2019: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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"Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet" is the 2nd Nelly Cootalot game and therefore the sequel to "Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy". Spoonbeaks Ahoy is / was a Freeware game because it is meant to make you feel good for the 2nd Nelly Cootalot game. The Fowl Fleet is not free ..... So you have to pay for The Fowl Fleet and you can buy / download it on STEAM, but also via other download portals. These Nelly Cootalot games can be compared with the Monkey Island games.

Just like in Spoonbeaks Ahoy, the game works with an action menu in which you will find the icons for Take, Look at and Talk. You left click on an item or person to open the action menu and then you click on the Hand, the Loupe or the Talk icon within the action menu, depending on whether you want to take the item or look at it or talk to the person. 

If you do not want to work with an Action menu, you can switch it off ..... In the Settings screen, click the cross next to "Only one button" ........with this you switch off the Action menu and you do not  have to open it first in the game.

The game is "point and click" and via an options menu you can set some in-game options to your preference. The game has a full Save / Load function and you can save / load it whenever you want and as much as you want.

Nelly Cootalot is a spicy lady and she is a pirate but she is not a pirate who causes murder and manslaughter. In this 2nd Nelly Cootalot story, Nelly goes back to battle with Baron Widebeard. The Baron has taken the nasty plan to go after the "Treasure of the 7th Sea", a treasure hidden by pirate Bloodbeard on his sunken ship "The Sweet Mary". Nelly finds out that the Baron has again abducted a large flock of birds and hypnotized them so that the birds do everything the Baron wants them to do. Nelly wants to thwart the plans of the Baron and free the birds.

Part One

Chapter OneOn board the Mailship Undeliverable:

After the introductions we are on board the Mailship Undeliverable. 

After her first adventure, Nelly apparently was forced to take a job on this mailship. Nelly is instructed to mop the cabin. 

After some musings and deep sighs, Nelly decides to carry out her assignment and she walks to the right. Nelly ends up at a large crate and .....at a Mop & Slop Bucket. There is a label on the large chest. There is a narrow box on the wall and there's an envelope in the lower compartment of that narrow box

Left click the bucket to open the Action menu on the bucket and then click the Hand icon and .......

Nelly wants to take the Mop out of the bucket but she is shocked because the water in the bucket starts to bubble and ...... the ghost of Captain William Bloodbeard appears. Open the action menu on Bloodbeard and then click the talk icon to talk to talk with Bloodbeard .....

Bloodbeard is somewhat disappointed in Nelly because during her first adventure she did not find the secret pirate message about "The Treasure of the Seventh Sea" ...... Bloodbeard's brother, Baron Wiidebeard, has cracked that code and is now on the hunt for the treasure that must lie in the wreck of Bloodbeard's ship, the Sweet Mary. 

In conversations you get a dialog window with the conversation options to talk further, so click the conversation options to talk further

Bloodbeard says that the Baron was last seen in Port Rubicund and he points to the label that hangs on the big chest. 

Bloodbeard wants Nelly to go after the Baron to thwart his nasty plans. Bloodbeard then disappears again.

So there is a label on the box. Open the Action menu on the box label and then click the magnifying icon .......

NB: If you do not want to work with the Action menu, you can disable this. Click in the Settings screen the cross next to "Only one button" .... with this you disable the Action menu.  You can then immediately take things or talk via left-click and look at things via right-click ..... I find this more pleasant, so I now switch off the Action menu so that I do not have to use it .

The label states that the box is intended for the "Dullwich Box Museum". Left click the Crate label ..... Nelly pulls the label from the box and that disappears to the inventory. The Inventory is at the bottom of the screen and it pops open when you move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

So there is an envelope in the lower section of the narrow wall cupboard .Right click the Envelope to view the envelope ......

It is an air cushion envelope and according to the label the envelope must be delivered in Port Rubicund .....  Port Rubicund ..... wasn't that where Baron Widebeard was last seen? Left click the envelope and ......Nelly does not take the envelope but she pulls the "Port Rubicund Label" from the envelope and she also stores this label in inventory.

NB: You now know how to look at  items and take action via the ACTION MENU. If you have turned off the ACTION MENU you know that you can view things by right-clicking and taking things or talk to other people via left-clicking. From now on I won't be explaining this anymore but will limit myself to just say "Take", "Look at...." and "Talk to..

Walk back to the left, to the table with the large pile of letters. In the pile of letters is a Letter Opener and a roll of Parcel Tape.

Take the Letter Opener and take the roll of Parcel Tape from the pile of letters. Walk back to the right, to the big box.

Nelly would like to leave the mailship in Port Rubicund, but simply leaving the ship will not work ..... So Nelly has to come up with a plan ......

To pick up items in Inventory left click an item in inventory. Your cursor then becomes the item. Then move the item up to exit the inventory and then click with the item on the spot where you want / need to use it. To combine 2 items in inventory, pick up one item and then click that item on the other item ...

Now combine, in inventory, the Tag for Port Rubicund with the Parcel Tape to attach a piece of tape to the label.

Take the "Port Rubicund Label with Adhesive Tape" from inventory and then stick the label on the Big Ol'Crate and ....

.......Well ..... the crate will now disembark in Port Rubicund ..... Now Nelly still has to go into the crate. 

Take the Letter Opener from inventory and click it on the crate and .......

With the letter opener Nelly opens the front of the box .... Unfortunately the letter opener has now become a "corkscrew" ......

Left click on the now open chest and ......

Nelly crawls into the crate and closes the crate ..... Nelly already had the idea that she had forgotten something and ...... Oh yes ..... Make air holes in the crate ....Quickly take the Corkscrew Letter Opener from inventory and click with it on the crate to punch some air holes in the crate and .....

 Zzzzzzz ...... and then ... 

Meanwhile .....

We are on the barge of the villainous Baron Widebeard. The Baron has already left Port Rubicund and apparently has arrived at the spot where "The Sweet Mary", the ship of Bloodbeard, has perished. The Baron is accompanied by his "lovely" Baroness and by monkey El Mono. The monkey is instructed to use his magic powers so El Mono draws the "Magic Pentagram on the floor of the cabin

We then switch back to Nelly. It is the next morning and the Mail Ship has reached Port Rubicund. The box with Nelly has been delivered.

Chapter Two: Port Rubicund:


Nelly is greeted by Commodore LXIV, the port's boss

The Commodore is not very friendly. Apparently all pen nib have disappeared from Port Rubicund and she blames Nelly for that. Continue to talk to the Commodore through the conversation options that you then get. Introduce your self and then continue with the other conversation options.

The Commodore says that the Baron left Port Rubicund yesterday with the ship The Heartless. The Commodore then asks Nelly if she has taken the "King's Shilling" ..... Nelly denies that she has stolen that "King's Shilling". The Commodore tells that Nelly needs the "King's Shilling" to leave Port Rubicund again. The Commodore cannot remember the destination of "The Heartless", but there is a log book in her office. However, the office is closed due to the pen nib crisis. The Commodore does not want to give Nelly  the "King's Shilling" and she also tells something about the "Toff race". 

When you have discussed everything with the Commodore, take a look around on this screen. 

The office is behind the Commodore, but it is closed but the skylight is open. There is a pole in front of the office with a Crow's Nest on it. At the crow's nest pole you can see a staircase. To the left behind the Commodore is a bucket with tar. At the bottom right you see a Bird's Nest with an Egg in a sailor's cap ....... Right click on everything to hear Nelly's comments about it ....... When you look at the office house, Nelly walks over there ...... You will see that the jetty continues to the left. Halfway along the jetty path you will see a ladder that goes down to the beach. Behind the pointed rock a staircase goes up to the cave where the "Toff race" is ..

Continue to the ladder. Then click on the ladder and then continue down to the:


Jack Tar is guarding the beach and next to him a thick plank is in the sand. Take the Plank

Then go talk to Jack Tar and ask this "honest" sailor anything you can ask for ....

Jack Tar has a problem ..... Jack is here for a photo session .... the Nautical magazine would like to have his photo as a cover for the next issue. But Jack has to pose in his bare chest but he is ashamed because he has no chest hair. Jack knows nothing about Baron Widebeard and he cannot help Nelly with a "King's Shilling". Jack also warns that it would be better if Nelly stay away from those Toff race people.

You see the cave, where the Toff race is  behind Nelly ... you get a pointer hand cursor on it but don't click it now. Climb back up to the scaffolding path via the ladder and then walk back to the right, to the Commodore. Then click on the stairs, in front of the office hut and the crow's nest post, and walk up all the stairs. Nelly is then on top of the stairs and she is at the height of the crow's nest. Take the Plank from inventory and click it on the roof of the office hut and ...

With the plank Nelly makes a "bridge" to the roof and the open skylight. Walk onto the roof via the plank .........

 Nelly is glad she doesn't fall ..... But then Nelly falls into the office cabin through the open skylight

Inside the office:

It is a mess in the hut and before Nelly can do anything here she has to clean up the mess. The Logbook is on the desk table. A wooden board with planks hangs on the wall above the desk.  Several of those wooden planks are also on the floor and there is 1 plank on the logbook and 1 on the stool.

Click the Planks (Mess) that lie on the floor in front of the stool and ........ Nelly picks up all those 6 loose planks and stores them in inventory. Nelly then stands in front of the wooden stool ...... In the floor behind Nelly, a floorboard is slightly loose. On the right of Nelly there is also a loose floorboard in the floor. If you let Nelly walk away from the stool, the plank in front of the stool will lower again.

Click the large Logbook to view it in close-up. 

The logbook has 3 pages and they contain many tips about the 1st puzzle that you have to solve in a second.

Use the top right arrow to scroll through and the bottom left arrow to exit the log. Read every line in the logbook because it is the hints for the puzzle that you now have to solve on then "Docking Board". The "Docking Board" hangs on the wall above the log. Click on the "Docking Board" to see the board in close-up. You are then in the:

Docking Board puzzle:

On the board you see the planks with the names of the ships that have recently docked or left the port of Port Rubicund. However, there are 6 planks missing on the board and those are the 6 boards that Nelly has just picked up. 

Those 6 planks are on the left of the board. So you have to place those 6 planks in the right places on the big board and the Logbook has give you hints 

You pick up a plank from the left row and then click it on an empty spot on the board. The board is numbered in Roman numerals .....

In row II you place the "the Wild Assertion" and "the Guttering Howls" planks.
In row III you place the "HMS Twobyfore" and "Scurrilous Docks" planks
In row VII you place  "the Wet Biscuit" and "Port Mustard" planks

Nelly screams "That's it" and she now knows that "The Wild Assertion" is docked  in dock 2 and that the next destination of this ship is "Guttering Howl". Get out of the close-up.

Nelly is standing in front of the stool and because of that the floorboard has come up in the floor. Take the Stool ...... Nelly does not put the stool in inventory .... the stool is now the cursor and Nelly asks what to do with it ...... Right next to Nelly is another loose floorboard in the floor .... Place the stool on the Floorboard, to the right of Nelly ....... 

this brings up the loose floorboard in the middle of the floor. Left click on that loose floorboard.... 

Nelly pulls the floorboard out of the floor and she has discover the secret storage place of the Commodore .....

Under the floor the corrupt Commodore hides the contraband that she takes away from the captains ...... Nelly finds a jar of Sleeping Pills under the floor and puts them in inventory. A Horseshoe hangs above the door. Take the Horseshoe. Open the door and step outside ...... Nelly will automatically take the plank back from the roof of the hut.

Walk back to the Commodore and then continue to the right ..... the screen scrolls to the right ....... You see that there are 2 ships docked ....... The Commodore stops Nelly because she wants to know which ship Nelly is interested in. Nelly screams that she wants to go to the right ship and the Commodore then lets her go. Continue to the right ship, the "Wild Assertion". Gusty Nethers is standing on the forecourt of the ship. Talk to Gusty Nethers and introduce yourself as Nelly Cootalot, a skilled sailor. Ask everything else you can ask

The "Wild Assertion" will sail today and her next destination is the "Guttering Howls" and after that she will follow the trade route. Nelly is not allowed on board because she is not a member of the crew. But perhaps she can sign up as a Cabin Boy, but then she has to dress as a boy. Nelly needs a striped sailor shirt, a sailor cap and also something to tie up her hair, to dress up as a cabin boy. Well .... a sailor cap is a bird's nest at the Commodore and Jack Tar wears a nice striped sailor shirt.

Say goodbye to Gusty. At the end of the jetty hangs a Filthy Rag ......

Walk on and then take that Filthy Rag ..... It turns out to be a thin sheepskin. 

Walk back to the Commodore ...... In the bird's nest there is a bird's egg in a sailor cap ...... the "owner" of the nest and the egg has returned to its nest and that is Jeremy Grannet, a bird. Talk to Jeremy Grannet, the gannet bird, and ask the bird anything you can ask for.

Nelly wants the sailors cap but Jeremy does not want to just give up his nest.

 Nelly has to find another nest for Jeremy and that should be an even better nest than the current nest from Jeremy.  

Go up the stairs again at the crow's nest post .... Nelly is then on top of the cliff again. Look, so right-click, at  the crow's nest ..... Nelly wonders whether the crow's nest could be not a good nest for gannet Jeremy ..... The crow's nest is a beautiful "penthouse". Go back to Jeremy and talk to the bird again and ask "What about a penthouse suite?" and ....... Nelly "sells" Jeremy the crow's nest as his new "home". Jeremy asks Nelly's help with the "move" so Nelly puts  the bird and his sailor pet nest into inventory. Go back to the top of the cliff. Take the Plank from inventory again and click the plank on the crow's nest ....

Nelly has put a "ladder" against the crow's nest. Take bird Jeremy from inventory and put it in the crow's nest and .....

Jeremy is delighted with his now nest and the view and as a thank you Nelly receives the Sailor Cap. Descend back to the scaffolding path and then walk to the left again. Do not descend to the beach but click now, with your hand, in the entrance of the "Toff" cave to go there now ...... Nelly enters  the cave

Toff Race Cave:

While Nelly is walking into the cave we see a race being started

One of the cave's wall is occupied by the Race Board where the "Greyhound" race is on. On the left is the betting counter with the scoreboard above it. A row of gamblers stand in front of the counter. To the right stand the Doorman, in front of a curtain passage. Above the porter is the bar and there is Lucky Jack, the bartender and announcer. Below the Racetrack board is a bit of Junk.

Look at  everything and then go talk with Lucky Jack, so left-click the bartender and ....

Nelly walks up to Lucky Jack to talk to him ....... ask everything you can ask again ...

Lucky Jack talks about Baron Widebeard and what kind of drinks he serves. 

Lucky Jack also tells Nelly the password to go through the curtain, behind the door, and that password is "R! Dx5pF2z".

Lucky Jack wants Nelly to go to the boxes to see if the next race can start. 

Left click the Doorman ...... Nelly walks back down to talk to the doorman ......Doorman wants to hear  the password, so click on "R! Dx5pF2z" and ......  

Nelly is allowed to go to the boxes and she goes there.

Here we find the runners who participate in the race and they  are "Laird Mallory Cavendish", "Fou", "Habanera" and "Admiral Woebegone". 

The leftmost box is empty because Baron Widebeard was there, but it has since left. There is a red Ribbon on the floor in front of the leftmost box. On the left is the Treadmill where the Runners hold their race and their progress can be seen on the Running Board in the main cave. A megaphone protrudes above the treadmill. Bottom left is a Washing Butt with hot water. There is a water trough in front of the Admiral. A Straw Sack hangs from the ceiling. Behind runner Fou is a box of chocolates and Habanera has 1 wooden leg, Habanera's Leg. On the far right is a large Grooming Brush and a Salt Lick on the wall.  First look at everything again by right-clicking on everything.  

When you have seen everything and heard Nelly's comments on everything, you take the Filthy Fleece from inventory and throw it in the Washing Butt to clean the cloth....

After a thorough scrub, the Dirty Cloth then changes to a  hairy Golden Fleece

Now take the red Ribbon, which lies on the floor in front of the leftmost box ... With the red ribbon, Nelly can tie up her red hair.

Back to the main cave and then back outside. 

When Nelly is outside the Toff Race cave again, click the scaffolding ladder to descend to Jack Tar on the beach. Give Jack Tar the Golden Fleece and ... 

in exchange for the beautiful golden "chest hair", Nelly gets the sailor shirt from Jack Tar .... Unfortunately, Jack's shirt is a few sizes too big for Nelly.  Go back to the Toff Cave and then through the curtain to the Boxes again. Walk back to the washtub. Take the sailor XXL shirt from inventory and wash the shirt in the wash tub to make it shrink into a shirt that fits Nelly (Small Shirt).

Nelly needs another "King's Shilling" to leave Port Rubicund. Go talk to Admiral Woebegone ....

The Admiral is somewhat depressed. Introduce your self and ask the Admiral why he is so depressed ...... The Admiral is depressed because he has never won a race. The Admiral can help Nelly with a "King's Shilling" but only when he wins the race. So offer to help the Admiral to finally win a race. Talk to the Admiral again and ask "You want me to help you win?". 

Yes ... If Nelly helps the Admiral to win the race, she will receive a "King's Shilling" from him.

Nelly must find a way to make the other 4 runners run slower on the treadmill.  So go talk to each of the other runners and ask them why they are so successful in the race

Laird Mallory Cavendish:  Introduce your self  and ask "What's the secret of your success". Laird Mallory Cavendish blames his success on the fact that he wears a kilt and therefore stays nice and cool and also because he drinks a lot. So offer to get him a glass of Scottish Whiskey.

Fou: Fou is a Comte from France and he is sick of the chocolates that he eats. They are liqueur chocolates and because of the chocolates the Comte always beats the Admiral in the race. The Comte does not want to give Nelly his chocolates

Habanera: Habanera blames its success in the race on the fact that it is very light-hearted. Habanera wears very light shoes and that makes him nice and light on the treadmill.

When you have talked to every runner, and therefore know the secret of their success in the race, you go back out of the cave and back to the Commodore on the jetty. To the left of the Commodore is the Tar bucket. Take the Horseshoe from inventory and dip the horseshoe in the tar bucket.

The horseshoe is nice and sticky from the tar. Back to the Boxes in the Toff cave.

Take the Tarry Horseshoe from inventory and use it on the leg Habanera's Leg ........

Nelly sticks the horseshoe under Habanera's shoe and she also knows how to "sell" this action to Habanera. The Horseshoe will make Habanera run slower. 

Leave the Boxes to the main cave and go talk to Lucy Jack again and tell him that the next race can begin via "The toffs are ready to race! " and ......... The race starts and je4 follows this on the big board and ..... now Comte Fou wins the race because Habanera has become much too slow because of the horseshoe.

Now Nelly has to slow down Comte Fou,  so back to the Boxes. 

Use the sleeping pills on the box of chocolates from Fou to spice the chocolates with the sleeping pills ...

Fou takes a chocolate and ..... falls asleep. Back to Lucky Jack and tell him that the runners are ready to race again and ......Now Laird Mallory Cavendish wins the race, from the remaining 2 opponents. Laird Mallory Cavendish likes to drink Scottish Whiskey. So, after the race, talk to Lucky Jack again and ask "What drinks have you got?" .... You then get a list of drinks that you can ask about Lucky Jack. So do that for every drink. Lucky Jack tells you what it is for every drink and always asks if Nelly wants the drink want to try .... At the "Butter Scotch" and the "Jalapeno Tincture" drink you say "Yep" to get these 2 drinks ...

Nelly then takes a sip of the drink, finds it nothing, but then she has both drinks in inventory. In inventory, combine the two drinks together to mix them into a "Hot Scotch" drink. Then return to the Boxes and serve the "Hot Scotch" drink to Laird Mallory Cavendish .............

Well ..... it is quite a "fiercy" drink. So back to Lucky Jack and tell them that he can start the next race and ...... Nelly also gives Lucky a tip that the Admiral might win this race and he screams this through to the betters and ... The Admiral now of course wins the race .. So back to the Boxes and click on the Admiral again and ....... Nelly now receives the much wanted "King's Shilling" .

Back to the Commodore and show her the "King's Shilling" and ......

Nelly may leave the port now. Walk to the right again, to the right barge and talk to Gusty Nethers again ..... Say "About this uniform" and ...... Gusty sums up again what Nelly needs and Nelly always says "Check" because she now has all the items for her uniform. Ask for permission to come on board via "Permission to come aboard" and ..... 

Nelly changes clothes and gets permission to go on board ......

we see another cut scene with Baron Widebeard who explains his plan to the Baroness

Legend has it that Bloodbeard's barge broke down on the cliffs at the ice island of Gloomholm and that the "Treasure of the 7th Sea" is hidden in a frozen volcano. 

The treasure is guarded by an entire army of "Ptarmiganen", a very dangerous bird species

The Baron has also set up an entire army  of ducks to defeat the Ptarmigans. 

We then return to Nelly on board the "Wild Assertion" ..... It is night time and the barge has arrived at Gutterting Howl Island ......

The captain has ordered that no one is allowed to disembark, but Nelly has no intention to obey that order. Gusty Nethers also wants to desert and Nelly jumps off the deck, assuming she will land in the rowboat. But there is no rowboat so Nelly ends up in the sea and has to swim ...... The following morning Nelly finally lands on the beach of an island ......

Part 2: Guttering Howls:

2019: walkthrough by: Louis Koot