2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Nikopol Secrets of the Immortals is a Point and Click adventure game. The story is set in the future, in the year 2023. You play as one Alcide Nikopol and you are an artist, sculptor and painter. You are also a member of a secret organization that calls itself "The Brotherhood". The leader of "The Brotherhood" is one Gorgon.  Although Nikopol is an Adventure Game, there are a few different elements in the game. You will have to kill people. You can also die yourself. There are also moments in the game where you must act quickly or else you will die. However, the game always gives you the opportunity to redo the piece.

The game works with Profiles. So you have to choose a Profile under which you play the game. 

All your saved games are then "bound" to the profile under which you play the game. So you can start several new games by choosing a different profile.

Your save games are stored in: My Documents\Nikopol\Profile 1 (or Profile 2, 3, 4, 5...etc.)  For further explanation about the game, I refer you to the manual.

 After installing the game, you will also find the manual in your start menu as a PDF document


On the eve of again a new elections, nothing seems to be changing in the fascist and decadent city-state of Paris. The city is divided into 2 districts. District 1, the Center of the city, houses the Ruling Class and, of course, the military that protects the Ruling Class. District 2 occupies the rest of the vast city-state and is the domain of the Common People, Adventurers and, after the commissioning of a huge Astro Gate, all kinds of Aliens. The government is headed by a Governor and currently this is Choublanc. The Government Militia exercises control over District 2 and a comprehensive security system tries to keep the mob under control. Suddenly a huge spaceship appears above the city, a spaceship in the shape of a pyramid. The appearance of this spaceship causes great unrest. The aliens in that spaceship demand an enormous amount of fuel from the city of Paris. The unrest is heightened by Governor Choublanc's silence.

Artist Alcide Nikopol is at work in his studio

Through the window, Alcide sees a message from the Government on the floating Monitor screen that hangs above the city.

An unidentified object is said to have crashed into the city. An illegal group allegedly removed the object before the military could get to it. The government is offering food stamps for tips about this illegal organization. Two escape pods descend from a parachute. One of the capsules crashes onto a flat roof. Inside that capsule lies an unconscious man. A large bird of prey flies to the downed capsule. The bird of prey changes into a falcon-headed man and says, "This man appears to be pure. Definitely the last one in town."


You open/close the Inventory by clicking with the right mouse button. The inventory is a large circle surrounded by smaller circles that contain the items you pick up in the game. There are 2 smaller circles attached to the large circle. Via the upper small circle you return to the main menu screen. The lower small circle is for reading letters and documents. If you click in that "reading circle" your cursor will turn into a magnifying glass. Then click with the magnifying glass on a letter/document that you want to read.

To use items from your inventory in the game, simply click on an item. 

That item will then appear at the bottom left of your screen so that you can use it in the game.

Chapter 1: Nikopol's Apartment:

Chapter 2: Graveyard

Chapter 3: At the Border between District 1 and District 2:

Chapter 4: MontParnasse Tower and Inside the Elysée, Kill XBZ and Ending

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot