found in rat hair, rat blood, rat sweat and rat snot and other rat things.

Walk to the left. You can see the folding doors of the kitchen. You will also see an armchair on the wall. 

A map hangs on the wall above the armchair. 

Look at the armchair.....it's the boss's favorite chair. Look at the map

On the map every inn between this town in the mountains and the town of Seastone on the sea is drawn. Go through the swing doors to the:


Above the swing doors, an emblem has been bricked into the wall. Look at the emblem and listen to what Wilbur tells about it ....... The emblem is the coat of arms of the city .... the city is actually a bastion. Wilbur also tells that dwarfs have something special with the number 7. In the corner, to the right of the swing doors, is a barrel with garbage. Look at the garbage barrel and then take out a handful of Rubbish

To the right of the waste bin hangs a blue water pump .... under the water pump is a bucket. Look at the water pump. With the water pump water could be pumped up from deep in the mountains, but Wilbur doubts whether the pump still works. So click on the water pump with your wrench and ... ....Wilbur is right, the water pump is not working. In front of the window is a wooden table that serves as a counter and has 2 compartments. In the right box is a stack of wood blocks and in the left box leans a jute bag with a net hanging over it. Look at that Net ...... the net is rather loosely woven .... Take the Net. There is food waste on the counter (Kitchen waste) ... Look at the food waste and then take it with your wrench. Look out the window, through your magnifying glass ..... Wilbur reports that it is almost dark. 

On the pipe, which hangs above the counter, hangs, among other things, a large ham. Look at the ham (Food). To the right of the counter is the oven and on top of the oven is a coffee pot. Check out the coffee pot...the coffee pot is empty and hasn't been used in "ages". Take the coffee pot. At the bottom of the screen is a huge pile of dirty dishes (Dirty crockery). Look at the pile of dishes. There is also a large Cookingpot with some nasty goo in it ... Look at that cooking pot ..... Then try if Wilbur wants to take the dirty cooking pot but some slimy creature lives in the cooking pot and so Wilbur does not want to take the pot

Finally, take a look at the large copper boiler (Kettle), which is in the corner to the left of the swing doors 

The device is the boss's private boiler in which he brews beer for his own use. The large boiler is in the basement. 

Go back, through the swing doors, to the taproom. 

Chase the rat away

The rat is again in front of the hole in the bar counter. Continue to the robot at the crate. 

As Wilbur has read in the manual, he has to feed the robot to charge the thing. 

Take the Rubbish, from the rubbish barrel in the kitchen, from inventory and click it on the robot and.......

........ Wilbur puts the garbage in the robot and the thing immediately comes to life. You can also put the kitchen waste (food leftovers)in the robot, but you can't put both in the robot. Look at the rat hole again. Wilbur now sees that a piece of the rat fur is hanging on a splinter and he grabs the piece of rat fur by himself.

Well the piece of fur contains rat DNA, so take the piece of rat fur from inventory and click it on the robot and ......

The robot immediately goes on a rat hunt and chases away the rat. Mission completed, so go talk to the boss again and use all conversation options you get again. The boss is very pleased that the rat has been chased away and Wilbur can go home. The exit to leave the inn is on the right, between the 2 burning torches, so click the door cursor to leave the inn and .......

Outside the Bastion:

Wilbur ends up outside the Dwarven Bastion .... it is snowing heavily. Wilbur continues to the bridge and ....... something falls from the sky.....it's the cage with MacGuffin and the thing falls to the floor at Wilbur's feet. Wilbur is taken aback for a moment but quickly recovers from the shock. 

MacGuffin gives a gold ring to Wilbur and urges him to take it to the Archmage at Seastone, the city of men by the sea. 

The ring is important because it is the key to winning the war. Before Wilbur can react, the cage, with MacGuffin still inside, is picked up by a dragon and flies away with it.

Wilbur is completely devastated by this event and decides to ask his boss, the brewer, or his grandfather for advice. In inventory, look at the ring with your magnifying glass. The ring feels warm and Wilbur sees that it has an inscription engraved on it, but Wilbur cannot read the small print. Go back into the Bastion, through the door cursor in the high opening, to the right of the dwarf statue .......

Wilbur then ends up back at the inn, where the boss is taking a nap in his armchair. Wilbur wakes up the boss and tells him what just happened to him. However, the boss thinks that Wilbur is making up the story to be interesting. Boss sends Wilbur home and resumes his nap. Leave the inn back outside. Back outside you can see the metal dome on which a satellite dish rotates. The dome is the entrance to Wilbur's family's gnome house. You then get the door cursor on the dome, so click the door cursor to enter the dome and .... 

Wilbur ends up in the:

Gnome Hole:

Wilbur has ended up in the vestibule of the gnome's hole. On the floor, in front of the large metal door, is a large golden ball.

 Look at the golden Ball ..... It is Wilbur's flying toy fish Nemo, which was made by his father and sister. 

Click with your grab hand on the golden ball and .......

 Wilbur taps the ball and ..... Nemo, the flying fish comes to life and starts flying around here in the hall. Look at the large metal door and listen to what Wilbur has to say about it. To the left of the metal door is a cupboard with 4 handles .... Look at those 4 handles .... Behind the large metal door is the genius invention of Wilbur's father,  those are four revolving rooms, which you can call up using the levers. Don't use the levers now. In the foreground is a table with some plants and a Chemical Experiment on it ..... Look at  the plants and the chemical experiment ..... This is Wilbur's mother's workplace, where she is engaged in genetic experiments on plants. In another pot there is soil, but apparently no seed.  A framed picture hangs on the wall to the right. Look at the picture ....... 

You see the picture in close-up and Wilbur tells a story about it ..... It is a picture of Wilbur's family. Wilbur's parents and sisters are all scientists and techies and they are not home at the moment. Wilbur's grandfather is a war hero. Wilbur feels like an outsider, wanting to be a magician rather than a techie. 

The large hole in the floor is a mechanical spiral staircase to the cellar and you get the door cursor on it .... 

Click with the door cursor on the spiral staircase and .... 

Wilbur ends up in the cellar where we find grandpa. Grandpa is a bit of a weirdo ..... Wilbur has to say the correct password to prove that he is Wilbur, Grandpa's grandson, otherwise grandpa will not want to talk to his grandson.You get a choice of 3 options. Click on the correct password.....If you  have listened carefully to Wilbur, when you looked at the family picture, then you know that the correct password should be "Nuclear Firts Strike", so answer this and.... 

Grandpa then wants to listen to Wilbur's story. Wilbur then tells Grandpa about his meeting with MacGuffin and luckily Grandpa believes him. Grandpa wants to know if Wilbur has examined the ring for contamination with curses and the like, because after all, the ring comes from a Gremlin and they are dangerous creatures. Grandpa is willing to help Wilbur with a means of transport to Seastone, because that town is too far away to reach on foot.

Grandpa then stands at 1 of his inventions. Then click with the talk cursor on grandpa again to talk to him again ...... 

Use all conversation options. Wilbur asks grandpa about the plan again. The plan is as follows.........Grandpa will provide a means of transport, but Wilbur himself has to look for some things to take with him on his journey. Then ask Grandpa what kind of "stuff" you should look for via "About me equipment....... what was all that stuff I need?"......Grandpa then tells you that you have to provide a helmet yourself, a Map and a Parachute. Grandpa will provide a means of transport Wilbur must swear that he will only give the ring to the Archmage himself. That Archmagician is, according to Grandpa, a great wizard and alchemist and he is also the counselor of the King. The Archmage travels a lot....Grandpa thinks that if Wilbur does not meet the Archmage in town, because he is travelling, Wilbur should follow him. Finally, we don't want the ring to fall into the wrong hands because a gnome doesn't do his job properly. When you have discussed everything with Grandpa, say "I'll keep on looking" to end the conversation. 

Ok .... so Wilbur must look for a Helmet, a Map and a Parachute.


Stay in the basement with Grandpa. Look around and collect some stuff. At the bottom of your screen, a silver rope hangs over a column-like thing.

 Look at that rope.....it's a piece of Elven rope. Take the elf rope. 

