2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Welcome to Meow Meow Furrington, the capital of cats. You are Cuddles Nutterbutter, feline private detective and owner of two perfectly normal paws. After agreeing to a last-minute case for the chief of police, you and your plucky assistant investigate a murder that could upset the balance between the city's two most powerful crime families: the Montameeuws and the Catulets.

Cuddles will have to use every skill he's learned, as well as his certainly-not-smaller-than-average paws - to poke, lick, and work his way into the heart of the mystery before a few very dangerous cats decide to take matters into their own hands. Solve challenging puzzles and answer the immortal question: how many things need to be licked to solve a murder in this city

In "Settings" you can set a few option to your own liking

Learn the controls of the game from "How to Play" on the main menu screen

When you start a "New Game" you'll be ask how you want to play the game, In Normal Mode or in Story Mode

You can save and load your game in the Save / Load screen

Gear icon at the top left of the screen or pressing the escape key will bring you to the Menu screen. 

Book icon at the top right of the screen opens the Notebook, for clues and hints. notebook

Bag icon at the bottom left of the screen opens the inventory

 Magnifying glass at bottom right or pressing the  space bar, shows all hot spots in the screen.

If you play the STEAM version of this game then you can earn 43 achievements. Some achievements you will get automatically. Those achievements do not affect the course of the story. I will not mention those stupid Steam Achievements in this walkthrough because I do not like them and I'm not interested in finding them. The game is divided in several Acts and it starts with Act 1

Act 1

Voodoo bar

After the introduction you get control over Cuddles, who's in the Voodoo Bar to deliver the Cease and Desist papers to the owner of the bar.

Talk to the Tiki mask character behind the bar about everything.

Use all talk options you get

After this talk open up the inventory. In inventory look at the Cease and Desist papers. 

Then take these papers out of the inventory and click with them on the Tiki Mask Weirdo

But  the Tiki Mask Weirdo won't take the papers. Use the papers on the cactus plant, Spikey.

Cuddles has delivered the papers, so job is done and he's going back to his office


Cuddles has a conversation with his assistant Tabby in the reception room. 

Tabby has left a present for Cuddles in his office, so enter your office. Use  the present on the table to unpack it. 

Cuddles unwraps the present and gets a tape recorder, witch he will name Ramon. Tabby enters to have a conversation with Cuddles. 

Tabby's phone then rings so she leaves to answer the phone. It's the Chief of Police who is calling. Tabby connect the Chief with Cuddles phone.

 So pick up the phone  and talk to the chief of police and use all the options that you get

 After this talk with the Chief Tabby enters again

Tabby goes back to her desk. In the Notebook you can read about your assignment.  

Leave your office to the reception area. Before getting into the elevator, read the note that's on the door of the professor.

...Note down  the phone number that you read on the note: Mouse, Shell, Bell, Bunny, Bathtub.

Get in the elevator (travel to city).  You'll get the City Map. On the City Map click the Knitty Kitty Club to go there now.

Act 2

Knitty Kitty Club

Upon arrival at the club Cuddles meets police officer Krakowski, who says that you may not enter the club

Cuddles tells you something about Krakowski in a cut scene

Try to enter the  Kitty Club but Krakowski won't allow it. Talk to Krakowski and use all options

You must show Krakowski your badge and a permission from the Chief of Police. Without these 2 things Cuddles may not enter the club

Go right to the city map and travel back to your office


Talk to Tabby and ask her for the badge and permit.

Tabby suggest that your badge is in your office and that you must call Edna Honeybottom, the police secretary,  to ask her about the permit. Tabby will give you the phone number of the local police station on a sticky note.. Look at the sticky note in your inventory to see it enlarged. See the symbols on the sticky note. Enter your office. Use the sofa cushion to move it aside and then take your Badge, that lies underneath the cushion

Use the desk to zoom in on your desk

You can look at the photo and at the book. You must use the telephone to call up that Edna Honeybottom

Use the telephone by pick up the headset. 

Then click the buttons that has the symbols that are also on the sticky-note that you got from Tabby to call up Edna

So use the: Birds, Snowflake, Mouse, Call, Shell buttons and you get Edna on the phone

After the conversation with Edna go back to Tabby and talk to her and then take the Fax Permit, that Tabby has put on her desk.

Use the elevator and on the City Map travel back to the

Knitty Kitty Club

Talk to Krakowski and ask to be let into the club. Krakowski will check if you have your badge and permit . Enter the club.

Talk to police officer Fuzzball about the murder.

Fuzzball walks away to the right. Follow Fuzzball to the body.

Look the stain on the floor by the bar. See the huge footprint in the blood and take the glass.

Try to examine or look at the body

Fuzzball will stop you because crime scene photos need to be taken first but the police photographer hasn't arrive yet. 

Talk to Fuzzball about everything.

Fuzzball says you should go to the police station to inquire about the photographer who will be going to the crime scene. 

This will open the location of the police station on the city map. Go outside and go to the police station on the city map

Police HQ

Look at the notice board.

Grab the Krakowski's poster that reads '17 days without an accident'. Also grab 'The Dough Hook' poster.

Take the roll of evidence tape on the chair (evidence tape).

This tape is used for fingerprinting. Press the bell on the desk. Edna Honeybottom storms out of the interrogation room.

Edna says she's busy and doesn't have time to chat and she goes back to the interrogation room and closes the door.

Pick up some cake crumbs from the broken cake.

Use the glass on the interview room door.

Cuddles listens to the conversation..... Edna has ordered a new cake. 

Look at the 'Dough Hook' poster in your inventory - it's from a bakery!! Note down the telephone number. Go back to your office.


Use the telephone on your desk and call the number on 'The Dough Hook' poster.

Press the symbol button of: Butterfly; Shell; Rabbit; Rabbit; Bathtub.

Talk to Kibbler, the pirate baker.

Ask about the cake Edna ordered. Edna has pie insurance, so if you can answer some security questions, he'll take care of a replacement. 

Kibbler will only send a cake if you can tell him what kind of cake was ordered. You cannot give this answer yet. Travel back to the:

Knitty Kitty Club

Enter the club and go through the door to the right of the entrance to the basement

In the dark area are some hot spots. Behind Cuddles is a light switch on the wall but if you use that switch nothing happens

Move your cursor over the dark area under the stairs and then use the 'Sticky Out Point' hot spot under the stairs to turn on the light.

Talk to Pepe and use all conversation options

Look at the tempting key that is lying on the red pillow and try to get it, but Pepe won't allow it

Walk to the right, to the printing press. Try to use the printing press on the right. Press the red button, but printing press does not work.

Try to open the panel at the bottom of the printing press, but it is screwed shut with 2 screws

Go upstairs and leave the club and travel back to your office


Use t your desk and then open the right hand desk drawer. 

Move the piece of paper and then take the Sjabloon coin

Travel back to the:

Knitty Kitty Club

Go into the alley to the left of the club entrance.

Use the waste dumpster......Cuddles will dive into the dumpster and finds a bag full of gears and Larry's boot.

Enter the club and go down to the basement and go to the printing press. Use the bottom panel again

Use the coin on the 2 screws to unscrew them. Use the handle to open the panel. Then Use the Opened Panel and.....

Use the bag with gears on the opened panel

Move the gears to the right places and get out of the close-up.

Then use the red button and the press will work and it spits out a manual

Pepe walks to the printing press. Take the manual that's on the floor.

Cuddles needs that key that's lying on the red cushion but in order to get that key he must distract Pepe. Use the light switch (under the stairs) to turn off the light. While it's dark, quickly grab the enticing key before Pepe turns the light back on. You then have a skeleton key.

Go upstairs and take the short cu, to the right of the cellar door, to the stage, to end up on the right side of officer Fuzzball at the stage. Go backstage.


At the back is the door of Miss Kitty's dressing room but it's locked. Use the skeleton key on the door to unlock it and.......

.......Cuddles enters the dressing room. Look at everything you can look at. Go to the Colorful Chest 

Use the Colorful Chest to open it and..........


... Miss Kitty jumps out of the chest......Talk to Miss Kitty via all the options

In the colorful chest is a hamburger punch card. Take (use) the hamburger punch card from the open chest.

Leave the club and outside go into the alley again. There's a kind of computer machine in the alley. 

Use the machine and then click the red button to turn on the machine

The machine boots up but you must enter a pass code. Look at the manual in your inventory. 

There are two numbers numbers on the front cover of the Manuel....It is a calculation: 895-254 = 641. 

So enter the numbers 641 and the computer comes to life

Talk to Storn, the computer.

Use the hamburger punch card on Storn........this activates Super Storn.

Talk to Super Storn about everything and then use the cake crumbs on Super Storn and.....

........ Super Storn tells you which flavor cake Edna ordered......... it's tuna, with avocado and extra anchovies.

Leave the alley and go on the City Map and travel back to your office


Go into your room and use the desk again and then pick up the telephone receiver again and press the buttons  Butterfly; Shell; Rabbit; Rabbit; Bathtub,  to call up the baker again. Say that your ready to order the replacement cake and Cuddles will now order the correct cake.

Kibbler  activates the cake insurance and will sends a replacement cake to Tabby

Go to Tabby and she says a cake has been delivered. Tabby will also give you a small miniature hook that comes with the cake.  

The Cake box stand on the chair, so take the cake box. 

Dive into the elevator and travel back to the Police HQ

Police HQ

Use the cake box on the interrogation room door.

Edna comes out and smells the cake. Then talk to Edna about everything.

Show the Krakowski poster '17 days without an accident' to Edna and...

...... then talk with Edna about Krakowski


Edna will ask for a favor before telling what the poster is about.  Edna gives Cuddles a piece of cake to give to Fuzzball.

So leave and go back to theKnitty Kitty Club. Enter the club and go to Fuzzball at the corpse. 

Give the piece of cake to Fuzzball, but he doesn't want it.

So go back to Police HQ and talk with Edna again and tell her that Fuzzball took the cake. You lie but that doesn't matter. 

Then ask Edna again about Krakowski and she now tells that Krakowski is allergic to peanuts

Go back to the:

Knitty Kitty Club

Enter the club and now go talk to the bartender, Tinkle, and use all options that you get

See a peanut bowl  on the bar. After you have talked completely with Tinkle try to take a peanut from the bowl but........

Tinkle doesn't allow Cuddles to take a peanut. Go to the basement. Use the light switch that is against the back wall. This will turn off the main lighting. 

Immediately head back upstairs and as Tinkle walks away to turn the lights back on, grab a peanut from the container.

Tinkle returns. If you wasn't fast enough with taking the peanut then you have to do this again, starting with using the light switch in the basement.  

When  you have stolen the peanut and Tinkle is back then use the large peanut on Tinkle and he will crush the peanut into small pieces.

 In inventory combine the peanut pieces with the piece of cake. Go outside and give the cake with the peanuts to Krakowski.

Krakowski falls asleep because of his peanut allergy. Go back into the club and tell Fuzzball what has happened with Krakowski

Fuzzball will go outside to Krakowski and Cuddle can now examine Edgar's body so look at the body.

Look at Edgar's left hand and then Use Edgar's left hand and then grab the bag he's holding in his hand.

Look at Edgar's jacket and use the jacket  take the business card.

Pick up the seeds on the ground, above the body.

Get out of the close-up. Tinkle will walk up to you and perform a 'sťance' with his Babushka spirit. He tells Cuddles to check the vent.

In the background, go to the ventilation grille (vent) and open it. Take the piece of paper. Read the paper - "A Gentlecat in the Desert".

Leave the club and Fuzzball will tell Cuddles that the police is done with this case.

Cuddles goes back to his office


Talk to Tabby about everything. Tabby explains that Professor Huggie can help identify the seeds. You should call Professor Huggie. 

Look at the note on Professor Huggie's office door for the phone number.

Go to your office room, use your desk and call Huggie via the buttons : Mouse; Shell; call; Rabbit; Bathtub.

Ask Huggie everything

Tabby comes in and she shall look up where that Meowy's Mporium is located

Then  Bartholomew enters Cuddles office and he's not amused 

This is the End of ACT 2 and it goes on with Act 3 in witch you will play as Tabby

Act 3: Tabby: Meow Meow Furrington University

2022: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot