2019: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy is a funny point and click adventure game along the lines of the Monkey Island games. The game was FREEWARE when it was released in 2007. If you didn't get it up to now then  you're out of luck in 2019. Because they have made a new version of this game, but now it isn't freeware anymore...you have to buy it now. You play as the female pirate Nelly Cootalot.

This Walkthrough is based on my Dutch Nelly Cootalot Spoonbeaks Ahoy  walkthrough from 2016 and it has been made with the original Free game from 2007.

At the top of the screen you will find the options Save and Load and Settings. Via Settings you can set some options in the game to your own preferences

You can save as much as you want in the Save Game screen. Give your save a name and confirm

The game works with an ACTION MENU. 

For example, if you want to talk to someone or view something or pick something up, then you click with your left mouse button and hold it down. The Action menu will appear. The action menu has 3 functions.  Through the "steering wheel" Nelly looks at things and comments on them. Nelly talks to other characters via the "cloud" and Nelly picks things up via the "Hook hand".

The game starts with an intro.

Nelly lies sleeping in her rowing boat, at the chores of the Barony or Meeth Island, when she is roughly awakened from her afternoon nap by the spirit of pirate captain Bloodbeard. 


Bloodbeard tells that all Spoonbeaks have disappeared from the island. Spoonbeaks are actually Spoonbill birds. So Bloodbeard says that all Spoonbills have disappeared from the island. Bloodbeard wants Nelly to investigate the matter and ensure that the spoonbills return to the island. Captain Bloodbeard then makes a strong wind that blows Nelly's rowing boat to the landing place of the island. Nelly then lands on Meeth island.

Meeth Island

Pirate Pub: The Barnacle:

At the top of the screen you will find, on the left, the options "Save", "Load" and "Quit". On the right you will find the options "Map", when you have found and taken the map,  and "Settings". Right click opens Nelly's inventory, or you can press your I key to do so. Nelly has a shovel in inventory. 

The first building that Nelly encounters on the island is the Barnacle pub.

Walk a little to the right and then click with your cursor in the entrance of the pub to enter. Barkeeper Friday stand behind the bar counter. 

Captain Rehap is sitting at the counter.  Between Friday and Rehap the Map of the Island is on the bar counter .

Open the Action menu on Captain Rehap and then click the talk icon to talk to Rehap.  You can talk via the options that you get in the dialogue window.

Talk to Captain Rehap about everything. Rehap laughs heartily at the idea that Nelly is a pirate. 

When  you have talked enough with Rehap then you close this conversation. Then go talk to bartender Friday. 

Ask Friday in particular about the Spoonbeaks and who is the big boss on this island and what drinks he serves. Spoonbeaks have not been seen for a while and the big boss on the island appears to be Baron Widebeard. When you ask for the drinks, Friday lists a whole series of drinks and Nelly can order those drinks. But Nelly has no money, so she can't order a drink now. End the conversation with Friday when you have asked everything.

On the bar is also the Map of the island. Take the map via the Hook hand of the action menu ......

Nelly asks Friday if she can have the map and that is allowed.

 Nelly stores the Map in inventory but at the top right you now also have the "Map" option in the black bar. 

Click the "Map" option to open the map.

Right now there are 3 locations available where Nelly can go via the map. Click on a location and Nelly will go there to. Now go to:

Market Street:

Market street has a number of stores. The first store is the  "Bjorn and Olafssen's store" and the next one is the "The Store of Babylon".

Bjorn and Olafssen

Enter and take a look around

Bjorn and Olafssen turn out to be 2 Vikings and they mainly sell swords and the like. At the cannon there is a parrot on a stick. Behind the 2 Vikings is a glass cabinet and in that cabinet is a Hook, the "iHook". Look, via the action menu, at the "iHook". Then go and talk to the 2 Vikings and ask them anything you can ask ... Ask about the Baron and about the "iHook". The "iHook" is magnetic but the thing costs 700.  Bjorn and Olafssen also do tattoos. On the right is a sign with the various tattoos that are for free ... Look at those tattoos ..... in fact they are not really tattoos but sticky pictures. Leave the Vikings store, via the "X" behind the parrot, and then enter the "Store of Babylon".

Store of Babylon:

In "The Store of Babylon" we meet the great boss of this island, Baron Widebeard and the manager of the store Miss Leatherette.

At the far right is a white box from which Nelly can take a free Bird Book. De Baron is behind the desk and he reads aloud from his biography, which he is promoting here. On the left side of the desk is an inkwell with a feather pen. Go talk to the Baron and ask him again everything you can ask for. Then say goodbye.

Nelly needs the inkwell and the feather pen, but she can't take it while the Baron is looking. Wait until the Baron reads aloud from his book again. Then quickly open the Action menu on the Inkwell and then quickly click the Hook hand to steal the inkwell and the Feather and store it in inventory. This only works when the Baron reads aloud and when you are a quick enough

When you have taken the Inkwell and the Feather pen go talk to Miss. Leatherette and ask her again everything you can ask. 

When you're done talking then take, with the Hook hand in the action menu, the free Bird book from the trash bin.

In inventory Nelly now has the Shovel, the Floor Plan, the Feather, the Inkwell and the Bird Book.

Walk to the left and then leave the store via the "X". Back outside you walk to the right. The "Hook a Duck" kiosk is closed and so is the Boutique shop

But at the closed Boutique the Baroness is waiting .... Go talk to the Baroness ......

The Baroness is looking for a new outfit ..... When you have discussed everything again you say goodbye 

Walk a little further to the right, because there is a bulletin board on the palm tree and that notice board is full of announcements. View the announcements on the bulletin board via the "steering wheel" of the Action menu. Then continue to do this until Nelly has read all announcements ...... she then repeats itself.  The Boutique shop is the end of the market street. Open the map and travel to the:

Toll Booth:

The Toll Booth is the border crossing point to Saul Island and blind guitarist Jimmy is the border guard. Jimmy is sitting outside his booth in his rocking chair singing a song. Behind Jimmy stand a box. The crossing to Saul island is barricaded. Open the action menu on the box and then click the steering wheel and ...... Nelly asks Jimmy what is in the box ...... Jimmy tells that the box contains his CDs but there is also a Heavy Stone in the box. Open the action menu on the box again and then click the Hook Hand and ....... Nelly asks Jimmy if she can have the Heavy Stone and that is allowed, so Nelly then takes the Heavy Stone from the box. Now go talk to Jimmy and ask him everything you can ask for

Jimmy also says that he has not seen Spoonbeaks for ages, but he still hears bird sounds and Jimmy thinks that those bird sounds come from Saul Island. To cross to Saul Island, Nelly needs a pass, and she doesn't have one yet. The only person on Meeth Island who has a pass is the Baron. 

When you have discussed everything with Jimmy you go, via the map, back to:

Market Street:

Enter again at:

Bjorn and Olafssen:

Open the inventory and then look at, via the action menu, the Bird Book ........ Nelly can talk to Birds via the Bird Book. Left click the Bird Book to attach it to your cursor. Then drag the bird book from inventory, to the bottom of your screen ...... The inventory disappears and the Bird Book is now your cursor ..... Click with the bird book on the parrot and ......... 

Nelly now can  talk with the parrot and his name is Sebastian J. Coot and he was the parrot of Bloodbeard. Continue to talk to Jay Sebastian via all conversation options you get. 

Say hi when you've asked everything and then go back outside and go to the:

Store of Babylon:

Talk to the Baron again and ask him about his "Saul Island gate pass" The Baron warns Nelly that she must stay away from Saul Island because it is dangerous there. The Baron also tells that his pass is safely stored in his house, the Widebeard Tower, but he does not want to tell where that tower is. Go outside again and walk on to the


The Baroness still stands for the closed boutique. Talk to the Baroness again. Ask the Baroness where the Widebeard Tower is .... You do this via: "I wonder where a fashionable Baroness would reside?" . The Baroness then tells the location of the Tower, witch is on top of a hill in the middle of the island. The Widebeard Tower is immediately put on the map as a new location, so travel there now.

Widebeard Tower:

The tower is on a hill. The front door is of course securely locked. There are a number of tombstones in front of the tower. On the right is a Billboard. Look at the Billboard ...... the board announces a World Record attempt... Angelo Lightfoot will go around the world and a tombola will be held.  Look at all the Tombstones. The group of Tombstones standing directly in front of the tower are all graves of generations of Widebeard's. To the left is a Lone Grave and that is the grave of one J.M.Franklin.To the left of the front door, a narrow window protrudes into the facade of the tower ....

 Look, via the action menu, through that narrow window ...Nelly peeks inside the tower through the window

 .....Look at everything you see, so open the action menu on everything and then click the steering wheel icon and read Nelly's comments .... 

The front door is blocked on the inside by a heavy  oak beam. A goldfish is swimming in the aquarium. To the left of the aquarium is a Safe and Nelly thinks that the Saul Gate Pass is stored in the safe. Nelly recognizes the type of safe and knows that she will never be able to crack the safe ..... Nelly needs help from a professional thief. Click the curve arrow to exit this screen. Go, via the map, back to:

The Barnacle:

Enter again and talk to Captain Rehap again. Ask Rehap if he can teach you "the art of stealing" via "Can you teach me the art of theft?" ... Nelly must first prove that she is a pirate and for that she must show Rehap a " Pirates "Guild Tattoo", and swear  the Pirate Oath.  Talk with bartender Friday and ask him about the "Pirates 'Oath" and the "Pirates Guild Tattoo". Friday tells that the "Pirates' Oath" is written on the outside wall of The Barnacle as graffiti. 

So go outside. To the right of the right window, graffiti has been written on the wall of The Barnacle. Read that Graffiti via the steering wheel of the action menu

The Graffiti is the Pirates Oath but it is written in a pirate code, the so-called "praglyphics" code ..... Nelly needs a translation. Go to the

Market street

Bjorn and Olafssen

Enter Bjorn and Olafssen again. Talk to Sebastian J. Coot, the parrot again, and ask him: "Have you seen the Pirates 'Guild Tattoo?' and 'Do you know the Pirates' Oath?" and "Have you heard of praglyphics" ...... The parrot knows nothing but tells us that  John Morton Franklin has the key to the code. Also talk to the 2 Vikings again and ask them about the pirate oath, the pirate tattoo and the code. Also Bjorn and Olafssen don't know much but for the tattoo they refer Nelly to their rack with free tattoo pictures. 

So look again at the rack with tattoos, via the wheel of the action menu. Now you get to see the rack in close-up. The rack has 9 tattoos. 

Top right see you a skull with 4 bones sticking out .... Grab that Skull with Bones via the hook hand of the action menu ......

Get out of the close-up .... Nelly has the Skull with Bones tattoo in inventory ..... check this out. Parrot Sebastian has told that one John Morton Franklin has the "key" of the pirate code. Isn't that lonely grave at the Widebeard Tower the grave of one J.M. Franklin? So travel back to the:

Widebeard Tower:

Go to the lonely grave of J.M.Franklin. Take the shovel from inventory and use it on the grave and .......

Nelly digs and digs and ..... finds a Phrase Book in the grave and she puts the book in inventory. Read the book in inventory via the action menu. 

On the inside of the cover of the book Nelly reads a sentence "Quick! Gold, Silver and Sea Be The Prize". 

But the person who wrote it wasn't so good in spelling because the words are misspelled. Go back to:

The Barnacle:

Again read, via the action menu, the graffiti on the outside wall of The Barnacle and ......you now get into the:

the Pirates Oath puzzle:

You can see the graffiti at the top. At the bottom left of the graffiti you see the paper with the misspelled sentences. 

At the bottom right of the graffiti you see the Letter board with all the letters of the alphabet.

The misspelled sentence the letter is in the correct spelling: "Quick! Gold, Silver and Sea be the Prize". So replace the wrong letters on the piece of paper with the correct letters of the correct letter from the letter board. You know that a C on the piece of paper should actually be the G ..... Click on the letter board to select a letter and then click on a 2nd letter ..... Letters are changed in the graffiti .. .. For example.....If you click on the letter board  the C and then the I then in the graffiti all C's are changed to the I. In this way you "translate" the Graffiti into a readable text and that is "Pirates' Oath" ..This how it most be...

When you ready then click the "READ" button on the letter board ..... 

.....when you have translated the graffiti correctly, Nelly screams out  "I'v Cracked It" and then you will go out of this puzzle.

Go back inside The Barnacle and talk to Captain Rehap again and say "I know the Pirates 'Oath" and .......

Nelly then shouts Rehap  the entire oath in Rehap's ear. But it is not enough because a real pirate also has the Pirates Guild Tattoo. Say goodbye to Rehap and then take the tattoo from inventory. Click with the tattoo on bartender Friday ......... Friday then tells if the Skull with bones is the right tattoo, and it appears to be. If Friday says something different then you have taken the wrong tattoo from the rack at Bjorn and Olafssen and you will have to go back there to pick up the good tattoo. Show the Skull with Bone tattoo to Rehap and then say "I have the Pirates Guild Tattoo" and .........

Rehap then gives Nelly a Cat.

Rehap says that the Cat can help Nelly to break into the Tower. Nelly can also order a drink, at the expense of Rehap and he recommends the "Cat Guts" drink. Store the tattoo in inventory again by right-clicking. Talk to Friday again and say "Captain Rehap offered to by me a drink" and then say that you want the "Cat Guts" drink.

Nelly gets a bottle of "Cat Guts" and she stores it in inventory. Open the inventory and then combine the Cat with the "Cat Guts" bottle ..

You have then made a "Burglar Cat" of the Cat .... You immediately lose the bottle. Travel via the map to the:

Widebeard Tower:

Look through the narrow window again and ......... Nelly pushes the cat through the narrow window ... The cat has to open the safe and steal the "Saul Island Gate Pass" out of it. The cat sits in front of the aquarium and looks at the goldfish with a hungry mouth .... Nelly needs to get the cat away from the fish tank. 

Take the Inkwell from inventory and click it on the aquarium to make the water in the fish tank pitch black ...

The cat will no longer see the goldfish and ..... the cat will crack the safe and steal the Gate Pass out.

You automatically go out of this close-up and Nelly then has the "Pass" in inventory. Travel, via the map, back to the Toll Booth.

Take the Pass from inventory and click on it with Jimmy and say "I have the gate pass" and ......

Nelly is allowed to continue to Saul Island.

Jimmy then raises the barrier so click the "X" cursor on Saul Island to end up there now.

Saul Island:

Nelly ends up at the closed gate of a "leprosy colony". The gate is rigidly locked with a padlock chain. A "Death" flag flies in the left palm tree. To the left of the closed gate there is a small window in the wall. Look at the window ..... Nelly believes that she sees someone on the other side of the wall. Open the action menu on the window again and then click the talk icon and ....... The person on the other side of the wall won't talk to Nelly. Try it again and ..... now Nelly gets in touch with a Leprechaun,  a resident of the Leper Colony. This Leprechaun then sticks its head through the window, so continue talking with this Leprechaun via the talk icon in the action menu ..... Ask the Leprechaun anything you can ask

The Leprechaun says that it is not a leprosy colony but the Leper Colony. There is a gold mine here and the Leprechauns have been extracting gold from the mine for hundreds of years. But the Baron became aware of the existence of the gold mine and more or less took over Saul Island. Saul Island has always been a major tourist attraction and has attracted many tourists, but the tourists are now staying away since the Baron has "taken over" the island and declared it a leprosy colony. Because the tourists aren't coming anymore the Leprechauns are in a deep depression and have actually lost the will to live. The Leprechaun suspects that the Baron makes the spoonbills work as slaves in the gold mine to mine the gold. The mine is guarded by one El Mono, the dangerous Juju Henchman of the Baron.

When you have asked the Leprechaun everything you say goodbye. Go one screen to the left and......

 Nelly then is at the entrance of the mine ..... Continue walking to the left ......

El Mono floats above the entrance to the mine on his flying carpet. So El Mono is a monkey and he wears a large sombrero and has a long branch between his legs. A fuel  pump is pumping oil up for the stove. Talk to El Mono ..... El Mono doesn't answer ....... El Mono is sitting in a deep trance on his carpet.  Above the mine entrance you see symbols ....Try to enter the mine......  but unfortunately a "magic barrier" prevents Nelly from entering the mine. Look at the symbols above the mine entrance. Nelly thinks the symbols are related to the "magic barrier" that prevents her from entering the mine. 

Go back to the gate. Talk to the Leprechaun again, which is still hanging in the window. 

Say "I seen El Mono" and then keep asking questions until you can ask about the "Death Flag" that's hanging on the palm tree.

The Leprechauns could help Nelly to get into the mine but they are so incredibly depressed at the moment that their Leprechaun magic cannot cope with the magic of the El Mono monkey. The Leprechauns are so depressed because of the "Death Flag" waving on the palm tree. If Nelly would replaces that "Death Flag" with a nice different flag, the Leprechauns would get out of there depression to help Nelly. 

Nelly gets  a "Flag Blueprint" from the Leprechaun with the design of the new flag printed on it. 

The flag must be purple and must have a rainbow above a 4-leaf clover. 

However, a new flag costs 2 Daalders, so Nelly also gets 2 golden Daalders from the Leprechaun. Travel back to:

Meeth Island

The Barnacle:

Go inside again. To the right of the pub entrance is a donation tray for the "Roques Gallery".

The "Roques Gallery" is in the right part of the pub. Take 1 of the 2 Daalders from inventory and throw it in the container ....

Nelly receives the thanks from Friday. Walk through the entrance, under the skull, into the Roques Gallery. So this is the Pirate Museum. Bottom left of the large painting are postcards on the wall. A pirate skeleton sits on the stage and that skeleton carries a green Mustache.

The Postcards are free, so grab a Postcard. Steal the green mustache from skeleton pirate. Look at everything else and then travel to the:

Widebeard Tower:

Nelly cannot enter the tower, but on the right side of the tower a staircase goes up,  behind the billboard. Click with the X cursor on the stairs and .....

Nelly almost lands on top of the tower. There is a bed and ....... on the little house is the Rocket. 

We meet  Hortense and 2 "Dignified Ladies". Go talk to Hortense and ask everything you can ask ......

Hortense is the chairwoman of the local women's club, the "Dignified Ladies Association" and today they are here to try and fly around the planet in 12 seconds with the Rocket, a record attempt. Unfortunately, the pilot of the rocket has not yet turned up and so there is waiting .... the pilot is Angelo Lightfoot, of which you have previously read about on the Market Street bulletin board. The bed is intended as a landing place for the rocket when the thing returns from the record attempt.

Also try to talk to the 2 ladies, but Hortense does not allow the two ladies to say a word because Hortense is the "spokeswomen" of the club and so every other member has to shut her mouth. Hortense carries her dog in her arms and the dog has a 4-leaf clover in the mouth ...... Nelly needs that 4-leaf clover for the flag, but she can hardly pull the 4-leaf clover out of the dog's mouth. 

Take the Cat from inventory and then click with the Cat on Hortense and ....... 

the cat, Trilby, struggles a bit with the dog and makes sure that Nelly gets the 4-leaf clover.

Go back down the stairs and ...... On the grass, in front of the billboard, there is now an envelope. Pick up the envelope ....

Nelly says that the envelope contains a note for the Ladies club. Read this "Letter to the DLA" in inventory .... Angelo LIghtfoot, the pilot of the rocket, reports that he unfortunately cannot come flying today because his feet are cast in concrete. Climb the stairs back to the top of the tower and start chatting again with Hortense and ask if that Angelo has already arrived ...... of course that is not the case .....

Nelly suggests that Angelo might have changed his mind, but Hortense don't believe this. If Angelo don't come to fly the rocket then he would not get his reward, witch is a gift voucher for the Babylon shop. Nelly wants that gift voucher, so ask what Angelo looks like via "What's Angelo like?" ...... Angelo is a full blooded Italian and he wears a mustache.

Say hello and open the inventory .... Scroll, via the arrow,  through your items to the mustache .... Open the action menu on the mustache and then click the hook hand and ........Nelly pulls back to stick the mustache on her face to present herself as Angelo Lightfoot. Go talk to Hortense again and ....Hortense thinks that Nelly is Angelo and she is delighted that he has finally showed up ...... Hortense specially has had her hair done for this occasion, so give Hortense a compliment about her hairstyle and then use some more conversation options and then finish with "I must fly!".

Beneath the 2 Ladies you see a Pipe .... Take the Heavy Stone from inventory and use it on the Pipe and ......

Nelly walks down to the pipe and hits it with the heavy stone ...... Click again with the heavy stone on the pipe and .....

Nelly has then demolished the middle part of the pipe ....Open the action menu on the, now broken, pipe and then click the talk icon  and ........

Cut scene: Nelly talks through the pipe and pretends to be in the rocket ..... Hortense then does the count down and she launch the rocket. The rocket explodes but the ladies don't see it ..... Nelly waits 12 seconds and then walks back to Hortense to claim the reward. Nelly gets a Voucher for the Babylon shop from Hortense.

Go, via the map, back to the:

Market Street:

Babylon Shop

Enter the  Babylon Shop again. Go talk to Miss Leatherette again and ask her if she also sells flags via "Do you sell flags?" 

The Babylon shops sell flags but unfortunately they are sold out. The new flags are not delivered. Ask whether Miss Leatherette has any idea where you could score a purple flag ...... Miss Leatherette then tells about the purple Bloomers of the Baroness, that are so big and wide that they can serve as a flag.

Go back outside and walk to the right, to the Baroness. Along the way you see that the "Hook a Duck" kiosk is now open. Talk to the Baroness and ask her about her purple bloomers via "So I hear you wear big pink bloomers ......" There will be a conversation about the bloomers of the Baroness ..... Then continue via "Would you swap your old pants for new?" and then you ask "What kind of knickers did you say you wanted? ".The Baroness would like to exchange her old purple and very wide underpants for a very modern and scandalous underpants.

Babylon Shop

Go back to Miss Leatherette in the Babylon shop and talk to her again and ask "Do you sell underwear?" and ..... Miss Leatherette then opens her lingerie cabinet, at the very top of the right cupboard. The mannequin wears "The Saucy Sue" corset Look at that corset ...... Nelly thinks the corset is exactly what the Baroness is looking for in the way of outrageous horny underwear. Take the Voucher from inventory and then give it to Miss Leatherette and ...... Nelly can go and get the "Saucy Sue" corset and she does so.

Well ..... Back to the Baroness and give her the Corset and ........

Unfortunately .... the Baroness does not want to accept the corset because, as a matter of principle, she never accepts anything from a pirate. So put the corset back in inventory and, in inventory, use the hook hand on the Mustache again to "dress up" Nelly as Angelo Lightfoot again ....... Nelly then walks to the left to put the mustache on her face again, .... Back to the Baroness and then give the Corset again to the Baroness and ..... Now that the Baroness thinks it is Angelo who offers her the corset, she accepts it and ..... .The Baroness wants to put the corset on immediately, so Nelly discreetly withdraws ..... Then walk back to the boutique and see ....... the Baroness is gone but she has hung her old underpants / corset on the clothes rail of the boutique. So grab the underpants (Unmentionals)

Walk back to the left and enter Bjorn and Olafssen again ....

Bjorn and Olafssen 

The Postcard that you grabbed in the Gallery shows the ugly face of Captain Bloodbeard. Show the postcard to Bjorn and Olafssen and ....

Nelly asks if she can exchange the Postcard for the "iHook" and both Vikings want to do that but they want to make sure it is Captain Bloodbeard that is depicted on the card. It would help if Bloodbeard's signature was on the card. Put the postcard back in inventory. Then open the inventory and then combine the Feather with the Postcard and ...... Nelly puts a fake Bloodbeard signature on the Postcard with the Feather. Saw the postcard to both Vikings and ..Nelly will now gets the "iHook" and she runs out of the store, before the Vikings will now that she has con them.

The "Hook a Duck" kiosk is now open. Walk to it and talk to manager Stibble Bellwise and ask him everything. Nelly can play the "Hook a Duck" game and if she wins she will receive a prize. First ask Stibble all other options and then ask which prizes you can win ...... The prize you can win depends on how many ducks you can hook on ..... A game costs a Daalder. When you have discussed everything with Stibble, say hello. Then take your only remaining Daalder from inventory and give it to Stibble to play the Hook a Duck game and say "Let's do it"

Hook a Duck game:

Stibble first tells which prizes can be won, depending on the number of ducks that you catch.

The "Meethian-Wool rainbow" scarf looks like a rainbow so Nelly wants to win it, but for that she has to hook 7 ducks.

On the left the Hook Stick leans and with it you must catch the ducks. Take the Hook Stick, via the hook hand in the action menu ......

The Hook Stick disappears to the inventory and in the kiosk the ducks start to come by ..... 

Quickly take the Hook Stick from inventory and click on a duck with it.

Each duck has a metal plate on top of the head. So, to catch a duckling with the hook stick you have to click exactly on the metal plate with the cross of your cursor. so keep clicking with the hook stick on the ducks, but you won't catch a single duck because Stibble cheats .... So you lose the game.

Talk to Stibble again and say that he cheats via "This game is rigged!" . Nelly accuses Stibble of teaching the ducklings to dive as soon as she clicks with the hook stick . Of course Stibble denies but he still gives Nelly her Daalder back so she can try again. Give Stibble the Daalder again to play the game again. Say "Let's do it" again

Stibble lists the prizes that you can win again. Take the Hook Stick from inventory again and the ducks will move again from left to right and from right to left. 

Open the inventory and now combine the "iHook" with the Hook Stick to add the "iHook" to the hook stick.

Then take the rigged Hook Stick from inventory and click with it on the metal plates that are on the heads of ducks and make sure you now catch 7 ducks .......

To catch a duckling with the hook you have to click exactly with the cross of your cursor on the metal plate that each duck has on his head

You must catch 7 ducks within the time you get for it ...... When the time is over and you have not caught 7 ducks, you win a different prize .....Then give the prize back to Stibble and you can try again. You have to take the Hook again and in inventory click the "iHook" on the hook again ......Then take the Hook stick out of inventory again and do your best to catch 7 ducks in the given time

When you have caught 7 ducks and the time is not over, you can no longer click with the hook on a duck. 

Then just click somewhere in the screen and ...... You then get the Rainbow Scarf from Stibble

When you've won the Rainbow Scarf then go to the Toll Booth via the map. 

Talk to blind Jimmy again and say "I've seen that juju man you told me about" ...... After Jimmy's answer say goodbye and cross over to 

Saul Island:

Nelly ends up again at the gate of the Leper Colony. The Leprechaun is still hanging out the window. Open the inventory. In inventory, combine the 4-leaf clover with the pink underpants  and then combine the Rainbow Scarf with the pink underpants and ...... Nelly has made a pink flag that looks exactly like the blueprint she received from the Leprechaun. Take the Flag from inventory and give it to the Leprechaun and ......

The Leprechaun immediately exchange the "Death" flag for the new flag ....... while shouting the battle cry POWER TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE !!!!!

The Leprechauns proclaims the revolution and 4 Leprechauns will follow Nelly to the mine

The 4 Leprechauns do their magic dance and they conjure up a Magic Orange .......

Nelly is a bit disappointed, but the Leprechauns say that El Mono hates oranges. The 4 Leprechauns then disappear

Pick up the orange.

Take the Orange immediately from inventory and click it on monkey El Mono ...... Nelly tries to throw the orange at El Mono, but she doesn't really succeed. Pick up the orange again. Walk to the oven. On the left side of the oven sticks a thin pipe. Slam with the Heavy Stone on that thin pipe ......

Nelly breaks the pipe with the stone. Take the orange from inventory again and click with it on the broken steam pipe to put the orange into it and ....

......due to the power of the steam, the orange is shot at El Mono and as a result the monkey gets out of its trance and the magic barrier in the mine entrance disappears.

So walk into the Mine

In the Mine:

In the mine Nelly discovers the disappeared Spoonbeaks, the spoonbills ..... 

The spoonbills are the forced laborers who have to dig up the gold for the Baron.

Some spoonbills are locked up in the cages. Go talk to 1 of the spoonbills ...... The spoonbills warn Nelly that the Baron can pop up any moment. There is a bell on the support post. In front of the bell is a large rock with letters engraved on it. Look at those letters on the rock .... they are Piraglypcs again. Continue to the left ... behind the bell, Nelly comes to a deep niche.

In the niche hangs a control panel and a rotary handle. On the floor is a pile of loose stones

Walk into the niche and .......... Nelly is locked up in the niche and ..... The Baron appears 

The Baron talks and talks and then the dialog options appears ....

You must now use the correct sentences to distract the Baron so that he will look at the bell and the letters on the rock

Say these sentences: "I can help you", "I could give you information", "I'll tell you about pirates.", "Pirates have a deep secrets ....", "Secret Codes ...." 

Nelly tells the Baron that the letters on the rock are a code that refers to an even greater pirate treasure than all the gold from the mine. 

The Baron starts thinking about this, while he looks at the boulder, so the Baron does not look at Nelly for a moment .... 

Quickly ... Grab some stones from the pile on the floor ...

Take the stones straight from inventory and click them on the bell.... Nelly throws a stone at the bell .....

Immediately click on the rotary handle and ....... The Control Panel then has power. 

So click the control panel and then use he Hook hand in the action menu ....

The Control Panel appears on the right and a magnet and a gripper arm appears

The control panel has a vertical slider, 3 round buttons and a slider button

You can click the vertical slider at 4 positions in the vertical slot, positions 1, 2, 3, 4. So with that vertical slider you can lower the magnet or raise the magnet again. The red round button is the Magnet button with which you activate the magnet. The other two round buttons do nothing because they are broken. Below the 3 round buttons is the thick slider button with which you can move the magnet back and forth. 

You must now try to get the magnet exactly above the Baron by clicking the Vertical Slider at positions 1 to 4 and then clicking the thick slider button each time ..... How you should manage this is always different in each game, so it's a matter of "Trial and Error"

When you have  brought the Magnet to just above the Baron then click the round red Magnet button and ........

......The Baron then hangs upside down on the Magnet ......... and this is the Beginning of the End of the game because ......

The Leprechauns take their revenge on the Baron and .....

Nelly and the Leprechauns are liberated and a hearty farewell follows at the landing place ........

Nelly sails away, on her way to her new adventure. 

But the Baron isn't beaten because he is cooking up  new plans to get rich again, together with his Baroness,

Nelly hopes that you have enjoyed her adventure on the island

2019: English walkthrough by: Louis Koot