On the other side stand a Toolbox and, slightly to the right, is an extendable arm. Look at the tool box and listen to what Wilbur says about it. Then click with your grab hand on the tool box and ...... Wilbur lists what tools are still in the box and then decides to grab the entire tool box. A little more to the right is an Extendable arm. Also grab that extendable arm. 

Walk a little to the right again and then click the door cursor to go back up.

Back at the top of the hall you walk to the box with the 4 levers. Number the levers, from left to right, 1, 2, 3, 4 

Each lever is now up an on each lever you get the wrench cursor. Lever 1 turns the bathroom, lever 2 turns Meggie's room, lever 3 turns Wilbur's room and lever 4 turns the kitchen. Now click with your wrench cursor on lever 4, the rightmost lever, and Wilbur pull lever 4 down and ..... the metal door opens and you see the kitchen. On the kitchen cabinet is a knife block with scissors in it. Look at the knife block and then take the Scissors from the block. 

There is also a blue bottle on the kitchen cupboard. 

Look at the blue bottle.....it's a bottle of antibacterial kitchen cleaner. Take the blue bottle kitchen cleaner

Open the bottom cupboard of the kitchen cupboard. in the bottom cupboard there is a glass Vial. 

Look at that glass vial and then grab the vial with your grab hand

The glass vial a super plant growth agent (fertilizer). On the right is a grain mill. Also click with your magnifying glass on the funnel of the grain mill ........

 Wilbur then tells you that there are still some grains of barley in the funnel .....

Then click with your grab hand on the crusher and .... .Wilbur takes the Barley from the grain mill

Ready in the kitchen. Now click with your wrench on lever 3 of the lever cabinet and .....

 the kitchen disappears, but Wilbur's room opens. Wilbur's rucksack hangs on the wall and on the floor is a tennis racket. 

Check out the rucksack and tennis racket. Then grab the rucksack and get the tennis racket. 

The tennis racket has no strings. Leave the gnome house through the door on the right. Wilbur is then back outside at the Bastion. There are scaffolding on the left and right. Large pieces of cloth are hanging from the right  scaffolding  and a piece of that cloth (tarpaulin) has fallen down and is lying on the ground under the right jetty. Look at that piece of cloth and then pick it up.....

This piece of tarpaulin can serve as a canvas for a parachute, which we now have to make ourselves. In inventory, combine the Tarpaulin with the elf rope. Then combine the fabric/fairy rope combo with the rucksack and.you have made a parachute. Now to find a helmet. At the bottom of the left scaffolding hangs something that glitters .... look at that glittering thing........it is an icicle, ....... Then grab the icicle  with your grab hand. 

Go back into the inn through the large opening:


Continue to the kitchen, through the swing doors. Continue to the large cooking pot that houses that slimy creature. In inventory, combine the extendable arm with the bottle of kitchen cleaner .... then use this combination on the cooking pot and Wilbur pours the liquid into the pot and this kills the slime creature. 

The large pot is now empty, so take the large cooking pot, which can serve as Wilbur's helmet.

Walk back to the taproom. So the map hangs above the boss's armchair butunfortunately the boss is sleeping in the chair. If you try to grab the map, the boss wakes up and Wilbur does not get the map. So the boss has to be chased out of his chair. Boss wears a nice full beard. Take the scissors from inventory and click with it on the boss's beard ...... 

Wilbur cuts off a piece of the boss's beard. Walk to the right, to the robot. Put the kitchen waste, or the leftover food, in the robot to give it energy again. Then put the boss's beard hairs in the robot and .... well ... see what happens .. .... When the whole drama is over, the boss has beaten the robot and he is back behind his bar counter. Now you can grab the map, so do that. 

Leave the inn and go back into the gnome's hole and via the spiral staircase to the basement. 

Back in the basement you walk to the left, to Opa. Take the map from inventory and click it on grandpa. 

Then tell grandpa that you also found a helmet and then say that you also already have a parachute.

Grandpa is very satisfied with Wilbur, but unfortunately he himself is not so lucky in his attempt to make a means of transport for Wilbur. 

Grandpa is missing a special gear and high explosive fuel. Wilbur therefore has to look for that gear and for explosive fuel ..... Dwarf beer could be suitable fuel.

Dwarven Beer and a special cog

So return to the inn and talk to the master brewer again and say "I'd like to ask a qestion....it's about dwarven ale" and......

........the boss then says that there was once a terrible accident with the dwarven beer and since then it may not be brewed anymore. But the boss still knows the recipe, so ask "Can you tell me how to brew dwarven ale?". The brewer explains how to brew dwarven beer. The ask:  "Could YOU maybe brew some ale?"......After some insistence from Wilbur, the brewer wants to brew some dwarf beer, but he needs a few ingredients that he doesn't have. So Wilbur has to look for Crystal Clear Water, Barley and Hops. End this conversation via "I'll let you carry on celebrating then" 

Wilbur already has Barley because you took them from the grain mill in the kitchen of the gnome house. So you can give the Barley to the brewer right now or you can wait until you also have the other two ingredients. Then talk to the brewer again and ask him where you could find hops via "Where am I supposed to get hops from?" ..... the boss then tells that that nasty rat has stolen almost his entire supply of hops. Close the conversation again and then look at the rat hole again, at the bottom of the bar counter, with your magnifying glass cursor and ...... 

.....Wilbur looks into the hole again and sees something in it and then takes it out of the hole and .... it turns out to be a single Hop ...... 

Then try to give the hop flower to the brewer.

But the brewer needs much more hops and he suggests that Wilbur must planthis one hop flower to get more hops. Go to the kitchen, through the swing doors. Continue to the still warm oven. In inventory, combine the icicle with the coffee pot to put the icicle in the coffee pot. Then place the coffee pot on the oven and when Wilbur has said that the icicle has melted you have a coffee pot with crystal clear water. So take the coffee pot back and go back to the taproom. 

Give the coffee pot with clear water to the brewer. Leave the inn again and enter the gnome house again. Wilbur ends up in the hall of the gnome house again. Take the hop flower from inventory and put the hop flower in the large flower pot, which contains only soil and a stick ...... Wilbur plants the hop flower in the large pot ..... Take the glass bottle of Super-fertiliser  from inventory and also click with this on the large flower pot and.......

....... a whole bunch of Hops will immediately grow on the stick.

 View the Hop with your magnifying glass and then grab a handful of Hops with your grab hand Wilbur takes 10 hop flowers from the stick.

Nemo, the flying fish, is still circling the air here. 

In inventory, combine the Net with the Tennis Racket into a safety net. Then take the safety net from inventory and catch Nemo with it ........

..... It is a bit difficult to catch Nemo because the thing flies around and so it is difficult to get your grab hand on Nemo.

 When you get the grab hand you have to click very quickly........Wilbur then needs a few attempts to catch Nemo, but eventually he succeeds.

When you have caught Nemo, go back to the basement via the spiral staircase. Back in the basement you walk to the left again.

 At the very left end of grandpa's work table is a vice ..... Take Nemo from inventory and click the flying fish in the vice. 

Then take the tool box from inventory and click it on Nemo and.......

...... Wilbur unscrews a cog from Nemo, rendering him unable to fly. Give the Cog to grandpa

Now back to the inn to give the  10 Hops to the master brewer. So walk back to the right and go back up and leave the gnome house again and return to the inn. Then give the Hop to the brewer and ....... if you had already given all the other ingredients to the brewer, he will now brew the Dwarf beer and after a while he will come back to hand Wilbur a beer mug full of Dwarf beer. 

An edifying conversation follows, after which the brewer retires to his kitchen. 

Wilbur is ready for the journey to Seastone ....... 

so now back to Grandpa in the basement of the Gnome House .... Give the Dwarf Beer and the Gear to Grandpa and ..... 

Wilbur now finds out what the means of transport is with which Grandpa will shoot him to Seastone .... it is a capsule that Grandpa will shoot through the cannon. Wilbur gets into the capsule and grandpa still gets his aviator goggles and then ...... he shoots Wilbur away to SeastoneMeanwhile, Munkus reports to his mother the Archwitch Mortroga. Munkus got a hold of MacGuffin again

We now continue as Ivo:

Chapter 1 C: Ivo at MacGuffin's House:

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot